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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1079 - Bragging (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Mortals were just mortals after all.

That was Jiang lacked the comment that he found mortals too much trouble.

Otherwise it would be so nice if he kept smoothly finishing the Dao all the time.

Now that it was so intermittent, he felt that he was broken, and he didn't know how to speak next.

The way of cultivation, no fate is no fate.

Half of it is not forced to come.

Nor does it have any meaning, let alone any effect to speak of.

The people went to eat and drink enough, along the way to talk about all kinds of hearing the Dao income, harvest to come huge.

They were overjoyed.

For a time, this one person are flying up, the more excited to say.

For example, in a teahouse.

A rugged, mighty-bearded man said boldly: "You may not know, these two days, after listening to the State Master's sermons, I have been able to cultivate the supreme method.


You may not know that I have successfully cultivated the True Qi that the State Master said, and I will be able to embark on the path of cultivation."

Others: "......."

That's lucky, but why are you showing off?

It was said as if they hadn't been able to practice.

But even if they couldn't practice, they couldn't say it at the moment.

Gotta pretend.

It was fun to pretend that they knew a lot about cultivation.

And so.

A blue-clothed man next to him slightly arched his hand in the direction of the Dao Palace, then said grudgingly, "It just so happens that my son is now also cultivating true qi because of the preaching of the State Master, and will also be able to become a Daoist after time."

As soon as he finished speaking, a shaggy-haired old man beside him also stepped forward and said, "You probably don't know that during the sermon, the State Master secretly passed on my divine powers and wonderful methods, and I can also become a supreme dao, hahaha."

The rest of them: "......."


They were amazed and frowned.

Was it really that good?

You're not the illegitimate son of the Imperial Counselor, are you? He would secretly teach you his magic powers?

What a joke.

In the minds of the rest of us, that was unbelievable.

This is by no means possible.

However, since you can blow it, I can naturally blow it as well, and the others even felt that they were valued by Jiang Lack.

Why on earth can you be valued and they can't be valued.

The hearts of the people were suddenly confused and dissatisfied.

Thus, people frequently began to loudly proclaim.

"Hehe, you probably can't imagine it, I am the chosen relative of the State Master's great family, two days ago, when the State Master preached his sermon with a brilliant tongue, while you were all listening as if you were drunk, he waved his big hand and more than a dozen golden lotuses entered my body, now I am different from you."

"I'm not afraid to tell you that I've done my best to gain the true heritage of my country's master, and now that I'm all in one piece, you people will be crying and kneeling and begging for me from now on."

"What kind of harvest are you all counting, I'm the one calling it harvesting alright, the State Master has already promised me a divine throne."


It seemed that the more they talked, the more outrageous it became, and in their eyes, they were the ones that Jiang lacked valued.

It had to be a fight to win or lose.

It was as if they were the one who was destined to win, the one who was valued by the Jiang lacking master.

If it wasn't then it wouldn't work, there would be no protagonist's life, and they would be inferior to others.

After thinking of this, more and more people began to brag, thinking of wrapping themselves up in the best way possible.

They would never dream that Jiang Lack actually did nothing, everything was boasted by those people themselves.

Which had nothing to do with him.


Just like a white-clothed, white-skirted gentleman phantomly said, "This gentleman was born with an unparalleled talent and qualification, and in no way is it comparable to a rat like you, in a few days this gentleman will be the number one person under the State Master."

It seemed really good ah.

Hearing Jiang Ji stunned, he secretly said, "When did I say that I would recruit these people as my men?

Also, when did I teach these people the supreme path?"

What a surprise.

He locked his eyebrows and just felt that these people were really too terrifying and inevitably too difficult to brainstorm.

Hearing him stunned, he couldn't help but think to himself, "Did Jiang someone really, at some point, inadvertently teach all the Great Dao Techniques to these people together?"

But when was this?

He didn't even have a half-remembered memory, could it be that he was mistaken?

But then again, no, you know your own situation best, it should be said that there is no other possibility.

Now that the situation seems like this, it should only be these people's respective brains.

In fact.

There were indeed and not a few people who were able to cultivate true qi within two days of his sermon.

This meant that there were talented people as well, and there were quite a few of them.

Of course.

Compared to the entire crowd of people listening to the sermon, it was still a bit too far off.

After all, there were quite a few people who came to hear the sermon, and most of them were just ordinary people, even if there were some noblemen, they did not make up the majority.

After a while of this comparison, the situation became clear and the difference was still there.

Of course.

Jiang Mo also saw clearly that most of the people were actually bragging about how unbeatable they were after two days of hearing the Dao.

Hearing the people around them were so envious, this was a rare and great opportunity, so why didn't they succeed in their own cultivation.

They would indeed think so.

"I've heard that those dukes of state have already cultivated true qi, I don't know if it's true."

"With their skills, they can definitely cultivate and be successful."

"Yeah, if they have money at home, they can purchase unlimited resources for cultivation, unlike us who can only rely on our talent ah."

"That's right, people like us can only rely on our talent to cultivate, and now our cultivation is no worse than those dukes of state."

"Right, what do you guys think we'll be able to achieve when the State Master's sermon is over, is it possible that we'll all be promised divine positions by the State Master?"


For a moment.

These people who didn't have any cultivation and couldn't understand cultivation were suddenly staring at each other.

They were also looking forward to it.

Although they hadn't really succeeded in cultivation, it didn't affect their future ah.


They were a god themselves.

No matter what, they could still pretend to be a great god.

Just pretend to be great, but the people around them didn't know the specifics anyway, and couldn't possibly check anything themselves.

Brag well.

Act as if anyone wouldn't.

We all know, it's just nonsense, they're good at it.


The bragging is even worse.

For example, those calves from Cheng's family are bragging in a restaurant right now.

"You guys are unaware that when the State Master started preaching two days ago, even that old man of mine didn't know how to cultivate yet, and I already knew and cultivated true qi."

Cheng Chuanmo said with a smile on his face, "You are not aware of the golden lotus in your tongue, you are not aware that those golden lotuses are actually good treasures, not only did they make my body old illnesses and injuries all gone, already intact, they also made my cultivation speed up a lot, successfully making me an immortal cultivator..."

"That's right, we were present at the beginning of the sermon of the State Master, so why don't we all cultivate the truth?"

"As far as I know, it's not that easy to cultivate immortality, and besides, the Dao spoken by the State Master is so profound that we don't understand it."

"How can this be?"

"I don't understand or understand the meaning of this, but I don't know why, so why don't we just let Young Master Cheng explain it to us?"

This really seemed to work.

It was still pretty good.

How am I supposed to explain it to you if I don't even know how to practice it."

It doesn't work.

It still won't work, "If it's revealed, these people won't be able to eat me alive, after all, I'm not the same as them after all.

I'm already bragging in front of Pops about how I can be, and I've already said how I will be.

If it's revealed, who will believe what I, Young Duke Cheng, will say in the future."

Basically, no one would believe it anymore.

After thinking of these situations, Cheng Chuanmo said, "Oh, what do you guys know, cultivating one wonderful thing.

However, it's not like you guys can't say it directly, in case you guys spread it out, it's not good."

But once those people heard Cheng Chu Mo's words, where were they willing to let him go ah.

"Young Master Cheng, just tell us, we have a strict mouth, we definitely won't tell anyone."

"Yeah, we will never proclaim it out, we will definitely keep our mouths very tight."

"Little Duke, why don't you just do us a favor and also let us embark on the path of cultivation, so we can all have a helping hand in the future."

Isn't that good?

From now on, we will be friends, brothers, and as the saying goes, if we are brothers with one heart, we will break the gold.

That's how it works.

Isn't it good?

After thinking of this situation, everyone's flattery became even greater.

There was no way to say that in the future, all of them would have to rely on Young Duke Cheng, who was only a group of ordinary people, even if they gained the throne and became gods after all.


The more passionate these people became, the more passionate they became, the more Cheng Prefect Cheng felt his eyelids fluttering.

For a moment, he also regretted it, "If I hadn't been bragging about this just now, even, if I hadn't been bragging about this, wouldn't the outcome have been a bit different."

This really was possible.

Cheng Chuanmo secretly said, "If they all knew that I was just a parallel, wouldn't they want to beat me violently."


Definitely can't let these people brutally beat themselves, or else they'll break their faces and be finished for life.

Thinking of this, Cheng Chuanmo continued with a straight face and said, "Oh, you probably really don't know that the Tao must not be spoken lightly and the Law must not be preached lightly, that's how the so-called Law is not preached with six ears."


The crowd: "..."

Is there still such a thing?

They all frowned as they thought to themselves, "This can't be Cheng Dumo's nonsense, is he not talking out of his ass?"

It couldn't be that he didn't want to explain.

That was quite possible, after all, Cheng Sumer was a person who would preach a bit of righteousness, he wouldn't talk much about anything other than being a bit showy.

Preaching this kind of thing was also like playing to the bull for him.

It's actually possible to not be able to preach.

Also the law does not spread six ears, who taught you to say all this.

It's really laughable.

The others are naturally a bit depressed, you Cheng Sumer and they are not a grasshopper on the same rope anymore.

You bounced.

Cheng ChuMo but feel bitter, the price of lying and boasting has finally come, but he does not want to bear the consequences ah.

Is lying and bragging always this result.

He merely said that he would cultivate, but did he want to be roasted at the stake?

He found it so hard to be human.

It was especially hard to be a genius.

It was terrifying and scary.

If it was possible, Cheng Chenmo really regretted that he shouldn't have come out to brag about it.

It was fortunate that his own father didn't tell him to preach, otherwise that consequence would have been unpredictable ah.

Thinking about it made my brain hurt.

What kind of Dao would he preach, he really doesn't know anything.

It was very painful.

Suddenly, a flooded voice sounded, "O Premuo, so you already know how to cultivate, and you've even cultivated true qi, when did you kid become so powerful?"

Without waiting for Cheng Chu Mo to reply, the flooding voice continued, "If that's the case, then you should also give your old son my sermon."

Cheng Chenmo's heart was bitter, so he couldn't help but shout, "Father, I..."


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