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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1093 - This Life (Seeking Subscription)

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One drop of blood doesn't matter.

Two drops of blood didn't matter.

Three drops and four drops didn't matter either, he, Li Cheng Qian, didn't care anyway.

As the crown prince of the Great Tang, seeing that the first divine dragon of the Tang world was about to appear, he felt that this was nothing.

There was also a certain amount of psychological preparation.


Ten drops wasn't too much.

What the hell if there wasn't enough to add on, did he have to make a hundred and ten drops if he needed hundreds of drops?

Isn't that a little too scary.

For a moment.

Li Chengqian couldn't help but look at Jiang Qian in horror, "State Master, isn't this a little too much, how about we have less?"

"There will only be more, not less."

Jiang Xiao said casually, "You are the Crown Prince of the Great Tang Dynasty, and the Great Tang Dynasty itself has the Golden Dragon of Qi, so in a way, you have the blood of the Divine Dragon in you..."

Li Chengqian: "......."

What could he say when the conversation was over.

There was nothing he could do.

Now he could only proceed according to Jiang's method.

Let's just donate blood.

At any rate, if he had an energetic golden dragon in him, he might be able to use his own blood to contain the loach, and perhaps he could actually raise a dragon.

At that time.

"I, Li Chengqian, will be the best in the world." Thinking about it made him feel excited, and in an instant, all the previous unhappiness was left behind.

This was life ah.

Although it was a little depressing, it was also challenging.

At least for Li Chengqian, this would be a great joy in the future.

Even if he bragged about it, it would be enough for him to brag for many years, and from then on in the Tang world, those brothers of his would probably never have the chance to compete with him for the throne again.

After all, he wanted to take that seat too, even if it was just to see it.

Although, now he had a better option, with the path of immortality in front of him, at his disposal to pick.

By virtue of his current status, even as Jiang Lack's brother-in-law, he could attain immortality and even possess a divine position.

Such an existence had to be good.


Li Chengqian had always felt that he didn't sit on the emperor's throne, so he was always curious and looking forward to it.

Maybe one day, he could enjoy it some more, then abdicate and go to the heavenly palace to be that god.

Maybe it would be better.

Thinking of this, Li Chengqian continued, "State Master, do you think that the divine dragon that we contain and raise like this, does it really count as a divine dragon?"

He finds it difficult anyway.

Probably not quite like it.

At least that's what he thought, and he said he doubted me.

Wouldn't it be awkward then?

Jiang Chi gently shook his head and said without a trace, "Cheng Qian, does this matter?"

"Doesn't it matter?"

Li Chengqian retorted that he felt it was still quite important.

Although Jiang Jian had explained it to him many times before, although he had said that it wasn't really important.

However, now he suddenly doubted it again, a million times more worried.

At this time.

Jiang Ji said, "On the day the Heavenly Palace is built, this seat will personally pardon it as the King of the Jinghe Dragon, so that it can keep the people of this Great Tang in peace."


Li Chengqian suddenly understood that Jiang Jian was really trying to create a divine dragon that would raise clouds and rain.

It sounded a bit mysterious, but that was the truth.

Just that, could this loach know divine magic?

It seemed that with Jiang lack's skills, he could really create a divine dragon that could divine.

At this time.

Jiang Chi seemed to see his confusion as well, and he explained, "After it absorbs your bloodline, it might have a chance to obtain the Avatar, and it's still the original Avatar."


Li Chengqian doubted this, with the loach they had contained for a year, this guy was now as long as an adult's arm.

It also looked like a divine dragon, especially after absorbing the blood from Li Cheng Qian's body, it became more and more like a divine dragon.

It was only a scaled-down version.

But with this arm-length mud loach, did it really have a chance to awaken its original divine ability?

He, Li Chengqian, hadn't awakened any supernatural powers, even after years of cultivation, he was helpless.

All kinds of supernatural spells, didn't he still have to cultivate himself.

I'm envious.

At this time, Li Chengqian was indeed envious, he felt that this ordinary loach had a chance to obtain the original Avatar.

It wasn't fair.

Why shouldn't he be able to awaken the Avatar.

Heart panic.

At this time, he heard Jiang Xiao say, "The only reason you can't awaken the Original Divine Principle is because you're different.

It's a divine dragon, so he has a real chance of awakening the Original Divine Principle, which is the legendary method of rising clouds and rain."

This was important.

If one couldn't awaken the Avatar and merely relied on autonomous cultivation, there was no telling how long one would have to wait.

And Jiang Kou had already counted on that day.

As Li Chengqian continued to drip blood and raise dragons with it, it might really be possible to raise a divine dragon according to what that brother-in-law of his had said.

At that time he, Li Cheng Qian, would have something to brag about as well.

Just this blood feeding time, it also took a full one to twenty days to finish.

Waiting until this time.

Only then did Jiang Hou said grudgingly, "It's time, it's time."


Li Chengqian was confused.

He didn't understand what Jiang lacked, what did he mean by time is up?

Could it be that....

Immediately afterwards, Li Chengqian was very surprised to see the loach, or divine dragon, next to him.

The future King of Jinghe Dragon.

A guy who would walk and breed and had a chance to become the first divine dragon of the Tang World.

Was it going to evolve successfully?

Without waiting for Li Chengqian to speculate, Jiang Xiao continued, "Not that it's going to evolve successfully, but it's going to awaken its native powers.

Now you can stop it, it's been a year of fortunate for you."


Is that all you have to say.

Li Chengqian was depressed, but let go of the divine dragon and let it fly into the air.


It then drove the True Qi in its body and quickly flew high into the air, emitting fog around its body as if it was really soaring through the clouds.

And next, that fog grew darker and darker.

And it expanded rapidly.

It was about as large as two miles in size.

For a time.

Dark clouds rose up, and in a moment, clouds and rain were imminent.

"Not bad, this native divine ability is okay, although the scope is a little smaller, it can still grow, and it's not beyond the scope of my imagination."

Jiang Guoxiang murmured, this future King of the Jinghe Dragon did not disappoint him, and with some earthly methods, he was able to create a divine dragon for real.

Very good.

This scheme was still feasible.

As for how far the Jinghe Dragon King could go and whether he would live or die in the future, it was actually only in his own hands.

Jiang Qian was a Heavenly Immortal, he was supremely strong, so naturally he had the idea of playing games on earth.

Building the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace was merely a way for him to gain merit, and was essentially for himself.

If the world thus had one more dragon that could walk the clouds and rain, this might be a good thing.

At least for Jiang Xiao, it was considered a bonus, and it would be nice if that really was the case.


But Li Chengqian stared at it and said incredulously, "The loach can really turn into a divine dragon, it has even awakened its original divine ability."

You know, it's only been a year.

An ordinary mud loach has turned into a divine dragon, and it has even managed to awaken its native divine ability.

Traveling clouds and rain, this is a true divine ability ah.


Even the knowledgeable Li Chengqian had to praise greatly and feel admiration at this moment.

This was a true divine dragon.

It was unthinkable that the loach would one day be able to transform into a dragon and awaken its native divine abilities.

If this were to take another hundred and eighty years, it might be able to cover more than half of the Great Tang.

"By then, all the people of the world will be living in peace and prosperity, and won't it lay a solid foundation for the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace."

Good thing.

It's much stronger than artificial rainfall.

Even if the Heavenly Palace appeared and a god would use his magical powers to bring down rain, but how quickly could someone's divine dragon perform his original magical powers.

So it was still powerful now.

He also looked forward to this, and even said to Jiang lacking, the State Master, "State Master, have you been looking for the Jing River because you had already counted on such a day?"


Jiang Xiao shook his head, he said, "I just remembered it on a whim after seeing the name Jinghe, cultivating a divine dragon is just the end of the game."

Li Chengqian: "........"

It's not?

He never would have thought that he would have guessed wrong.

Could it be that this time, that brother-in-law of his was really just a whim?

However, Li Chengqian felt that what he was thinking should be very logical, "Wait, it must be that he doesn't want to reveal his true intentions and feels embarrassed to be guessed by a mortal like me.

So he must have just said that on purpose, it must be the case.

The State Master is good at everything, but he's just a bit too proud, even though I'm his brother-in-law, I won't tell anyone."

What had become of it now.

He looked like he was leaving his mouth untouched and also continued, "State Master, don't worry, I'll help you keep it a secret, I have the tightest mouth."

Jiang Qian: "........"


What are you talking about?

He was so stunned that he didn't even say a word, and he looked a bit strange.

Secretly confused, "What are you trying to keep a secret?"

He said in his heart, "I don't know if your Li Cheng Qian's mouth is strict, but I'm afraid there's something fishy about the secrecy you mentioned."

At this time.

He always felt that something was wrong.

Things might not be like this ah, Li Cheng Qian's reaction was different from what he had imagined.

It was simply odd.

In the end.

Jiang Xiao also had to explain, "Cheng Qian, you don't know anything, do you?"

"Well, right."

Li Chengqian ghostly nodded his head and said, "Brother-in-law, er, no, it's Lord of the State, is there anything else you want to order?"

The look in Jiang's eyes, he looked a little scary.

So it felt quite awkward.

The mood was inevitably complicated.

At this time, Jiang Gou continued, "Since that's the case, let's prepare to go back."

"Eh?" Li Chengqian was stunned and said, "No more?

Mr. Kuo, we made this dragon, why don't we take it home and raise it?

And so that my father and the others can be happy?"

He was about to go back and brag about it.

The corner of Jiang Qian's mouth twitched at the words, "What do you mean we made it together, it was clearly you, Li Chengqian, who made it on his own."

After skimming over this topic.

Jiang Jian continued, "Although the mud loach has evolved into a divine dragon, it is still very weak, only the size of an adult's arm, which is a bit too small.

So this seat plans to keep it for a while and let it live in the Jing River.

Although this river is a little smaller, it will definitely become wider in the future as it grows."

Li Chengqian originally wanted to insist on holding on a little longer, but when he saw Jiang Jian's stern face, he had to nod his head up.

Got to.

This brother-in-law of his own would have to accept his fate in front of his brother-in-law.

This Grand Master Jiang was not something he could mess with, it was better not to disobey his wishes.


Li Cheng Qian conceded.


Li Lili kept hiding her mouth while laughing, "Husband, don't joke with Brother Gao Ming, he'll be afraid of you."

"Is that so?"

Jiang Ji was surprised as he cast his gaze towards Li Chengqian and carefully sized him up.

The latter was busy taking a few steps back, but he really had to be that afraid, this State Master was a powerful existence who had created the path of cultivation all by himself.

In fact, the heart was still quite scrupulous.

Jiang Ji suddenly said, "Alright, to scare you, the divine dragon will stay in the Jing River, it already has the mark I left on it, so you don't have to worry about it running away."

Besides, it can't run away anywhere.

It can only be kept in this Jing River first, they've been out for a year, if he hadn't sent a message to His Majesty Li Er earlier, the search for Li Cheng Qian and his men and horses would have spread all over the Tang by now.

Li Li suddenly said, "Husband, since this loach has already turned into a divine dragon, why don't you give it a name."


That's fine.

It's just, what should we call it?


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