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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1095 - The Way of Proof (Seeking Subscription)

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Great Tang.

Chang'an City.

Today's Chang'an City was even more lively and prosperous.

Numerous merchants not to mention, even people who went the wrong way on the street or recognized the wrong person could be found cultivating immortality.

The talk of the Houtian realm had already spread.

Numerous people who were pursuing the Dao of Immortality, or those who wanted to seek immortality, were also looking forward to it.

Perhaps they would be the first spirits to enter the Heavenly Palace and Earthly Palace.

As the old saying goes, it's always good to be the first to eat the crab.

That was why all of them were thinking like this.

The Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace hadn't begun to rebuild yet, though these people didn't know when Jiang would open up.

It was only a distant possibility.

But it didn't stop them from looking forward to it.

Today, the entire Great Tang territory was already full of early Houtian Realm, mid Houtian Realm was like a dog, and late Houtian Realm was full of families.

It could be described as a prosperous situation.

There were even some people with good talent who had broken through to the Houtian Realm Great Perfection, just one step away from entering the Innate Realm.

The speed at which they progressed was really staggering.

Quirky as hell.

Everyone seemed to have dug their heels in and cultivated like crazy.

It seemed that the Innate Realm was nothing.

It was easy to break through, the difference only lay in wanting to or not.

Jiang lacked and Li Lirui had returned to the Imperial Palace, and Li Chengqian had also returned to his Eastern Palace, but he was called into the palace by His Majesty Li Er soon after.

The specifics are unknown.

Presumably, Li Er had other considerations.

Jiang Jiang didn't bother.

What interested him more was that something had recently reportedly happened at Wei Zheng's house.

It was still something he had heard the old butler mention by chance.

But he didn't ask deeper.

It just so happened that on this day, he, Jiang Jiang, had nothing to do, so he let go of his divine sense and finally swept into Wei Zheng's house.

It wasn't that he wanted to peek at anything.

Rather, he wanted to see what the old housekeeper said about something strange.

-- It was said that since a few months ago, someone in Wei's house had started talking in their dreams.

At first, the servants felt that their lord must be sleep-deprived, so they were talking in their sleep.

Even in broad daylight.

Although it had never happened before, it wasn't incomprehensible.


After the passage of time, their lord had been sleeping and had no intention of waking up.

This time, he didn't talk in his sleep either, instead he was very quiet.

But Wei Zheng's fall had instantly brought down the top pillar of the Wei family, and it was a matter of preparing the funeral for it.

If Li Er hadn't gone to take a look and found that Wei Zheng was still alive and well, it was likely that old Wei would have died.

Probably buried alive.

Of course.

Wei Zheng himself definitely didn't know about these circumstances.

Because of Li Er's prevention, Wei Zheng was not buried alive and the coffin board was placed next to it.

No one dared to mention it.

It wasn't until these recent days that it dawned on the Wei residence that their master Wei Zheng was currently cultivating.


Cultivating in his dreams.

The aura of the heavens and the earth can't be faked.

It's true.

Maybe his lord really can break through.

Especially seeing as everyone else was in the late Houtian realm, or a great completion of the Houtian realm.

And the fact that his own lord was still an early Houtian realm cultivator was different after this burst of comparison.

It really was too different.

Was self-sovereign Wei Zheng really a weak chicken.

After such thoughts sprung up like a spring, it was out of control.

It was still a bit special.


After seeing the aura of the heavens and earth converge towards our own lord, many people from the Wei residence were overjoyed.

"The heavens have finally revealed themselves, finally giving the old lord a chance to break through, hahaha!"

"Wait a minute, something doesn't seem right."

"What doesn't seem right?"

"Haven't you noticed that our Master is still sleeping, so he's practicing this in his sleep?"


"Is this the legendary dream proof of the Great Way?"

"I've heard that this kind of magic is used more on the Buddhist side, is our Master a reincarnation of the Buddha?"

"No, I think it's because the Master wants to become a monk, otherwise why would he have this dream to prove the Great Way."


The more we talk, the more outrageous it seems.

It was fortunate that Wei Zheng didn't wake up, otherwise, he might have been killed by these servants of his own alive.

Jiang Qian instead looked at Wei Zheng with his divine sense with great interest.

He secretly said, "Those servants of the Wei House actually didn't say anything wrong, what Wei Zheng is practicing is really the Dream Proof Dao Great Law..."

Could it be that those people are right, this Lord Wei Zheng Wei is really going to become a monk and become a monk?

Although there was no such possibility, Jiang Gou always felt that this matter was terrifying.


Thinking carefully.

Wei Zheng actually wants to be a monk?


Jiang Kou could swear that this old man Wei Zheng was definitely not some Buddha reincarnated.

Because there was no place for reincarnation in this world.

That is, the Earthly Kingdom.

Almost after he, Jiang Da Xian, had established it.

Now well.

Or not.

So Wei Zheng wanted to be a monk?

"But it's not right."

Jiang Ji frowned again and pondered, "This guy Wei Zheng is a bit old and stubborn, although he's a bit more stubborn, but he's still a pretty good guy overall.

And he doesn't like those people of the Buddhist sect very much, much less their scriptures ah."

Although Jiang Qian had absorbed quite a few Buddhist sutras, in reality, the things he preached were all Daoist ah.

It had nothing to do with Buddhism.

Then how could this old guy Wei Zheng be like this?

He was very puzzled.

Another look at Wei Zheng's cultivation method, and it was indeed the Great Law of Dream Proof ah.

This was very special.

"Could it be that this method was actually fumbled and researched by Wei Zheng himself?"

Jiang Xiao guessed once again, "That's possible, rumor has it that there are some people with good talent who can walk out a dao of their own."

Now, it seemed likely that this Wei Zheng had found his own avenue.

A dao that was proven in a dream.

It was very similar to the Buddhist legend.

I just wonder if Wei Zheng has drawn on the Buddhist scriptures, if so....

"What kind of surprise can you give me, Wei Zheng?"

Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "It is said that after one has comprehended the Dao, one's power can advance greatly and become an incomparable existence, I wonder how far this old stubborn Wei Zheng can break through after he proves the Dao in his dream."

Is it the Post-Celestial Realm Grand Perfection, or the Innate Realm?

Or maybe become a grandmaster, or even a great grandmaster, a powerful existence like the Foundation Establishment?

It's impossible to say.

There would be no standard for such things as enlightenment testimonies.

Different people using the same method, although they are all enlightened, but most likely the results will not be the same.

Jiang Mo was looking forward to it, perhaps Wei Zheng, the old man, would even rise later.

Surpassing everyone.

Those so-called geniuses, although sometimes they did have good talent, their luck wasn't as good as Wei Zheng's ah.

This was the area where they were lacking.

"The current situation is that there are Houtian Realm Great Successes in every family, although that's a bit exaggerated, but it's almost the same."

Jiang Xiao smiled, "However, when Wei Zheng's old man succeeds in proving the Dao in his dream, this situation might be broken."

Now many people didn't know that Wei Zheng was in the middle of comprehending the Dao.

They only thought that he was sleeping lazily.

Or that he was sick.

And sick in a bad kind of way.

Old man Wei Zheng, how far could he go?

Jiang Qian looked forward to it.

His divine sense had been observing, and he might be able to discover something strange.


After the passage of time, the aura of this Chang'an City actually had a clear tendency to converge towards the Wei residence.

It was only after this kind of movement that many people were alarmed.

But everyone didn't move, seemingly wanting to see what kind of cultivation he, old man Wei Zheng, could do.

They didn't believe that Wei Zheng was even more powerful than them.

At this moment.

Jiang Qian was surprised as well.

He muttered, "It's really powerful, this Wei Zheng has really impressed this seat a bit."

Was this the legendary saying that when a scholar bids farewell for three days, he is impressed?

Not ordinary.

Just the aura of the heavens and earth that had gathered in the past was enough to show that Wei Zheng's testimony this time was not simple.

He might be able to break through many layers of realms in one breath.


"As expected of someone with great luck, much stronger than those with good talent."

Jiang Ji continued to murmur, "Old Man Wei, this time this seat is looking forward to your enlightenment, maybe in the future, after the Heavenly Palace is established, you'll have to go up to the heavens to be that deity."

He had already booked it.

Wei Zheng was the one who had to go up to the heavens to be a god.

Someone with such great luck must be allowed to go to the Heavenly Palace and continue to shine there, which is where he belongs.

Wei Residence.

At this moment it had reached a very critical moment.

A time.

It was as if another endless amount of heaven and earth aura was pouring into the residence, creating a white tornado over the Wei Residence.


That was clearly a spirit tornado only.

Well, a spiritual tornado.

That's right.

In the expectation of countless people, the Wei Zheng in his dream also began to prove himself.


He began to break through.

From the late Houtian realm, to the middle Houtian realm, he actually broke through in just a few breaths of time.

This kind of speed was truly staggering.

So impressive.

But then Wei Zheng continued to break through again.

"Is he going to continue to break through?"

"Yes, it looks like it should be, but he's already broken through one level of the small realm ah."

"The heavens are not fair, why isn't the person who enlightened the Dao not me ah."

"Look, Duke Wei has already broken through to the late Houtian realm."

"How long has it been, it's only been a few dozen breaths."

"That's right, Duke Wei should have received a great heavenly creation, wait, why did he break through again?"

"This time it's the Houtian realm that's complete, truly terrifying as hell."

"Where is this cultivation, where is this enlightenment proof ah, it's clearly only right that it's open."

"Duke Wei's breakthrough gesture is really enviable, we people are cultivating bitterly, but we don't have such good treatment, truly abominable."

So frustrating.

Truly infuriating as well.

While speaking, Wei Zheng directly opened the Ren and Zhu Vessels and communicated the two bridges of Heaven and Earth.


Already an expert at the early stage of the Innate Realm.


This was the first strong man to break through the Innate Realm, and it seemed as if the entire world was jumping for joy.

It seemed like it was about to be promoted again.

"More breakthroughs?"

This time.

Even Jiang Qian widened his eyes and said, "How many layers of the realm is he trying to break through in one breath."

The crowd of onlookers: "......."

Those who were secretly observing were likewise very foolish.

The mood is helpless.

People are really infuriating compared to others.

However, who told them to be inferior to others like Wei Zheng.

Luck is no good.

That person was astonished by his one-time enlightenment of the world.

Middle Innate Realm!

In the blink of an eye again, this old man Wei Zheng had actually broken through to the late Innate Realm.

This kind of speed, which was faster than eating and drinking water, was truly terrifying.

It seemed a bit terrifying ah.

"You guys say, Wei Gong he's not going to become an immortal straight away, right?"

"This, I think it's possible, after all, Lord Wei has this kind of potential."

"The key to cultivating immortality and comprehending the Dao lies in the word comprehension ah, I understand."

"I get it too, hahaha!"

"When you guys said that, I actually realized that the cultivation of immortality lies in the word comprehension, yes!"


The enlightened man laughed and was satisfied.

This time was also quite rewarding.

Those who were unaware, on the other hand, looked confused and were simply stunned.

They said in their hearts, "What do you and others understand, and what have you enlightened?"

Truly laughable.

It's so frustrating that he's really helpless.

Can't understand.

Can't understand it either.

They didn't know what those who knew what they were talking about.

Even Jiang Ji, who had been paying attention to the Wei Mansion with his divine sense, was now confused when he heard those people's words.

Not necessarily.

These guys.

One just likes to brainstorm, and I don't know who they learned it from.

He, Jiang Da Xian, loved it.



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