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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1089 - Mud Loach (Seeking Subscription)

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Whether or not the loach could eventually transform into a true dragon Jiang Xiao naturally didn't know, the only thing he knew was that the loach resembled a true dragon.

At least in shaky condition, the loach was a reduced version of the true dragon.

There was no doubt about that.

Jiang had already confirmed this, he casually raised his hand, and a loach appeared in front of him.

At a casual glance, this loach was actually no different from a dragon, and it was quite elven.

It was quite interesting.

With a sweep of his gaze, Jiang Ji continued, "Cheng Qian, you and Lili watch from the side, it might help you a bit in your future cultivation."

The two of them: "........"

Both Li Chengqian and Li Li Zhizhi became a little puzzled, thinking, "Can watching you catch loaches also help in cultivation?"

This was something new.

Although Li Chengqian's heart was sputtering like this, he didn't dare to say it.

He was thinking, "Maybe for others catching loaches is catching loaches, but not necessarily for Jiang lacking."

It could very well be different.

It's also possible that it could be significant.

Of course.

What exactly was it that Li Chengqian didn't understand and was befuddled as well.

Li Li Rui Rui had a sneaking suspicion as to what Jiang Liao was going to do, but she didn't say anything more.

Thinking that this matter might be significant, the dragon that Jiang lacked in his heart might be coming out.

After all, real dragons didn't exist before, but now they did.

Perhaps this was her chance to witness the birth of a true dragon with her own eyes.

Li Li looked at Jiang Liao with a face of adoration and a gentle look in her eyes, this was her own man.

He was a supreme existence, even that unparalleled father of his own family was respectful when he saw him.

As a traditional woman, she was devoted to Jiang lack and firmly supported the kind.

Although Li Chengqian wasn't too impressed with Jiang Lack's catching loaches, at the moment, looking at the serious-looking Jiang Lack, he still nodded his head squarely, "Yes, I will definitely study hard."

Jiang Chi continued, "Cheng Qian, let me ask you moreover, what is this loach in your opinion?"


Li Chengqian couldn't help but stare at it, thinking, "Isn't a loach just a loach, can't it still see any flowers?"

Suddenly he said, "Master of the country, is there anything else fresh about the loach you speak of?"

He doesn't look special.

He's ordinary.

It's just a two-fingered loach. It's a bit of an elf.

However, all loaches are like that, as long as they are alive, they can be elves.

Other than that, there's nothing special about it.


Li Chengqian even took a closer look. The Jing River was still the same Jing River, and the loach was still the same loach.

Still ordinary, still an ordinary mud loach, wrapped up in the mana of Jiang Qian and struggling non-stop.

But it wasn't able to escape its destiny, it was still controlled by the Jiang Chi and couldn't feel any discomfort.

This was tragic.

Li Chengqian looked at it carefully, but in the end, he couldn't see anything, he was inexplicable.

A burst of amazement.

Suddenly he felt that Jiang Xiao's meaning was different again, and his purpose for asking such a question was just not that simple.

Then, what was he thinking at the moment.

Li Chengqian's heart suddenly thought of this question, and he was suddenly strange, secretly saying, "How many meanings does it mean for the State Master to ask like this."

He was unable to understand it.

It was a bit awkward and strange, and he really didn't understand the dao of it.

How many meanings were it.

Jiang Gou gazed and continued, "Lili, what do you think, do you also think that the loach is just a loach?"

Li Lizhi frowned her eyebrows, and could not help but say, "Husband, at the moment the loach is a loach, but after having you, the loach is not necessarily a loach anymore."

She was icy smart and understood the important role that Jiang Guiao played in this, whether the loach was still a loach or whether it was going to turn into something else, it was all a matter of Jiang Guiao's words.

If he didn't make any moves, the loach would be just a loach after all.

If Jiang Liao made a move, the loach wouldn't be a loach anymore, and as for what kind of existence it was going to turn into, that was unknown.

Li Lili's reply was still considered to be in Jiang Liao's expectation, and he looked calm and calm.

In her mind, she was even imagining that if it was possible, was that the same as saying that Jiang Xiao was indeed going to do something next.

She suddenly remembered what Jiang Lack had just said, that he had asked Li Cheng Qian and her to watch well, and perhaps there would be a chance to gain even more benefits.

After thinking of these circumstances, Li Li said again, "Husband, are you trying to reform this loach?"

She was vaguely thinking of something.

In her heart, she couldn't help but look forward to it, "It might be really good if we really want to transform this loach, I just don't know what kind of loach can be transformed into."

She was also curious.

I thought to myself, "If that's the case, the loon might not really continue to be a loon anymore."


Is it going to be different?

At this moment.

Jiang Gou said again, "Since you all think that the loach is just a loach, then continue to take a look next."

As the words fell, the light in his hand swept out in a moment.

It rolled without stopping.

It was as if it carried an infinite amount of light, it was really staggering.

Immediately afterwards.

They saw the light in Jiang Qian's body emerge again, rolling like a dynasty, but it was terrifying.

That was his Immortal Yuan Mana, and now they were all surging out one by one, calling out in astonishment.

This kind of skill could not be compared to ordinary people.

When the Immortal Yuan mana in his body entered the loach's body, the incessant heaven and earth aura swept up around him.

It was truly terrifying.

The loach was also very honest at once, while more and more spiritual energy entered its body and was urged by Jiang Mo to give it rapid refinement.

It gradually transformed the loach.

Li Chengqian and Li Li Lirian both stared with wide eyes, full of disbelief.

They had never thought that Jiang Chi had such a skill, that he could pour his own mana into the loach's body as well.

What kind of skill was this, definitely not something ordinary people could do ah.

It was truly terrifying.


Whether it was Li Cheng Qian or Li Li Li Rui Zhu, they both sucked in a breath of cold air at the moment, and were horrified.

It turned out that it really could be transformed.

After this time, the mud loach might no longer be a mud loach.

It's probably also become a little different, the situation is also a little different, the mud loach may have to become something else.

I just didn't know what it was going to turn into eventually, was it a loach or something else, or maybe a legendary dragon?

Both of them had already thought of dragons, but it was unknown if they could actually turn into real dragons.

Li Lili looked forward to it.

She knew the purpose of Jiang lacking to come to this Jing River, and she also knew the meaning of coming here.

Transforming the loach was the meaning.

Li Chengqian, on the other hand, stared at it and secretly said, "This... how is this possible, he's actually going to transform a loach and possibly a dragon, isn't this a bit too unbelievable.

Is it really possible for him to succeed?"

Although Li Chengqian was a bit unbelieving, he was still extraordinarily eager to see that there might really be a chance to see the loach turn into a dragon.

After all, such a thing wasn't impossible ah.

Apart from being surprised, he was just surprised and nothing more.

As for now, he was not calm and relaxed, "Is this the only reason why the State Master came here?

Why do I always feel like this is just one of those things, that there's a bigger purpose that's actually in there?"

If that was the case, then the meaning would be different.

Li Chengqian thought so, his heart somewhat baffled, "I'm fortunate enough to have seen this, it's good after all."

As for what was divine and mysterious, he was half unaware of it, as if it had nothing to do with him.

He could see it extraordinarily well instead.

It turned out that after cultivating profoundly, there was this kind of ability, raising one's hands and feet to possess the ability to destroy the heavens and the earth.

This kind of strength was definitely not comparable to ordinary people.

At the same time, it dawned on Li Chengqian why Jiang Xiao had just asked that question, it was just to test his vision.

So Li Chengqian regretted a bit, if he had known that, he should have answered properly.

Now it was a bit awkward, he himself was also confused and puzzled.

In his mind, he couldn't help but think: "In the future, I'm afraid that this loach really isn't just a loach anymore, it might turn into something else."

This was something that Li Chengqian hadn't thought of before, and he admitted that it was his own narrow-mindedness that was failing him.

Other than that, Li Chengqian didn't find anything else.

Instead, Li Li saw things differently, he saw the loach tossing and also more elfin and energetic.

It was as if this loach was different.

She was startled, her mind became complicated, and suddenly said, "Husband, can this loach also cultivate?"

"Why not?"

Jiang Ji explained: "Whether it is loach, human also strikes, in fact, all are a kind of living creature.

It's just that humans are born with spiritual intelligence, but the loach does not, so the loach need to open the spirit.

When they open their spiritual intelligence, the loach will not be ordinary loach, at that time they are also intelligent creatures, they will also be able to cultivate.

Spiritual energy is the best thing in this world, as long as the loach can independently absorb the spiritual energy of the world, then they will be able to cultivate."

Li Li Qiu understood a little bit.

But it was only a little bit of understanding, they didn't know much else.

And at this moment.

Jiang Ji suddenly continued, "In addition to that, all the living beings in the world can open their spiritual intelligence and can also cultivate."

Li Lili, on the other hand, was a bit baffled, and she asked curiously, "Husband, then this loach-like creatures cultivate, wouldn't they be even more special, a type of demon?"

Jiang Ji was stunned and said, "It's right if you want to understand it this way, other beings are demons if they have successful cultivation, but demons are also likely to be good demons.

Besides, in today's era, isn't it normal for demons to exist?"

The world of the Great Tang has become spirit-rich, and the absence of demons is the biggest thing, right?

So there must have been demons there.

Many of them were probably the result of them naturally opening their spiritual wits, which eventually led to instinctively fumbling with cultivation methods.

And so there are demons.

So is this also the case with the loach right now?

Is it also turning into a demon?

"Lili, you guessed right, I'm just opening up its spiritual intelligence, that's the root of the matter, to get it to start cultivating."

Jiang Gou said unabashedly, "A loach with spiritual wisdom, it's not an ordinary loach anymore.

I, on the other hand, am giving it a pile of creations!"


But the loach can still understand the Creator?


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