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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1090 - Creation (Seeking Subscription)

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It's a real pie in the sky that a loon can also get a piece of creation.

For a moment.

Li Chengqian fell a little envious, thinking, "This loach was just an ordinary loach, but now it has become different, it's about to be born with spiritual wisdom and self-cultivation."

He even murmured, "I really envy it, it was just an ordinary loach, but after the transformation of the State Master, I don't know what it will become."

It would be nice if he also had such a chance.

Unfortunately, this possibility probably wouldn't come true, and there was a high probability that they would also gain powerful skills.

Unlike them, they needed to slowly cultivate and keep cultivating, which was the only way to have powerful cultivation and all sorts of supernatural means.

Which was like this loach, who had gained benefits for no reason at all.

How not to be envious.

Now he was so envious that he was looking forward to it, if the State Master saw that he was his big brother, he might forcefully raise his cultivation as well?

After all, they were at least relatives.

It was just that Li Cheng Qian was destined to be disappointed, other than Li Er, no one else would get his help at all.

You know, if he made this start, wouldn't everyone in the royal family want him to be promoted.

After all, they were all relatives.

However, not even Li Liji was given this opportunity, let alone anyone else.

That was even less of a chance.

Jiang Qian's heart was inexplicably up, even a bit strange, "Cheng Qian ah, what are you thinking about?"

He frowned, but he didn't look calm.


Li Chengqian was stunned and said, "I... I didn't think of anything, you're overthinking it, Country Master."


But Jiang Qiao was confused, "But why do I get the feeling that you're actually a little envious."

"No, I'm just rather curious."

Li Chengqian continued, "That's right, I'm just curious, I don't really have any other thoughts."

"That's good."

Jiang Qiao Dao: "If you are envious of it, but you don't know that it actually envies you as well."

Li Chengqian: "........"

He didn't speak.

Nor did he dare to talk about anything else, fearing that Jiang lacked more suspicions.

That would be bad.

Jiang Jiang continued to transform the loach with Immortal Yuan Mana, a strand of Immortal Yuan Mana merged into it, and the True Qi swept open.

The dao was as divinely powerful as it was divinely assisted, and a strange light appeared.

It looked a bit special.

In his eyes, a loach could be a loach, or not.

He could be something else, could evolve, and could even transform into a dragon.

That was not too bad.

He was looking forward to it, could this loach take this opportunity to turn into a divine dragon, was it possible to become a dragon king or not?

Still to be discovered.

If you were lucky, you might have a chance to become a divine dragon and become a true dragon existence.

If you are unlucky, you probably won't have the chance to turn into a dragon again.

Jiang Guiao mumbled his words, his eyes as radiant as they were, but he was very appalled.


Under the astonished gazes of Li Chengqian and Li Li Lirian, he quickly detained the surrounding heaven and earth spirit again, and integrated it into this loach's body.

And at this moment.

This mud loach had already started to produce spiritual intelligence, which was also considered to be opened by Jiang Xiao, which was greatly beneficial to it.

From then on, its cultivation was unhindered, and its true qi was gradually born.

The speed was actually so fast.

Since it had been chosen by Jiang Di, it was its chance.

A creation, a merit, and a chance to completely change one's fate.

From then on.

The loach was no longer just a loach.

It would most likely transform into a true dragon existence because of Jiang lack.

In that case, its fate could be completely changed, it's crazy to think about it.

It sounded complicated, but as long as this loach had good luck, it could become a dragon.

Of course.

After all, there was definitely no escaping the fate that Jiang Xiao had arranged for it, and perhaps someone would witness it in a dream and have to behead it to sacrifice the Dao.

That was also very possible.

Jiang Hou was looking forward to this with great anticipation, and even Li Lizhi was now saying expectantly, "Husband, what kind of existence are you trying to make this loach into?"

This was something that Jiang did not tell them.

Not a word had been spoken in the slightest.


Jiang Mo said indifferently, "Do you guys know what a dragon is?

It's the kind that you mum would imagine can walk on clouds and rain, or even turn over rivers and seas, and have all kinds of incredible powers."

That is the dragon.

True dragons soaring clouds and mist could ensure that the surrounding people could have a smooth wind and rain, which was extremely important.

According to Jiang Kou's idea, in order to spawn this loach in his hand into a dragon, it wouldn't necessarily be necessary for someone to kill it.

"If it can really make the surrounding people's wind and rain smooth, and if it can really walk the clouds and rain, it wouldn't be a bad idea to give him a name in the future."

That's fine.

It didn't matter to Jiang Xiao.

It was fine not to arrange its fate, everything was just a matter of choice, and if the loach turned into a dragon, it could still be let off the hook.

It wasn't impossible.

Jiang Mo felt that he was very wise.

At least there was a chance of survival, at least there was a chance of survival.

He hadn't driven it to extinction either.


After hearing Jiang Di's words, Li Chengqian and Li Li Lizhi were both stunned and secretly said, "Aren't dragons legendary creatures, do such creatures really exist in the world?"

Not that it was impossible.

The main thing was that both Li Chengqian and Li Li Lirui's hearts were a little hard to believe, was this two-finger long loach really as good as Jiang lack said it was?

Rather surprisingly.

Their hearts were inexplicably curious, this rather clever looking loach, could it really be a divine dragon?

It was a dragon.

The legendary existence sounded a bit unbelievable, as if it was abnormal.

Especially for Li Chengqian.

It wasn't that he had to doubt it, but the matter really didn't work, and he didn't think to understand the way it came about.

That's why he was secretly stunned, "If a dragon could really be born, I'm afraid it would only be the most miraculous thing under the heavens."

Now that they had the chance to witness this miraculous scene with their own eyes, they were fresh and excited.

Still, they were happy.

Of course.

Jiang Mo's heart was actually a bit bottomless as to whether or not this loach would turn into a divine dragon.

It was also naturally unclear if this method would work, he was actually rather afraid, wouldn't it be embarrassing if it failed.

At that time he would be left with no tears to cry.

What a depressing thing to do.

After thinking of this.

Jiang Chi continued, "That's right, it's a dragon, legend has it that a dragon is a auspicious beast, since this world doesn't have one, so I can only artificially create it."

Giving it creation, as well as allowing the dragon to flourish in the Great Tang World.

"State Master, I'm afraid that this method is... I'm afraid that it will be difficult to succeed, after all, it's a jumping loach."

Li Chengqian said cryptically, "A mud loach is a mud loach after all, even if you can give it supreme creation, you can grant it the supreme great method, so that it has spiritual wisdom and knows how to cultivate.

However, it doesn't have the bloodline of a divine dragon in its bloodline, it's just a loach itself, so how can it turn into a dragon?"

He was puzzled.

Are dragons that easy to become?

They say that carp can transform into dragons, especially the kind that leap over the Dragon Gate, but in reality that's because the Dragon Gate can stimulate the bloodline of the Divine Dragon within the carp.

What if there was no bloodline at all.

What could it stimulate with?

He couldn't understand it.

So he tried to persuade Jiang to give up.

It was not going to work.

Who knew.

Jiang Chi shook his head slightly and asked, "How do you know that this loach doesn't have a divine dragon bloodline in its body?"

Li Chengqian: "......."


He got a little embarrassed and said, not embarrassed, "Master of the country, I was guessing, after all, in my opinion it's just an ordinary wild loach ah.

Did you guess wrongly, isn't that so?"


Jiang Ji looked deeply at Li Cheng Qian and said, "Don't talk nonsense without a basis, but you're really right, this loach it's just an ordinary loach."


Li Cheng Qian was dumbfounded as soon as he heard Jiang Lack's words.

Completely confused, he didn't know what to say.

Now his entire complexion was pale, afraid that Jiang Kou would say that he was ignorant.

After all, that speech just now was indeed a bit offensive.

Most importantly, he felt that Jiang Qiao was right.

Although he had seen the loach with his own eyes, fished up by Jiang Jiang from the Jing River, he had no evidence to prove that the damn loach didn't have the bloodline of a divine dragon?

He's not sure.


"What did you just say, Master of the Nation?"

Li Chengqian suddenly came back to his senses, and could not help but ask Jiang Xiao, "I didn't hear you clearly, can you repeat it to me again?"

He seemed to remember that Jiang Xiao said something shocking, but at the moment he wasn't sure that what Jiang Xiao said was true.

He was also scrupulous.

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "This seat said that this loach was actually originally just an ordinary loach, and it doesn't have the bloodline of a divine dragon in it, just as you thought."

Li Chengqian: "........"

Dare I say that I'm being played?

He cryptically glared at Jiang Chi, "State Master, you don't have to fool me, we're relatives..."

It was indeed a relative.

It was reasonable to say that Jiang Xiao was still his brother-in-law.

But now Li Chengqian felt that this brother-in-law was a bit unkind, but on the contrary, he was a bit abdominal.

Calling him laughing and crying.

There wasn't even a place to cry, and he looked depressed.

Jiang Jiang continued, "Although a mud loach is just an ordinary loach, who told you that a mud loach turning into a dragon has to have the bloodline of a divine dragon?"

Li Chengqian stared at it, and couldn't help but say, "Isn't it... isn't it like this?"

That's what the play says.

Could it be that you've been tricked?

What's going on here, a loach without the bloodline of a divine dragon can become a dragon?

I'm afraid it's not bullying myself for being poorly read.

No matter what, Li Cheng Qian's heart was always bottomless.

He said weakly, "State Master, what do you mean by that?"

Li Chengqian felt that he was a little unintelligible, was confused, and even his entire body was dumbfounded.

In his heart, he inevitably twitched his mouth in depression, he was a bit unable to understand the meaning of Jiang Xiao's words.

It was too profound and too mysterious.

It sounded like a lot of work.

Anyway, at the moment, he sounded numb for a moment, and for a moment he felt that this brother-in-law Jiang lacked was not even the brother-in-law he was actually familiar with.

He was confused.

Very puzzled.

Jiang Yao didn't wait for him to think for too long before continuing, "It doesn't matter, it's normal that you can't understand it, it's only a problem if you do understand it all at once."


Li Chengqian felt that he was probably so used to being struck that he was calm after hearing Jiang lacked words.

There was nothing else but tears and laughter.

What do you mean it was normal to be unable to understand, was it not normal to be able to understand?

As he was about to ask, Jiang Ji immediately explained, "The reason why a divine dragon is a divine dragon is just because he possesses that form, as well as a terrifying cultivation, other than that, he doesn't have anything, when really nothing.

That's why this seat is using mud loach to recreate the dragon's body.

As long as the form is similar, as long as it has a cultivation, it can also turn rivers and seas, can raise clouds and rain, is not that a dragon?

And in the end, the dragon is just a name, just a code name.

O Seung-cheon, do you ever understand this?"

His bitter persuasion must have had a bit of an effect on Li Chengqian, I suppose.

Not to be outdone, he continued to murmur, "Also, don't be surprised, what's so surprising about that, because the future might be enough to shock you to death."

Li Chengqian: "........"

He nodded hurriedly and said, "What the State Master said is extremely true, I have taken down everything you said, I wonder what's next..."

Now that you, Jiang Hou, have given the creation, can the loach evolve into a true dragon?

If it really became a creature in dragon form, in terms of appearance, it would be a dragon.

Coupled with an all-seeing cultivation, wouldn't it be a true divine dragon?



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