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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1087 - Jinghe (Seeking Subscription)

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"What's the name of this river, Lizzy?"

Jiang Qiao pointed at the map of the Great Tang territory and asked, he had a headache recognizing the ancient characters and simply didn't want to study it anymore.

He suddenly found an unnamed river by Chang'an, and judging from his nine years of compulsory education, the note next to it was most likely the Jing River.

But he didn't dare to confirm it.

That's why he asked Princess Changle about it.

If it really was the Jing River, in this Dao Xing era, perhaps a stronger myth could appear.

At that time, the cultivation could be deeply rooted and known to the world.

If the world knew, he would be able to preach the world, he would be able to teach all beings, and there would be people available, whether it was to open a heavenly palace or establish a dungeon.

Li Lizhi didn't know what Jiang Chi was thinking, and took a look to confirm, "Husband, this is the Jing River, Father once said that this is a small river, or he personally gave it a name."


Princess Changle and Jiang Qian were quietly together, and there was no large-scale feast.

The rituals and all that were kept simple.

This matter Li Er and Empress Changsun were a bit dissatisfied though, after all, they were marrying daughters, it should only be glamorous, it should only be known to the world with great fanfare.

After all, Li Lili is a royal daughter, the daughter of his Li Er Li Shi Min.

The meaning was not the same.

But later on, after Jiang lacked the appearance, he showed that he didn't want to be lively or make too much of a fanfare.

And so.

Li Er wimped out and even persuaded Empress Changsun as well.

After they were together, they lived together in the State Counselor's Mansion.

For the past ten years, Jiang Ji had been dedicated to one thing, and that was to find a suitable way to continue to implement the Dao of Immortality.

At the same time, it was also necessary to find a suitable place to open up the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace and establish a perfect Heaven, Earth, and Man.

Previously, in the Dou Qi Continent.

As he activated the Vajra Bracelet during his ascension, he wished to return to the Green Xuan Continent.

However, the two ways created chaos, causing him to be seriously injured and his meridians to be damaged.

It was hard to recover.

The methods of preaching and spreading the world, as well as spreading the Immortal Dao theology, had succeeded in making the aura of the heavens and earth more dense some time ago.

Jiang Jiang knew that this must be the result of this world being promoted, and the grade should have increased considerably.

And just a few days ago, he had obtained a considerable amount of merit.

That is, this side of the world rewarded him with the World Origin, something that was sufficient to allow Jiang lack to recover and increase his strength.

Now that he had recovered all of his Heavenly Immortal cultivation, he was still recovering his Immortal Origin mana in an endless stream with the nine Daoist merits operating.

After seeing the potential of the Great Tang World, Jiang Chi had another idea in mind.

That was to continue to build and improve the Great Tang, to continue to implement the Three Worlds System, and to strive to obtain more and more virtues in a legitimate way.

At that time, he, Jiang Someone, would be able to use that source of merit and thus break through to the middle stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

In that case, he would be considered to have benefited from the misfortune.

When he fell into this world, the world origin would be innumerable, and the cultivation energy obtained would be visible.

Also, the speed of the origin obtained in this side of the world should be easier than the Dou Qi Continent.

Because in this world, he was truly invincible.

And in the eyes of this side of the world, he was the one who was truly dedicated to the promotion of the world.

There was no selfishness or half a dozen other thoughts, so he could be accepted by this world.

This was also the result of Jiang Ji's gradual trials over the years, and he was incredibly satisfied with this result.

There was something different in his mind.

With a change in appearance, Jiang Jiang continued, "Is the Jing River, Lili, do you know where this Jing River is?"

"I, however, do not know."

Li Lizhi shook her head and said, "But brother Gao Ming should know that he is the crown prince, so he should know the situation around Chang'an City."

"Well, in that case, let him lead the way."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Housekeeper, take a trip to the Eastern Palace with this seat's post, and tell him that this seat needs him, Li Chengqian, to come over for something important."

Li Chengqian and the others had finished their adventure and had returned separately, so Jiang Chi naturally knew.

The old steward turned into a figure and left in response.

He had gained some creation now, and there was still no problem with running errands for Jiang lack.

Naturally, his days were unrestrained and uncomfortable.

It was also considered to be glowing with a second spring.

East Palace, Prince's Residence.

Li Chengqian, who had received Jiang lack's post, was a bit complicated, in terms of willingness, he didn't really want to see Jiang lack.

Always a little afraid.

Not daring to think much.

So he gave a slight arch towards the steward and curiously asked, "Steward, I wonder what the State Master is asking me to go for, can you tell me a bit about it?"

The butler, on the other hand, shook his head, indicating that he didn't know.

Li Chengqian: "........"

What can we do about this.

As soon as he heard that Jiang Chi was going to chastise someone, Li Cheng Qian instinctively shivered and said, "Butler you're right, we can't let the country's master wait for a long time, otherwise it would be rude of the lord.

Let's go, let's go now."

If Jiang Ji were to wait anxiously, he could even imagine what that terrible situation would be like.

Simply don't be too terrifying.

The feeling of locking his soul in a small dark room was just a little too terrifying, or at least Li Chengqian didn't want to experience it anymore.

That would be the most unforgettable experience for him, right?

And so.

Li Chengqian didn't dare to delay any longer, and drove the True Qi in his body to sweep out, leaving behind a shadow for a time.

In order to not be missed by Jiang Xiao, Li Cheng Qian also fought to his last breath.

He probably knew that once he was missed by Jiang Chi, there would only be no good outcome.

That the end might be a bit tragic.

A few minutes later.

Li Cheng Qian came from the East Palace to the State Master's residence, "Greetings to the State Master, may His Excellency live long and prosper."

Even if he, the crown prince, was facing Jiang Qian, his brother-in-law, he now had to perform the disciple's salute to do so.

This didn't bother Li Chengqian, the only thing he was afraid of was what Jiang Ji was looking for him to do.

If there was no need for it, he felt that Jiang Lack might not be looking for him.

So it must be something more important.

"Well, get up."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "This time, I called you here because there is a matter that needs your help."

As soon as he heard Jiang Chi's words, Li Cheng Qian quickly assured up, "State Master, don't worry, but I will never excuse myself from anything I can do."

"Well, that's good."

Jiang Lack smiled in satisfaction as if it was for his words.


And so.

Li Chengqian choked on his face.

Right after that, he listened to Jiang lacking continue: "Not far from Chang'an City, there is a river called Jing River, do you know it?"


Li Chengqian breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn't help but say, "Back to the words of the State Master, I know about the Jing River, and I remember when Father saw this small river, he gave it a special name."

"That's good."

Jiang Jiang continued to nod and said, "Since you know the Jing River, you must also know where this river is, next you should take this seat forward to take a look."

Li Chengqian: "........"

It was just an errand boy, I dare say.

He thought that something big was happening, but it turned out to be just this little bit of shit, so he couldn't help but laugh and cry.

However, with his mouth Li Chengqian respectfully responded, "Yes, I'll lead the way, I wonder what is the business of the State Master going to the Jing River for?"

He was also curious.

What kind of Jinhe ah, is it possible that this divine and incomparable State Master has other ideas?

I wonder if Lee Seung-cheon will be a part of this?

After thinking of all these circumstances, he cast a curious questioning look at Jiang Lack.

But the latter glared at Li Chengqian in a bad way and said, "Lead the way as you lead the way, what are you curious about!"

What an eyeless man.

Of which, can he say?

There would be no point in saying it, so he couldn't say it either.

Li Chengqian was confused, and even admitted his mistake: "Yes, the State Master has taught me the right lesson, I was too Meng Lang."

In front of Jiang Jian, he didn't even dare to call himself alone.

Feeling that word was a bit too scary.

After all, Jiang Chi, was someone that even his father Li Er, who inherited the ranking, had to respect seven or eight points.

So he, Li Chengqian, had to respect it as well.

Otherwise, no.

What if Jiang Lack locked him in the dark room again.

After all, this one was the true Great God, the supreme powerhouse with great strength.

He could even decide his future with a single word.

In this Dao Xing Era, Jiang Chi was the ancestor of all the cultivators in the entire world, and his natural abilities were extraordinary.

Li Chengqian could only be afraid when he saw it, so he had to continue to admit his fault: "What the State Master said is extremely true, it's all Chengqian's fault, I will definitely not do it again in the future."

He was afraid that Jiang Chi would chastise him.

Doing so was merely a way to get Jiang Chi to let him go.

There might be great benefits.

He got up inexplicably and even felt complicated.

Let's just not touch it in the future if we can.

He felt that Jiang Jian's majesty was too terrifying, even more so than his father, His Majesty Li Er, who was the emperor.

For various reasons, Li Chengqian had to continue leading the way in front.

At the same time, he also said, "I'll lead the way, I can see the situation on the other side of the Jing River."

Jiang Jiang: "...."

He quietly touched his nose and said under his breath, "Am I that scary?"

Why are they all afraid of themselves.

Is he a tiger, that flood beast?


He didn't have this experience before.

As he was pondering, he heard Li Chengqian continue, "State Master, please follow me."


Jiang Ji nodded and said, "Go ahead and lead the way, don't ask more questions in the future, you have to do and see more, there's no point in asking.

Also, some things aren't as good as the more you know.

Also ah, this seat feels that your cultivation speed seems to have slowed down recently, are you slacking off?"

After hearing Jiang Jian's words, Li Chengqian was so startled that he was like an enemy.

But he almost stumbled and fell to the ground, and he quickly remedied the situation by saying, "State Master misunderstood, I've only slowed down my cultivation recently due to the busy state affairs of the Great Tang."


Jiang Jiang smiled slightly, "But I don't know what kind of state affairs it is."

He did know something about family matters, but it wasn't as busy as Li Chengqian said.

Looking at Jiang Ji's four smiles, Li Cheng Qian quickly said: "State Master, you don't know what you don't know, ever since you preached the world, the number of people who can cultivate in the world has increased.

There are many wicked people among them who, after gaining a little strength, endanger the world for the sake of evil neighbors.

Today, Father and I have already discussed many methods, but we have not been able to find a fundamental solution.


It's all your own doing, who else do you have to blame.

You're a bad old man, you're very bad.

Jiang Jiankou's face was calm as he said indifferently, "There are dynasties, legal systems and even morals to restrain the world, but aren't these still unable to restrain man-made evils?

Everything in the world, including mankind itself, is black and there is white.

This is nothing more than the Doyle of Yin and Yang, just look at it with a normal mind."

He was naturally aware of these things, but did not use his great magical powers to stop anything.

This was originally just a process of development of all things.

All things under the heavens didn't care about this either.


Li Chengqian was stunned and secretly pondered, "Is it really as simple as the State Master said?"

He couldn't quite believe it.

So, was it right or wrong to preach the world?


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