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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1091 - Dragon King (Seeking Subscription)

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Who says that a divine dragon has to have a divine dragon bloodline?

He had fallen into a misunderstanding himself.

As long as there was an outer shape like a dragon that had a body of cultivation and the prowess that a divine dragon possessed.

Wouldn't that be a dragon?

Is there a problem with the blood flowing within it, called the blood of the divine dragon?

Nothing wrong with that.

If they say it's a dragon, it's a dragon. If they say it's not a dragon, it's really not a dragon.


No one dared to object yet.

After all, who says that a loach in that form and cultivation is not a dragon?

No one stipulated.

It was precisely because of this that Jiang lacked the ability to scold Li Chengqian.

It was really brainless.

At that time, Mudblood was also a true dragon, so mind his words and words of other things.

It was all useless.

Li Cheng Qian suddenly understood, he said, "Brother-in-law, no, it's State Master, I understand."


Hearing the word brother-in-law, the corner of Jiang's mouth instinctively twitched as he asked, "What do you understand?"

Li Chengqian replied, "There is actually a deep meaning in what you are doing, State Master, you want more people to know about the existence of dragons.

Thus letting everyone in the world know, right?"


Did I want that?

Right to think so, there was no use in explaining anyway.

Simply he didn't explain it either.

Just nodded a little, indicating that he approved of Li Chengqian's statement.

As soon as Li Cheng Qian saw Jiang Fou nodded, he was indeed overjoyed, "I told you, things are definitely like this, there's no mistake at all."

He had finally guessed right for once.

Naturally, he was greatly delighted.

In this way, Jiang Xiao's purpose for coming to Jinghe was self-evident.

Naturally, he could see and hear clearly and plainly that Jiang Ji had given the loach creation, that is, to turn it into a dragon.

If it is not a dragon, it has to be a dragon.

If it was used for propaganda purposes, everyone in the world would be afraid to know that Jiang Chi, the great state master, had appeared.

He had been extraordinary.

Possessing the power of creation, a powerful force that was terrifying and tyrannical.

It was also when he really opened his eyes.

Li Chengqian said again in succession, "State Master, according to what you've seen, I wonder how much time it will take for this loach to transform into a true dragon?"

Can't keep waiting.

After all, waiting wouldn't yield any results, and waiting wouldn't do any good, although he could see the formation of the dragon with his own eyes, he actually felt that there was no point in understanding what Jiang lacked.

Although the dragon was real, it was fake in his eyes.

So he felt it was fine not to see it.

It was just a loach, not enough to worry about, and not enough for him to see.

Jiang Mo's faint appearance was like a tidal wave swirling like a monstrous wave, and the Immortal Yuan mana in his hand was once again poured into the loach's body.

After opening up the meridians in the mud loach's body, and after he had taught a demon monastic law, only then did he say to Li Cheng Qian, "Ah Cheng Qian, are you trying to leave?"


Li Chengqian hurriedly shook his head, "No matter, you're overthinking it, Kokushi, how could I want to leave, it's nothing to do anyway."

"Is that so?"

Jiang Jiang said, "Don't you dare lie, or else this seat will let you watch over this loach's evolution."

Fate he did give, but whether or not he could accomplish anything was another matter.

For example, transforming into dragon form.

Li Chengqian: "........"

He was indeed frightened by what Jiang Guiao said, and hurriedly said, "No, I'll just watch from here, thinking that there should be some mysteries about the loach turning into a dragon."

There might still be something to comprehend.

Li Chengqian wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead and spoke weakly, afraid that Jiang lacked the opportunity to catch him.

He felt that this was really good now, at least he could witness a miracle.

It wasn't much use though.

But this kind of thing was better than nothing, it was more comfortable than Jiang lacking forcing him to guard the loach.

As for the rest, he didn't think too much about it.

"Well, it's good that you're thinking like this, I'm glad."

Jiang Qiao said, "Then you're next, I'll be in charge, and you'll personally transform a divine dragon.

It might take a bit longer, but it's definitely feasible and will give you a huge harvest.

I'll leave the rest to you."


Li Chengqian was a bit panicked and said incessantly, "State Master, I... I can't do it ah."

He hadn't even experienced this kind of thing, so how could he do well, so he was scared.

He panicked somehow in his heart, and should have known he wouldn't have said those words more.

Now that he was so embarrassed and depressed, he couldn't help but say, "State Master, why don't you change someone else, or let Changle come?"


Jiang Xiao shook his head, "You're the only one who can do this, Lili her True Qi isn't enough to raise a Dragon King."

"A dragon king?"

Li Chengqian stared, "State Master, my cultivation is even weaker than Changle's, where am I good at?"

He was thinking he couldn't.

Not even halfway.

What a joke, his own cultivation was even weaker than his sister, Li Lili, so to let himself on was a death wish.

"Don't worry, it's fine with me watching." Jiang Xiao said again, "If you're about to die, I'll definitely do something, at least we're considered relatives."

That's a good reason.

Jiang Ji was looking forward to it, and then, in a ghostly manner, he said, "Cheng Qian ah, this is also an experience for you, you should take advantage of it."


If he could, Li Cheng Qian felt that he would rather not have this opportunity to train.

Because he knew that if Jiang Mo let him take over, there would be no good news.

So he wanted to refuse.

However, after seeing the serious look on Jiang Lack's face, Li Cheng Qian knew that his refusal would probably not have much effect.

This was so much more than awkward.

Jiang Xiao spread his hands and didn't say anything, just quietly looking at Li Cheng Qian, and even pointed at the loach beside him from time to time.

The meaning of which was already self-evident.

Li Chengqian naturally understood it.

But he felt that his cultivation wasn't high and his True Qi wasn't much, so I'm afraid that it was a bit insufficient to use to brew a divine dragon.

As for what Jiang Jian said about making a timely move, Li Cheng Qian this was a bit unsure, if Jiang Jian dropped the chain at that crucial juncture, wouldn't he suffer.

No way.

Still can't do that.

You can't drop your guard because of something.

Although it was dread and fear, Li Chengqian wasn't willing to admit it.


Jiang Jian continued to look at him and said with a calm face, "If you want to become a superior human being, how can you not experience more."

Upon hearing these words, Li Chengqian was a bit hesitant.

It was because he felt that Jiang Xiao seemed to be quite right.

"So, do I really want to contain this loach and raise it into a divine dragon?"

Looking at the two-finger long loach in front of him, honestly, Li Cheng Qian actually felt a bit bottomless.

Even though Jiang Jian had explained it clearly to him before, he still felt that the loach in front of him was really just a loach.

"State Master, if you want this loach to turn into a real divine dragon like that, I'm afraid it would only take countless years to build up, right?"

Li Chengqian frowned at the question, he wanted to use this to dispel the idea that Jiang lacked the desire to cultivate a divine dragon.

After all, it was too long, and they couldn't wait that long.

Would it take years, or decades, or even hundreds of years?

They did not know.

Who knew, Jiang Chi faintly said, "Don't worry, it won't take that long, at most one year will suffice."

This was the method of boosting the growth of a fledgling.

Naturally, it was different from normal evolution.

"If we were to wait for it to evolve slowly, we don't know how long we would have to wait."

Jiang Jiang said, "So naturally, we can't proceed like this, right now, I've already gathered a lot of spiritual energy in this world, enough for this loach to evolve.


When he said that, Jiang Gou paused for a moment.

"But what?"

Li Chengqian pursued, "Other than that, does the State Master have any other solutions?"

There is naturally a way.

Jiang Chi smiled, "Cheng Qian, you are the crown prince of the Great Tang, the future emperor, you have the blood of the True Dragon Heavenly Son flowing through your body, and a part of the Great Tang's luck is in you.

Therefore, when the loach evolves into dragon form, you will drop a drop of blood on it, keeping it very useful.

This will also minimize the time it takes for the loach to transform into a dragon, do you understand?"

"I don't understand."

Li Chengqian quickly shook his head and said, "Why don't you let your sister Changle drip blood, she's also a member of the royal family."

"She's a woman."

Jiang Jian said, "You're but Lili's big brother, isn't it more important for you to do such things as a big brother?"

Li Chengqian: "......."

What did such a thing as bloodletting have to do with whether or not it was a big brother.

He was tearless with desire, only feeling as if he had been eaten to death by Jiang Chi and had no power to resist at all.

"Then is your blood okay for the State Master?"

You Jiang lack is a fairy-like existence, so I guess your blood is good.

He looked forward to coming.

It might be able to open up Jiang Liao's alternate thoughts, wouldn't that be better.

Who would have thought, Jiang Chi shook his head and said, "No, my blood isn't the blood of the True Dragon Heavenly Son, it won't work.

You're the only one who can do this matter, otherwise, you'll have to go and call your father."

C'mon, better not.

The words had come to this point, where would he dare to refuse.

And couldn't refuse either, much less allow him to refuse anything.

And so.

Li Chengqian couldn't live without saying, "State Master, then you have to watch and take it easy, too, don't go away, or I'll be miserable."

He knew that he probably wouldn't be able to sustain that bit of True Qi for long, and he would have to rely on Jiang Liao for everything.

Bitter too.

At this time, Li Chengqian felt that he might have been born with the fate of toil.

It would be good if such a good thing was given to third and fourth brother, it might be very effective.

After all, Li Chengqian knew that his younger brothers were very important to the throne and wanted a share of it.

If they succeeded in containing the divine dragon, it might be a big boost to his Li Cheng Qian's prestige, but this was only to the extent that he could raise it.

If he couldn't raise it, everything wouldn't be in vain ah.

Still bitter.


The premise was that he was still alive, and if he had the misfortune to die in the process of containing the divine dragon, I'm afraid that the unstoppable father wouldn't help him take revenge.

At that time, who would he find to cry to.

"Don't worry."

Jiang Jiang waved his hand and said, "Don't worry about my work."

It was just that he didn't rest assured that he binged.

Li Chengqian was tempted to say, "O State Master, my good brother-in-law, don't trap me anymore, I can't afford to be trapped either."

That was true.

It was true that he was very ordinary indeed.

The loach was struggling as if it didn't want to accept Li Chengqian's containment, probably because it felt that Li Chengqian's true essence was too bad.

Jiang Xiao did not replace Li Cheng Qian, he continued, "The aura here is already very thick, next you just need to keep nourishing it with your own true qi."

It wasn't difficult.

But there's a fear that it's too much.

He asked, "Country Master, I don't know how much longer it needs to last."

The main reason was that Li Chengqian was afraid that he wouldn't be able to support it, and if it took too long, he would have to die of exhaustion.

In that way, he would be the first immortal cultivator in the world to be exhausted.

Presumably, he would become famous.

Jiang Ji said without minding, "No harm, it's only a few months, it will take at most a year to succeed."


At this moment, Li Cheng Qian really had the idea of leaving it alone, this was a bit too pitiful.

It made him so angry and depressed that his stomach was bursting with anger.

Support for a year?

But he doesn't think he can even sustain it for a month.

What to do?

Wait online, the kind that can be rushed or urgent.

"You kid just sneak around, those brothers of yours won't have the chance to experience such an experience."

Li Chengqian: "........"

But he'd actually rather not have that experience.

Would it be okay if someone wanted to take over and he wanted to transfer out?

This Dragon King he Li Chengqian does not want to cultivate anymore.


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