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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1085 - The Times (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The Dao is natural.

However, there were high and low people who cultivated it, and there were strong and weak talents.

From the moment the crowd had just received the Divine Principle Dao Method, many people began to practice one after the other.

All kinds of true qi operated as normal.

The Daoist Avatars, glorious divine means, were even more brilliant up.

Seeing Jiang Ji was amazed, his heart not only felt happy for these people.

He said, "Since everyone has already begun to practice the Immortal Dao, let's change the sermon to be followed by the throne.

Let's focus on question and answer explanations, with the other methods as a supplement."

It was useless to speak about the more profound and incomprehensible Dao.

It might as well be as it is now.

Just maintain the status quo.

Jiang mumbled words, secretly saying, "When this group of people grows up, there will definitely be tremendous gains."

There might be tremendous benefits.

"And this next era will be even more interesting."

Jiang Jiang said, "This is the arrival of the legendary era of immortal cultivation, ah, where gods and demons and gods and Buddhas coexist in the world, and a hundred schools of thought are like divine assistance."

How good this was.

A very good idea, Jiang Ji could not help but look forward to it, "When the Dao Xing Era comes, my merits will increase, and the merits are essentially A manifestation of the world's origin.

Although I haven't obtained merit yet, it doesn't prevent the Dao Xing Era from coming, nor does it prevent the world's grade level from rising.

When the world is successfully promoted, I would like to have the opportunity to obtain the World Origin, and I would like to think that this world will not forget me."

Jiang Xiao was also happy.

He would have infinite medium possibilities in the future, "Once my injuries are healed, I'll be able to take advantage of the situation and break through."

How good this was.

How exciting that he had created the Dao Xing Era with his own hands.

Who would dare to say anything else in the future.

He, Jiang Chi, was the ancestor, and in this side of the world, he was invincible.

Supreme and supreme good.

How strong.

Very good.

Jiang Chi looked at those in the Dao Palace with satisfaction, "Now these people are all Houtian realm cultivators, when they grow up, they will be even stronger! It."

The advent of the Daoxing Era meant that the Great Tang had been completely changed by him, had become different.


The future of the Dao is expected ah.

Jiang Qian was excited and murmured, "Among these people, there are a few who have good talents, so I guess there's a chance to ask for a YuanYing."

After all, not everyone was like Li Er, who was a scrap, but not everyone was like that.

As expected.

The next moment began.

I heard many people in the Dao Palace's main hall laughing.

"I've succeeded, I've really succeeded ah."

"Me too, comprehended."

"According to the State Master, I've become an early stage of the Houtian Realm, that's great."

"It's still Lord Kunisada's power, with this result, I have a chance to become a god in the future ah."


For a while.

Throughout the Dao Palace's main hall, there was endless aura turbulence from time to time, but it was a divine power.

Many people were excited to see it.

What a good means, coupled with the Dao Law Seeds that Jiang Xiao had taught earlier, it was even more fierce now.

"Daoist spell, I've finally cultivated a divine spell, thanks to the country's master for imparting the dao."

"The Dao Law is already there, in the future I will only be used by my Country Master, if he tells me to go west, I will never go east."

"Me too, now with this terrifying talent of mine, I've managed to break through to the early Houtian realm, it's really good."

"That's good, and very promising, we people can definitely shine in the future, right?"

"My Dao has become established, and I especially want to thank the National Master, if it wasn't for him, how would we people have the chance to receive the Dao."

"That's right, if the State Master hadn't appeared, we might still be just a bunch of ordinary people."

Many people all spoke up one by one, and what they said was true, what would they be without Jiang Lack.

It was just a group of ordinary mortals.

What could a mortal do.

Life, old age, sickness and death were all commonplace, everything was normal.

When the decades of life are up, they can only stretch their feet and turn into shovels of earth.

And then there's no more.

Fortunately, now that Jiang Xiao has arrived, they're different now, able to cultivate, and have true mana in their bodies.

In the future, they would be supremely strong people.

In this Dao Xing Era, they were the future, and there would be the opportunity and the chance to change their destiny.

Eternal life and immortality.

Or to become a deity, or to become a supreme being, there was always a chance for them.

And all of these were given by Jiang Lack.

So they were very grateful to Jiang Lack, but if it wasn't for this powerful Lord of State, how could they have the chance to change their own destiny.

And how could they have the opportunity to sit in the Dao Palace and listen to the Dao, how could they sit in cultivation and ask questions, how could the path of immortality be opened, and how could they experience this Dao Xing Time it.

It's rare after all.

"The national division is unrivaled!"

"Long live the Master of the Nation, eternally existing in the world and never dying!"

"I would like to be a god on the throne for my country's master, and I would like to clear the way for him to walk up the road ahead together."


After hearing these words, Jiang Xiao was moved.

It seemed that all the previous efforts were worth it, and they were all possible.

With or without merit, with or without origin, it seemed that it was good to have these people's gratitude.

A month later, there was the transgression of a Dao Law peerless powerhouse.

He exerted the supreme Dao Law, crossed the void, and was found to be unrestrained and comfortable.

It seemed that this was the only kind of person who was truly strong in cultivation, the kind who was accomplished without bragging.

The Dao Xing Era had completely arrived.

Three months later, more strong people showed beyond the scope of ordinary people's abilities, they were even more different.

Only at this time did it start to dawn on Jiang Xiao that they were powerful.

As expected.

They had become different under the Dao Xing Era.


It was half a year.

Half a year later.

There were people casting thunderbolts, and there were people casting changes, and all sorts of incomparably divine spells were being cast on them, and it was so painful.

Daoism and divine magic were embodied in them in a most vivid and unusual way.

All this cut, Jiang Mo was watching.

He looked bizarre, "I never thought there would be so many talented and strong people in the Great Tang World, so much more than I thought there would be."

Of course.

Except for ones like Li Er.

Li Er was originally just a normal person, so it was normal for him not to react differently.

It was expected.

However, there was never a shortage of strong people in this world, never a shortage of true geniuses.

Sometimes unexpected circumstances would bring out a genius.

The seeds of the Dao Law had been passed down by Jiang Hou, so naturally, strong people would soon appear in the world.


What was unexpected to Jiang was that Princess Li Li of Changle was also gifted, and among Li Er's sons, she was considered the most outstanding.

Even Empress Changsun was slightly inferior.

As for Li Er, let alone mentioning it, if it wasn't for Jiang Hou, I'm afraid that His Majesty Li Er wouldn't have succeeded in his cultivation by now.

As expected, having a good patron was different, by virtue of his status as the father-in-law of Jiang Lack, His Majesty, Li Er was living a good life Shu Tan.

Now that those sons of his are all slightly accomplished in their cultivation, they just have to go out and experiment in the future with their unlimited magical powers.

It could not be said that they would also have to experience some training.

Jiang Chi naturally agreed to this, so he gave Li Cheng Qian and the others a long vacation and let them go out for a walk.

They were also not allowed to divulge their identities, or else they would return wherever they went and could not continue to practice.

Cultivation was a very difficult thing to do.

Although the Dao Xing era had arrived, which was good for a very few people, it was actually equally difficult for the majority of people.

As if the Dao Hard Era in Jiang Notch.

According to legend, the Dao Hard Times were extremely difficult, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was scarce, and cultivation was a great difficulty.

The slightest inadvertence to go off the rails is a minor matter, once you don't pay attention to directly into ashes and annihilation.

That would be a big deal.

Anyway, as soon as many people heard Jiang Di said that it was difficult, they felt that life was too difficult and too helpless.

But in this current era, it was the era of the flourishing of the Dao, a time of great prosperity.

It was also a glorious era where geniuses and celestial pride were born across the world, with magnificent style and unparalleled talent.

Of course.

Every genius would talk about the great State Master Jiang lacking Jiang, feeling that this State Master was the true guide.

If it wasn't for him, they wouldn't be able to have such good days today.

The Dao Xing era, this was also the best era.


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