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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1098 - Opening the Heavens (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Great Tang.

Its upper air.

Countless white clouds surged and tossed and changed, still empty.

The aura wasn't much.

Seeing Jiang Ji stunned, he thought to himself, "After opening up the heavens, it looks like we'll have to condense the Spirit Gathering Formation."

And one Spirit Gathering Formation might not be enough, it would have to be supported by more Spirit Gathering Formations together.

Drawing from the World Origin from the Great Tang World, this would be the only way to make the newly opened Heaven Realm not barren and devoid of spiritual energy.

Only when there was an abundance of spiritual energy could it be considered a true heavenly realm.

Otherwise, no one would come.

Based on this, Jiang Xiao already had an idea in mind.

He held on to his feet.

Suspended in the void, a terrifying momentum swept over him, rolling in like a storm.

It looked very unusual.

Immediately after.

The light in his body flashed, a strange light instantly appeared, and his right hand was full of light, but an evil sword appeared in the Jiang Mo audience.

It was precisely his sword.

A sword filled with evil aura, an unusual sword.

It was very powerful.

And, there was a daoist blood light emitting throughout its body, as if it was crushing down with great power.

It was truly terrifying.

It was enough to see Jiang Ji nod inwardly, "Using an evil sword to open up the heavens and the earth."

One must know.

The Great Tang World was originally a mundane world, so he didn't need to be powerful to open up the heavens and earth.

Plus, the will of this world would instinctively help, and he would be very lucky to open up the heavens this time.

How good.

Thinking about it made Jiang Xiao excited.

Opening up the heavens and the earth.

He, Jiang Someone, was finally going to do it once, I just hope that everything would go smoothly.


In an instant when no one was looking, Jiang Lack held the Evil Sword tightly in his right hand and ruthlessly swung it towards a short distance away.

His terrifying power swept and impacted, rushing into the surroundings like a violent storm.


A low drink.

A terrifying light appeared around Jiang Ji, and the terrifying power tumbled like a morning cloud, constantly shifting and unpredictable.


Suddenly, it was as if the space around him had been crushed into powder, looking at him with wide eyes.

"It actually really works."


In the beginning, Jiang Qian was bottomless, he was also incredibly afraid, if he couldn't succeed, wouldn't he die of embarrassment.

After all, he had boasted about it in front of Li Er and the world, and now he was just afraid that there was no chance.

After thinking of all these circumstances, he had actually proceeded with the attitude of giving it a try.


The results of the trial were here.

There was indeed a tremendous harvest, and a slight crack had appeared in the void that looked domineering.

There were a few good points.

Jiang Qiao was so looking forward to it.

In that case, he could continue to break the void and open up a small space to do so.


After thinking of this.

Jiang Qian pondered, his gaze burning and radiant, "Open! There is a yin and yang in heaven and earth, and the world is a yin and yang, and the heavenly realm shall come forth!"

The evil sword in his hand had continued to change as he swung it, thus continuing to change.

Endless power struck.


More and more cracks appeared in front of his eyes, so Jiang Chi held the Evil Sword in his hand and began to evolve the Yin-Yang arcana.

If it could evolve successfully, it would be a great pleasure to do so.

At the same time.

A mysterious power was also added to him, and he could even clearly feel that feeling of invincibility.

"The World Will instinctively added to it."

After all, something like opening up the heavens would also be of great benefit to the entire world.

The World Will would definitely agree.

He must also know what he was thinking, opening up the heavens and building a small space.

It was the Heavenly Realm.

From now on it was the Heavenly Palace Residence.

How great.

Thinking of this situation, Jiang Jiang was pushing harder and harder.

"Not to mention that there are virtues to be gained from the opening of the Heavenly Realm, just this opportunity to open up the world will be of great benefit to me as well ah."

He was looking forward to it.

Jiang Ji's gaze was like lightning, quickly drilling back into that crack to continue wielding the Evil Sword and evolving the world.


In a moment.

It was as if a bizarre light swept out, swarming and tumbling and sweeping up.

It was terrifying.


If someone saw this scene, they would be so angry that they would be unable to speak.

Because Jiang Lack's methods were so extraordinary.

The Dao's brilliance flipped, and there was the World Will to help sort out the situation of the newly opened space.


Earth and fire, wind and water were derived, and then land, mountains and rivers began to evolve.

The sky also appeared.

The portal of the small world, on the other hand, gradually shrank, forming something like a light door.

It looked like a portal.

The World Will helped make it.

Jiang Chi alone naturally didn't have the courage or skill to do so, at least not with such ease.


Jiang Jiang was also greatly relieved to see this, "Finally done, the space is stable and the land is formed, although it's a bit barren, it can be transformed using the Spirit Gathering Formation."

The rest of the matter of building the palace would be the responsibility of Li Er's side, and it might be completed in time.

After all, Li Er had been preparing for this for many years.

It couldn't take countless years and months to build a large group of palaces, that wouldn't be realistic either.

"The Heavenly Realm has finally become a reality, the next thing we need to look at is arranging the Spirit Gathering Formation this way."

The Will to Open the Heavenly World could help.

However, arranging the Spirit Gathering Formation it might not be able to help, after all, the World Will was only an instinctive will.

It shouldn't be able to understand it.

Jiang Qian pondered.

His heart was weirdly even, but he had some expectations.

It would be good to open up the heavens and the earth.

Jiang Mo secretly thought, "At least after going through this process, if I encounter such things again in the future, I'll be able to deal with it with ease."

At any rate, he was someone who had experience in opening up the heavens and earth.

Heaven Realm.

Jiang Jiang stood on that newly formed land.

The look was inevitably moved, "As expected, the creators are all magical, if I didn't have the help of the world's will and was told to evolve the world myself, I probably wouldn't have the ability to do so."

At the very least.

Evolving yin and yang, with land and sky, this kind of substantial transformation would be difficult for him to do.

Jiang Da Xian's mind was very confused.

As expected, opening up the heavens was not something ordinary people could do.

Someone who could get it done had become the bread and butter of the new world, and he was already extremely lucky that Jiang Xiao was not so miserable.

Since ancient times.

Nine out of ten people who wanted to open up the heavens and the earth had died that way.


He didn't.

In the following time, he personally checked out this heavenly realm, and it didn't look too bad, it wasn't small.

There seemed to be something very different.

The energy rolled like a morning cloud, tossing and changing, but the land had been fixed, and as he set up a huge spirit gathering formation, grass and trees began to grow in the heavens and earth.

There were also birds and beasts that gradually evolved within it.

As the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth became more and more abundant, this small world also became more and more perfect and beautiful.

Jiang Jian was happy.

This was the Heavenly World, a small space he had opened up with his own hands.

It was attached to the Great Tang World.

Forming a complementary relationship with Datang, from now on, this heavenly realm could also be said to be part of Datang World.

Mutual dependence, mutual interaction.

And also exist with each other.

The heavenly realm is there.

If the earthly realm was also opened up, and the heavenly palace and the earthly realm were established, the three realms of heaven, earth, and man would be perfected as a result.

"At that time, the merit of this seat will be boundless."

Jiang Ji came with a contemplative gaze, "The current Heaven Realm is a bit barren and barren, but with the Spirit Gathering Formation I have just laid out, a holy land will definitely be formed."

A holy land of the cultivation world.

It was even the center of the entire world.

Heavenly Palace.

In a sense, Jiang Chi actually wanted to build the Heavenly Palace into a heavenly dwelling place.

To rule the three realms with this.

It was assumed that that Second Li Majesty was willing to do so.

--After all, he had been greedy for the Heavenly Emperor's throne for a long time.

Jiang Chi was no fool, so naturally he could see that.

Otherwise, Li Er Li Shi Min wouldn't have been able to come so many times to rush him, let alone even prepare the craftsmen to build the palace.

To say that Li Er didn't have half a mind, that was absolutely false as well.

But well.

It didn't matter.

He, Jiang Chi, was not from this world anyway, and sooner or later, he would have to leave.

So, it didn't matter who would be the Heavenly Emperor.

It didn't matter.

It was just a mere small world's Heavenly Emperor's dignity to him.

If Li Er wanted it, then just give it to him.

He didn't care.

Right now.

Jiang Qian was standing in the land of the heavens, his excitement gradually calming down.

"As expected, there is merit."

Just a moment ago, he had acquired the virtue brought about by the opening of the heavens, the World Origin Force.

A very divine thing.

What a fragrance.

It was only at this time that Jiang Xiao felt that it was worthwhile to open up the heavens.

At the very least, the payoff was rewarding.

And it was the kind of harvest that came immediately, instantly, how soothing.

It was truly delightful.

Very good.

He didn't immediately cultivate, according to Jiang lacking, he had to save those origin forces and use them together at a critical moment.

That would be of great significance.

It might be possible to take this opportunity to make a breakthrough.

"Then next, I'll comprehend this new world." Jiang Qian pondered.

He felt that this new small space was actually considered one side of the world, but it was smaller.

It was a shrunken version.

And in such a small space, there were also yin and yang manifestations, as well as the Greatest Dao of Heaven and Earth.

This was brought in by the will of the Great Tang World.

It was also a direct manifestation of this time.

It was just right for him to use, maybe he, Jiang Someone, could comprehend a thing or two?

Although Jiang Xiao felt that he had never cultivated by comprehension, and his terrifying cultivation was even more dependent on the World Origin Force piled on top of it.


If there was a chance to comprehend a bit, it would be fine to take the chance to comprehend it.

After all, he wanted to test his comprehension ability as well.

Just because one's talent wasn't good doesn't mean that one's comprehension ability wasn't good either.

"In my previous life, I was also a good student who grew up under the red flag for nine years of education, so if the comprehension ability should not be bad."

With an ear to the ground, there is also a bit of comprehension ability.

After all, he, Jiang Sheng, is not a simple existence ah.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Ji continued to say to himself, "Cultivation should still be comprehended, how about I take advantage of comprehending for a moment?"

Maybe it's a ghostly realization.

That's possible too.

Cultivation was already all sorts of things, not just cultivating the True Qi True Immortal Yuan, but also comprehending the Great Dao, and cultivating the mind.

It was just that none of these were taken seriously by Jiang Chi.

He also felt that his talent was not as good as others, so he vigorously used the World Origin Force to improve his cultivation.

There were no after-effects anyway.

Thus, there was a subsequent situation like this.

After thinking clearly.

Jiang Qian sat cross-legged on the ground with a calm face.

He let go of his divine sense and carefully felt the evolving power of the world, trying to comprehend something out of it.

The most manifest Dao was nothing more than the Yin and Yang Dao.

In the world, there is yin and there is yang, and when yin and yang intertwine, it gradually drives the development and change of the world.

Once the Yin and Yang Dao is manifested, the Five Elements Dao, which are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, are born and restrained, and then evolve into more things.

All things were like this.

It was as if the heavens and earth should have been like this.

"I get it."

Jiang Ji muttered, "It's like what many people say, Dao begets one, life begets two, two begets three, and three begets everything!"

Nothing more than that.

One is born.

And that is all things to all creatures.

So that was it.

He comprehended.

So, next Jiang Ji continued to elaborate, "Maybe I, Jiang Someone, can comprehend some divine powers from this, I've heard that many people comprehended their divine powers this way, so can I?"

It might be possible.

Although he was not as talented as Jiang Sheng, although he had never wanted to enlighten any supernatural powers in the past.

But today, he wanted to try it himself.


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