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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1101 Ambition (Seeking Subscriptions)

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With a flash, Jiang Xiao disappeared from the streets of Chang'an City.

Great Tang.

Within the imperial palace.

His second majesty Li was anxious, he muttered, "Wang De, is there still no news of the Lord of State?"

Inside the hall.

Wang De served respectfully, "Back to His Majesty, I didn't find that I have been guarding the State Master's residence for the past year, but I haven't found any information about the State Master."

It seemed that the State Master was gone for good.

He suddenly looked ugly.


Wang De also felt exhausted and didn't know what to do.

He was befuddled looking.

Li Er: "........"

Hearing Wang De's words, Li Er sank his gaze, "Alas, the State Master has been gone for a year, yet he has not been seen anywhere."

Is he not coming back?

Or is it.

Have other ideas?

Whether the heavens have been opened up or not, and whether that palace is still built or not.

And so on.

He had been waiting.

It had all been a full year of waiting.

For a year, he had been anxious every single day.

He had been sending Wang De to squat at the National Palace every day, only to see Jiang lacking one day.

That was how he could feel at ease.

After all, it had been over a year since Jiang Chi had left, and Li Er was a little scared.

If something were to happen....

"No, it will definitely be fine."

Li Er pondered, "The State Master's cultivation is profound and his strength is unmatched, he will definitely be fine, he just doesn't know if the Heavenly Realm has opened up."

He, Li Er, was ready to become the Heavenly Emperor, and could abdicate at any time and go to the Heavenly Palace to be his Heavenly Lord.

Wouldn't that be great.

"Your Majesty, I don't know where that State Master has gone, will he ever return again?"

Wang De said, "In case the State Master doesn't come back, then..."


Li Er also frowned, "Wang De, don't talk nonsense, it's impossible."

No matter what.

He also believed in Jiang Di.

Saying that he had gone to open up the heavenly realm, he must have gone to open it up.

It was just that somehow, it took too long.

It was more than a year.

Truly a bit too terrifying.

He had waited too anxiously for a full year, and His Majesty Li Er felt that every day was like a year.

Every day was spent waiting.

And it was the very anxious kind, what if Jiang Hou failed to open up the Heavenly Realm?

He was suddenly incredibly worried.

His heart was in turmoil.

Did he, Li Er, never have the chance to be a strong man in his life.

If that was the case, it would be a little too terrifying.


"Your Majesty, then why hasn't he returned, Lord of the State?"

Wang De asked doubtfully, "You know, it's not like there's not even half a vision to open up the heavens, but now that there are so many visions appearing, who can believe that he went to open up the heavens."


Li Er was stunned, Wang De's words seemed to be right, such things as opening up the heavens and the earth had only appeared in legends after all.

Well in reality.

Hadn't seen it.

After thinking for a while.


Is this considered blind faith.

Just that, does he really have a chance to appear?

Or will it come back again?

He doesn't know.

The situation seemed a bit unpredictable, ah.

"Your Majesty, what... what do we do next?"

Li Er's old face darkened.

Gloomily, he said, "Isn't there still me in the world, and aren't there still the thousands of armor-clad men of the Great Tang?"


What's he afraid of?

"Your Majesty, the army is afraid that it won't be able to suppress it."

Wang De shook his head, "In the beginning, there were countless strong people who walked out of the Dao Palace, and although most of them were righteous people, there were some who were actually not good."

Some of them were gradually becoming evil.

"This matter, I will have my own plans for the future." Li Er said indifferently, "As long as the opening of the Heavenly Realm goes smoothly and the Heavenly Palace can be built, I can take the opportunity to take advantage of them."

I believe it's quite possible.

After all, you can take the opportunity to kill the chicken as a warning to the monkey, to establish authority and so on.

In this way, it could also be considered carrying out waste utilization.


Li Er continued, "In the future, I am the ruler of the Heavenly Palace, the Lord of those three realms."

Wang De: "........"

This kind of unspectacular thing, he thought it was a bit impossible.

You Li Er really can sit on the throne of Heavenly Emperor, isn't it a little too confident.

When he Wang De knows nothing about it, as long as there is the Lord of the State, which has nothing to do with you Jiang Liao.

I'm afraid it's impossible.

If you sit on the Heavenly Emperor's throne, what about his Jiang Da State Master?

Of course.

Wang De didn't say these words directly, he looked incomparably flat, feeling that His Majesty Li Er was a bit too optimistic.

He was not optimistic anyway.

Li Er wasn't clear about Wang De's thoughts as he said, "I'm sure Jiang Chi will come back again, he must be off to open up the heavens! It's not over yet."

So he's willing to wait.

As to how many years or how long it will take, that's unknown.

And at this moment.

With a flash of golden light, Jiang Di's figure quietly appeared in the Great Tang Palace.

Li Er and Wang De: "........"

The two of them were viciously shocked, and this sudden appearance of Jiang lacking was truly frightening to them.

Originally, they were still talking about him.

Now, saying Cao someone resulted in Cao someone coming.

It was really powerful.

His Majesty Second Li only felt his eyes jump, followed by great joy, "State Master, you... are you really back?"

So, all of your previous worries were unnecessary.

Especially since Wang De thought very much so.


He suddenly felt that Jiang Liao, the State Master, was a little more bizarre and unpredictable, truly terrifying.

Very powerful.

"Meet the State Master."

Wang De hurriedly saluted, he was only a chamberlain by Li Er's side, there was no comparison with Jiang Ji.

Jiang Kou did not pay any attention to him.

Li Er said at this time, "National Master, why have you delayed this time for so long?"

He was puzzled.

But Jiang Jian said indifferently, "Your Majesty, opening the heavens and the earth is terrifying after all, and not something that ordinary people can do.


Your Majesty, how long has passed?"


Li Er heard the words, "State Master, don't you know how long has passed?"

This, shouldn't it.

After all, you are the Great Tang State Master ah, the first person of the Great Tang.

How can an existence as powerful as you not know how long it's been.

It's amazing.

He didn't believe it a bit, after all, Jiang Qian's means were extraordinary, definitely not comparable to ordinary people.

Then, he actually didn't know how long it had been now.

"Your Majesty misunderstood, this seat has been opening the heavenly realm above the nine heavens, and only after the heavenly realm stabilized did this appear here."

Jiang Ji said slowly.

The implication was that he was telling Li Er that I would come over to see you as soon as the Heavenly Realm was opened.

Now you're asking me why I didn't know, wouldn't that be too funny.

As expected.

After the next moment. Li Er then his old face turned red and became slightly embarrassed, "Ahem, you don't mind these details, National Master.

It's actually been more than a year since the last time when the State Master left, I wonder if the State Master has some impression of it?"


It's been a year?

Jiang Ji looked shocked when he heard this, "I can't believe that a year has passed in about a day or two."

Could this be the legendary one day in heaven and one year on earth?

If that's the case, maybe this heavenly realm really is different, different from what you thought it was.

Then, was it that.

After the construction of the Heavenly Palace was completed in the future, it could also be like the Ancient Heavenly Palace, becoming the Lord of the Three Realms and ruling over the beings of the three realms.

Wasn't that a bit too terrifying.

Thinking about how excited he felt, it was a little weird somehow.

At this time.

Li Er, who heard Jiang Ji muttering to himself, but said grudgingly, "State Master, this heaven above and a day on earth above and a year on earth refers to..."

If he could, he would love to interface with Jiang lacking, and maybe have a chance to become a supreme being.

That would be great.

At this time.

Jiang Ji said with a heavy gaze, "Your Majesty, too much time has passed, I can't believe that more than a year has passed on the ground, it really is the years."

He felt that it had passed quite quickly.

Time didn't wait for anyone at all, and it couldn't stay half as long.

At this time.

Li Er said, "State Master, has the heavenly realm been opened up?"

"Well, it's a success."

Jiang Qiao said, "That's one of the reasons why this seat came to you, now that the Heavenly Realm has succeeded, building the Heavenly Palace will take time."

Upon hearing this.

Li Er quickly smiled and said, "State Master, please rest assured, I started preparing a few years ago, whether it's the craftsmen or the materials needed to build the Heavenly Palace, I have them all."

Just wait for Jiang Lack's words.


Jiang Chi finally appeared, the ambitions within his Li Er's heart gradually emerged.

Perhaps he could also wait for the Heavenly Palace to be completely constructed and become the master of the Heavenly Palace, to be that famous great figure.

Heavenly Emperor.

He had been looking forward to this for a long time.

"Country Master, after the construction of the Heavenly Palace is complete, do you think it's possible to build a divine institution similar to the legendary Heavenly Court?"

Li Er asked tentatively, he didn't know what Jiang Xiao's thoughts were, but had a vague feeling that Jiang Xiao might not be opposed to it.

As expected.

In the next moment, Jiang Ji said calmly, "This seat knows what you think, Your Majesty, and doesn't intend to stop it, after the construction is completed, Your Majesty will abdicate and go to the Heavenly Palace to be the Lord of those three worlds."

The throne position of Heavenly Emperor was of no use to him anyway, and he didn't like that either.

Looking flat, Jiang Jian continued, "In the future, this world will ultimately be His Majesty's, and this throne is merely a guide."

So much the better.

Li Er was secretly pleased and added, "Rest assured, State Master, I will definitely do a good job with this Heavenly Emperor.

No matter what, State Master you are also my son-in-law, so I still believe in your words."

The matter of establishing the Heavenly Court had already occurred to Li Er, although Jiang Chi hadn't said anything.

Since he was even allowed to sit on the throne of the Heavenly Emperor, it was Li Er's own matter how the next Heavenly Court should be constructed.

"Then, this seat is going to perform the divine power."

Jiang Jiang said, "It just so happens that this throne has recently cultivated a divine ability that allows it to collect away those craftsmen prepared by His Majesty, as well as the materials needed to build the Heavenly Palace.

Perhaps, after a few years, we will be able to successfully build that large palace complex of the Heavenly Palace."

Li Er: "........"


You want to keep waiting?

Seeing His Majesty Li Er's perplexed look, Jiang Ji could not help but smile slightly, "Your Majesty, as the saying goes, one day in heaven and one year on earth, it is always good to wait a little longer."

Wouldn't this way you, Li Er, still be able to enjoy a few years as an emperor on earth.

There's nothing like a rich dynasty.

How nice.

To think that Jiang Qian was a bit eager to become an emperor.

But he doesn't want to be diligent in government every day.

Li Er said, "State Master, I wonder if it's possible to synchronize the time between this heaven and earth, that would be good."

"Can't." Jiang Ji shook his head and said directly.


Li Er asked, "Could it be that there are still things in this world that you can't even solve for the State Master?"


Jiang Jian was also incomparably calm, explaining, "Actually, Your Majesty, you're thinking of things too simply.

The issue of the same or different synchronization involves another issue.

That is time, time on earth and time in the sky, which involves some laws of time.

Since time immemorial, time has been the most inscrutable and unpredictable, so time is irreversible.

--at least this throne is unable to do so now."

The laws of time?

What was that thing.

Unable to understand it, Li Er felt confused as well.

A bitter face.

In the end.

He could only nod his head and sighed, "In that case, let's just go by what you said, as long as it can be completed successfully."

At this time.

But Jiang Jiang suddenly said, "Your Majesty, there is a way to do it, but I don't know..."


Is there any chance of that happening?


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