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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1086 - Myth (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The advent of the Dao Xing Era, the birth of one genius across the board, marked a complete change in the Great Tang.

This world was completely different.

There were gods, and demons, and even Buddhas and immortals.

And so.

Years passed.

Gradually, one by one, the divine existences began to display their respective skills and start their own sects.

Even claiming the title of ancestor, so unpleasant.

Anyway, Jiang Xiao didn't mention that they couldn't start a sect, nor did they mention that they couldn't become strong.

This made it even bolder, and at one point, there was the phenomenon of a hundred schools of thought.

At one point, Daoism flourished like a tide in the entire Tang world, like a vibrant world.

And so.

After three to five years had passed.

When many people came back to their senses, they suddenly realized that the Great Tang World had become different from before.

Now, all kinds of myths and legends had been realized in the Great Tang.

Immortals and demons, ghosts and spirits, these had become things that ordinary people often talked about.

Numerous strong people began to be born.

There were people from the early Houtian Realm, to the middle and late Houtian Realm, and even the Great Perfection Realm.

Strong people were venturing across the world, evolving the various legends of the heavens and earth, or experiencing the laws of the Great Dao from time to time.

Enjoying that incomparable excitement.

There was a cloud in the Dao: the law was spread throughout the world, yet it could not enter the six ears.

And so.

Rarely did anyone deceive others with the Dao Law, or even teach it freely to others.

It was probably because Jiang Xiao still existed in the world, so while they were rehearsing the mythology, they also silently began to think about it.

Perhaps all those myths and legends from the past would become reality in the future.

Legends weren't just legends anymore.

They were going to evolve legends into real myths, no longer just the mysterious things that the general population was talking about.

The future was different just because it was different.

In the Dao Xing era, many gifted geniuses were born across the world, and many great generations were rapidly cultivating as well.

Dao Xing was like a tide.

This was the general trend, and even it could not be stopped.

The future was infinitely good, but it was just a long time.

Although three to five years was enough to see the end, there were some myths that couldn't be performed in three to five years.

Since the Dao Xing era, there have been gods appearing in the world almost every day, and these mythical legends are deeply influencing the world.

And from what I've observed, this time has begun to become full of aura, which is perfect for cultivation.

This means that the world is changing, perhaps it's being promoted, and the grade has probably increased."

It was because of these various judgments and expectations that Jiang Xiao let those who listened to the Dao go out and start their own sects.

This was a good thing for the entire world, some different coming after all.

Jiang lack's gaze was like a god.

Profoundly profound.

It was as if all those various myths that had appeared in the heavens were in his eyes, as if they were all in his thoughts.

After all, many of them were only in the Houtian realm.

Another three years later.

It had been a full seven or eight years since Jiang Xiao had preached the world at this time.

After seven or eight years of accumulation and sedimentation, making the world countless strong people, there were already people who had broken through to the Innate Realm.

Jiang lacked who originally felt very divine, he originally thought that it would be a very long wait.

But who knew it was different.

Those geniuses were even stronger than he had imagined, such a finesse was really powerful.

Very strong indeed.

At first, he was worried about how long it would take for those Dao Hearers to grow.

Ten or twenty years?

Or even a little longer?

After all, cultivation wasn't about drinking and eating meat, sometimes it couldn't be done fast enough and required a certain amount of time to settle down.

If it seemed right now, his thoughts were correct.

There really were some geniuses among those Dao Hearers.

-- At least compared to His Majesty Li Er, they were considered geniuses, with a fast cultivation speed and a stable foundation.

And Jiang Xiao, who had originally planned to start opening up the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace only after twenty years, was now hesitant.

He thought to himself, "Should I speed it up or not, after all, the merits from the last time I preached the world have arrived, and this time I have also gained a lot of merits because of the Dao Xing era.

And judging from today's roads, the Dao Xing era is still going on, so why don't I strike while the iron is hot and open up the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace?"

Anyway, the injuries in his body had been repaired quite a bit by the World Origin Power he had obtained, and the rest of his days would be much better.

In this era.

Many of the Hearers of the Word were still only at the Houtian realm, and a powerful existence like him at the Human Immortal realm was simply like a divine ancestor.

It was definitely not something that ordinary people could understand, nor was it a divinity that could be compared to.

Different is different.

Different is different if he himself is different.

Jiang Qian looked forward to the time when those hearers would break through to the foundation realm in all their cultivation, and perhaps it would be the time when he, Jiang, would be able to pardon the divine throne.

"Now it seems that such an opportunity is not far off."

It was as if he had already seen the future, where the throne was established and he held the seal list to pardon the gods.

That was so glamorous, getting excited and thrilled was definitely another World Origin to be credited.

Still, it was nice.

Ten years later.

There were already people who had broken through to the late Innate Realm, and among them was Princess Li Li of Changle.

Her talent was extraordinary, and the speed of her breakthrough was so fast that even Jiang Di was appalled, and His Majesty Li Er was even more startled.

Even with Jiang Chi's help, Li Er was only able to break into the early stage of the Innate Realm, which he actually didn't have the talent for.

It was all because of Jiang lack, which gave him the chance to break through.

Of course.

Rather than a breakthrough, it was Jiang Lack's enlightenment, directly on his own Immortal Yuan Mana, which hardened Li Er's cultivation to the early stage of the Innate Realm.

At the same time.

Jiang Ji also explained to Li Er that once he had reached the Foundation Establishment Realm, he could no longer continue to serve as Emperor of the Great Tang.

So just give him Li Er's time might not be much.

After all, according to Jiang Lack's arrangement, Li Er should have an important position on his hands.

For example, that Heavenly Palace's position of Heavenly Emperor.

Jiang Mo felt it would be perfect for someone like Li Er.


In fact.

In short, life was quite comfortable, so the illusion created was that His Majesty Li Er was also a person on the seat of the pouches at that time, so I guess he should also be doing well.

Of course.

At least, in this era where myths and legends were rampant, in this different era, he acted as a very important role.

The cultivation was continuing.

More and more people were feeling the dividends of the Dao Xing Era, and the Dao Method was revealed to people, becoming the most obvious feature of the Dao Xing Era.

Of course.

It was also because of the first manifestation of spiritual energy, resulting in beasts now gradually opening up their spiritual wisdom as well.

As a result, demons were born.

The righteous path and the evil outer path were separated from each other and were as powerful as fire and water.

If it wasn't for the fact that Jiang Xiao was still suppressing them, many demons would have jumped out and caused trouble.

They also had magic power, although it was shallow, but they were more terrifying because they were inherently stronger than humans.

They could be described as invincible within the same territory.

With rough skin, they were definitely not something ordinary cultivators could deal with.

In addition to that.

There were also those who hadn't heard the word and figured it out on their own, and although there was no denying their genius pride, they were truly extraordinary in all their strength.

At the very least, they were stronger than many others, and their one means was even a thousand times stronger ah.


The battles began.

And apart from the myths and legends, these fights were inevitable.

Jiang Xiao didn't come out to do something, but he was observing the Great Tang Territory map in the company of Princess Li Li of Changle.

But suddenly, he noticed that something was wrong, because....


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