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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1097 - Heavenly Realm (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The Great Tang is still that Great Tang.

The moon years are like flowing water, grasping is not possible, and many immortal cultivators have tested it.

Li Er also felt incomparably useless to himself.

In the end.

He could only cling to the thigh of Jiang lack.

When the heavenly palace is opened, the earthly house is built, the day of success, he will have to abdicate.

Isn't it fragrant to go to heaven as an immortal.

Isn't it good to be a Heavenly Emperor?

All good.

So Li Er was moved, and even traveled to the Dao Palace more often recently.

The name was to visit his daughter, but it was actually to find out what was going on.

At the same time.

He also wasn't reminding Jiang Chi that he must open up the Heavenly Palace and build the Dao Palace as soon as possible.

With the karma in place, he wouldn't have to worry about death.

And he could become a god.

This situation now made him feel anxious, after all, it was unstable ah.

What if Jiang Xiao went back on his word.

In addition, because of his Li Er talent, being a useless body, he couldn't cultivate.

So not only did he not slow down his body's aging, but he continued to speed up, and when compared to other people, the difference came out.

It was obvious.

For this reason, Li Er was still nagging at me.

After settling down with Jiang Chi to share the guests, Li Er said, "O State Master, you see it's been another three years, and even more five years since your last sermon.

During these five years, I have been ready.

Just tell me when you can open up the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace, and let me have a good idea ah."

It can't just be left empty.

That way his heart is only bottomless.

Jiang Qian was not stunned.

He said, "Your Majesty, the time is not yet right..."

Li Er interrupted him.

He said, "State Master, you've already said this four hundred and ninety times."

Jiang lacked a bit of embarrassment as he touched his nose, "Yeah? So many times already?"

Why don't you remember yourself.


Probably because he didn't count.

He thought so.


Li Er said solemnly, "State Master, you can wait, and even Cheng Qian and the others can wait, but I can't wait any longer."

He was getting old.

In other words, he is also a big old man.

How can this be.

He had no bottom in his heart.

After hearing the words.

Jiang Ji frowned as he pinched his fingers, "Five years have indeed passed, the timing is barely enough, and since Your Majesty is anxious, then this seat will proceed to prepare for the opening of the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace."


Li Er asked with wide eyes, "State Master, you're not going to lie this time, are you?"

In case of further lies, is it....

It's scary to think about.

He muttered words.

At this point, Jiang Xiao had to admit, "No more lying, no, when have I ever lied to anyone?"

It's as if he's not of a good mind.

How is that possible.


It used to be that it was really just premature.

The group of people who were listening to the Word had not yet accomplished their cultivation, so it was still early.

Nowadays, well.

The most powerful people were already at the late stage of the Foundation Establishment.

It was also barely enough.

That was why he had promised Li Er to open up the Heavenly Palace.

In the Three Realms.

Naturally, the sky is the most important.

So the first to open up was naturally the Heavenly Palace as well.

Li Er didn't understand the dao of this, he thought it was a simple matter.

But Jiang Chi didn't think so.

He grudgingly explained, "The existence of the Heavenly Palace requires a carrier, simply a special place to be carried, so..."

Li Er was at a loss.

At a loss for words.

He couldn't understand what Jiang Xiao was saying.

Couldn't the method of directly building a heavenly palace work?

Immediately after.

Jiang Gou said again faintly, "The Heavenly Palace can't be built on this earth."


Li Er was stunned and said under his breath, "Isn't that the way it is?"

He used to think it was like this.

Changed now?

Seeing this, Jiang Ji could only say under his breath, "As expected, vision limits the imagination."

Li Er's imagination was too limited.

As for him.

That was different again.

Jiang Ji continued, "The Heavenly Palace is extraordinary, since it is a heavenly palace, it has to be in the sky, it is different from the Dao Palace, the Dao Palace is only a place for preaching.

The Heavenly Palace, on the other hand, is the future ruler of the three realms of Heaven, Earth and Man, so it has to be in the heavens."

Is it in heaven?

Li Er looked up at the sky.

He said, "But how should the heavens be built, the craftsmen and other manpower I have prepared can't go up."

A moment.

Li Er was worried.

What should I do if I can't go up to the heavens.

Online, etc.

A very anxious kind.

At this time, Jiang lacked a mysterious smile, "It's actually very simple, much we don't even have to worry.

Right now the sky is just the sky, Your Majesty, the people you've prepared can't go up there, and there's no place to go.

So I'm going to open up a heavenly realm and just build the heavenly palace in the heavenly realm."

Li Er: "........"


Open up directly?

When did your Jiang Chi Jiang Grand State Master become so powerful.

Instead, he took an appalled glance at Jiang Lack and said, "State Master, is this bluff too big?"

He didn't think it was likely anyway.

This thing was so mysterious, it wasn't even close to what it was supposed to be.

Very troubling.

Was the heavenly realm so easy to open up?

He didn't feel it, but it was simple to hear what Jiang lacked, but it might not actually be so.

The heavenly realm.

It was very mysterious.

Not to mention opening it up with your own hands.

No matter how powerful you, Jiang Gou, you can't possibly possess the ability to open up the heavens.

That's what he thought anyway.

At this time.

Jiang Ji continued, "Your Majesty may not know that this seat's merit is involved in creation, and it would be easy to open up a heavenly realm in this Nine Heavens, so you don't need to worry about anything."

Isn't it just opening up a realm.

"I might not be able to do it if it was in the Qingxuan Continent or a more advanced world, but in the Great Tang World, well, it's still not difficult."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "Besides, there's still the instinctive will of this world that will help me, opening up the heavenly realm and perfecting the three realms of heaven, earth and man, it's also good for this world."

It expected it too.


Li Er nodded his head and said, "Just let go and do it, if there is anything you need me to do, just ask."

As for the rest, there was probably nothing he could do.


Jiang Ji said with satisfaction, "Since that's the case, I'll be polite, prepare the craftsmen and building materials that His Majesty prepared earlier, once I open up the Heavenly Realm on my side, I'll bring them up to build the Heavenly Palace first."


Li Er also fought hard in order to become the Heavenly Emperor's esteemed position.

He had even prepared the materials and drawings.

It was just as well to save Jiang Kou a lot of trouble, but it was quite good.

It was just that His Majesty Li Er still felt terrified about Jiang Liao's words about opening up the Heavenly Realm, could this really work.

He couldn't believe it.

No bottom.

In other words, he was just not cold.

Before Jiang Chi could continue, Li Er asked again, "Since the Heavenly Palace needs to open up the Heavenly Realm, does the Earthly Palace also need to open up the Underworld?"

"Naturally." Jiang Qiandao: "Your Majesty is so smart, you've actually learned to hold up one thing against another now."

Li Er: "........"

Is that hard to guess?


Jiang Jiang continued, "The Underworld will definitely be opened up, but let's wait until I open up the Heavenly Realm first, then I'll receive those craftsmen and materials to build buildings, and this seat can proceed to open up the Earthly Palace.

Likewise, let's also ask Your Majesty to prepare the craftsmen and materials, I can't build that many buildings on a large scale on my side.

We can only think of earthly methods for such things."

The Great Tang.

After all, it used to be just a mundane world.

So it was feasible to use ordinary craftsmen to build a palace, although the style and curry might be a bit low.

But it didn't even matter for the sake of the World Origin.

What's more.

Whether it was a heavenly palace or a dungeon, it's not like he would live there.

So what did it matter to him if it was built well or not.

Whoever was the Heavenly Emperor was unlucky.

Li Er probably didn't know that he had already been counted out by Jiang Xiao before he even took his seat as the head of the Heavenly Palace.


Li Er who heard Jiang lack's words nodded his head once again, "Good, according to what you said, I will arrange all these things.

Now, can I weakly ask, approximately when will the Heavenly Realm be opened up and completed?"

We can't make him, His Majesty Li Er, wait for another ten or eight years.

That's too long.

The cauliflower is just afraid that it's all over.

Very helpless.


This time Jiang Chi was quite quick, he said, "Very soon, I've already chosen my location, and I'm only one good day away from opening up the heavens.

If any visions occur then, Your Majesty may not be afraid, and at the same time, be prepared to appease the people of the world."


Li Er was only satisfied with this.

He was satisfied with Jiang Ji's answer, and thought that in time, Jiang Ji should be able to open up the heavens and earth.

That's good.

If he didn't have enough cultivation, he actually would have wanted to see it with his own eyes, he might have been able to see a different scenery.

"Since you have spoken up to this point, State Master, I can only wish you victory and strive to open up the heavens one day sooner."

Li Er was very happy and secretly said, "It seems that this son-in-law is quite good."

This thigh-hug didn't run away.

How nice.

Heavenly Realm, Heavenly Palace.

In the future, the Heavenly Realm would be a realm unto itself, the head of the three realms, ruling over the beings of the three realms.

This was already expected by His Majesty Li Er.


This time when he heard Jiang Chi say it himself, the meaning was different.

He was satisfied.

It seemed that he, the Lord of the Three Realms, the Heavenly Emperor's position of honor was already solidly in place, and he was already winning.

"Looking at this son-in-law of mine, he won't be living in the Heavenly Palace in the future, so that's good."

To avoid being constrained.

To be honest, Li Er still agreed with Jiang Liao's approach.

He had already seen that Jiang Lack didn't like managing people.

He didn't even like to manage those listeners in the Dao Palace at first, all of them were free-range.

So he was sure that Jiang Chi would not manage the beings of the three realms in the future as well.

Those billions of beings, after all, it was still him, Li Er, who was going to manage ah.

"I'm a miserable person."

For a moment, Li Er thought so, "Actually, managing the Three Realms isn't as wonderful as it seems."

There might still be risks.

Of course.

There was also a great chance.

After His Majesty Li Er left, Jiang Chi quietly soared into the clouds and turned into a white light to the clouds above the Nine Heavens.

The place was white and nothing was there, as if it was just an empty land.

Nothing but clouds were still clouds.

Of course, this place belonged to the Endless Void.

This was an area that ordinary people wouldn't dare to come to, after all, everyone was afraid of death.

"Although this place is suitable, it's a bit short, not good."

Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "Essentially, the heavenly realm I'm about to open up should belong to the Sumerian Space, or an existence within the Inner Space, a small space that is attached to this Great Tang World."

In that case, it would need to be even higher.

And a portal would have to be set up.

But this is later, the three worlds of heaven and earth must be present so that this world can be perfected to a certain extent, and then I, Jiang Someone, will be the great meritorious person.

And the merit is the origin.

"Nowadays, although my recovery is complete, if I wait for the three worlds of heaven and earth and people to come out at night, I'm afraid that the merit I will gain will be enough to break through to the middle stage of the Human Immortal Realm, right?"

It's exciting to think about.

If that's the case, it would be perfect.



"But then again, although the Heavenly Realm is just a small space and is attached to the existence of this Great Tang World, I also have the help of this world's instinctive will if I open it up.

However, opening up the heavens is not a simple matter."

Jiang Ji was condensed, not daring to be careless at all.

After all, opening up the heavens and the earth was not a trivial matter, it was necessary to actually cut through the void.

Therefore, opening up the heavens was still difficult.

To what extent was it difficult?

Jiang Gao felt that it was probably harder than what mortals would call ascending to the heavens.


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