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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1094 - Ao Ming (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Take a name?

That was good.

This Jinghe Dragon King is better than nothing, as he himself has given the chance to transform into a dragon.

It was rather rare.

Jiang Ji recited his gaze and took a glance at Li Lizhi, "What do you think it should be called?"

The name had not occurred to him.

It was hard to think of it all at once.

Mostly because he didn't know what to call it, and suddenly his head went blank.

It was as if he had forgotten many things.

Li Lili was also stunned when she heard Jiang Guiao's words, "Husband, how about Dragon God?"

It sounds pretty overbearing.

Before Jiang Jiang could judge whether it was good or bad, Li Chengqian shook his head and said, "No, the name Dragon God is too cheesy, it doesn't deserve it."

With a glare, Li Li Rui Zhu said, "Then what do you think it should be called, brother Gao Ming?"

Li Chengqian accosted a smile and said, "Changle, Dragon God is really not a good name, how about calling it Dragon Ao Tian?"

Li Li Qiu: "..."

She didn't know what the three words stood for, but they didn't sound particularly pleasant.

Jiang Qian puffed out a laugh when he heard Li Cheng Qian's words, if he wasn't convinced that Li Cheng Qian was a native of Tang, if he wasn't convinced that Li Er, his son, hadn't been swapped and taken away, he might have almost suspected that Li Cheng Qian was a cross-dresser.

After all, throughout the ages, there have been all kinds of crossover stories.

In the past, he didn't believe it, but now he did.

Because he, Jiang Sheng, was also a cross-dresser.

He sized up Li Cheng Qian carefully, his soul breath hadn't changed, and the Li Cheng Qian in front of him was still the same Li Cheng Qian.

It wasn't taken away from him.

Nor was it a person who had crossed over.

Unless he was even more powerful than Jiang lacked in one piece, strong enough to be able to fake his way through.

But that wasn't possible.

Before Jiang Qian had arrived in this world, the Great Tang was a mundane world that didn't even have an aura.

It was also only after gradual promotion later on.


The three words Long Ao Tian were too representative.

Jiang Ji also didn't know how Li Cheng Qian thought that the wisdom of the ancients turned out to be really not bad.

Compared to modern people, the difference might just be vision.

Or limitations.

Right now.

But Li Lili shook her head up, "Brother Gao Ming, I'm afraid that your name is not suitable for this King of the Jing River Dragon."

"How is it unsuitable?"

Li Chengqian was anxious at the news and said, "I think it's appropriate, how nice to be overbearing, proud, and iconic."

He thought the name was perfect.

It's wonderful.

It was simply a very straightforward interpretation of what it meant to be a divine dragon that overturned the clouds and proudly looked down on all living creatures in the world.

That was the ultimate way.

But those reasons of his didn't hold water with Li Li Rui Rui.

In a word, she didn't like the name.

"It seems that Li Li is still quite discerning."

Knowing that Long Ao Tian was a bad name was the right idea, unlike Li Cheng Qian that way.

Jiang Qian was very pleased.


He heard Li Cheng Qian say again, "Changle, I really think this name is quite good, how about this name?"

A dragon's pride.

A body of pride rushing to the sky.

Well, dragons.

A legendary creature, or the body of a mythical beast, shouldn't it be proud of its bones and rushing to the heavens.

And Loach has been transformed into a dragon.

He was a true dragon creature, what's wrong with having a dragon as a surname?


When she saw Li Chengqian's face, Li Li knew that she was saying no to him.

So she opened her mouth and said, "Husband, tell me, is the name Brother Gao Ming better or the name I just gave him?"

She was curious.

The heart was bursting with excitement.

I would love to hear Jiang Xiao say that the name she had chosen sounded good, adopting the one she had chosen would be good.

Li Chengqian was also not willing to be weak and said to Jiang Qian, "Country Master, I think the name Long Ao Tian is really quite good, do you want to consider it?"

Anyway, it's pretty good.

He liked it, thought it was pretty domineering, and should fit well with the true dragon that the loach had transformed into.

Jinghe Dragon King Dragon Ao Tian!


That sounds a little interesting.

Li Chengqian thought darkly.

But he didn't know that the name didn't sound good at all to Jiang Qian, and it wasn't as straightforward as Li Li's Dragon God.

But all the same.

He actually thought that the name Li Lili took was tacky.

So it couldn't be used.

"Then, I'll have to pick it myself."

Jiang Mo's face sank slightly and whirled around to say, "Lili, Cheng Qian is indeed right, that name of yours is too straightforward.

However, it won't do for Cheng Qian to take that name, Long Ao Tian is too dumbfounding.

So it can't be called that."

The two: "........"

A moment.

Both of them looked at Jiang lacking as if they were asking, "Since you don't think either of them is a good idea, tell me a good one to listen to."

It was just as well that they were looking forward to it.

Let's see what kind of catchy name you, the Incredible Immortal, can acquire.

Jiang Mo's eyes rolled, but he had a plan in mind.

He thought of many.

"Legend has it that the Four Seas Dragon Kings all have the same surname, Ao."

For a moment, Jiang Chi pondered, "Among them, that East Sea Dragon King Ao Guang is the most famous, and in the legends, the King of the Jinghe Dragon is not known of his name, only that it should also be surnamed Ao.


Pondering for a while.

Li Lizhi and Li Chengqian were almost anxious to wait.

It was only at this time that Jiang Chi slowly spoke, "It will be called Ao Ming, this seat hopes that it will be able to distinguish right from wrong, be able to discern the righteousness of the world, and know the future and the great path."

Ao Ming!

The name was very good.

At least Jiang Xiao felt that it was okay.

Seeing that Li Li and Li Cheng Qian were both silent, Jiang Jiang continued, "What do you two think of this name?"

Is it good or not?

I thought I was going to listen, but now I have to listen and make a choice.

At the same time.

They looked at each other, but they had to nod together, admitting that the name that Jiang lacked was better than the one they had chosen.

Ao Ming.

It was as if these two words had an inexplicable magical power, making them feel that it suited the King of Jinghe Dragons.

"I hope it can live up to these two names in the future."

Jiang Ji sighed, "In the future, Ao Ming will be kept in this Jing River and allowed to grow, and on the day the construction of the Heavenly Palace is completed, this seat will also pardon it as the true King of the Jing River Dragon."

Of course.

The premise was that Ao Ming should not be evil.

Otherwise, someone else would be there to take care of him.

The fate of the underworld Jiang Kou had sensed that it was an irresistible force.

A very frightening presence.

He was delighted and filled with endless anticipation.

At this time.

Li Lili said, "Husband, it was not easy to contain and raise such a divine dragon, why don't we bring it back.

We can also slowly tame it ah."

We can't just let it grow.

What if it grows crooked.

Wouldn't it be a waste of all this year's efforts.

Li Cheng Qian also had the same thought.

He said, "State Master, this divine dragon is not easy to come by, I have sacrificed a lot to contain and raise it into a true divine dragon."

The blood didn't even drip much.

He was afraid.

If Jiang Chi let him continue to cultivate ten or eight more divine dragons out, it would kill him.

That's why Li Chengqian was afraid.

There really wasn't that much blood to contain the divine dragons ah.

It would be too tragic if they bled to death.

At the moment, he wanted to take the Jinghe Dragon King Ao Ming back to Chang'an City to nurture, so he also had the idea to let Jiang Chi cut off the idea of allowing him to continue to nurture the divine dragon.

The implication of this was as if he was saying, "O Lord of State, you should not let me continue to raise dragons in the future ah."

Although raising dragons was better than raising pigs, it was all the same to him.

Both had to bleed.

No more work.

Li Chengqian's scrupulous thoughts could be seen from his expression.

Jiang Qian was smiling at this.

He couldn't help but think: "This guy seems to be really scared, isn't he just bleeding a dragon to raise a dragon."

How weak!

He scowled at Li Chengqian, but the latter saw it just in time and stubbornly explained, "State Master, I'm not really afraid, I just don't think we need to raise any more dragons, after all, isn't it enough to have one?"

A dragon is not a dragon.


Who says a dragon can't make the whole Tang world go smoothly?

Seeing the smiling eyes of Jiang Jian, Li Chengqian continued with a hard scalp, "As long as we wait for Ao Ming to grow up, I'm sure it will be able to take on the important task of traveling for the entire Tang, so we don't need more dragons."

Although this creature was a divine beast, it would be a problem if there were more of them.

It would be better to have fewer.

At least it would make many people respect it.

How nice.

After thinking about this, he thought he was right.

"Well, Cheng Qian has improved so much that he dares to talk back to me."

Jiang lack's voice came out ghostly, but it made Li Cheng Qian stare.

Something dawned on him.

For a time, his old face was so white that he was actually incomparably afraid.

He was afraid that Jiang Hou would make a mistake.

If something happened, wouldn't he be bad.

How could this be.

Never, never, never.


When did your own guts get this big.

"I actually did talk back to the State Master..."

For a moment.

Li Chengqian was wandering and frightened.

He was afraid.

What if Jiang lacked, his brother-in-law, thought that he was floating around, he didn't know if he would slap him back in the face?


You've drifted away after all.

Or got carried away.

"I don't know if the State Master is angry, but he looks like he's in a rage right now, it's really frightening."


The thought of this matter made Li Chengqian's brain hurt.

Very annoyed.

Seeing Jiang Jian's smiling appearance, which was quite sinister and cunning, Li Cheng Qian could not help but tremble after seeing it.

He apologized incessantly and said, "State Master, I... I really didn't mean that just now, I just..."

The more I tried to explain, the less I could explain.

Li Chengqian was suddenly anxious.

Maybe by the time we see it again, it will have grown to the point where it can look down on the world."

Ao Ming: "........"

It always felt like it had been sold.

It was only that its current spiritual intelligence wasn't as good as a child's, so it didn't know what Li Cheng Qian was talking about.

But it had a vague feeling that this matter was not good for it.

At this time.

But Jiang Xiao had no choice but to nod his head for a while, "That's great, I didn't think that Cheng Qian you still had a moment of great enlightenment, you're right and you're right."

He thought it was perfect.

Everything was normal.

He was filled with joy and was also happy that Li Cheng Qian's awareness was high.

Otherwise, although he was a brother-in-law, Jiang Someone said he had to go out of his way to teach his brother-in-law a lesson.

Li Chengqian's thoughts were simple, let's stabilize it first.

"I've been hearing about Gou Dao from the State Master, but now I've suddenly realized that it's called Gou Dao ah."

Li Chengqian understood.

Also comprehended.

And so.

He bowed respectfully towards Jiang Ji and said, "Thank you for the State Master's careful cultivation, I have finally come to understand your painstaking efforts."

Jiang Ji: "........"

He was secretly stupid.

What did you realize?

And when did I ever give you Li Cheng Qian any trouble?

Could it be that you've gotten the wrong idea?


Jiang Jian looked at Li Chengqian's appearance and suddenly understood, "This kid, it's not like he figured out some things and then brainstormed some things on his own, right?"

So, I'm actually a great man?

It seems pretty good to be misunderstood like this, it's so good.

It's been a long time since I've had a good time like this.


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