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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1092 - One Year (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Even if Li Chengqian was reluctant, there was no half way to face Jiang Xiao now.

He was also annoyed.

But in the end, he had to resign himself to his fate, and at most, he felt misfortuned by the encounter.

But it was really a bit depressing.

Ridiculously, he had to pour the not-so-pure true qi in his body into that loach.

Although he didn't have much true qi either, it was better than fine water.

As for why Jiang Chi didn't come himself, according to him, it was a chance for Li Cheng Qian to practice.

It couldn't be taken away from someone.

That's why he told Li Cheng Qian to keep running his techniques and keep sending his true qi to the loach.

When will the loach turn into a true dragon and when will it end, only for Li Cheng Qian to be extremely puzzled, the loach is just a loach even if it evolves.

Just when I wanted to ask.

But listened to Jiang Jiang ghostly explanation: "loach was just an ordinary loach, to say there is anything special, is just smart.

Other than that there would be no other function."

Li Chengqian: "........"

Dare I be fooled?

He couldn't believe his ears, and the State Master Jiang lacked the ability to admit that the loach was ordinary.

Then the question arises.

What would it take for such a very ordinary loach to become an uncommon loach.

Of course.

It might already be now.

Because it had already opened a little bit of its spiritual intelligence, it could already begin to move the spiritual energy of the world and could already cultivate.

It just wasn't enough to cultivate on its own yet.


What puzzled Li Chengqian was that this ordinary loach it didn't know what a divine dragon looked like ah.

So, even if it wanted to evolve into a divine dragon, it just didn't know how to do it.

"So it seems that what we did was all floating clouds, all useless?"

Their faces darkened for a moment, never expecting things to be like this, they only thought that Jiang Xiao hadn't thought things through.

After all, although he, Jiang Gou, was very national and powerful, he was just an ordinary person after all.

What did he know?

It was probably impossible to understand anything.

The more he talked, the more Li Chengqian felt terrible about this matter, as if there was endless anger burning in his heart.

Feeling that Jiang Xiao had deceived him.

How could he know.

Jiang Chi only explained indifferently, "There is no harm, when opening the spiritual wits for this loach, this seat has already typed the appearance of the divine dragon into its mind.

As long as it continues to cultivate, it will unceasingly push the True Qi in its body to evolve in this direction."


Hearing this explanation, Li Chengqian became embarrassed.

He stared at him, "State Master, this matter you... you have already made arrangements?"


It was incredible.

Got to.

Consider himself to have said it in vain.

After Li Cheng Qian's old face blushed, he also quickly recovered, at least he was also the Crown Prince of the Great Tang, his face was still gradually exercised.

"That's right."

This kind of certainty wasn't bragging.


For his part, Li Chengqian continued, "Brother-in-law, no, Master of the State, then according to you, how long would it take for this ordinary to extremely mudfish to evolve into the appearance of a divine dragon?"

He was worried.

What if it wasn't like what Jiang Xiao said.

After all, he, Li Chengqian, was the Crown Prince of the Great Tang, and he couldn't stay next to the Jing River for ten or eight years ah.

Thinking about it made his brain hurt.

It was very depressing.

In a word, he didn't want to stay here anymore.

The bit of not-so-pure True Qi inside his body was passing away, and since it was already small in quantity, it was quickly shrinking down.

If he could look within, Li Chengqian would have been able to see that there was very little true qi left in his body.

Even though he was operating his power.

There seemed to be a feeling of not being able to get enough in and out.

Especially with the passage of time, that ordinary loach was no longer ordinary, it had begun to instinctively cultivate its gong method.

This included devouring the true qi that Li Chengqian transported in.

For this loach, Li Chengqian's true qi was already considered a good energy.

It was at least better than aura.

Although it all had to be refined, it was much tamer overall, and it could even help it wash its meridians and marrow.

This was a good thing.

So the loach naturally grabbed the opportunity and didn't let go, and even though it had only just born a bit of spiritual intelligence, its instinctive devouring also made Li Chengqian laugh and cry.


It was too late for him to let go.

After the passage of time, the loach's devouring power also became greater and greater, although these days he was also containing the loach as he was operating his technique and absorbing the spiritual energy of the world to refine it into true qi.

It was just that this in and out was a bit unequal.

It also caused the energy in Li Chengqian's body to be unbalanced now, and the original balance had been broken with the passage of time.

He was also worried in his heart.

And so.

After a month, Li Chengqian was busy saying to Jiang Qian, "State Master, I feel that the true qi in my body can't make ends meet, what can I do about this?"

He was in a bit of a panic.

In case he couldn't lose his hand, wouldn't he be the first immortal ever to have his true essence sucked out of him.

Or a crown prince.

"No harm."

Jiang Chi said lightly, as if everything was within his old man's grasp.

But Li Chengqian was ten thousand times bitter when he stopped at these two words, secretly saying, "I wonder why these two words sound so familiar, but it turns out that the State Master had already said it."

He was anxious and angry.

Not that he felt that Jiang Jiang wanted to play dead.

Rather, it was the feeling that Jiang Xiao most likely thought he was joking, so he left him alone.

"Once that happens, it's very likely that I'll be sucked to death by this stinky loach ah."

Li Chengqian was confused and secretly said, "Once the true qi in my body is absorbed clean, then the qi and blood in my body will probably be sucked away by it as well.

I don't know if I'll be able to raise a true dragon then, but I definitely won't be able to see it."

Good grief.

To think that he, Li Chengqian, was wise enough to have the opportunity to become an immortal and a god, but he was just like water flowing before his eyes.

How helpless.

Just as he was staring grudgingly at Jiang Chi, he heard Jiang Chi calmly say, "Ah Cheng Qian, you have to believe that I have no ill will towards you.

This time let you use your true qi to contain the loach while circulating your technique to cultivate, can't you feel the increase in your body's true qi?

In addition, I've also told you that this is a rare opportunity, and if you succeed in containing a divine dragon, it will be beneficial to you both now and in the future.

As for the problem of not being able to make ends meet, as long as you can solve it soon after your breakthrough?"

Li Chengqian: "......."

At the news, however, he stared up.

Immediately muttering to himself, he said, "If this matter really works, then maybe we don't need to be sucked to death, just how easy is it to break through?"

Honestly speaking, Li Chengqian who had experienced cultivation felt that it was not easy to make a breakthrough, and the slightest misstep could lead to great danger arising.

They wouldn't even have a chance to cry if they wanted to then.

Looking at Jiang lacking, he weakly asked, "Country Master, am I... am I really okay?"

Jiang Jiang nodded and said, "Remove the word morph, you can, besides you are still my brother-in-law, can I lie to you about such things."

Naturally, it couldn't.

Li Chengqian was moved by these words.

Jiang Qian still agrees with himself, it really is his own brother-in-law ah.

The heart was still towards himself.

That's good.

He was looking forward to it and was also filled with joy, "Since you, the State Master, have said that I can break through, then I will definitely be able to break through."

Very convinced of this.

He didn't have confidence before, but now he suddenly had it and was bursting with confidence.

That's great.

So, Li Chengqian began to carefully control the true qi in his body and began to run the techniques in his body quickly.

The divine power and magic methods flowed in the body as fast as if you were on a rocket, it was truly enviable.

Li Chengqian was delighted.

"Brother-in-law really didn't lie to me, I've felt the opportunity to break through to the middle stage of the Houtian Realm."

To this.

Li Chengqian was very happy.

Although Jiang Chi was the Great Tang's State Master, he was also his Li Cheng Qian's brother-in-law.

It was good to have such a brother-in-law.

He was extremely happy.

Immediately afterwards, he went on to say gratefully, "If I can break through to the middle stage of the Houtian Realm, the true qi in my body will be doubled several times, so that it will be enough to continue containing the loach."


A month had passed.

The Mud Loach had formed its unique True Qi within its body, it had given birth to spiritual intelligence, and it knew some simple communication.

Followed by.

In the next few months, the loach's appearance began to change drastically.

Perhaps it was because Jiang Hou had already imprinted the image of the divine dragon in the loach's brain, or perhaps because of other evolutionary reasons, in short, the loach now had more and more of the appearance of a divine dragon.

It was only a replica.

Or rather, it was a reduced version that looked pocket-sized.

If it continued to be allowed to cultivate for a hundred and eighty years, it might really be possible to make it become a real divine dragon.

Just have its form.


Time slowly passed for more than ten months.

During that time, Li Chengqian didn't eat anything, and all he swallowed was a thing called the Grain-Shedding Pill that was refined by Jiang Hou.

I heard that if you eat it, you won't be hungry.

So Li Chengqian ate it.

Also from the first day he ate until now, it lasted for more than ten months, such a long time is really depressing.

But he still persevered.

Seeing a small loach successfully turn into a shrinking version of a divine dragon, Li Cheng Qian was still very happy in his heart.

He secretly said, "This time, not only did I contain a divine dragon, I've also raised my cultivation to the late Houtian Realm in this short ten months, it's really good."

If he was just cultivating bitterly on his own, there was no telling how long it would take him to cultivate something.

Now this method was good.

Although the late Houtian Realm cultivation wasn't that important, it was ten thousand times more important to him.

It meant that he, Li Chengqian, was further and further down the road of cultivation, and it meant that he had infinite possibilities in the future.

This was the good thing.

That's why he was excited and looking forward to it.

The future was promising, and the anger that had arisen from containing the loach before was dissipated at the moment of his breakthrough.

There was no longer any part of it.

This day.

Li Chengqian was called out by Jiang Di, "Ah Chengqian, now the loach has the appearance of a divine dragon, it is evolving, and you have also broken through to the late Houtian realm, one step short of the Houtian great completion, what do you want to say?"


Li Chengqian shook his head and said, "That's what it means to work hard and get something, I guess?"

He felt it anyway.

Jiang lacked: "........"

He wanted Li Cheng Qian to thank him, but now don't say thank you, Li Cheng Qian didn't even catch the point he was hinting at.

This was getting a bit awkward.


Jiang lacked a face and said: "Okay, seeing as there is still a month or so left to turn a year old, the loach is almost ready to transform into a dragon, so next you'll drop some blood to contain and nourish it."

Li Chengqian had been mentally prepared for this.

He could not help but ask: "State Master, I wonder how much blood drops will be enough, what do you think?"


While Jiang Qian's appearance moved at the words, his eyes narrowed, "In that case, let's start with ten drops, and then add more if it's not enough to follow."


Li Chengqian was terrified, but he was also angry.

Looking startled.

Truly a little scared up, secretly saying, "Will it be alright if it drips so much blood?"

This brother-in-law, he's not setting me up on purpose, is he?


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