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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1099 - The Avatar (Seeking Subscriptions)

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 For the matter of being able to not comprehend the Avatar, Jiang Qian had no hope.

It was originally thought to give it a try.

Just in case you were lucky, you might have tried it out.

A great man was right, practice makes perfect, and without practice how can you know if it's right or wrong.

It's the same with enlightening the Avatar.


It's possible that when luck comes, it can't be stopped.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Jiang Da Xian thought so.

So unpleasant.

"I don't live by the Avatar anyway, and I have even less to worry about."

He wasn't afraid of anything.

It was best to let nature take its course, and come to be a little more overbearing, with all the benefits.

The Way of Yin and Yang.

And the Way of the Five Elements.

In addition to that, the various powers of the heavens and earth were even manifesting and evolving.

The energy was like a tidal surge, tossing and sweeping like wind movement, and the clouds and tides were really enviable.

If one could....

The more Jiang Xiao thought about it, the further he went.

"But what kind of divine ability should be comprehended?"

Although he didn't know if he would be able to comprehend the Avatar, he thought that he should always have a goal.

And couldn't waste this tremendous opportunity.

That would be too wasteful.

Storm clouds surged.

Jiang Jiang was thinking, silently preparing everything.

What kind of prowess should be enlightened.


Or is it a flash?

Or maybe it was something else.

Sometimes it was quite annoying not knowing what Avatar to enlighten.

He thought hard about it.

Nor had he ever thought of what to enlighten.

After all, without a goal, the guesses were useless if they didn't have a goal.

God knows what he could enlighten.

What if it's not what he wants, then he'll just get himself into trouble.

Still not cost-effective.

Jiang Mo mumbled, and suddenly his eyes sparkled, "Right, next I'm going to bring craftsmen over from Chang'an, aren't I, just in time to enlighten similar magical powers.

For example, that legendary sleeve-deep divine ability is good and very practical."

Even if he couldn't do it to the same extent as a certain Immortal, he could still do a scaled-down version of the Sleeve Qiankun Well.

Come to think of it, it was possible.

Thoughts flew wildly.

Jiang Ji fixed his mind again and muttered, "It's settled, this time I, Jiang Someone, will use the Sleeve Qiankun as my goal, and I will definitely cultivate a peerless Avatar."

The goal.

To arrive so as to collect the artisans Li Er had prepared to come over.

Otherwise, with so many people, he wouldn't have anywhere to put them, nor would he have that much mana to move them.

It's not cost effective.

And an Avatar like Sleeve Qiankun was different.

It was a spatial Avatar, the kind that specialized in collecting people, wouldn't it be nice.

It was exciting to think about.

He was also delighted.

Just that, could Jiang Chi really cultivate it successfully?

You know.

Avatars aren't that easy to comprehend, or everyone would have a whole bunch of them.


Jiang Qiao said, "It's right to take a stab at it and hope that everything works."

Maybe it would work.

Even if it didn't work, he wouldn't be too disappointed.

The talent was poor anyway, and he didn't think there was any chance of success, let alone the possibility of success.

Try it, play it.

No exhale so.

Soon, Jiang Xiao had entered a state of enlightenment, as if he was really comprehending some incredible dao.

That way.

As if it was really possible to comprehend some incredible dao, it looked appalling.

The mind was also ten thousand times astonished and very shocked.

If one could really comprehend the Avatar, then wouldn't one be able to open up more small spaces in the future and then specialize in comprehending the Avatar?

That's fine too.

As for the Great Dao Avatar.

Let's just let fate take its course with such things, if you're lucky, you might actually be able to comprehend it.

And give it a try.

After thinking about these things clearly, Jiang Jiang could not help but continue to comprehend it.

The Way of Yin and Yang, the Way of the Five Elements.

The various mysteries were not all he could understand, but he could still feel something.

It was an incredible existence.

It was bizarrely tight.

Space was powerful, time was weird.

But even if it was the way of space, Jiang Kou felt that he probably couldn't comprehend it.

How many things were hidden within it, he didn't know.

The Avatar was infinite.

"Perhaps I can draw on the experiences I've summed up on the internet in my previous life?"

Jiang Xiao secretly thought.

Space was, essentially, a very special existence.

Or perhaps, it was a new space that had been opened up in its own sleeve?

It's possible.

If he succeeded, it would be much easier for him in the future.

"Buddha bless me, Gods and Goddesses of the Heavens, Old Lord Taishang, Jesus God, and my Jiang family's ancestors, you all must bless me."

Jiang Chi secretly mused, "At worst, I'll just burn paper for you after success."

It's okay to think about it.


He was looking forward to it in a million ways.

It felt like it had a good chance of working.

The gods and goddesses could not bless it, after all, he had never even believed in it before, but the ancestors of the Jiang family should be able to bless it.

He thought so.

He only hoped that the ancestors would give a little more power.

Then he would have a chance to even succeed.

Wind clouds surged.

Even in this newly formed heavenly realm, there was still a great wind blowing through, as if it had that great power.

It was extraordinary.

Jiang Ji endured the gale blowing and continued to set his mind to comprehend.

Time passed by like this, too, minute by minute.

It gradually disappeared with the passage of time, as if it had never existed.

Jiang Qiao was surprised.

He couldn't help but think to himself, "Is my Jiang someone's talent really this bad?"


You really can't enlighten the Avatar?

Even if he had a goal, even if he wanted to comprehend that so-called sleeve?

"That's a problem."

Jiang Gou's brows locked up and he looked heavy, "Is it hard to believe that I, Jiang Someone, will need to use the World Origin to pile it up for the rest of my life."

The talent was so poor that it was like this.

There was no one else.

It could be said that there was no one before or after.

Truly calling people laughing and crying, for a moment, it was actually bitter.

Under a gloomy gaze.

It took a while.

Jiang Jiang only slowly opened his eyes and said, "It's as if I've grasped something, but it's as if I haven't grasped anything, and that Sleeve Qiankun's prowess seems to be somewhat spectrum again."

Could it be that this was also an illusion?

He was silent.

The look was very strange, and his heart was incomparably startled and unable to stop.

So, he was enlightened?

Or no enlightenment?

Hundred puzzled, "Sleeve Dryad technique, open!"

He flicked his hand towards a stone on the ground, but the ground still didn't move.

It's useless even if you're very powerful.

He didn't believe in this evil.

Continuing to drink lowly, he said, "Gods and Buddhas, thousands of Daoist ancestors, and old ancestors, bless me, all of you."

Jiang Ji prayed up.

As an immortal himself, although he was only in the early stages of the Human Immortal Realm, he was at least an immortal.

Now he actually prayed to the gods as well.

Even praying to his own ancestors, this kind of appearance was not much different from an ordinary mortal.

It was very consistent.

As soon as the supernatural powers were applied, the stone was gone.

When he swept it with his divine sense, he found an extra stone in his sleeve, and it contained Qian Kun up inside.

It was very different.


Jiang Ji was stunned again at this.

Mumbling, he said, "So, do I count this as having cultivated the Avatar, or do I count this as not having cultivated the Avatar?"

He was confused.

He's so special this way.

What was the Avatar.

The Avatar would be wielded like an arm.

He felt like that was what he had now, but why didn't it work the first time.

"Should I try again?"

With that thought in mind, Jiang Xiao put the stone out and tried again.

It might be successful.

If it also succeeded, then maybe it would succeed.

If it failed as well, then maybe it would fail as well.

Thinking like this in his heart, Jiang Chi once again tried to apply his magical powers and whisked it towards the stone.

The stone shook a few times, but it didn't move.

Jiang Chi: "........"


How many meanings is that.

He was confused.

Couldn't understand this meaning.

In his mind, he couldn't help but think, could it be that this has something to do with the ancestors?

Didn't beg the first time, so it failed.

The second time I begged, so I succeeded.

The third time also didn't ask for it, so it still failed.

Is this really the truth?

"Wait, that's not right."

Jiang Ji thought once again, "I am enlightened to cultivate a divine ability, it should be something that is wielded like an arm, how can there be something that works when it doesn't.

Besides, what does this have to do with the old ancestor?"

He was unread.

The mind was even more confused.

Ten thousand times more puzzled.

Could it be that this Avatar of his was different from others, and that this thing he was practicing was related to the ancestors?

"I'll try again!"

Don't really believe this anymore.


There's no guarantee that it will work the next moment.

He thought so.

The look was strange, but he also muttered a prayer, "O old ancestor, you old man must bless me to succeed in my cultivation."

Finished speaking.

Jiang Chi then continued to push the Sleeve Qiankun's divine ability, a formidable means, when it was really overbearing ah.

It was still quite good.

At least the momentum was strong and the posture was handsome.


When a sound was heard, the true qi in the body surged out, and the waves rolled as if soaring.

The stone disappeared.

Upon further inspection, it appeared in the sleeve.


The corners of Jiang Ji's mouth twitched inexplicably, "Is it possible that my sometimes-spiritual divine ability is still related to the old ancestor?"

If you pray, it works, but if you don't pray, it doesn't work.

What kind of supernatural power is that?

At most, it's a spell.

Jiang Kou couldn't laugh or cry, and it was sort of clear that the changes in his body's true qi, like a tidal wave of clouds and seas, was the reason.


What should he do on his own.

"Do I need to recite an ancestor's blessing when I perform this Sleeve Qiankun Technique in the future?"

But wasn't that a little too embarrassing.

Shouldn't the Avatar have the same means as an instinctive reaction, and if it still had to call out to the ancestors, wouldn't that be unreasonable.

"Wait a minute!"


Jiang Gou seemed to discover that something wasn't right, "The first time I called out to the old ancestor and prayed to him, it was nothing more than an instinctive cry.

But it really worked.

But my ancestor should be on Earth, that aquamarine planet, a dreamy planet.

I don't know how many years it's been since I died, but I'm afraid the bones have been turned into shovels of earth.

Most importantly, I don't know who my ancestor is, what age he was born, what kind of identity he has, what kind of skills he has.

I don't know anything about it.

Once again.

How could the old ancestor bless me for performing the Sleeve Qiankun divine ability thing, it's very mysterious."

He, Jiang Someone, was originally a cross-dresser.

Then the old ancestor was still nowhere in sight, whether he was still alive or not.

This was not yet known though.

But Jiang Jian didn't feel that his own ancestor was still alive, nor did he feel that he still existed in the world.

Not to mention that he didn't feel like a person.

"But what if I really have an ancestor who is magnificent and talented, with great supernatural skills and tyrannical cultivation."

Jiang Qiao pondered in turn, such a possibility was not unknown.

Even in his previous life, he didn't know about his own ancestor.

Something as bizarre as him crossing over could occur, let alone anything else.

A thousand worlds were full of strange things.

Not to mention that there might be an ancestor who could cultivate.

This situation even more so existed.

It was greatly possible.

For a moment.

The look on Jiang Qian's face was incomparably complex, both excited and excited, as well as a little expectant, yet extremely apprehensive.

If there really was an incomparable ancestor, would he be angry with himself, after all, his own talent could be very poor.

"This is a mess, what should we do?"

Jiang Gao couldn't laugh or cry, only feeling that this life was a little too difficult.

Wasn't he just enlightening an Avatar.

It was all so hard.

It seemed that life wasn't easy either.

"Then the question arises, is my exercising the Sleeve Qiankun related to my ancestor or not?"

Or maybe he really has an ancestor that exists?


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