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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1102 - Heavenly Court (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"What's the solution?"

Li Er curiously asked, "State Master, there is no harm in saying it, as long as it is effective, I will still adopt it."

Since you, Jiang Chi, had said so, he felt somewhat confident.

It might actually work.

Thinking of this, Li Er continued to pursue, "State Master, you may as well say what you have to say, at any rate, we are considered relatives aren't we."

Jiang Ji: "........"

That really seemed to be the case.

They were indeed relatives, and they were sons-in-law.

Then, Jiang Jiang said, "Your Majesty, in fact, you only need the craftsmen to go up and build a palace, and the rest can just be built slowly."


Li Er was stunned at the words, "What the State Master said is extremely true, why didn't I think of it before."


They only needed to build a palace, as long as it was temporarily able to house people.

Being able to house people, the subsequent palaces could be built slowly.

"In that case, I can proceed to prepare for the abdication of the throne?"

Li Er's eyes flashed with joy, "Although abdication of the throne to make way for virtue isn't very palatable for an emperor, I'm very happy."

Only after abdicating his throne to make way for the virtuous would he, Li Er, have the opportunity to go to the Heavenly Palace to be the Lord of those three realms.

At that time, he would be the supreme emperor who ruled the three realms, and even his idea of rebuilding the Ancient Celestial Palace would be realized.

At that time, he would be the Jade Emperor.

In charge of the three realms of Heaven, Earth, and Man, and even more so as the supreme being.

How wonderful it would be then.

Thinking of this.

Li Er continued, "I shall be invincible by heaven's order, and when I receive the position of Heavenly Emperor, I shall become the supreme one."

Jiang Ji: "........"

Li Er's words made him secretly despise it, and he said, "If there is no me, Jiang Someone, what is he, Li Er."

However, Li Er was right again.

Himself and him were already relatives, so adhering to the idea of keeping the fat water out of the fields of others, this was the best now.

Thinking that there wasn't much time, Li Er gave Jiang lack of clarity on the location of the craftsmen and building materials, and then set about preparing for the abdication of his position.

After all, it wasn't that easy to abdicate the throne.

He had to choose his successor.

According to His Majesty Li Er's own thoughts, Crown Prince Li Chengqian was the best choice and the successor candidate he had carefully cultivated for many years.

And also taught for many years.

If it was before, then Li Chengqian was without a doubt the best choice.

But now well.

Not necessarily ah.

Li Er recited his gaze and secretly pondered, "Ever since Jiang Qian, the State Master, preached the world, ever since he became invincible, Gao Ming has also stepped onto the path of cultivation.

Compared to earthly riches, this mundane emperor is not that important.

Eternal life was the theme of this world, and cultivation was the future king's path.

So, now Gao Ming is he still willing to inherit the Way of Eternal Life?"

He didn't understand.

And confused, too, in a million different ways.

"Wang De, you go and call the crown prince."

Li Er faintly commanded, although the other princes were also good, there were no good candidates.

This made Li Er very distraught.


It should be worrying.

Once Li Chengqian enjoyed cultivation instead of being this earthly emperor, what would he do?

Should we continue to force him to inherit, or choose another heir?

Although he, Li Er, had many princes, there were always some who were willing to inherit the throne.

But for him, Li Chengqian was the one he had personally taught and raised since he was a child, and counted as the first candidate to inherit the throne.

As for the other princes.

Although he was equally loving and protective of the others, he understood that those people could not be emperors.

He understood more than anyone else the matter of establishing a firstborn son.

The interests involved in it, as well as the cause and effect, were more important than he had imagined.


Wang De comprehended and went away since receiving his orders.

Only after it left did Li Er sigh quietly, "It seems that this is a difficult matter, but there's always a solution to this matter."

And this next thing he had to do was even more important.

Since the Heavenly Palace could be established, then could the legendary Ancient Heavenly Court also be established in his Majesty Li Er's hands?

And he also had a group of brothers to help him.

Just that twenty-four meritorious servants of the Ling Yan Pavilion alone was enough to allow them to cultivate together, so that when he, Li Er, went to the Heavenly Palace, he would also be able to establish a heavenly court based on these people as his squad, which was unprecedented and unprecedented.

"Moreover, the State Master has already said that the Heavenly Palace that will exist in the Heavenly Realm will be a place to rule the three realms."

Li Er murmured, "Looking at it this way, the establishment of the Heavenly Palace must be important and will certainly be a top priority."

In that case....

Li Er's eyebrows were raised, "Those old brothers of mine are there, so I guess they are willing to help me."

He was looking forward to it.

Once that legendary Heavenly Court was established by him, in the future in this Great Tang World, he, Li Er, would be the king who ruled over the beings of the three realms.

It would be the same as that legendary Jade Emperor.

How wonderful.

"Lord of the Heavenly Court!"

At the thought of this identity, His Majesty Li Er's confidence was full.

"If I can succeed, then I will definitely become an Ancient God Emperor."

Much more formidable than him, a mortal emperor, ruling over the three realms was not just talk.

Thinking of this.

Li Er said grudgingly, "Someone, go and help me summon the twenty-four meritorious officials of the Ling Smoke Pavilion, and tell them that I have something important to command, and ask them to come here quickly."


The self-same chamberlain answered the call.

The abdication of the throne in favor of the good.

Even the matter of making an emperor would need to be resolved after Li Cheng Qian's arrival.

And right now for Li Er, the problem he needed to solve was to establish that legendary Ancient Heavenly Court.

After all, Jiang Jiang had also said that he would set up a God Sealing Platform after the establishment of the Heavenly Palace to pardon the many gods in the three realms of Heaven and Earth.

And the numerous virtual thrones of gods had already appeared in Li Er's mind.

Although the sealing of the gods still needed Jiang Ji to come, but if he, Li Er, wanted to pardon and seal a few people, he thought Jiang Ji would also agree.

If the Heavenly Court was established, it couldn't be without people.

And after such thoughts brewed, the various thoughts in his mind became different.

For a while.

It was like a nightmare that couldn't be shaken off either.

He wanted to clearly see how good he was, whether or not that ancient heavenly like thing could exist.

That way, he, Li Er, would start a new journey again.

He would be incomparably scenic.

A great deal of joy.

Li Er's face was slightly excited as he added, "If these people were to know what I am thinking, I wonder how many of those old brothers who were once unstoppable would still be willing to follow me to open a new era and a new world."

He was both looking forward to it, but also a million times more worried.

If, those old brothers were really willing to help themselves, wouldn't it be good to say so.

"O Heavenly Court."

Li Er sighed in his heart, "If I can really establish the Heavenly Court and really fearfully become the supreme generation, then that's also enough ah."

The murmured words were so shocking that the people serving around him were all shocked.


If everything was normal, the Great Tang World was going to become different once again.

It was crazy to think about it.

Rebuilding the Heavenly Court, rebuilding myths and legends, that's naturally possible ah.

Li Er continued to murmur, "The Jade Emperor, the Supreme Heavenly Emperor, this position will be mine, and it will definitely make this world go crazy."

It might be interesting.

His Majesty Li Er murmured and continued to envision it.

But then.

A chamberlain came to report, "Your Majesty, the crowd of twenty-four meritorious ministers of the Ling Yan Pavilion that you commanded have arrived and are waiting just outside the palace."

"Have they come?"

Li Er murmured, "In that case, let's call them over, I don't know what will happen to them if they cultivate the art of the Immortal Dao."

He looked forward to it.

Did he not take his Majesty Li Er seriously, or did he still respect him.

At this, Li Er was incomparably looking forward to it.

Outside the palace.

The twenty-four people looked at me, I looked at you, but they were actually a bit startled by each other.

Can't see any problem.

None of them seemed to understand, couldn't understand Li Er's thoughts.

What had Li Er come to find them for?

Twenty-four people.

And all of them were twenty-four meritorious members of the Ling Smoke Pavilion, and as they looked at each other, they had some thoughts.


His Majesty Li Er must have some special idea for finding him, then what should they do.

Can't figure it out.

"Everyone, do you know what exactly His Majesty has summoned us for this time, ah?"

"It is not known, nor did we hear of His Majesty's summons firsthand."

"Alas, perhaps there is something unknown, but we don't know exactly."

"Do you think that His Majesty will want to meet us old brothers."

"I think it's very likely that His Majesty wants us to come and discuss the Dao together, maybe he wants to discuss the Avatar."


But is that really the case?

It was being discussed.

But then I heard a chamberlain from the Second Li Majesty come over, "Gentlemen of the state, His Majesty has an invitation."

"Eunuch, I wonder what His Majesty wants to see us about?"

"Yes, it is necessary to trouble the Eunuch to inform you, we will be grateful."

It would definitely be very touching.

The chamberlain, however, shook his head and said indifferently, "I don't know, His Majesty has his own reasons for summoning the Dukes of State, I don't know about that."

He was just a small eunuch, and how was he capable of taking risks.

What would they do if that Second Li Majesty blamed them?

There's simply no way.

The mind is complicated.

And so.

The twenty-four people stepped into the palace with trepidation, and for a moment they were also a bit on edge.

They actually knew very well that although His Majesty Li Er was only the emperor of this mortal world, everyone actually knew about the relationship between Li Er and Jiang Liao.

This included Li Li's matter, and since there was no deliberate cover up to avoid it, they were naturally aware of it.

Naturally, they didn't dare to think of anything else.

Maybe the matter that Li Er had asked them to come over this time was related to Jiang Liao.

Naturally, something might happen then.

Moreover, all twenty-four Ling Yan Pavilion ministers had come.

There was definitely something going on here.

Thinking of this, they involuntarily quickened their pace a bit.

"Servants pay their respects to His Majesty."

Very quickly, the twenty-four ministers in the palace said one word to each other and also looked out at Li Er.

Because His Majesty Li Er was facing them with his back to them, and also with his hands behind his back, as if he was thinking about something.

After a long time.

Only then did Li Er look back, and he could not help but say, "Since you are all here already, then sit down first."

On both sides of the hall, Li Er had already had twenty-four chairs prepared.

There were twelve on each of the left and right sides.

It looked quite unusual, this was Li Er, if it was anyone else, he wouldn't even have a single chair.

The twenty-four meritocrats of the Lingyin Pavilion were frightened and had ups and downs inside.

Because the more polite Li Er was, the more they felt their hearts tremble.

It couldn't be said that His Majesty Li Er had encountered something big, or else this wouldn't have happened, right?


One by one, they sucked in cold air, and their faces did not look good.

Although, they had thought of it from the beginning, it still looked terrifying now.

Li Er ah.


The group of people were silent in their minds and continued to lower their heads to count the ants as if they were trying to count how many ants were on the ground.


Li Er had a different situation in mind, however, as he continued, "I, Li Er, have risen to the top of the microcosm, and am fortunate to have the help of all of you.

This time, the State Counselor came here and said that the Heavenly Realm has been successfully opened and the Heavenly Palace has been established.

The next step is to allow me to enter the Heavenly Palace and establish a power like that of the Ancient Celestial Court.

I think it is very reasonable that the Heavenly Palace must exist and the Heavenly Court must be established.

Therefore, I need the help of all the old brothers, I wonder what you all think?"

Ministers: "..."



Wait, you're going to build a heavenly court?

What's wrong with you? We old brothers are just helping you fight for the world and the country.

They don't know how to build the Heavenly Court.

It's a bit awkward.

At this time, everyone looked at each other, they all got excited.

Building a Heavenly Court was good.

Maybe they could even get a godly throne.


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