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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1078 - Hungry (Seeking Subscriptions)

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As the saying goes: man is iron and steel, and he is hungry without a meal.

They may be really hungry.

Jiang Ji secretly mused, "I was supposed to preach like this for ten or eight days, but now only two short days have passed and these people are a bit unable to handle it ah.

What can we do about this?"

Don't wait for these people to starve themselves to death instead of succeeding in their cultivation.

That wouldn't be too wonderful ah.

After thinking of this, Jiang Qiao felt a headache in his head, "What should we do next?"

How about we get these people to get something to eat before we continue with the sermon?

But wouldn't that be a bit bad?

After all, the Word can be the very Word.

How can something like a sermon just be stopped.

Can't stop ah.

But on the other hand, people are iron and rice is steel, not eating is afraid to panic.

Jiang Qiao felt that he had already seen many people start to panic, probably because they hadn't eaten for two days, and because they themselves were not able to ward off panic, which led to this very awkward situation right now.

Still very miserable.

What can we do about this.

When Jiang Ji saw this, he couldn't help but look strange and helpless for a while.

Even if he had become a Great Tang State Master, he was feeling a headache at the moment, how should he go about solving this problem.

Without stopping it, he was afraid that these people would really starve to death, and then there would be no point in him preaching the world.

Even if he was able to revive these people, even if he had great supernatural powers, it seemed that these so-called supernatural powers were meaningless now.

Jiang Xiao felt a bit bitter.

Looking depressed up, he continued to think, "If that's the case, should we really stop for a bit, lest His Majesty Li Er is all starved to death by then."

In case Li Er died as well, then things would be a big deal.

After thinking of this, Jiang Chi could not help but chant, "Just think that I, Jiang Chi, am still a merciful and righteous person, even though I have already broken through to the Human Immortal realm.

Some things can't be too harsh on others, or else something will happen."

Li Er and the others were just ordinary mortals, how could they be asked to instantly cultivate a successful supreme art.

It wasn't very realistic.

Nor did it make sense to exist.

He muttered to himself, "If we really continue preaching for a few more days, maybe these people will all starve to death."

Jiang Xiao secretly thought to himself that such a day might not be too far away.

--After all, on the one hand, it was the Immortal Dao, the Supreme Fate of Immortality; on the other hand, it was endless hunger, which should be able to be resisted.

When it couldn't be resisted, it would be the most miserable time of all.

It would probably be terrifying.

He thought silently, and his face became somewhat gloomy, "It's just that then the sermon wouldn't go too well, and it would be flawed, ah."

It was unpleasant, though this point made him feel so angry inside.

But there was nothing he could do about it now, there was no way he could fix it, he did know how to refine the Grain-Shattering Pill, but if he made it this time, he might as well let those who were listening to the sermon go for a good meal.

Maybe it would be more effective.

Jiang Ji continued to murmur, "Just, who asked me to be so compassionate and righteous, let them leave for now, only when they have enough to eat and drink will they have a chance to comprehend and obtain that supreme dao ah."

Otherwise, it was all just floating clouds.

After thinking this through, Jiang Xiao stopped preaching.

Only, before he could say anything else, he heard someone raise their hand.

Raise your hand if you have a question.

This was what Jiang Ji requested, and he felt that this was the only way to have rules.

Otherwise, without rules, there would be no circle, and without a circle, his sermon could not continue.

That would not do.

Upon hearing this from Jiang Chi, those who raised their hands were busy saying, "State Master, but... can we go eat something, we're so hungry."

"Yeah, now we can't even concentrate."

"As it turns out, we're all still just mortals, no match for an existence like the National Master's that has already opened up the valley."

"Let's eat, we need to eat."


Numerous people who had heard the word began to raise their hands and speak, listening to Jiang lacking in a daze.

He twitched the corners of his mouth in a bad way, thinking, "If that's the case, then it's not like he can starve all these people to death."

Who would he find to cry to if he starved to death, after all, he was going to treat all these people as immortal seeds.

He only looked forward to the day when he could open up the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace and free up countless divine thrones and have someone to take up the slack.

Without a doubt, these people in front of him were the best template.

Perhaps they could be released.

In order to demonstrate his benevolence, after all, Jiang Gui felt that he himself was the State Master, even though he had already opened up the valley.

However, most of the people in this Dao Palace were existences that had not and could not dispel valleys.

It was because of these circumstances that Jiang Chi nodded slightly, "In that case, then er go down and eat something first, lest you starve."

If we starve, how can we listen to the Dao.

Maybe we won't be able to listen to the sermon next ah.

So he wasn't going to continue preaching the sermon, he couldn't kill people, and then it would be a mistake after all.

No way.

After thinking it over, Jiang Ji did not wait for those people to thank him, then continued, "This time out, you should go out in an orderly manner.

When you return a day later, you should sit down as you do now.

In the future, the dao shall be changed to once every two days, with another day of rest, and if there are those who can cultivate, they can also take advantage of this day to cultivate well."

He laid down the rules.

At the same time, he also urged those other people to cultivate well, perhaps with unexpected results.

There were some people with good natural qualifications who had indeed begun to comprehend some extraordinary powers.

They had begun to cultivate.

Although the true qi in their bodies was still weak, and although their cultivation was not perfect, they could only be described as rusty.


This was already a good start.

It could at least show that a portion of people with very good natural qualifications had already started to embark on the path of cultivation under the preaching of Jiang Xiao.

This was of great help to the evolution, or promotion, of the Great Tang World.

It was excellent.

Next, Jiang Ji's gaze flickered and said once again, "Your Majesty, you and the others can also go and get some food first, the next sermon is still a long time away, it's fine to not eat or drink for a short time, but for mortal bodies like yours, it might not be a good thing."

Li Er: "........"

What do you mean, a mortal body like ours?

Are you not mortal?

Although Li's second majesty's heart was angry and annoyed, he actually had some understanding of things in his heart.

He also knew that Jiang Xiao had said a lot, and it was true that all of them in this house were just a bunch of ordinary people.

It was also necessary to eat and drink.

And currently, they were also really starving and almost dying at the same pace.

This was not necessarily a good thing.

While thinking of this, Li Er continued, "O State Master, since you've asked everyone to eat and drink something, I wonder if you need something to eat and drink?"

I can't forget about you.

Li Er thought so.

Even if it was only a very polite question, it would be necessary to ask.

Jiang Ji shook his head, while saying, "No need, I've been cultivating for many years and can already dispel valleys, even if I don't eat or drink for a year or two."

He no longer needed to get energy from food, but from aura.

That way, he could ward off the valley without eating or drinking, and he could also be energy conservative.

When the others went to eat and drink, Jiang Xiao suddenly said, "This seat still has some things to do, er free to do."

Anyway, there was a day off.

And, very strictly speaking, everyone could actually leave.

There was nothing wrong with that.

After all, Jiang Xiao didn't force anyone to stay and listen to the sermon, nor did he say which one of them had to stay in order to do so.

In the next time, Jiang Xiao's figure flickered and then disappeared.

Quite a few people were surprised to see him capable of this, "This kind of tactic is truly extraordinary, hiss..."

"As expected, Lord State Master is Lord State Master, and he's only afraid that he's already achieved supreme immortality ah."

"This kind of divine means is truly rare in the world."

"Only Lord State Master can display such supreme means, how could any other person have the ability to resist ah."

"Let's not talk about it, I'm hungry, let's hurry up and eat something to pad our stomachs, or else it'll be too much of a loss."

"Ugh, we're going to lose out this time, we're almost starving to skin and bones."


Those who already had a large amount of food were indeed at a disadvantage, and now they were even more miserable, their body's true qi operating and their mana fluctuating and changing.

However, still just a group of mortals, naturally not enough to see, they still had to rely on eating some food to maintain the energy their bodies needed.

This was the law of conservation.

Although no one understood it, going forward, life had to continue.

Soon, a group of people who were already starving began to go out to eat.

Because Jiang Xiao had already told them about the seats, they would just have to stay well.

How they went out, how they came back, and don't think of any innovations or anything that needs to be provoked.

In a nutshell.

How to come, how to go, how to return.

No one dared not take Jiang Liao's words to heart, after all, an existence like Jiang Liao's couldn't afford to offend anyone.

Especially those who listened to the word.

This day.

Whether it was those restaurants, teahouses, or restaurants near the Dao Palace, business was suddenly better.

All sorts of people were coming in and out, causing those bosses to already be smiling from ear to ear.

This time they made more money than they had in the past few months, and they were full almost every minute of the day.

This kind of scene was like pie in the sky for those individual bosses, it hadn't been like this for years.


It should have never been like this before, if it wasn't for the Dao Palace, if it wasn't for the reason that Jiang Xiao was preaching, I'm afraid that it would never be this lively around the Dao Palace.

For a time, there was actually a boiling of people.

Those individuals were like starving ghosts reincarnated, watching His Majesty Li Er frowned inwardly.

He pondered, "Are you all that hungry, one by one?"


It's not a time of famine, and those who don't know are afraid that the Tang established by his second majesty Li is no good.

It made him a little embarrassed the first time, "Just, these people are just a few days without food, wait for me to go eat something too."

Maybe it would be much better.

The others were hungry, he, Li Er, was equally hungry, and since he could go eat something, he naturally wouldn't let go of such an opportunity.

Soon, half a day of this day had passed, and everyone began to talk to each other about some interesting things.

For example, who was the first to have successful cultivation, and what happened to whoever.

And what was the legendary cultivation like, and was it difficult to meet the requirements of that underworld?

Is it possible that in the following time, they, too, have the opportunity to become that so-called cultivator?

If it is possible, then what is the next step in hearing the Word?

Is it really necessary to distinguish between geniuses and idiots?


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