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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1080 - The Main Character (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Where will he ah.

Preaching this kind of thing had no relevance to him Cheng Zumo.

Honestly, he didn't really know anything about it.

Just saying that he could cultivate was just a mere boast in front of people.

It was only because of good face that he said it.

But those people caught him and asked him to explain how to cultivate, which Cheng Chu Mo wasn't afraid of, and a casual sentence of the law not to spread six ears would have stonewalled him.

But now his own father actually came to ask a question as well.

How could he answer this.

It seemed that he couldn't explain, and it seemed that this lie was about to be pierced.

He felt depressed, his own father Cheng Bite Jin nothing to join in the fun ah, is simply adding to the trouble.

He was so embarrassed.

What kind of ghostly dao to speak, he Cheng Chu Mo also can't ah.

That speech just now was all nonsense, where does he know any cultivation dao, he doesn't even have a single strand of true qi in his body.

"Dad, don't make a scene."

Cheng Chuanmo hurriedly pulled Cheng Bite Jin and said, "If you want to talk about us father and son also go back and talk, it's not good to be outside."


Cheng was furious at the words and glared, "What, you little brat still have a problem with it?"

What does this mean.

Daring to disobey him Cheng Bite Jin, really doesn't know how to live ah.

Immediately wanted to teach this bastard of his own a lesson, who knew that Cheng Chenmo then hurriedly said, "Dad, the way must not be preached lightly, this is what the State Master said, besides, what is this place?"

"What place?"

Cheng was stunned and asked, "Is it a restaurant and you kid doesn't dare say anything?

What a face I'd have on my face if you'd told me."

This kid, what a jerk.

He felt so angry for not giving him Cheng's long face.

It was not a good feeling in his heart.

"Dad ah, don't hit me."

Seeing that something was wrong with Cheng Bite Jin's stance, Cheng Chenmo was busy saying, "It's not appropriate to hit someone, it doesn't fit your status."

"How is it inappropriate?"

Cheng's eyes were round and angry as he said, "Isn't your old man your old man?"

It's only right that I beat up my son, what's inappropriate.

He didn't think about it that much.

Now his hands were itching.

Just wanting to punch someone, especially when he saw the smug look on Cheng's face.

Just simply wanting to.

But Cheng Chenmo didn't want to get beaten up anymore and continued, "Dad, so many people are watching now, and besides, the day's rest will soon be over, so we have to hurry into the Dao Palace to listen to the sermon."

"What you kid said seems to make some sense." Cheng frowned, "The State Master preached the world, listening to his sermons as if he was drunk, it's greatly rewarding ah.

It's true that it's not good to beat up your boy in full view of the public, and it's also true that it's not good.

There are plenty of opportunities anyway."

It's also possible to beat up afterwards, in the worst case, it's the same thing.

Cheng Bite Jin thought so.

Thus, he then released Cheng Chuanmo and instructed, "I see that His Majesty and the others already have a cultivation eyebrow, so don't you kid drag your feet."


Cheng Chuanmo could only agree first, but at the same time, he also asked curiously, "Dad, what about you, but do you know how to cultivate?"

"What do you care?"

Cheng Bite Jin glared at him in a bad mood, "You kid better mind your own business, huh?"

Cheng Bite Jin was upset in his heart.

In his opinion, Cheng Chenmo was purely pretending to be complacent.

Although he didn't know anything about cultivation, and how to determine if someone's natural aptitude was good or not, one thing he was sure of was that the brat from his own family was actually pretty badass.

He himself wanted to beat him up badly.

No respect for my son.

Cheng Chuanmo probably couldn't think of any of this, he just wished that his own father would leave quickly.

You know, in the past, this old man of his was a complete protagonist, brilliant in the first half of his life, and countless achievements in the second half of his life.

Cheng Chuanmo was actually very scared, what if his own old man had a stroke.

After all, this kind of thing had happened before, in other words it was already the norm.

Another thing was that he actually was a bit untrustworthy of his own father, "This guy is just a jerk, which time didn't he say he let me go, but which time didn't he brutally beat me up."

It was only after seeing that Cheng didn't indeed have the urge to beat himself up that Cheng Chu Mo was a little relieved.

He added, "Dad, after the State Master's sermon is over, let's go home and discuss it some more?"

Cheng Chu Mo felt that the brash and unreasonable old father of his family, Cheng Bite Gold, should actually be the one to comprehend the path of cultivation.

--After all, an existence like Cheng Bite Gold was clearly a mysterious strong man like the protagonist.

It looked very different.

What was cultivation, he didn't actually know.

It was fine to talk nonsense with those people outside, but with his identity as Young Duke Cheng, he could still temporarily suppress it and continue to fool people.

But people.

After all, he had to face reality, and now he felt that his old man should be able to cultivate.

So he planned to take a lesson.

"After all, I'm his son, so if he doesn't teach me, who will he teach."

Although there were two brothers in his own family, but he was just following his old man, it was the fate of the protagonist, just short of the protagonist template.

As for the younger brother, Cheng Chu Liang, then there is no protagonist's life, because he doesn't look like one.

"If I can obtain some cultivation methods from Old Dad, does that mean that all the promises I just made will actually come true?"

Wouldn't that be better.

It's nice.

It's also really fragrant.

Cheng Chu Mo was excited, feeling only a glimmer of hope and seeing a future filled with power.

But he probably didn't expect that Cheng would frown once he heard Cheng Sumer's words.

After a while.

He then asked, "Dispatcher, what do you mean by that?"

"Dad, I don't mean anything, I just want to discuss with you, you can see that many people have started to discuss."

As Cheng Chu Mo spoke, he also pointed to some people not far away, they were in groups of three or five, a few in a group, and they had started to discuss the sermon.

It was still very powerful.

Cheng was stunned and said, "And let them argue, they probably won't be able to argue."

A mere discussion of the Dao, what else is more important than this.


A bunch of earthly fowl and tile dog generation.

Cheng Bite Jin was confident and lofty and said, "O Chu Mo, don't you worry, when the State Master's sermon is over, when I return home your father will teach you the cultivation method, hahaha!"

He didn't know if Cheng Sumer would, but he must not.

Because that speech just now was all nonsense, it was made up out of random words, where in reality he could practice ah.

Although his old Cheng had once been young, it was true that he was also supremely strong and did know some tricks, and in the eyes of many people he was the protagonist life.

Even his own son Cheng Dumo thought so.

But in fact he really is not a protagonist, at least Cheng Bite Jin thinks so, he thinks he is an ordinary person.

It's really not much of a protagonist.

With a slight lift of his heavy gaze, Cheng continued, "Son, you must know that our Cheng family is the family of the State Duke, and this is all because your father fought to the death with a single sword."

"Mm, I know."

Cheng Chu nodded his head genuinely and said, "Father, are you now able to cultivate and strong ah, the reason why you don't say anything, the reason why you don't spread it out is just to reveal yourself in front of the State Master, then so that he can find out and thus pay attention to our Cheng family, is that right?"

Cheng Bite: "..."

Is that what you think?

He rather embarrassedly touched his nose, not saying, "Why don't I know, when was this again."

What cultivation or no cultivation, he didn't know ah.

It was a stunned look.

Surprised, Cheng looked at Cheng Chu Mo and thought to himself, "Is this still his own son?

It doesn't seem like it, when did he ever think like that?

Also, isn't this kid too cerebral, talking so much to himself, isn't he too high on himself."

Even though this was all very nice and sounded twice as dignified, he Cheng was comfortable and felt that this was the true unbridled life.

It was so uncomfortable for a while.

However, Old Cheng also understood very well that he didn't know how to cultivate anything at all, and what True Qi or anything else was not cultivated at all.

If he hadn't heard Cheng Chuanmo say something about true qi, he actually wouldn't even know what true qi was.

It only dawned on him now.


Cheng suddenly felt that this was quite good, so he didn't break it down, but said, "You're right, Chu Mo, this time your father I have to praise you once, after the State Master's sermon is over, we'll come back and discuss the sermon properly."

There might be a huge harvest.

Besides, he wouldn't say it through, so it would be fine to let Cheng Sumer misunderstand it further.

Because he knew that once Cheng Zumo found out that his oldest son, that is, he, Cheng Zumo, wouldn't still be practicing, he would definitely be greatly disappointed.

"By the time the State Master's sermon is over, I guess my old Cheng should already be able to practice."

Cheng Bite Jin silently thought to himself, now that many people didn't actually know the cultivation method because Jiang Xiao was only preaching.

The people who were able to get away with cultivating True Qi were invariably existences with unparalleled talent and qualifications.

Such people were good at it themselves.

But he, Cheng Bite Jin, didn't believe in this evil, the future trend was to become immortal and ask for immortality.

Once he, Cheng Bite Jin, was unable to cultivate successfully, it would definitely have an effect on the future.

A mere mortal courtier may be considered a person within a country, but once outside of this range, he is guaranteed to be nothing.

His old Cheng actually saw very far.

And it seemed quite good to let Cheng Sumer continue to misunderstand.

That's how Cheng felt.

However, Cheng Chenmo didn't know this ah, he only felt a bright light and secretly said, "Old dad he really knows how to cultivate, I told you, I Cheng Chenmo there is still a possibility that I am pretending, it's nonsense, but my dad he is Cheng Chenmo, but he is the main character in general, there is absolutely no mistake."

To this, Cheng Chenmo was full of confidence.

It was confidence in his old man Cheng Chenmo, and the prestige Cheng Chenmo had accumulated over the years had taught him to be calm.

As expected.

Cheng Bite Gold was still the same Cheng Bite Gold.

Both Old Cheng and Young Cheng probably didn't think that Jiang Di had actually noticed all of this long ago, but he hadn't even nudged to break it down.

In the case of the Cheng family's father and son, on the other hand, there were many more, and it was impossible for him to explain them all.

Whether or not he could cultivate successfully, whether or not he could become a god, it wasn't up to him to decide right now.

After all, things like talent weren't up to him either.

Those with strong talent would naturally be able to cultivate in a short period of time, while those with poor talent would not have the opportunity to do so.

After all, Jiang Xiao hadn't actually talked about the so-called cultivation method there, and he hadn't even started on the realm of cultivation.

Everything was still very early.

After he had explained the cultivation method, perhaps those with average talent would be able to cultivate.

Such as this Cheng Bite Gold.

Also like that Second Li Majesty.

Because the people who were filled with embarrassment inside were likewise Li Er and his sons.

As the Emperor of the Great Tang, he, Li Er Li Shimin, was an emperor, a true and genuine emperor.

He actually had tremendous abilities when Jiang Chi had not descended into this world, but the breakthrough was different now.

After Jiang Jiankou's sermon, His Majesty Li Er found something very wrong coming.


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