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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1083 - Grading (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Now that he had realized it all, it was not good for him to elaborate.

Don't be too long-winded.

It's fine as long as it's understood.

Then, let's leave it at that, and just assume that everyone has comprehended it.

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Since everyone is fine with it, this seat will now explain the levels of cultivation, which must be something that everyone is more concerned about."

As expected.

As soon as his voice trailed off, countless people looked forward to it.

"What the State Master said is extremely true, although we all know how to cultivate and have a bit of True Qi in our bodies, we are actually very puzzled about the cultivation levels."

"I implore the State Master to elaborate a bit."

"Willing to listen to a detailed explanation, it would be good to have the State Master answer one or two."

"The State Master is really a good man, we must remember the kindness of the State Master, the grace of cultivation is as good as the heavens made it."

"Then let's find a plaque to enshrine Lord Kunisada, that way we can also let Kunisada know our attitude."

"Good, regardless of whether we can repay the kindness or not, the attitude must always be clear and unambiguous."


After all kinds of thoughts, it was a real delight, and even Jiang lacked frequently nodded his head.

These people were still very loving.

At least they made one feel quite good, at least his Jiang Kou's heart was warm.

Very comfortable.

It was at least enough to show that he, Jiang Lack, was still popular, and that it was good to preach the world.

Jiang Chi swept a glance and said comfortably, "I am aware of your excitement, and since you all want to know, I'll make it clear."

Immediately, the crowd listened with ears wide open.

Jiang Ji slowly opened his mouth and said earnestly, "At the beginning of cultivation, there is a qi that is stored in one's body and in one's lungs.

This qi comes from heaven and earth, as well as from nature, and is called spiritual qi.

After absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for one's own use, one then uses the method of divine power to exercise one's body with supreme benefits, which is then transformed into true qi.

Begin to have, true qi through the whole body, the body's energy fusion penetration, there will be all kinds of supernatural appearances, there is a supernatural into.

True qi is mana, mana into a spell will come, everything will have a definite by also...."

Before explaining the cultivation levels, Jiang Gu was talking about the fundamentals of cultivation, where the true qi came from and what the divine spells were.

How to only utilize it properly, that was the fundamental thing.

It was only after hearing Jiang Xiao's words that the crowd came to a sudden realization.

It turned out that there was another kind of Qi in the world called aura, and it turned out that true Qi was what they had been taught after absorbing it into their bodies.

It turned out that true qi was mana, and when that mana came, the Avatar had its own.

Everything will be settled.

The practice will have a foundation, and it will no longer be rootless duckweed.

That's good.

The hearts of the people rejoiced greatly, so that their future cultivation would be clear and secure.


After explaining all of this, Jiang Ji said, "The path of cultivation has both light and dark, the good and the bad, the good being the righteous path and the bad being the devil's path.

Whether it is good or evil among them, it is not determined by one side's words, it is actually a fixed number that makes it so...."

The crowd: "..."

Is this how the demon evil came to be?

Those who were listening to the sermon were stunned and surprised.

"Then in the future, it's better to have a more righteous mind, or a more peaceful and circumspect mind."

"Yes, yes, yes, those of my generation who are in cultivation can never be that evil person, nor can they become evil just because they can cultivate."

"To cultivate is to transcend the ordinary, but not to be completely detached from the mortal world, we must be careful not to be an evil person after having a bit of strength, it's not worth it and it won't work."

"The wicked will be accepted by the heavens, but we cultivators must never be the ones to be on the side of evil."

"The State Master has bestowed us with creation, this kindness is as high as the heavens, and we must not fail the State Master."


This sentence from the bottom of his heart, listening to Jiang Jian was moved, this group of people is also quite lovely.

It was rare that they actually knew how to be grateful, and actually knew how to show affection.

Such people in other worlds were rare and basically non-existent.

With such a group of people, why wouldn't he want to work harder to help them?

Preaching will definitely have good results.

And so.

Jiang Ji was busy striking while the iron was hot and said, "Cultivation, when the cultivation of a strand of true qi begins, it will be collectively known as Houtian, at this time, Houtian realm cultivators are only a little stronger than ordinary people, and with some divine means are a bit extraordinary.

However, they are also capable of being killed, which means that cultivators in this realm actually have to work harder to cultivate."

"State Master, is there a more detailed division of this Houtian realm?"

Someone curiously asked, it was really that this Houtian realm was too general and too big.

For example, in the same realm, if everyone was in the Houtian realm, how could one distinguish who was stronger and who was weaker?

If this problem was not resolved, it would always make them feel uncomfortable.

After all, everyone wanted to be stronger.

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and where there are rivers and lakes, there are battles, and who wouldn't want to be number one in the world.

Even the Second Majesty would want to ah.

"Well, you're very perceptive."

Jiang Xiao said, "As you are worried, there are indeed more detailed realms below the Houtian realm, in fact there are more detailed small realms below each of the next realms.

This small realm is divided into early, middle, late, and great perfection, and as the name implies, it is an even more detailed division on each realm, so that it is also to facilitate a more detailed understanding of one's own realm.

Of course.

Other than these realms, the more detailed ones are not divided, and there is no need for further subdivision..."

Regarding the realm, Jiang Xiao continued to explain further.

It also let the crowd know that there were four other small realms in the Houtian Realm.

So, did these small realms apply to each of the major realms?

When someone raised this doubt, Jiang Xiao was very appreciative, although this person was not Li Er, nor was he a prince or noble, he was very perceptive.

In other words, he was smart.

And such smart people were the most rare and different.

They were the fundamentals of preaching the world.

Only these people grew up, and in the future they were also bound to be able to reside on one side and become ancestors.

Only those who were wise and moral would be able to live in this world for a long time.

As for those who were not smart in the head, even those who played tricks, they were ultimately just clever.

In reality, such people don't live long.

Jiang Xiao also couldn't help but take up the topic of recognition, "What you have just said is very right, you must not underestimate the people of the world, and you must not think that it's easy to go crooked, that will definitely ruin you yourselves.

Remember, remember!"

Only the righteous path is the true king's path.

And the evil and devilish paths are just small paths after all, difficult to ascend to the great hall of fame.

"The State Master has taught us a lesson, or the State Master is a kind and benevolent person, thinking of the people of the world ah."

"That's right, the State Master is a kind and benevolent person, we will definitely keep in mind the command of the State Master, and will never be that evil and devious person."

"I told you, a person like the National Master would never allow the existence of evil outsiders, after all, the heavens and the earth can't afford to be tossed around by strong people."

"I see, ah, in the future, we might have to wait until both the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace are established, to establish some system like the mortal world, otherwise there's no norms or guidelines for behavior."

There are times when people are cheap.

In fact, the existence of the Immortal Gods is also cheap, and they also need some rules and regulations to regulate their behavior.

Otherwise they will do as they please.

At that point, people would not necessarily be human.

The path of evil and crooked people should naturally also not exist in the world.

So I want some system to regulate it.

Otherwise, the world may have to be in chaos, and something may happen to the world because some people are powerful.

At that time, it might be a real fight between immortals, and mortals will suffer.

It was frightening to think about.

If anyone dares to disobey the advice and do something harmful to the heavens, this throne will definitely not forgive."

Everyone: "........"

Although no one believed it, they were nodding their heads frequently at the moment.

Some of them even began to assure.

Even His Majesty Li Er said with extreme agreement, "State Master, I think they're all right, in the future, the Heavenly Palace will have to establish a certain system, like in the mortal world, but everyone who makes a mistake will be punished, each one is just different."


Jiang Ji nodded and said, "There is some truth in what His Majesty said, but that's a matter for later, right now this seat is going to say the ugly things first, so don't offend anyone."


The crowd all nodded in response, their hearts happy.

Someone continued to start asking questions again.

"State Master, I wonder if there are other realms besides the Houtian realm that you are talking about?"

They were curious.

At the same time, they also felt that this was something they should do on the path of cultivation, they had to know something.

Jiang Ji smiled slightly, "Naturally there is also, after the Houtian realm, there is an Innate realm.

From Houtian to Innate is the process of transforming the body's Houtian True Qi into Innate True Qi.

As long as one completely opens the bridge of heaven and earth, penetrates the meridians of the entire body, and is filled with true qi, one will naturally become an Innate Realm cultivator."

At this point, Jiang Qian even paused a little.

Someone then asked, "State Master, then how can one penetrate the Bridge of Heaven and Earth?"

Jiang Ji said, "It's very simple, work hard and cultivate seriously, in time you will be able to break through to the Innate Realm, in fact it's not difficult."

Heard the crowd: "......."

If that's not hard, what is?

There's just nothing that's difficult in front of you, Lord of the State.

After all, you're so strong.

And they were just a group of ordinary people, even if there were a few of them who had stepped onto the path of cultivation, they weren't clear on the dao of it.

As soon as they heard Jiang Xiao's words, they all inexplicably smiled bitterly.

It was hard to say about such things as effort.

After all, their own families knew what they were doing, and many of them were really not very talented.

At this moment, they continued to laugh bitterly as soon as they heard Jiang Guiao's words, "State Master, I don't know what other realms there are behind, so why don't you tell us all together."

It was also good to let everyone know.

After all, they would have to experience it sooner or later.

Jiang Ji nodded, "The next realm is the legendary State Master realm, those who can break through to this realm are all without exception Master Masters, and are considered a generation of Masters on earth..."

Next, Jiang lacked said about the Ancestor Realm and the Great Ancestor that followed, the Foundation Establishment Realm.


Then there was the JieDan Realm, which was even more powerful than the Foundation Establishment Realm, and it was only at this point that one could truly step within the threshold of immortal cultivation.

Of course.

Because Jiang Hou wanted to create a group of gods quickly, he probably couldn't wait for these people to become strong at the JieDan Realm.

Probably when most of them broke through to the Ancestor Realm, he would have to start his god-making plan.

For the sake of the origin power, he was open to it.

It also had to be done this way.

It was to forcibly create the Heavenly Palace, forcibly open up the Earthly Palace, and make those at the Ancestral Master realm become gods.

"This method is not very desirable, but it's the best way for now."

Jiang mumbled, "After all, I can't wait too long ah, so what if something happens."

The levels of cultivation, Jiang Kou only said that it ended at the YuanYing realm.

And there was no need to know the rest.

It was still far away from those who heard it, still long and unknowable.

Finish saying the levels.

Those who heard it all looked forward to the future where they would become gods, and become that existence that dominated over ordinary living beings.

Of course, the fact that Jiang Gou was going to do something next made them all even more excited.

--After all, the people listening to the sermon below were very serious and hardworking, so Jiang Xiao also had the feeling that these listeners were ordinary, so he planned to....


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