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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1081 - Scraps? (subscription sought)

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Li Er was embarrassed.

For a moment, he felt like he was the rumored loser, wasn't he?

The kind with no talent.

Studying requires talent, and cultivation also requires talent to be good.

As the Emperor of the Great Tang, Li Er naturally felt that his talent should be okay.

But it turned out that his talent really wasn't very good.

Listening to other people talk about how to cultivate true qi, and how he had the secret preaching of Jiang Qian, the national teacher.

It could be said that he was proud of his spring.

Li Er originally thought that no matter how bad his talent was, it shouldn't be unbalanced.

It didn't seem so now.

Other people were able to cultivate true qi, not to mention how many true or false ones there were, at least such people existed.

Since they existed, people were the one in a million geniuses.

And yet, they were not able to cultivate.

The said talent that was unparalleled seemed to have become a falsehood.

How could he, Li Er, have any talent.

However, as the Emperor of the Great Tang, it seemed disgraceful for him to say that he had failed to cultivate.

It was a very bitter thing to say.

Not very desirable.

So what should be done.

Li Er chanted his gaze and slowly looked around in a circle, finding quite a few people bragging.

But how many of them were true or false he couldn't say.

But there were still really people who had cultivated true qi, there was no doubt about that, which meant that people with exceptional talent still existed.

Right now.

Anyone could fail to cultivate, only he, Li Er, couldn't.

Because he was the emperor of the Great Tang, because he was unique, because he was once also unbeatable.

Therefore, the past was also destined to make him, His Majesty Li Er, highly sought after.

Once others knew that he had yet to succeed in cultivation, how would his daughter's face be put on the line.

This wasn't right.

It really felt that as an emperor, he should be the first to be able to cultivate.

One couldn't help but feel a bit tolerant, especially since Li Er felt so complicated.

"Once everyone knows, if I am not able to cultivate yet, there is no guarantee that there will be a big mess."

At any rate, he was once a strong man, so why couldn't he cultivate.

Could it be that talent could really determine everything in this world?

In that case, it would make one think a little bit, could it be that he really is the legendary loser?

It doesn't seem like it's incompetent ah.

Li Er muttered, "Although I am the Emperor of the Great Tang, although I am the Lord of the World and the Emperor of Man, I don't know how many people are actually looking at me and laughing at me."

That's even worse.

It must not be like that, at any rate, I can still brag about it now.

And so.

Li Er also hurriedly asked, "Guanyin maidservant, have you ever succeeded in cultivating?"

Although Empress Changsun was an intelligent person, she did not want to brag nonsensically, let alone talk nonsense.

She thought for a moment, then whirled around and said, "Second brother, I can feel a faint flow of air moving through my body, but I don't know if it's true qi or not."

Li Er: "........"

What could he say.

Only secretly envious, but on the surface appreciated, "Guanyin maidservant, this is true qi didn't run away, I didn't expect you to be a genius, great."

Without waiting for Empress Changsun to reply, Li Er asked at the others, "Boss, Third and Fourth, have you guys ever felt true qi?"

But you can practice?

He mumbled words, his mind agitated.

Secretly, he said, "Could it be that these few brats can all cultivate successfully, then only I will be miserable."

At this time, Li Er actually hoped that Li Cheng Qian and the others wouldn't be able to cultivate, or else his son would overpower my son's authority.

Li Chengqian suddenly froze and said, "Back to Father, my son... my son was unable to sense any air currents, so I guess he didn't succeed in cultivation."


That's good.

Li Er patted Li Cheng Qian's shoulder, "Gao Ming ah, you probably didn't know, it's still early days, if you won't, you won't, I won't blame you."

At least this son is honest.

Although his talent was as bad as his own, and although his comprehension was equally bad, he actually felt that Li Chengqian was quite hardworking.

It was rare to see that too.

Swirlingly, Li Er's gaze fell on Li Ke and Li Tai at the side again, "What about you two?"

Is it also unknown?

Or is it a little different from Lee Seung-cheon, who can sense the flow of air?

So, are these two sons people who can practice?

Before his second majesty Li could think too much, he heard the third, Li Jian, say, "Back to father, my son doesn't dare to deceive father, and hiddenly I can also sense some air currents flowing."

It was as if a terrifying light was flickering.

Was this also a successful cultivation?

Li Ke was confused, he didn't feel like it, but he hadn't experienced it before, so he wasn't sure what kind of state it was to be successful in cultivation.

Jiang Xiao didn't make it clear either.

Frankly speaking, Li Vitor didn't believe that he would be able to cultivate, after all, he understood the truth of shooting a gun more than anyone else.

The eldest Li Chengqian couldn't even cultivate, he was only the third, if he suddenly could cultivate, it would be like a blow to Li Chengqian.

There was another point that was also important.

Li Chengqian was the crown prince, while he, Li Ke, was just an ordinary prince, and now His Majesty Li Er hadn't even started to crown the king.

At the same time, he was also a bit unsure of Li Er's attitude.


After hearing Li Vitor's words, Li Er instinctively just didn't believe it, "Are you sure you can sense air currents?"

Li Ke didn't dare to lie and said directly, "Back to Father, how would I dare to tell a lie ah, these are all true, it's just that I'm not sure if I can cultivate, so..."

He also looked at Li Er a little embarrassed.

In a short while, Li Er understood what he meant, and couldn't help but smile wistfully and say, "If I guessed correctly, you should have good talent, and are considered to have stepped onto the path of cultivation, in time you should also be able to gain something, so work hard."


Li Ke was delighted, but Li Er on the side was already depressed.

He originally thought that Li Chengqian San, Li Ke, and Li Tai brothers were all following him, and he originally thought that their talent was not good.

But now it seems different, the eldest, Li Chengqian, is really following him, while the third, Li Scorpion, is not following him.

The talent was good.

Being able to embark on the path of cultivation is also good for Li Ke, and his future achievements are infinite.

Thinking that he should be awesome if he had the chance.

For this reason, Li Er also inevitably looked up to Li Ke, and this third son of his actually impressed him.

Rather, it was really extraordinary.

Very good.

Although Li Er was a bit depressed and struck in his heart, he was still grateful on the surface and said, "In the future, you'll be able to cultivate well, and I think you'll be able to learn something by following the State Master."

Li Ji: "........"


In the end, he agreed.

Although he wasn't sure why his own father would say that, and although he didn't understand why big brother Li Chengqian couldn't practice, he figured he really couldn't practice.

This was not necessarily a bad thing.

At the very least, in the future, when Li Cheng Qian inherits the throne of the Great Tang, he, Li Vu, can also cultivate his own immortality.

To prove immortality it doesn't smell good?

Is it bad to be a supreme being?

Filled with joy, he respectfully said to Li Er, "Please rest assured, Father, in the future, my son's heart will be focused on cultivation, and I will definitely cultivate to a clear understanding."

Such frank words were tantamount to telling Li Er, Empress Changsun and Li Chengqian that he, Li Ji, would not participate in the competition for the throne.

Li Er naturally understood.

Only at this moment, the corners of his mouth twitched, while his heart was extremely unbalanced, "I am appointed by the heavens and am the son of the true dragon, why am I so miserable when I am not subject to the changes of the heavens and the earth?"

He was so bitter.

In his heart, he was as helpless as if he was a thousand times helpless, "At any rate, he is an emperor on earth, he is at any rate the Lord of the Great Tang, but now his talent for cultivation is actually inferior to that brat of his own."

What is this?

He cried and laughed up, his heart was so unhappy.

Fortunately, Li Ke was Li Er's own son, so he didn't say anything more.

And then proceeded to ask the next person.

Li Tai.

His Majesty Li Er's fourth son, who was also a man whose talents were all extraordinary and who had once been the envy of Li Er.

Now, Li Er looked at Li Tai and asked, "Green Sparrow, what about you?"

Li Tai was puzzled by the words and said, "Back to Father, my son is now feeling a stream of air flowing endlessly in his body, and I don't know why.

Could this be the true qi that the State Master spoke of?

Could it be that I've unintentionally stepped onto the path of cultivation, but I'm not quite ready to cultivate right now."

As he said these words, Li Tai was also helpless.

He was a bit overwhelmed and baffled, remembering that Jiang Qiao hadn't said anything about what kind of state it was after successful cultivation.

The current feeling made him baffled, "Father, you've seen a lot, are you saying that I am now a successful cultivator?"

Li Er: "........"

If this isn't considered successful cultivation, then what is considered successful cultivation?

The corners of his mouth twitched up, wishing he could slap Li Tai to death, this kid was too capable and too showy.

It was really infuriating, especially for someone as poorly gifted as him, Li Er, he felt good.

"This brat, he's clearly taking advantage of the situation."

What an honor to be able to cultivate successfully, and yet he still acted as if he didn't want it.

What was this?

Thus, Li Er then unceremoniously slapped Li Tai's head and said, "O Qing Que, don't think about anything else, and just cultivate well.

Maybe one day, when you're done with your cultivation, you'll be able to become a strong party, or even become that god who rules over the lives of thousands of creatures."

That would be good too.

For that reason, he, Li Er, was envious ah.

There was no telling how Jiang Ji would proceed with his sermon next, in order to allow someone with such a terrible talent to practice as well.

Anyway, Li Er was of the opinion that this matter was still very difficult.

After all, this was immortal cultivation ah.

A bad talent is a bad talent, and a bad qualification is a bad qualification.

He also wanted to cultivate, and didn't want to be seen as having poor talent, that would be a bit too undignified as well.

Li Er felt that he was an emperor and couldn't be looked down upon by a group of people who were once inferior to him.

Otherwise, what would become of him?

"Although my talent is poor, and although I am one of those one-in-a-million, the ultimate loser.

However, I can also go against the grain ah."

Li Er secretly thought, after feeling this way, his heart was much more comfortable.


Just proceed like this.

Li Er murmured words, his gaze burning with its own radiance, "Green Sparrow, you must not be proud, the State Master is very strict with people, your achievements at this point are nothing in the eyes of the State Master, you still need to cultivate even harder in the future."

"Is that so?"

Li Tai was slightly stunned at the words, "Father, my son is less well read, don't lie to me."

"So, it's me who made you read less?"

One of Li Er's old faces instantly darkened, "You brat still don't hurry up and get out of my way, seeing you is annoying, what's the point of being able to cultivate in the district, if you can get the favor of the State Master, that's the safest thing to do."

Li Tai: "........"

Without a doubt, Li Er's words made him feel his eyelids jump.

In his heart, he couldn't help but think, "Can that Jiang Lacking Jiang Grand Master of the State, favor me?"

I'm just afraid that there will never be a chance in this life, he felt a shiver as he thought of Jiang lack's strict appearance.

Truly feeling a bit tearless.

What should be done about this.

Is it hard to show off the talent he had hidden for years?


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