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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1077 - Sermon (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Each person has their own destiny, Jiang Chi also does not explain the pouches, directly will have to start speaking.

There were ten thousand kinds of dao laws, and only when a person who cultivated could find the kind that belonged to him or her could he or she truly enter the threshold of cultivation.

"The beginning of the nameless world, the mother of all things..."

As the crowd sat down, Jiang Xiao announced the beginning of the sermon and then faintly spoke the word out.

It was his understanding of morality.

The crowd didn't understand it very well, but in this trance, it was as if they were in a trance, listening to it.

This wasn't the end.

In the following time, as Jiang Qian's sermon went deeper, the aura of heaven and earth began to gather towards the Dao Palace.

There was a Daoist divine light condensing.

A golden lotus emerged.

The heavens appeared in a vision, and countless auras condensed to form terrifying golden lotuses that scattered all around.

It was truly like a heavenly maiden scattering flowers.

No, this was clearly the God Lord descending into the world, banishment of immortals to the earth.

Otherwise, how could there be such a vision as this.

The appearance of the vision was naturally discovered by Jiang Qiao, "What's the use of a vision, it's just a little bit of aura wrapped up and looking good."

He really didn't feel good about it.

But to the people in this Dao Palace, these golden lotuses were simply life-saving lotuses.

It was actually somewhat nice.

In a happy mood, it was inevitable that they got a little excited.

Perhaps this was the benefit of coming to hear the Dao, this was a good thing that no one else could even ask for.

The crowd was as drunk as they were, half drunk and half awake, and they couldn't help but feel quite deep emotions.

"The State Master is really like an immortal ah, this kind of skill is definitely not something ordinary people can possess."

"This is a mouth-breathing golden lotus, this is a heavenly manifestation, this is the rhythm of becoming immortal ah."

"Wait, has Lord State Master already become an immortal?"

"Terrifying as hell."


Although the crowd was still listening to the sermon, the other half of their minds were actually concerned about Jiang Xiao.

They were eager to see what kind of things this State Master could draw out, and maybe they would have the chance to see even more terrifying visions.

That's what a divine vision is.

It was the true divine bells and whistles, that supreme immortal path ah.

For a moment.

The crowd that was envious up, ten thousand times more excited with their looks.


Previously, they had only thought that Jiang Chi was a deity that had survived the last catastrophe.

It didn't seem so at the moment.

It was very likely that Jiang Xiao was even stronger than they had imagined, and this was definitely not an ordinary deity.

It was very likely that it was an Immortal.

Even if it wasn't a true Immortal, it was definitely a banishment generation ah.

Thinking about it was thrilling, it was horrifying ah.

Truly horrified to the core.

They never thought that Jiang Xiao would be an Immortal.

If he wasn't an immortal, how could he spout golden lotuses or have visions whenever he preached?

All of this had clearly stated that Jiang Chi was an Immortal.

The golden lotus flying around all over the sky right now was also indeed related to him, and once it was integrated into his body, he would feel comfortable.

As if it was invulnerable to a hundred poisons.


It should be good for all diseases, after all, these golden lotuses were all made up of aura.

Perhaps for an immortal like Jiang Chi, this kind of golden lotus made up of aura probably wouldn't be of much use.

But for an ordinary person, whose body was originally full of ailments, now with the nourishment of the golden lotus, all illnesses would naturally be gone.

That's great.

Jiang Qian was also incomparably happy to hear it.

He secretly said, "Mouth-breathing golden lotus, am I Jiang someone that powerful?"

It seemed that he didn't even feel it himself ah.

The mind couldn't help but be secretly surprised and contemplated, "Could it be that because my preaching has brought prosperity to the Immortal Dao and promotion to this side of the world, it's celebrating and making a point?"

So that means he's doing the right thing?

After all, the world is behind it.

This seems to make sense, it sounds very interesting.

Jiang mumbled words, his gaze burning with its own radiance as he chanted various divine and extraordinary scriptures, thinking, "So it seems that these visions should be the support of this world's instincts."

Although it looked gorgeous and colorful, it was quite interesting.

A truly capable person would feel indifferent after seeing it, but an ordinary person would feel divine after seeing it.

It was like an immortal means ah.

Jiang Qian, the State Master, was clearly a banishment of immortals.

They had all misunderstood before.

This is the real big brother, the real strong man, the real stream of immortal gods.

Thinking about it they were excited, that is, they looked forward to it.


The likes of themselves were also valued by Jiang Qian, the Immortal, so did they have a chance to become Immortals as well.

Although they still didn't know the difference between becoming immortal and becoming a god, and although they were still half-drunk in Jiang Xiao's sermon at the moment.

However, they already had another thought in their hearts.

Was it possible to become a supreme supreme being?


Someone whispered.

"The State Master is actually an immortal, hahahaha, I'll just have to cling to the State Master's thigh from now on."

"Custody can achieve the path of immortality, guaranteed to become a supreme existence ah."

"Just the fact that the State Master is spouting golden lotus like this, looking like he has the future in his hands, looks really good, this is the true immortal, the true protagonist ah."



At the moment, many people felt that Jiang Jian was the template for the protagonist.

In their eyes, it's a pie in the sky for an immortal like Jiang Ji to come to the mortal world.

It's good.

It really was good.

Jiang Lack's gaze was burning and divine, taking in everyone's eyes, "Am I really the protagonist template for someone like Jiang?"

But there's no backstabbing of the scraps and no thirty years of the river.

What kind of template for a protagonist is this?

He didn't believe it.

To say that he, Jiang Lack, had unparalleled qualifications and was a powerful existence of unparalleled talent, then perhaps he would believe that he was the so-called protagonist template.

But unfortunately not ah.

To be lucky enough to become an immortal was already a case of possessing a vajra bracelet.

His Jiang Chi's Heavenly Immortal cultivation was all pushed up by the world origin that the vajra bracelet drew from.

If it had been him, he wouldn't have known how long he would have had to wait.

This was different.

But Jiang Qiao was well aware of how bad Yemeni Qing'er was, how bad his own natural qualifications were, and that was also a world record that had been refreshed.

If he just relied on his own cultivation, it might not be difficult to become a JieDan realm cultivator.

But to say that it was further, that would be huh.

It really wouldn't work.

Not enough talent, not enough qualification, no means no.

Even if you have a tough mind and mentality, no matter how hard you try, it's useless.

Maybe a lifetime of cultivation wouldn't be able to stop someone from practicing for a few minutes, that's what natural aptitude was for.

Jiang Gu was feeling lucky, but it was just a bit of luck, definitely not a template for a protagonist.

He didn't have that life either.

"As expected, the novels are all lies, what protagonist gets the creation of the heavens and the earth, it's impossible to have an oxymoronic existence at every turn.

There are very few pure existences like me in the heavens anymore."

What a bummer.

Perhaps with the passage of time, rather still....


Don't want that much.

"Let's preach the sermon first, or let's take this side of the world up a notch and get it promoted so that the world origin can also grow."

Preaching the world wasn't just preaching the world either, it also had its own purpose.

Jiang Qian was very frank.

Although he didn't say this to Li Er and others who were listening to the Dao, although he felt that it would be difficult to transform people like His Majesty Li Er and others into gods.


It could be not the full version.

It can be a castrated version, and then they will be allowed to become gods with their incense and divine power to create the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace as well.


Jiang Xiao felt that he was truly a genius.

This way, no matter how much divine power Li Er and the others had, and no matter what their divine positions were, in short, after the establishment of the Three Realms was completed, he, Jiang Chi, would definitely be the one with great merit and wisdom.

He would be able to have a better creation by then.

How nice.

This is really fragrant.

Thinking about him, Jiang was thrilled, so he preached even more vigorously.

All hated to tell some flowers or make this dao more understandable.

If they could make Li Er and the others understand it more deeply, would it be better if they were allowed to continue their cultivation.

The level of his preaching wasn't too high, but Li Er and the others couldn't tell if it was high or not.

They only felt that the sound of the Great Dao was right next to their ears, and they were listening to it like they were drunk.

It was very good.

They were satisfied in their hearts, and their mouths smiled deeply.

Including those princes and nobles, as well as those who had come from afar to hear the Dao, they were the focus for Jiang Gao, ah.

This was good.

As Jiang Gou spat out the golden lotus, a dragon and phoenix began to sing in unison, and numerous cries quickly rang out.

For a time it actually surprised many people, actually being able to see dragons and phoenixes, this life was worth it.

He looked forward to it.

Ten thousand excited, if they could, they would hate to open their eyes right now and take a good look.

Dragon and phoenix, the future was really extinct.


All of this should be the handiwork of Jiang lacking, the State Master, right? how could anyone else's words be capable of this.

Hmm, that must be it.

As expected, the State Master is a true Immortal.

He was the only one who had this kind of terrifying means, who else could have this kind of skill.

Thinking about it makes me feel anticipation, if one day they became immortal and gods, if they had the chance to ask for eternal life and achieve greatness.

Wouldn't that be a chance to see a Vacuum True Phoenix as well.

Come to think of it, it's probably possible.

There was still a great chance.

They murmured to themselves and continued, "I just don't know what time that time has gone."

I'm afraid that things have already gone to hell.

But it didn't matter, none of that mattered, what mattered was just being able to become an immortal god.

The next time.

The crowd then endured hearing with empty stomachs, unable to even focus their energy for a while.

This was something that Jiang Qian hadn't taken into consideration and hadn't figured out.

Why were all these people hungry, didn't they know about cultivation.

As long as one drew aura into their body, they could ward off valleys to a certain extent.

When one reached a certain level of cultivation, they would naturally be able to ward off valleys, for example, wouldn't he, Jiang Gou, have warded off valleys now.

That's great.

Just like for example, he, Jiang Someone, is not valley-clearing now, not hungry at all.

So he speaks with great relish.

As if he would never stop talking about him for ten days or eight days and would never stop.


But then, more and more sounds of stomachs rumbling were heard, causing Jiang Di to be slightly stunned.

He couldn't help but mutter to himself, "Could it be that these people are really hungry?"

Are you overdoing it a bit?


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