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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1084 - Dao Law (Seeking Subscription)

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If there is a law but no Dao, it is the same as a pavilion in the air.

To have a Dao without a skill is to be afraid of not being able to do so in future cultivation.

Therefore, Jiang Ji was planning to do something.

For example, preach the Dao and teach the Dharma.

Only after there is a Dao and a method can there be all sorts of light and bizarre methods.

Jiang Ji continued, "Gentlemen, it's time for this seat to teach you some Dao Laws next.

The so-called Dao Law is the synthesis of Dao and Law, the concrete application of true energy and mana, the art of that divine power."

After the words fell away, Jiang Ji swept around the circle and continued, "Dao is Dao, Dao is fundamental, and Law is the means to protect Dao..."

As Jiang Jian continued to explain in depth, it dawned on the crowd that Jiang Jian was about to preach and teach the Dharma.

This was something new.

At least they all felt it was a good thing and were delighted.

"Strength is strength, but the strength of the Dao also needs to be protected by the use of methods, and what the State Master said is really not wrong."

"It's still the State Master who knows us, I won't obey anyone, so I obey the State Master."

"You see, what the National Master says is different, in the future the National Master is the strongest Great God, he should be revered respectfully in the future."

"Hahahaha, it's still good for the National Master, it's really good that he's thinking of us so much."


As soon as they heard that they would be taught the Dao, they were delighted.

If they did so, their future would be boundless.

If they were to be taught the Dao Law, these people who heard it would be able to imagine the future.

It could be expected.

How good that would be.

The State Master was still thinking of them, and he still missed these many listeners of the Dao.

In all seriousness, these people were all Jiang lacking students.

They should all perform the disciple salute.

And in fact they did so.

Jiang Qian also saw the distinction very clearly, and had every reason to believe in his choice.

When the Dao method was passed down, divine wonders would appear.

When the time came, there would definitely be a few top-notch existences among these people.

After the Dao method was passed down, there would be infinite benefits in the future.

The miraculous has already appeared, and for many people the world will be a different place.

I wonder how many people will aspire to be like this.

I don't know how many people will be waiting for it.

Naturally, there was also a great deal of joy.

It was just that they probably didn't know that Jiang Xiao was actually imagining the other side of things.

"When these people have succeeded, I'll probably be able to succeed as well."

Would that god be the same as himself?

His own purpose said World Origin, then what about that great god.

When he was preaching in the Violet Sky Palace, what was he preaching for.

Thousands of creatures?

Or is it that fabled word of God?

Jiang Xiao didn't know.

He had some hidden suspicions up, but he was actually helpless.

And so.

Jiang Hou's teaching of the Dao Law was continuing.

"Gentlemen, you should be celebrating, you probably know that the era of the Dao Law has arrived."

As Jiang Lack's voice continued, he said, "This seat here has countless Daoist methods and countless Daoist prowess, you can all come and try them out if you have the chance."

As his voice trailed off, he prepared to teach each and every Dao Law that he knew of.

Although, there were many Dao Laws that might not be perfect, and there might be many Dao Laws that were ordinary and special.

And so.

Under the expectations of the many Daoist listeners, with a slight wave of Jiang Di's hand, countless lights appeared.

It was like a prosperous star lighting up.

Shining with a dazzling and extraordinary light, it shone brightly.

With a gloomy gaze, he said, "Each of these rays of light contains a dao method within it, and it's up to each of you to determine your own destiny next."

There were many points of light.

Which meant that there were actually a lot of dao methods.

So many that Jiang Lack himself didn't even bother to count them, not for any other reason, but simply because he couldn't count them clearly.

Even Jiang Cai himself wasn't sure how much light was suddenly spread out.

And who could get it, he didn't know either.

Each person's fate was, in the end, just a matter of whether or not their luck was good.

Whoever was lucky was likely to be taught a powerful Dao method.

Jiang Chi was fine with this.


Comparatively speaking, it was different for many people.

For example, His Majesty Li Er.

Right now, he was looking forward to it in a million ways.

"It would be great if I could also obtain a dao method."

Li Er muttered to himself, "But it's a bit different again, how can I cultivate a dao method when I haven't even cultivated true mana today?

Even if I obtain the Dao Inheritance, it's not necessarily good for me."

The main thing was that he didn't know how to cultivate yet.

He was now at a loss, was he really the legendary kind of useless person who knew nothing.

There was no talent, nor was there any skill.

This made Li Er feel complicated.

You know, he was the Emperor of the Great Tang, the emperor of the human emperor, the emperor who ruled over the lives and deaths of countless people from on high.

But now he had ended up with this result.

It was really a bit hard for Li Er to figure out.

Or rather a bit puzzled, don't scraps have human rights?

For example, right now, those shimmering points of light weren't actually here.

In other words, they had no connection to his Second Li Majesty.

This was awkward.

How would it make those present look at him?

Doesn't he, Li Er, need a face to exist?

He was a little helpless.

It even felt like laughing and crying ah.

Li Er looked around and saw that Empress Changsun had already obtained a few Dao techniques, and so had Li Ke and Li Tai.

These were all normal.

Li Er said that he could still understand, after all, whether it was Empress Changsun, or Li Vitor and Li Tai, they were actually all very talented.

They were all characters who had cultivated true qi and were already different from themselves.

So it was only in Li Er's expectation that they would be able to obtain the Dao Law, and felt that everything was normal.


What Li Er never expected was that the next eldest son, Li Chengqian, actually obtained a point of light as well.

In other words, Li Chengqian had actually obtained a Dao Law.

Regardless of whether he had succeeded in cultivation or not, regardless of the fact that he was once considered by His Majesty Li Er to be the most similar to himself, his talent was quite bad after all.

It was reasonable to say that he couldn't obtain a dao method either.

Didn't have that chance.

But now the fact made Second Li Majesty's face change dramatically, Li Chengqian had actually obtained the Dao Method.

This was too amazing and unbelievable.


Li Er was shocked, "Isn't he just as talentless as me, why did Gao Ming also obtain the Dao Law?"

Can't figure it out.

Don't want to figure it out either.

Did you guess wrong before?

Or was it that Lee Seung-cheon was actually very talented all along, but just didn't show it at first?

Did you all guess wrong.

In fact, the one with the worst talent from the start was yourself?


After thinking of these circumstances, His Majesty Li Er looked a bit bad.

After messing around for half a day, he was the only one with the worst feelings.

Daughters-in-law and sons are all better than himself.

At any rate, he was still a human emperor, but this identity was nothing in the eyes of others ah.

Li Er suddenly felt very bitter.

This was probably the most depressed he had ever been.

Jiang Ji watched with satisfaction as countless dao methods fell down, eventually transforming into the eyebrow ancestral knots of many listeners.

In a moment.

There were divine wonders emanating out, as if an endless flood of light was emanating, and a golden lotus even appeared on the ground.

"Dao of..."

A sudden sound appeared that had a great impact on the ears of those who were listening.

Immediately afterwards, light swiftly emerged.


It was so surprising to see Jiang Guiao.

These people had actually started to immerse themselves in cultivation, with the Dao, the Law, and even the aura.

There was no reason for them not to cultivate.

This was the only way out for them.

Jiang Xiao knew that it was all for the best, and everything was very different.

"They will become gods."

This was his plan, his ultimate goal, and the significance of his preaching the world.

Otherwise, nothing existed.


Jiang Xiao saw Li Er again, this Emperor of Tang seemed to be really untalented and unlucky.

It was enough to do this as an emperor.

He helplessly looked at Li Er and said under his breath, "Your Majesty, ah, originally I wasn't going to mind you, but for the sake of Changle, I have to mind you too."

Although Li Er was a drag queen.

But in his subsequent plans, Li Er was another one of the best candidates for Lord of the Heavenly Palace.

Not for any other reason, just the fact that Li Er was his father-in-law was enough.


At this moment, seeing Li Er in distress, that lifeless look, he had to take action.

With a wave of his palm, a light appeared in his hand, and when he pointed a little towards Li Er, a divine light silently fell into Li Er's eyebrow ancestry.

This was not even clear to Li Er himself.

By the time he noticed it, there was an inexplicable amount of energy in his body, and then it was operating in a strange direction.


The meridians in his body were also instantly opened up.

Next, there were countless more Dao Laws flying towards him, rapidly pouring into Li Er's eyebrow ancestral knot.

Thus, His Majesty Li Er's cultivation journey had precisely begun.

From this time onwards, his cultivation also officially began to start, and the light rose up.

There was light active within his body, tossing all kinds of power.

Li Er, who originally thought he was useless, was suddenly enveloped by this light, and his body also emitted all sorts of incredible divine brilliance.

He looked very horrified at Jiang Ji as if asking, "State Master, you're actually giving me a small stove?"

If anyone else knew, I don't know how they would feel.

He was inexplicably surprised.

The Dao Laws were all sorts of things, instantly understanding quite a bit, and his cultivation had directly increased from an ordinary person to early Houtian.

Of course.

To become a deity he still needed to abdicate his position.

But the current situation was good enough, and Li Er cast a grateful glance at Jiang Chi.

If there was no Jiang Lack, he, Li Er, would probably still be struggling on the edge of uselessness, and it was hard to say if he could succeed or not.

Now he finally succeeded.

He felt that there were infinite possibilities in the future.

That's great.

It was better to cultivate.

At least it could make people different.

From an ordinary person to a divine existence, from an ordinary person to a different existence.

This was important.

Jiang Ji cast a cheering look at Li Er as if to say, "Your Majesty, I've already given you what you deserve, and for the sake of you being my future father-in-law in Jiang someone, I've done my best to be benevolent."

Just don't embarrass people anymore.

Li Er closed his eyes and continued his cultivation.

Perhaps cultivation was the most important thing.

A cultivation path continued, and Jiang lacked calmly looked at that listener in the Dao Palace, they were the focus.

In comparison, Li Er was naturally fine with him taking care of him, but those people were completely dependent on their own talent and effort.

Today, most of them had already succeeded in cultivation.

Countless types of divine wonders had already appeared.

The Age of Daoism had arrived, and in the future they would be those gods from on high.

That was good.

Paying was rewarding after all.

It wasn't a waste of effort after all.

One month later.

"We pay our respects to the State Master, and we thank him for granting us the grace to recreate, and we thank him for granting us the Dharma to cultivate, and we wish the State Master long life."

"The National Master is our teacher, from now on his words are faith and truth, anyone who dares not follow or listen to them, say we will all kill him."

"We fully support the National Master in the construction of the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace, and we are willing to serve our dogs and horses, and to obey all the commands of the National Master."

"We wouldn't be here today without the National Master, and it's really, really good right now."


Numerous people who heard the sermon all paid their respects and were extremely grateful to Jiang Ji.

If it wasn't for Jiang Chi's arrival, and if Jiang Chi wasn't going to preach the world, most of them would probably still be living in a muddle.

The next era was known as the grand era of Daoism, with countless proud men and women coming out of nowhere.

But there were also people who could surpass the current generation!


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