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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1103 - Abdication (Seeking Subscriptions)

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That way they are an eternal person.

Thinking about this Ling Yan Pavilion's twenty-four meritocrats felt excited, "In that case, we can also become immortal along with His Majesty."

If they couldn't become immortals, then becoming gods would be good ah.

It was still quite exciting to think about.

And so.

The twenty-four meritorious ministers of the Overgrown Smoke Pavilion spoke up, "Rest assured, Your Majesty, if you want to establish the Heavenly Court, we will definitely help you with all our strength."

There was never any other thought.

"Do you all really think so?"

Li Er heard that he was stunned, "Establishing the Heavenly Court will have many difficulties after all, do you want to continue to think about it?"

"No need, just don't worry your majesty, I have already thought it through and will do my best to help your majesty establish the Celestial Court."

"That's right, I believe that the Heavenly Court we establish will have the opportunity to establish the Heavenly Court as a legendary existence like the Ancient Heavenly Court."

"Yes, we also think the same, and fully support His Majesty."

"The establishment of the Heavenly Court is necessary, in the future, there must be certain rules and regulations to manage the three realms and the endless beings."

"And the Celestial Court is the best vehicle for making such rules and regulations."


Very soon.

Those twenty-four meritorious officials of the Overgrown Smoke Pavilion all spoke one word at a time to each other.

The Dao was clear.

And afraid that Li Er couldn't hear, one by one, they all spoke out loud.

It was crazy.


Li Er was a bit embarrassed, especially listening to the words of those old brothers you and me.

He said in his heart: "Could it be, you people, you really know how to flatter, but I'm not that kind of person, so what's the use of flattering."

The twenty-four members of the Ling Yan Pavilion were just what he, Li Er, could use to establish the Heavenly Court.

At that time, he would have his heavenly court's squad.

That way, he would be able to establish a Heavenly Court without any effort, right?


Probably so.

Immediately, His Majesty Li Er then explained in detail some matters regarding the establishment of the Celestial Court.

Everyone felt very happy.

At least Li Er hadn't forgotten about them, and at least for them, the Heavenly Court was still good.

It would be nice to become a god.



After speaking about the gods, Li Er began to speak about the matter of abdication.

He quietly said, "Gentlemen, after speaking about the matter of the heavens, I will speak to you all about the matter of abdication."

The abdication was something that Li Er had already thought clearly.

He faintly said, "Previously, the State Master had already told me that after going to the Heavenly Palace to be the Lord of those three realms, he must not continue to be the Emperor of the Great Tang.

Now that the establishment of the Heavenly Palace is imminent, now that the Heavenly Realm has become the future, so I will have to abdicate and make way for the Emperor."

No longer an emperor.

This, in the eyes of the ministers and the others, they were mentally prepared for this.

Everything was normal.

Let the abdication be abdication, let the virtuous be virtuous.

All of them old bones were going to become gods anyway, and they were even going to leave.

It doesn't matter.

As for who would take over the Tang throne, that would depend on the fate.

If Li Er didn't die anyway, the world would still be under his control.

"Your Majesty, I don't know who you plan to pass on the throne to."

"Your Majesty, I feel that the Crown Prince is gentle and elegant, knows poetry and etiquette, and has even grown up under your instruction over the years, which is quite good."

"Not proper, I feel that Your Majesty's third prince, Li Jian, is gentle and quite talented and even more skillful, and is now a great immortal cultivator, so I feel that he is the most suitable."

"It is not proper for the third prince to have a bloodline from a previous dynasty, but I feel that the fourth prince Li Tai is more suitable."

"The third prince has the bloodline of the former dynasty, but the fourth prince is just playful, although his talent is higher, what's to say, actually the fourth prince isn't suitable, he doesn't have the talent to be an emperor."

"Nonetheless, actually I don't agree with what you guys are saying, I still think that the ninth prince Li Zhi is better, benevolent and virtuous, he knows how to be generous, he is most suitable to be an emperor's honor."


It sounded like it was all very reasonable.

Even these ministers who followed Li Er in the beginning and were praised by him as the twenty-four meritorious ministers of the State of Ling Yan Pavilion.

Now they were nothing more than a group of people who were each their own person.


There were a few of them who were truly voicing their opinions for the sake of the Great Tang.

But the vast majority of them were actually different from what they thought.

Li Er's gaze was heavy and cold, and he didn't care what these people said.

In his opinion.

Especially on this matter of passing on the throne, he, Li Er, had his own thoughts, his own attitude.

Only by becoming a supremely powerful existence would he have the opportunity to choose better.

In his opinion, from beginning to end, Crown Prince Li Chengqian was his chosen successor and was taught by his own hands.

Such a person should be enough to lead the Tang to greatness, "At least Shoucheng is more than enough,"

Li Er thought to himself.

"As for the others, Lao San with his former bloodline will not be considered, and Lao Si did have thoughts of the throne in the past, but probably not now....

Well, Lao Jiu.

He's a benevolent man, being an ordinary man might be okay, but to say that he's an emperor.

It's not even close."

Li Er thought so.

He felt that Lao Jiu was a bit too gentle, being a conservative emperor might still be okay.

However, what Li Er never expected was that the Lao Jiu he was thinking of, according to the original trajectory of history, he actually did become an emperor.

And also really lost the Tang's mountains, not even a Shoucheng emperor, because he was the one who lost the throne to a woman.

How shameful.

So much so that in the later history books, Lao Jiu Li Zhi was not highly regarded.

Of course.

The current Emperor Li Er didn't know about this situation, he just considered Lao Jiu Li Zhi along with the many princes.

Now well.

The eldest Li Chengqian hadn't rebelled yet, nor was he likely to do so.

He was naturally the best candidate for Li's second heir.

All the other princes had to step aside to do so, which was nothing compared to them.

Far from it.

No matter what, Li Chengqian was still the heir that his Li Er had personally taught him, and besides, he was satisfied with Li Chengqian's state.

Earlier, when he asked Wang De to call him, he also had the clear intention of telling him to be the emperor, an emperor you will have to be even if you are not.


He, Li Er, was still very proud.

If it had been in the past, the dignity of the emperor on earth would have been the most extreme, and everyone would have wanted to sit on it.

--including those sons of his Li Er Majesty.

It was only because of the appearance of Jiang Jian, that this Tang world became different.

What was originally just a mundane world that was ordinary to the extreme, had now become a high-class world that possessed aura.

And this kind of world was a world where one could cultivate, become a god, and live forever.

All kinds of myths and legends were no longer just legends, and those myths and legends that had once flown to the heavens and earth in general would one day become reality.

However, this was what worried His Majesty Li Er's heart.

In that case, all those sons of his had gone to cultivate and were thinking of becoming immortals and gods, so where would they care about the throne ah.

That was what he was more worried about.


One by one, none of his children wanted the throne, and that was the scary part.

It was scary to think about.


He turned ugly, waved his hand gloomily and said, "All right, all of you, don't say anything, I naturally know the matter here."

Passing to whom he himself understood.

It was clear in his heart.

Not long after.

Li Chengqian came over, worried and apprehensive, and looked apprehensively at Li Er in the main hall.

There was even a surprised glance at the others in the palace, that the legendary twenty-four meritorious servants of the Ling Yan Pavilion were all there.


Li Chengqian was stunned, "What are they all doing here?"

Thinking of his own father's call to come over, Li Cheng Qian had a different thought in mind.

Something big must be happening.

His Majesty Li Er, the old man, might have any ideas.

For a moment.

He looked at His Majesty Li Er with apprehension, a little fearful, he was afraid that Li Er would say something.

After all, Li Er was very dignified.

At least in Li Chengqian's opinion, this father of his was a very powerful existence.

Thinking of this, Li Chengqian became apprehensive, he was a little afraid that his second majesty Li would scold him again.

In case.


The consequences are unthinkable.

Think of this.

Li Er: "........"

This prince, hasn't he changed a bit too much, but it's interesting that he actually knows how to compliment and flatter.

But that was good.

At least it was much more smooth than before, so he asked lightly, "Gao Ming you're here, sit down."

"Father, I don't know what you called my son here for, so to speak."

Li Chengqian asked respectfully, "If Father has commanded me, I will certainly handle it properly, and then Father will..."

"You wait a moment."

Li Er waved his hand and said, "Don't you kid don't pull this kind of nonsense with me, now honestly sit down for me."


Li Chengqian was stunned at the words, but in the end, he could only sit well.

And said, "Father, I'm sitting well, what does your father have to command?"

"Am I very old?"

Li Er blackened his face and said, "Gao Ming, what are you doing these days?"

"Didn't do anything."

Li Chengqian's neck shrank, and he was busy explaining, "Father, you have called the twenty-four meritorious officials of the Ling Yan Pavilion here, is there something big happening?"

He was amazed.

But was it really?

Great Tang, it doesn't seem like there's anything big.

Li Chengqian's left and right thoughts didn't even come to mind, as if there was nothing ah.

Li Er swept around the twenty-four meritorious ministers of that Ling Yan Pavilion and said as he walked away, "O Gao Ming, what do you think of the Great Tang?"


Li Cheng Qian was stunned as his second majesty Li's words surprised him.

His own father actually said such a thing, the Great Tang was fine.

Nothing had happened.

Li Chengqian suddenly began to speculate what the significance of His Second Majesty Li's question was.

What exactly was the idea?

At this time.

Thinking for a moment Li Chengqian slowly said: "Back to Father, I think that the Tang is quite good, I wonder what does Father mean by this?"

He didn't get it anyway.

How many meanings is that.

Can't understand.

Li Er, on the other hand, glared at Li Cheng Qian with no good feelings, "Is this your understanding of the Great Tang?"

That's it?

Wasn't that a little too little.

He frowned, this Gao Ming, it was really infuriating.

Li Er glared at him and continued, "To tell you the truth, I have called you here for no other reason than because the former State Master had said that the construction of the Heavenly Realm had been completed, the construction of the Heavenly Palace had begun, and he had promised me that he could build the Heavenly Palace, so..."

Li Er didn't say anything in the latter part of the sentence, he thought that Li Cheng Qian might have guessed it.

After all, such things as abdication of the throne could not be said too directly.

"Heavenly Court?"

Li Chengqian sniffed, suddenly as if he understood something, "So what?"

Li Er: "........"

He burst into tears, an old black face plastered up, "So I want to lock you up in a dark room!"

Li Er raged.

He felt so angry, was this sure it was his own son?

You didn't pick it up in the garbage, did you?


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