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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1088 - Dog Food (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Right or wrong Jiang Xiao naturally didn't go to evaluate it.

It wasn't like that was his purpose anyway.

A few minutes later.

Jiang Hou was on his way with Li Cheng Qian.

To Jinghe.

Together, he and Li Lili, with clouds on the soles of their feet, skirted the earth and went away like a pair of immortal lovers.

It was so soothing.

And because Li Chengqian was still in the Houtian realm, he could at most cross over ten feet away.

Between leaping together, he naturally alternated back and forth as well.

It looked like he was a little reluctant, but he didn't dare to show it directly in front of Jiang Di.

What if he was locked up in a small dark room again?

From time to time, Li Chengqian looked up into the empty space at the back of the room, where Jiang Liao and Li Li Lili were standing on a white cloud, so tired of it.

He was a little envious.

It would be nice if he could also soar through the clouds, and then it would be nice to have the means to travel a thousand miles by day.

Unfortunately, he didn't have any of these.

He didn't even know why Jiang lacked soaring clouds and didn't bring himself along.

Was he really obnoxious?

For a moment, Li Chengqian could not help but have great self-doubts about himself, was he not good enough, was he not into the eyes of Jiang lacking this brother-in-law?

Anyway, looking at the way Jiang lacked and Li Lili looked at you, Li Cheng Qian, the prince of the Tang Dynasty, was not feeling good.

It was very depressing.

If he could, he actually wanted to have a good talk with Jiang Liao.

Could he not be so personal?

It was just that Li Chengqian was afraid that he might not be able to say this, after all, he was still afraid of Jiang District, the State Master.

Looking at Jiang District and Li Lizhi, Li Cheng Qian's eyes flashed with a trace of envy.

He muttered to himself, "It would be great if I could also soar through the clouds one day, and then I will also take my concubines for a walk around, envious of you all, huh?"

Unfortunately, he wouldn't now.

I'm afraid there wasn't much of a chance before the Grand Master's realm.

And yet he, Li Chengqian, had to cultivate to Grand Master, but there was no telling how long he would have to wait, and with his talent he was only a little better than Li Er.

But that's all.

There was no telling how many years of accumulation it would take if he became a Grand Master.

Right now, this Houtian realm cultivation was also dependent on the precious resources collected by the Great Tang royal family.


Li Chengqian sighed grudgingly, "Even in the Dao Xing era, I had a hard time."

Really hard.

It's really too hard.

There was no way to get by in this one, it was really hard to bear.

Li Chengqian was helpless in his heart, he envied Jiang Liao and Li Li Li, as if they were a divine couple.

How good it was to be gracious and loving.

Without realizing it, he was fed a wave of dog food, and his heart was filled with mixed emotions, the future is still not easy ah.

It was making it hard.

He hadn't thought that leading a leap together on the ground counted for anything, but now after this sudden sighting, the situation seemed immediately different.


He couldn't help but suck in a few breaths of cold air.

He secretly envied Jiang Jianyang, having someone like his sister Li Lizhi as a companion, he would be satisfied with this life.

The only thing that made him bitter was that his sister seemed to have forgotten about her, and didn't even say anything nice for herself.

It's really depressing.

It was really helpless, he did have a prince consort as well, and had some feelings for each other, but he suddenly felt that he was still too far behind compared to the two of them, Jiang Liao and Li Lizhi.

So this dog food fed him tears and laughter, but also fed him a thousand times happier.

In his heart, he was even thinking: "After this trip back, should I also go back and talk to the Prince Consort and be more gracious in the future?"

He was quite envious, it seemed that Jiang lacked and Li Lili like this was the true immortal life that was meaningful.

That's what's unrestrained and free ah.

That's nice.

"What kind of days did I used to live."

Li Cheng Qian looked confused, only feeling that the days he used to live were so not days.

Now that he was being fed a wave of dog food, he was profoundly aware of his inadequacies, and perhaps he needed to do something about it in the next few moments.

Continuing to lead the way, although the road wasn't far away, Li Cheng Qian actually felt very far away in his heart.

What Jiang lacked to do in Jinghe he didn't know, nor was he clear about his future plans.

At this moment.

Li Chengqian only felt that he knew nothing, like a deaf person, like an invalid.

"State Master, not far ahead is the Jing River."

When he felt that it was almost there, Li Chengqian spoke up, "This river is actually not big, when my father named it Jing River back then, it was only because it was far away from people at the time and had no name."

"It was just a whim."

Jiang Ji smiled, "That's a good idea, and it's just the right time for this seat to discover the way of it."

Li Chengqian: "........"

He didn't dare to take Jiang Ji's words, he only had to bow his head and continue on his way, he was afraid to talk about the majestic father of his family, and he was also terrified of Jiang Ji, the billionaire above all others.

The majesty of the State Master had already penetrated deep into the people's hearts and spread long ago, it would be strange if he wasn't afraid of that.


Li Chengqian continued, "State Master, is there anything wrong with this Jing River?"

He was curious all of a sudden.

The mind even got a little baffled, fearfully speculating, "Could it be that there are still some hidden secrets of this Jing River?"

However, thinking about it again made me feel that something was wrong.

He was the one who had personally presided over the map when this Jing River entered the imperial court for compilation, and later reported to His Majesty Li Er together with the minister at the time.

Now it seemed a little different ah.

What is going on here.

"I remember that the river was just a tiny river at first, there was nothing wrong with it ah."

Li Chengqian muttered to himself, "Now, from what I've heard, it seems like there's something wrong with the country's minister, could it be..."

The more he thought about it, the more Li Chengqian thought about it.

Also inexplicably surprised a few times, the strange look a little different, he guessed that there must be something wrong with this Jing River.

Otherwise, Jiang Chi, a great god, wouldn't have appeared so easily, much less come here, and let him lead the way, his hallowed crown prince.

There must be something he didn't know, but as to what it was, he didn't know.

While pondering, Jiang Jian slapped Li Cheng Qian on the head, "What are you thinking about, kid?"


Li Chengqian was stunned and said, "State Master, is there anything I need to do?"

He was curious.

In his heart, he was also surprised that Li Chengqian had lowered his stance.

Although he was the Crown Prince of Great Tang, in reality, he was nothing in front of Jiang Chi.

Therefore, he looked extremely awkward when Jiang Chi did not speak.

For a while.

Li Chengqian was only a little bit helpless that Jiang Chi, the State Master, might not take care of him anymore.

It was quite a depressing feeling.

Right after that.

Jiang lacked only slowly said: "Help? I'm afraid you won't be able to help much with this one, and I can only do it myself."

Otherwise it would still be useless.

What he was about to do Li Chengqian didn't know, it was a big matter, as if it was bigger than the sky.

Naturally, Li Chengqian couldn't think of it, and Jiang Chi also felt that Li Chengqian couldn't help, after all, the cultivation of the Houtian realm was actually a bit low.

Based on all these circumstances, so he shook his head and said, "Next, just protect Lili, don't let her get hurt, and leave the other matters to me."

"Er, fine."

Li Cheng Qian nodded, naturally he didn't dare to resist Jiang Xiao's decision.

He felt scared.

At the same time, he also felt that what Jiang Lack was going to do next was only very dangerous.

Still, he couldn't relax ah.

He came with a heavy gaze, his mood actually somewhat complicated.

But Jiang Guiao continued, "Prince, you cut a phrase when it is necessary."

"Mm, I'm listening." Li Chengqian suddenly felt a bright light.

He only felt that Jiang Ji should be about to say some words of concern to him, and was suddenly pleased.

Jiang Guiao said, "Ahem, when necessary, you must know how to sacrifice and dedicate yourself, this is a spirit that must not be forgotten, and you must strive to abide by the righteous path.

So at critical moments, if you encounter great danger, you must be careful, even if you die, you must not let anything happen to your sister, understand?

You're the eldest brother, you should have this kind of devotion, even if you die this throne has a way to bring you back to life.


He looked over at Li Chengqian and thought to himself, "There's no need for me to explain the true meaning of it."

Li Chengqian: "........"

This time, Li Cheng Qian's face changed dramatically, and he had somehow discovered something that was wrong.

What does it mean to know how to sacrifice and give ah, my sister Princess Changle's life is a life, but my Li Cheng Qian's life is not a life?

He was helpless.

It was even painful up.

I dare myself to be casual, but something must not happen to my sister.

"But, sister her cultivation is clearly stronger than me, right, she's in the Innate Realm."

Li Chengqian felt that life had no meaning anymore, and it was even dark.

Got to.

This brother-in-law of his own was quite good at getting things done, and saying it like this made him want to cry.


He weakly asked, "State Master, I wonder if it's possible not to sacrifice without dedication?"


Jiang Qiao was stunned at the news, "What do you think?"

Li Cheng Qian was depressed and thought, "Is this a real brother-in-law or not?"

A moment.

They arrived in front of a river that was really not very wide.

It was about five or six meters wide, like a trickling stream that gradually flowed by, like a giant dragon, calling out for one to marvel at nature's devious workmanship.

A very good river, flowing into the distance, no boundaries could be seen at a glance.

It was as if everything was within control.

Jiang Ji recited his gaze, hiding a strange look, "Although this Jing River is small, it doesn't prevent this seat from raising a true dragon.

Although there are no dragons in this world, although the Immortal Dao has only just spread in this world and the seeds have only just begun to sprout.

However, this throne is confident enough to make some myths and legends out of it."

He didn't find it difficult to do this, even if it was to get out a true dragon.

However, this true dragon would only suffer after that, and its fate was already fixed by Jiang Mo before it was even born.

His gaze was like lightning, and he continued to say to himself, "All that is possible is like electricity as well as dew, and also like in dreams."

Neither Li Chengqian nor Li Lizhi could understand these words, and only found Jiang lack's words very interesting and terrifying.

He was inexplicably up, and his mind was also weird.

It always felt that some things, some myths and legends should be passed over like this.

Otherwise there would be no meaning.

After thinking of this, Jiang Xiao had an idea in his mind, "The future is all ordinary, and one can only blame it on the bad luck of er."

As for whose luck was bad, neither Li Chengqian nor Li Lizhi knew, and they looked at Jiang Chi suspiciously, somewhat at a loss.

They didn't even know why Jiang Liao was here.

Even Li Chengqian wasn't clear about it.

And at this moment.

Jiang Chi continued with a heavy gaze, "It is said that Jiang Tai Gong fishes for the willing, and today, this seat will also try."

It was just that he wasn't fishing for ordinary fish, and he wasn't using bait to catch them.

He was using his aura and fishing for loaches, and they were of a particularly elfin kind, and ordinary loaches couldn't become true dragons.

Regardless of what other worlds were like, Jiang Kang thought it was very possible for a loach to become like a true dragon.


It was nothing more than purifying the bloodline, nothing more than increasing the concentration of the bloodline.

He didn't know if there was a true dragon bloodline in the loach's body, so he could only take a stab at it and give it a try.

Otherwise, there was no way he could actually go carp fishing!


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