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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1096 - Destiny (Seeking Subscription)

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Wei Zheng witnessed the Dao.

Using the dream proof method, he broke through from the tiny early Houtian realm all the way to the Innate realm grand completion.


He still didn't stop.

It was as if the Innate Realm Great Perfection wasn't even the end of his journey.

Under the breathtaking gazes of countless onlookers, Old Man Wei continued to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

And continued to cultivate.


In the end, he had broken through from the Innate Realm to the Ancestor Realm as expected.

Even though he was only a minor clergyman, he dominated alone and became the top existence among the Great Tang cultivators.

Not one of them.


"Is it that scary?"

"Whoever pinched me with a claw, let me feel if this is real, it's just too dreamy, too unbelievable."

"Wei Gong has actually directly broken through from the Early Houtian Realm to the Ancestral Realm, it's truly terrifying."

"Yes, this kind of strength is truly terrifying, how can ordinary people experience it."

"Duke Wei is mighty, Duke Wei is domineering, this kind of proof is truly a model for the cultivators of my generation."


A time.

The countless voices of praise slowly rang out and many were amazed.


And, of course, envy.

From a minor character that lagged behind others, he had leapt into a powerful existence comparable to others that was even more terrifying.

Ancestor realm.

This realm in no way surpassed the innate realm, knowing that previously, there were many of them who considered themselves geniuses.

But now, these so-called geniuses of theirs were nothing more than Houtian realm perfection.

It's simply not enough to look at.

At the very least, they were not a single star behind Wei Zheng who was at the Ancestral Realm.

The difference was a bit terrifying, and Wei Zheng's breath was still continuing to rise.

"The Sect Master realm is only not the limit for Duke Wei."

"I also think so, but even if it's only the Ancestor realm, his breath is extremely majestic ah."

"That's right, I don't know what it will be like when Wei Gong breaks through the Zongshi realm, according to the division and explanation of the State Master, the Zongshi realm will be the Grand Master after that."

"It is said that there is another name for the Grand Master Realm, and that is the Foundation Building Realm, which is actually a more appropriate name."

"Oh? So Duke Wei's old man is about to build a successful foundation?"

If you go further, it's just the Foundation Establishment, isn't it.

Scary to think about.


There were many more people who were envious.

Wei Zheng's method of proving the Dao in a dream like this, they didn't know and couldn't comprehend it.

So envy was only envy.

It can only be envy.

The fact that people could prove the Dao was their chance and creation, it was their fate.

In other words, it was the way fate should be.

After thinking like this.

Right now.

Many of those who considered themselves to be geniuses were bitter, "I don't know when the rest of us will be able to break through, we are so helpless."

Very cryptic.


One could not fathom it.

Who would have thought that a dying Wei Zheng, an old man who had lived for decades.

He was originally just an early Houtian realm cultivator.

But now, he was already in the realm of a master.

Not to mention the small realm, even the large realm he had crossed several, such magnificent talent was definitely not something ordinary people could compare to ah.

So helpless.

Also ten thousand times bitterly tight.

What to say.

As expected.

After the words of those onlookers fell.

In the Wei residence.

An even more powerful Qi swept out once again, simply terrifying to the extreme.

The endless power rolled a few points.

"This... Duke Wei really has broken through again ah, he truly isn't quite good."

"Yeah, this kind of skill is desperate, when are we going to break through?"

"Look, Duke Wei's scent has changed, this is the middle stage of the Zongshi realm that the State Master said."

"It hasn't stopped yet."



Wei Zheng then broke through again from the early stage of the Sect Master Realm to the middle or even late stage of the Sect Master Realm.

It didn't stop until the grand completion.

Such a sight had already caused countless visions to appear in the sky above the Wei residence, and the thick, white mist-like aura of heaven and earth formed a huge whirlpool that was constantly gathering towards Wei Zheng.

Calling people so envious.

Immediately after.

Wei Zheng was again glowing with a million glowing lights as if it was a remarkable light and shadow due to his breakthrough to the Ancestor Realm Great Perfection.

Terrifying to the extreme.

The cultivation.

This was the benefit of a single epiphany.

In just one day, Wei Zheng had broken through from a cultivation scrap to a Mastery Realm Great Perfection.

Becoming a human superior.

It was envied by countless cultivators.

Many of them were filled with anticipation, and their hearts were inexplicably up, looking a bit gloomy and strange.


They never dreamed that they would one day encounter such a situation, and Wei Zheng, a seemingly ordinary and common little old man, had set a precedent for them.

Especially Li Er.

He had naturally observed the situation in the sky above the Wei residence.

At this moment, however, he was excited and muttered to himself, "Good, really good, in that case, I might not be useless, most likely because I haven't had an enlightenment yet.

If I wait for me to have an epiphany, I might also be able to break through to a Sect Master in one go like Old Man Wei.


I would have to break through to a Grandmaster no matter what, build a successful foundation and truly step onto the path of immortality from then on!"

Li Er's eyes were burning, and radiant, and he was ten thousand times more excited.

Very delighted.

Happy, but also very fond at the same time.

If he could, he actually wanted to go to the closed door right now to try and see if he could have a successful epiphany.

Maybe he could.


But will His Majesty Lee really have an epiphany?

He's really not a loser?

No one knew all this except for Jiang lacked.

At this time.

Jiang Xiao was paying attention to the breakthrough Wei Zheng, and after sweeping his divine sense, he suddenly realized that Wei Zheng was different from a normal person.

"As expected, the Qi in him has increased."


Jiang Qiao was confused.

He remembered that Wei Zheng wasn't like this before.

Wait a minute!

"This matter might really have something to do with me."

Suddenly, Jiang Qiao seemed to understand.

He continued to murmur, "In the past year, I created the Jinghe Dragon King Ao Ming on a whim and a ghostly whim.

Was it because of this that caused Wei Zheng's luck to increase, even proving the Dao in his dreams, directly leaping from the early stage of the Houtian Realm to the great completion of the Ancestor Realm?

That's a big possibility."

He was surprised.

Could it be that this was the fate of the underworld as they say?

"If that's true, then fate is like a knife."

Jiang Ji chanted to himself, "No matter which world it is, the power of fate is bizarre and unpredictable, making people unable to figure it out or see through it ah."

The same was true right now.

As soon as he returned from Jinghe, Wei Zheng was inexplicably witnessing the Dao in his dreams.

As expected, what more talent is needed with luck.

Dog luck couldn't stop it once it came.


Wei Zheng stopped at Ancestral Mastery Perfection and didn't break through any further.

A quarter of an hour later.

Wei Zheng woke up ghostly from his dream.


His entire body was muddled.


Wei Zheng was shocked, "You say that my husband has broken through to the Ancestor realm?"

How was this possible.

Aren't you only at the early stage of the Houtian realm.

These guys, trying to deceive themselves again, it's so abominable.



Wei Zheng continued, "All right, although Old Man is approachable in normal times, but er as a servant, don't talk nonsense."

He directly interrupted the steward and his other servants.

What other people's situation might not be clear.

However, Wei Zheng was clear about what the situation was with his own family.

He was just an ordinary cultivator with mediocre qualifications, and he couldn't hear anything from the Dao.

If His Majesty Li Er's talent was truly no good, then Wei Zheng felt that his own talent was the second best in the world.

But now.

This group of servants actually told themselves that they had just made a breakthrough.


Wei Zheng, the old man's mouth twitched, secretly saying, "What qualifications can I not know myself, and still need you people to tell me?"


What's more, he was clearly sleeping just now, where he was cultivating.

Wei Zheng was convinced that he was sleeping just now, which was fine.

Then the question arises.

How could someone who was in their sleep cultivate.

He, Wei Zheng, didn't believe it anyway.

And so.

Wei Zheng said indifferently, "I'm not stupid, I still know how much talent and skill I have, and I'm not like many young people who love to fantasize."

He was past the age of fantasy.

Feeling that everything was fine.

And, Wei Zheng felt that it was the servants who were joking, after all, this was no small matter.

The servants: "........"

They had never expected that their own master would not recognize that he had proven himself in a dream.

Nor did he recognize that he had broken through.


It's kind of weird.

It sounded a little peculiar and made them look at each other a few times, but they each looked at each other.

The look was kind of weird as hell.


"So it seems that the Master doesn't actually know that he has broken through to Ancestral Perfection?"

"What is this, is the Master faking it?"

"I don't think so, you know, the old master is a dream proof enlightenment, it's normal not to know the situation."

"Then, should we let the Old Master slow down first and let him sort out his own thoughts, maybe he will take the initiative to discover what's wrong?"

"This is a great good thing."

"That's it."

A few servants whispered and discussed, then they surrendered to Wei Zheng and took their leave.

But they didn't dare to stay any longer.

What if this old man Wei Zheng got angry and gave each of them a slap on the body.

It's better to slip away.

It's better not to stay, either.

While watching the servants go out, Wei Zheng's brows furrowed wider and wider.

He intoned, "In my dream, I felt like I could cultivate and become a generation of great power, as if I had an epiphany overnight.

What a pity.

A dream is a dream after all, it's not reality ah."

If only the situation in the dream could turn into reality, then I would be able to become a generation of peerlessly strong people.

In today's incomparably divine Tang world, who wouldn't want to become an unparalleled strongman.

He, Wei Zheng, also wanted to be successful in his cultivation.

That way, he could get rid of his mortal body, he could fly to the heavens and earth, and he could turn into a god.

Or even live forever.

How great would that be.

Unfortunately, he didn't even have the chance now.

Wei Zheng sat on his knees.

He muttered, "Although the method in the dream is very special, I want to try it again."

Running the method.


The rolling True Qi in his body was like a vast river flowing.

At least for Wei Zheng.

He was filled with joy and shock.

For a moment.

He was actually a bit unable to speak and muttered, "This... that everything in the dream is actually real?

Wait a minute.

Is it true what the servants just said?

Has my husband really broken through to the Zongshi Realm Great Perfection, wouldn't that be..."


It's really good.

This is a good thing for the ages.

He was so envious.

"Oh no."

Wei Zheng murmured again, "I broke through on my own, what is there to be envious of.

Although everything was done in a dream and the proof of enlightenment is like a dream, I am a true breakthrough."

This was a good thing.

A great good thing, and he was exceedingly and ten thousand times happier about it.

As expected.

The heavens were still good to him.

The heavens were fair.

"There is actually a dream proof existence, hahaha..."

This moment.

Wei Zheng felt that the world was so beautiful, the air was so much fresher ah, the future infinite possibilities.

Very much looking forward to it.

Previously, he had also paid attention to the situation of those cultivators in the Great Tang World, basically most of them were listeners of the original Dao Palace.


It was said that the highest cultivators were only the Houtian Realm Great Perfection, not even the Innate Realm.

Now well.

He, Wei Zheng, had already crossed the Hare Krishna Realm and the Innate Realm, and had directly become a powerful existence in the Ancestor Realm.

And was a Zongshi Grand Perfection.

If he went even further, he could completely build an Immortal Foundation!


Thinking about this.

Wei Zheng muttered again, "Isn't my husband a bit too ungodly?"


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