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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1075 - Choosing (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Seeing more and more people gathered outside the Dao Palace, and inside the Dao Palace, with the help of Li Cheng Qian and the others, it was prepared quickly.

So Jiang Jiang decided that the preaching of the world would begin tomorrow.

In a vast hall of the Dao Palace, the entire Dao Palace hall was now decorated with gold and splendor.

There were gilded and inlaid pillars everywhere, and on them were carved dragons and phoenixes engraved with mysterious runes that ordinary people couldn't understand.

When an outsider saw it, they were astonished and shocked.

They only felt that this Dao Palace hall was majestic and mighty, not just with divine patterns.

Of course.

Apart from that, there was a golden dandelion right above the hall, and that location was Jiang Chi's.

Some strange rune patterns were also engraved on it.

It looked very mysterious.

On either side of the hall, there were also nine futons.

At first, Li Cheng Qian and the others didn't know why those nine futons were placed, but it wasn't until many years later that they understood.

Where were the futons? They were obviously destinies.

The nine dangling dangling dangling dumplings represent the destiny of the gods, whoever gets them will be able to achieve the divine position.

On the other day.

Jiang Ji continued to instruct, "Alright, now you guys go and call people in, don't meddle with the rest."


Li Chengqian and the others originally didn't want to go, but when they thought of the terrifying things that Jiang lacked, they thought it was better to forget about it.

After all, Jiang Lack was really a bit powerful, and the disciplinary tactics were not something they could endure.

And so.

Li Chengqian and the other brothers then all trembled, quite sympathetically supporting each other and heading out of the hall.

They hadn't seen His Majesty Li Er all these days, and they didn't know if it was because he didn't want to see them, or if it was because of the Jiang lack that led to this result.

After exiting the hall, the few brothers even snuck a glance back at Jiang Xiao and were only slightly relieved when they found that Jiang Xiao wasn't staring at them.

"Brother, why don't we take the opportunity to leave later when the door opens?"

Old Six frowned and said, "This is the best chance, he definitely won't notice us later when the gate opens and there are more people."


Li Chengqian was stunned, but asked in a low voice, "What do Lao San and Lao Si think?"

The third, Li Vitor, and the fourth, Li Tai.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

The third one was the first to shake his head and said, "Big brother, I'm afraid this plan is not right, not to mention that we were all sent to him by our father, what will happen once he finds out.

Just that person's terrifying strength, that unpredictable method, is definitely not something we can handle ah."

He was however very afraid of Jiang Chi.

Old Fourth Li Tai also nodded helplessly, "Big brother, I'm afraid that we really can't leave now, but what Third Brother just said is all very right.

In addition, I'm afraid you've forgotten that this time he is going to preach the world.

Why would he want to preach the world? He's just trying to select suitable talents for the future establishment of the Heavenly Palace and Earthly Palace.

So this time we not only can't run away, but we also have to stay and help properly.

Preaching the world is a chance for those people outside the Dao Palace, but as the gentleman once said, "The moon will be the closest to the water, wouldn't it be nice to hear that the few of us will just keep following him and have a chance to obtain the throne in the future and have a chance to live forever ah."

If they had other thoughts about the throne before, then they would have no thoughts at all now.

Doesn't being a god smell good?

Is being an immortal and free man no match for a mere human emperor?

You know, since ancient times, no emperor had ever lived forever.

Moreover, having recently followed that Dao Palace head, they also knew one thing implicitly.

Once one ascended to the throne as an emperor, it was impossible to live forever, let alone become a god.

Even their father, Li Er, had to abdicate his throne to make way for a god in order to become a god and enjoy that way of immortality.

Continuing to be an emperor was impossible.

Because of this, after having a better pursuit, after having a new goal, they naturally didn't care about the Tang throne.

All of them now felt indifferent and dispensable.


Seeing that Jiang Chi was about to preach the world, and seeing that the throne was already beckoning, the fourth Li Tai thought of coming right down.

The eldest, Li Chengqian.

He was also the crown prince of the Great Tang.

He was looking torn, thinking that if he said he was leaving now, it seemed to do more harm than good.

But if we say we don't leave now, but we still don't know what method Jiang Chi will make to continue to discipline them.

It was difficult to go around.

It was really a bit distressing.

The third and fourth felt that they were no longer interested in the throne and were also intent on becoming gods.

The rest of Old Six and the rest of them, on the other hand, didn't think about it that much, as long as they could escape from this place, it was better than anything.

At this time.

Old Ninth Li Zhi said: "Big brother, why don't we split our troops into two, those who want to stay can stay, those who don't want to stay can take the opportunity to leave, the worst case scenario is that we will go and ask for forgiveness from our father and mother at that time, we are all the sons of our father and mother, I don't think they will do anything to us."

Li Chengqian: "........"

At the news, he was surprised to see Li Zhi and said under his breath, "That's not a bad idea, but coming from Old Jiu, why do I always feel weird."

Didn't quite figure it out.

Li Chengqian suddenly asked, "Old Jiu, I wonder if you want to leave, or if you want to stay?"

"Naturally, I left." Li Zhi Dao: "Brother, you don't know, that day when I was punished..."

He was too scared and didn't dare to see Jiang Jian again, even if he admitted to being cleaned up by His Majesty Li Er after he escaped, he would never come back.

Jiang Chi was really a bit terrifying, and it also made him a bit scared ah.

I don't know why, but Li Zhi always felt that when he was around Jiang Chi, the other party's eyes would always land on him and measure him.

If he was punished by Jiang lacked again, he felt that he would probably go crazy.

So it was better to slip away quickly, even if he would thus be reprimanded and chastised by Li Er afterwards, it was better than being punished by Jiang Lack.


Li Chengqian nodded and said, "The State Master once said that everyone has the right to make their own choices and the right to choose for themselves, but they should bear the responsibility for the consequences of the choices they make.

As your big brother, I would like to remind you that you must think carefully before making a decision.

Since no one has any other opinions, let's do as Old Nine says."

It was impossible for him to restrain the other brothers as a prince and big brother, and there was no need for it.

Even if His Majesty Li Er asked at that time, he would have something to say.

Everyone had their own choices, and he, Li Chengqian, likewise had his own choices, but he just didn't say it at this moment.

Old Third and Fourth, and even Old Sixth and Ninth, their words all made sense.

But in the end, who he would listen to, that might be something only he himself would know.

Li Chengqian muttered his words and whirled around to head out the door with a few of his brothers.

They might not have known that Jiang lacked relied on his powerful Xian Yuan mana to hear the words of their princes clearly.

However, Jiang lacked didn't stop them, it was a matter of personal volition to stay or go, even if they were forced to stay, what could they do.

Although Li Er asked him to discipline these unworthy princes, and he did so, he was not the babysitter of these people.

"Since everyone has their own ideas, everyone's choices will be different, and in the end, they will have to take responsibility for their own choices as well."

Regardless of how Li Chengqian and the others chose, he himself had nothing to lose for Jiang Xiao.

As long as the next world of preaching could proceed smoothly, then it would be fine.

Li Chengqian and the others slowly walked to the gate of the Dao Palace.

After a glance at each other, Li Chengqian spoke up, "Open the door, the State Master has said that the world of preaching is about to begin, we must not delay."

At this moment.

But each of them was up with a different kind of thoughts, there were those who wanted to stay and planned to listen to Jiang Liao's sermon, even if it was worth it to become an ordinary person serving tea and water for that.

After all, those who were able to have the opportunity to touch on the Way of Eternal Life had the chance to obtain that divine throne.

So they looked forward to it and also made their choice as they opened the door to the Dao Palace.

Of course.

There were people who wanted to stay, and naturally, there were people who didn't want to stay, and they wanted to leave this place that had a demon like Jiang lacked.

At the same time, they also wanted to stay away from this place, thinking that at most, they would only be chastised by a few words from His Majesty Li Er and Empress Changsun.

But these consequences were still far from the punishments that Jiang lacked.

Jiang Jiankou had already made them feel scared, and they would never stay to be punished again.

So the moment the Dao Palace gates opened, in the split second that the group of people waiting outside the gates of the Dao Palace flooded in, they quietly slipped out.

The sixth oldest, the seventh oldest, the eighth oldest, and the ninth oldest all went out.

Leaving the eldest, third and fourth, and the rest of them to look at each other with a sigh.

As expected, everyone was very much of their own mind, and there was no way for them to influence others' thoughts.

As for the outcome.

Li Chengqian could not think of it, nor did he want to think about it.

Looking at the crowd that came in like crazy, seeing those people who were rushing towards the hall of the Dao Palace, he had some strange thoughts in his heart.

These people, perhaps, were the true seekers of the Way.

He burst out laughing, "When these people grow up a little, this seat should be able to gain something from teaching the world.

At that time, I, Jiang Shi, will be the greatest minister of Heaven and Earth, and this Heaven and Earth will definitely reward me.

Thinking about it made Jiang Jiang excited, something like this should be planned and combined properly.

Each had their own benefits.

He could even pardon and seal the divine throne to transform the Great Tang World.

Those who flocked to the Dao Palace were just seeds, weren't they.

"However, after Li Er's unworthy sons left, I'd like to speak to him afterwards."

Jiang Guiao muttered, "At least I'm considered his son-in-law, aren't I."

Princess Li Lili was very good to him, he couldn't treat Li Er and his family as outsiders.


People who should come in and people who shouldn't come in, all came in.

Li Chengqian, Li Vu, Li Tai and the three of them also silently returned to the hall of the Dao Palace to wait for Jiang Chi to punish them.

Surprisingly, Jiang Chi didn't say anything more, as if he didn't know.

But at this time, many people looked at the nine futons in front of the hall, but their hearts were confused.

How could nine futons be placed here so abruptly?

Are you going to sit up there yourself or not?


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