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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1076 - The Pope (Seeking Subscriptions)

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There were a total of nine pouches.

They were placed on either side of Jiang's position, five on the right and four on the left.

Many of the people who rushed in took a look at them and then sat down on the ground running next to them.

They didn't dare to say anything else.

Since there were nine futons placed here, it must have been arranged by the State Master.

The arrangement of the State Master, however, they could not break it, in case they were expelled then it would be a great loss.

After all, being able to come in was a great opportunity.

If they were kicked out, they would be afraid that they would cry to death.

Among the people who came, there were Taoist priests, monks, and even noblemen and ordinary commoners.

Everyone was afraid.

Thinking about those nine pouches Jiang Hou must have his arrangements.

Instead, there were some people who wanted to go up and sit, but when reminded by their companions, they involuntarily struck smart and got up in a panic.

They didn't know if they had been seen by Jiang Lack, but there was always a sense of bitterness.


Instead, there were a few dead pigs who were not afraid of boiling water, probably because they were thick-skinned and not afraid of anything, so they sat on the last futon.

The surrounding people were accusing him, but it was as if this brawny man hadn't heard the words of the people around him.

It's none of his business if you talk about the sky.

There were also people who considered themselves to be very smart who secretly thought about it, guessing Jiang lack's intention of placing the nine futons.

There were people who probably guessed, but there were also those who didn't.

And so.

The four futons on the left were quickly filled, except for the five on the right, none of them dared to sit.

Everyone was in an apprehensive mood, fearing that if they displeased Jiang Chi, they would lose out if they didn't preach the world in anger.

It might even be possible to become the public enemy of the world, and that would be even more of a loss than a gain.

Therefore, even though there were some people who sat on the four futons on the left because of their thick skin, they didn't have the guts to grab the five futons on the right again.

They were, after all, afraid of angering Jiang Liao, but Jiang Liao was a god-like existence.

Not something ordinary people could provoke.

An almost god-like existence, waving his hand and having oddities and divinities arising, this was definitely not something that an ordinary person could have.

It was terrifying to think about.

"Why don't we go over and sit down, after all, it's always good to have a pouf after all."

"Hmph, if you want to find death, don't drag us in, since the State Master is going to preach the world, there must be quite a few people coming, if he is going to arrange for pouches one by one, how many will he have to arrange?"

"From what I can see, these pouches must have been prepared by the State Master for some special people, once the State Master finds out that we've taken his pouches, what do you guess the State Master will think?"


This explanation seemed to make sense ah.

After all, it wasn't possible for nine pouches to appear here for no reason, and to say that it had nothing to do with Jiang Liao, the State Master, the people present would never believe it.

What kind of status was the State Master, he dared to rob his old man's things, wasn't he tired of living.

Anyway, many people felt that it was better not to touch these pouches, in case it was really what they guessed, wouldn't it be evil for Jiang lacking the State Master.

They wouldn't even know how they would die by then.

That would be truly tragic.

It was better to sit quietly and orderly cross-legged beside them, even if it was only a medium, than to offend Jiang lack.

As soon as this was said, the four people on the left side of the pouches couldn't hang their faces.

Yes, their faces were indeed thick.

But if they were disliking Jiang Lack, then no matter how thick their skin was, it wouldn't look good enough.

Right now.

Even they themselves were beginning to wonder if Jiang Liao had really arranged it this way on purpose.

To test the hearts of people with this?

Or perhaps, these pouches originally had a special intention.

Now that they snatched them over and sat down, wouldn't that be to ruin Jiang Wu's arrangement, to ruin someone's plan?

The more they thought about it, the more their hearts felt heavy, and just because their faces were thick didn't mean they weren't afraid or didn't have a little bit of knowledge in their hearts.

What would they do if they really made Jiang Xiao feel disgusted.

Those four people looked at each other for a moment, and they all kind of wanted to get up.

Three men and one woman.

But now, they didn't have half a decision to make at all.

They wanted to get up, but they didn't want to get up.

So it was so hard to get up again, so tangled up in a million different ways.

Rather, they were a bit restless.

They didn't think about it that much at first, they just thought it was better to have a futon to sit on than to sit on a bare floor.

So here we are now.

The mood was also extremely depressed, and even if they got up and gave in, it would just disgust Jiang Xiao, right?

How will they be allowed to explain then.

While pondering, Li Er with Empress Changsun suddenly walked in slowly, with Wang De who was waiting beside him.

Quite a few people who knew His Majesty Li Er made their own way out of the way, thus allowing Li Er and the others to walk smoothly to the front.

He first frowned at the futon on the ground, and then looked at the five remaining places on the right.

Suddenly, he said to Empress Changsun beside him, "Guanyin maidservant, let's sit here, I didn't expect that the State Master was quite polite and actually prepared futon balls for us."

He felt that these futons were deliberately prepared for him and Empress Changsun by Jiang Chi, and as for the four that were occupied, he was fine with it, as there were not many of them in his party anyway.

Wang De was an inner eunuch, he didn't need the futon.

He, Li Er, and Empress Changsun occupied two, and with the addition of a Princess Li Li Li of Changle, he went to three.

There were two left.

Li Er planned to save them for his own untalented sons.

However, before he could say anything, the eldest, third and fourth came over to pay their respects.

When the eldest saw his father and mother sitting on the futon, he wanted to sit down, but when he thought that they had been entrusted by Li Er to be disciplined by Jiang lack, he didn't dare to sit down.

In other words, he really didn't dare to sit down without Jiang lack's permission.

Li Tai hesitated a bit, so he then sat down next to Li Lizhi, while Li scrupulously thought about the fact that he had nothing to do with the throne for the rest of his life, and finally sat down behind Li Tai.

In this way, all of these five seats on the right hand side were suddenly gone.

There was no more one.

The pouches were all seated now, and even if Li Chengqian wanted to continue sitting, there seemed to be no way.

He couldn't call out to Li Er, or Lao San, Lao Si and the others to give up their seats.

Luckily, he had no intention of sitting in the first place, so he was relieved to not sit down.

It was okay for him, Li Chengqian, to sit next to him anyway, it didn't matter, he as the big brother should have given up.

After thinking of this, he said, "Father and Mother, it's fine for me to sit next to you."

When Li Er saw that Li Cheng Qian was so courteous, he nodded slightly, "In that case, you can sit beside me, the effect is the same anyway."


Li Chengqian was slightly relieved and whirled around to report, "Enlighten father and mother, Old Six, Old Nine and the others..."

He reported to Li Er about the departure of Li Zhi and the others.


Li Er was furious, "This group of bastards, do they want to miss out on a good opportunity?"

Even Empress Changsun hurriedly said, "Gao Ming, go now and seek them all back, it's still too early, it should still be too late."

"It's not too late."

Li Er stopped, "Since they have already run out, they can't be easily found, they must have all run away, if Gao Ming goes over to search for them, he will also lose his chance.


Since they don't want it themselves, they have no part to play, and they are responsible for their own choices.

Although I am their father, I can't completely make decisions for them.

Now that the people are almost here, the State Master will probably be coming over to preach soon, so Gao Ming, you sit down as well."

Li Cheng Qian could only nod his head and said, "Yes, I will obey my father's order, I will definitely seize the good opportunity and listen to the State Master's sermon properly."

This was an immortal destiny.

It was a chance to become a god and possibly obtain a divine throne.

Even he, Li Chengqian, wanted ah, and now after some comparison, what was the throne.

It simply wasn't enough.

If in the future, he could go to the heavenly palace to serve as a divine throne, and be a powerful existence that could appear and disappear, then he would be a great man.

Transcending the mortal world, that is, different from ordinary people.

At that time, where would he care if he could be an emperor ah, wouldn't becoming a god be more free and easy.

Travelling the world freely.

How free, how smooth, and how comfortable.

Thinking about it made him excited, and he secretly said, "I'm afraid Lao Jiu and the others won't have the fortune, leaving is not a good thing after all.

This Jiang Guoji is a bit stricter with us, but he is a good man after all, and even if he is strict, he will still be of great use to us after all."

When he thought of this, Li Chengqian felt a bright light and became happy.

He secretly said, "In that case, wouldn't it be good if I only needed to cling to the State Master's thigh?"

He was happy to think about things and his face was overjoyed, Li Er probably wouldn't have thought that this eldest son of his wouldn't even want the throne.

According to normal historical events, if Jiang hadn't interfered, Li Chengqian would have revolted, and then he would have been finished.

And he, Li Er, would also end up with a tragic result due to various suspicions.


Because of Jiang Chi's arrival, the original trajectory of history has been changed, and the original direction of history has been changed.

The thing that made Jiang Hou rather look forward to was that the world of the Great Tang was originally just an ordinary historical world.

Without his arrival, it might have continued to evolve just as it had in history.

And now.

Because of his arrival, Jiang Liao made it all change a bit, and this world started to become different.

The heavens and earth began to recover, aura began to be generated, and even the people of this world began to become stronger.

In the hall of this Dao Palace, he saw a few strong martial artists with good skills, and he thought that these people should be the so-called martial arts experts.

"However, it's a bit of a pity that Li Cheng Qian didn't actually go to a seat."

Jiang Ji frowned and said under his breath, "As expected, he's someone who doesn't have good luck or much brains, compared to Li Jian and Li Tai, it's different, these two should be able to make it to the end if they don't die."

The road to eternal life was long, after all, and even if one became a god, one still had to continue to work hard for it.

Otherwise, how could one ask for eternal life.

Jiang Xiao's figure slowly appeared in the hall of the Dao Palace, and he couldn't help but frown as he looked at the hall where people were boiling and making noise.

He suddenly spoke up, "Gentlemen, my throne, Jiang Lack, is the Great Tang State Master.

This throne knows that some of you have come from far away places, and that you have been waiting for many days, and some of you can't wait.

However, this throne still has to say some words of warning, during this throne's sermon, people can be allowed to leave, but absolutely no quarrels and fights and such things will be allowed.

Do you understand?"

The crowd: "..."

When they understood, they all said, "We understand, please rest assured, Your Excellency."


Jiang Ji nodded and said, "In that case, then this seat hereby announces that the sermon has officially begun, and how much you can comprehend will depend on your respective comprehension and luck."


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