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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1073 - Upset (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Jiang Xiao was frowning.

Those sons of Li Er were really not good.

One said one and two said two.

Those sons of his, none of them is a saving grace.

Either they were smart or had brain problems, right from the eldest to the ninth, all of them were of this nature.

Of course.

If it was before, Jiang Xiao might not have taken care of Li Er, nor would he care whether his son was good or bad, he was just a passerby anyway.

But now it was suddenly different.

Ever since he had fallen in love with Princess Li Li of Changle, his relationship with Li Er had changed.

No matter what, he was still someone's son-in-law, and no matter how untalented those sons of Li Er were, they were still his brother-in-law of Jiang lacked.

This is an ironclad fact.

Discipline it as you like, it's just more work for him anyway.

The most important thing was that he felt that Li Chengqian and the others were all afraid of him, all of them were only teenagers, and seeing him was like seeing a tiger.

Of course, in addition to being afraid, they were also curious.

The man in front of them was famous and formidable.

Was he the rumored State Master.

Li Chengqian and the others had never met him before, but from time to time, they had heard stories about Jiang lacking.

This was a capable man, this was a god with the abilities of a ghost or goddess, even their magnificent father, Li Er, had to look up to such an existence.

It was simply a wonder.

Honestly, they actually wanted to see what kind of skills Jiang Ji had.

But because of Jiang Chi's majesty, they didn't dare to be rude.

When Li Er saw those obedient sons of his, he was furious, "These bastards, how could I have such untalented sons like them?"

He was so angry.

These brats, don't they know how to talk to someone properly.

Even if it's a very respectful thank you, it's still good ah.

After all, it's not strange to be polite.

A strong man like Jiang Chi would never say anything more, even if it was for the sake of him, Li Er, and Princess Li Li of Changle, he would definitely discipline those unworthy sons and grandsons ah.

Who knew that those guys were all obedient, and all of them looked a bit timid, as if Jiang Lack could eat them.

Originally this was nothing.

But Li Er just felt a bit ashamed of those unworthy sons and grandsons, he was wise, only to feel that an old face was lost by those sons.

The heart is so angry.

Most steadily smacking the corners of his mouth, only then did Li Er say quite awkwardly, "State Master, these boys are just like that, you don't want to be common with them ah."

He was really afraid that Jiang Jiang would have an opinion, although Jiang Jiang Jiang was the Great Tang State Master, which was considered his Li Er's vassal.

But that was only in name, definitely not in essence.

At the same time, Li Er also felt wise for his earlier decision, "If I hadn't guessed from the beginning to have something happen between him and Changle, with his status, he probably wouldn't have given me face."

Li Er pondered in his heart, when this was calculated, everything he had gained was from Changle.

But there was no way around it, Jiang Lack's power was definitely not something ordinary people could imagine.

Gods ah.

An existence that possessed a divine position and could live forever.

Li Er's heart was a bit strange and inexplicable, so he continued, "State Master, if you have anything you need to scold in the future, just tell me."


Jiang Ji casually responded, and then remained silent.

Those sons of His Majesty Li Er's were not favorites, and although he had to take care of both Li Er and Princess Changle's face, he didn't actually have any illusions about them.

"No more?"

Li Er was stunned in his heart, "This is too embarrassing."

Did he take it to heart or not?

He mumbled words and continued, "State Master, this Dao Palace is quite well built."

Li Er hurriedly changed the topic, his eyes could not help but envy this unknown number of layers of the Dao Palace that reached into the clouds.

The surrounding clouds and mists were dazzling, and the seasons were like spring.

It didn't look like a simple place, the temperature was so warm, plus the fact that you couldn't see the top of the dao palace at a glance made Li Er all but secretly wonder how this dao palace was built.

Was this the so-called immortal means, the power of the gods?

Although Li Er was already an emperor, already the ultimate in human riches, he couldn't help but be envious for a moment.

So what if an emperor of the human world was supremely wealthy, he was still a mortal.

Compared to Jiang Qian, it was far from it.

He was the esteem of the gods, his words and deeds were secretly in line with the Heavenly Dao, and I don't know how many people were envious of him.

Li Er was equally envious ah.

Although he had already learned from Jiang Xiao that he would also be someone with a divine position in the future, and must also be an existence who could obtain the Way of Immortality, he still envied Jiang Xiao.

At least, he was still an ordinary person now.

Jiang Chi followed Li Er and introduced, "It's really good, but the dukes spent a huge amount of money to build it, and they've put some effort into it for this Dao Palace."

But no, each family took out an unknown amount of money to build this dao palace, and spent money like water.

It simply called for those dukes to be depressed.

They would never have spent so much money if it wasn't for the fact that they could live forever here in Jiang lacking.

After all, every penny was not easy to earn.

Even those of them who were dukes of state were not big dog owners ah.

But this was something Jiang Chi didn't know, and at first, he had only had the money to build the Dao Palace, and at the end, he had only arranged some of his own means, which was why it looked like four seasons.

That's why there was that endless feeling of immortal wind.

Of course, to Jiang Xiao, this Dao Palace was only for the purpose of preaching the world, and besides, he wasn't from this world, he was originally going to leave.

So he didn't feel anything about it.

Whether the Dao Palace was good or not, it had nothing to do with him.

When the three worlds were established, when the mythology was restarted, and when he began to harvest the original power of this world, he might have to set about preparing to leave.

After all, he, Jiang Xiao, was not of this world after all.

He would have to leave after all.

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Xiao didn't feel that this Dao Palace was anything special, perhaps it would become a place to cultivate spirits in the future.

Or perhaps, it was a place to preach.

Of course, none of these things had much to do with Jiang Kou at the moment.

He was aware of His Majesty Li Er's envy, but it was impossible for him to entrust this Dao Palace to Li Er's management.

Firstly, Li Er was already the Emperor of the Great Tang and was already the ultimate in earthly riches, so there was no need to manage the Dao Palace.

Secondly, the dao palace he was going to use to preach the world, what's the point of letting Li Er interfere.

It would not work after all.

According to his vision, the Dao Palace would definitely be different in the future, it was the cradle of the gods and the weathervane of the future.

Helping him, Li Er, discipline a few unworthy sons and grandsons was already on the face of Princess Li Li of Changle.

As for the matter of the Dao Palace, even though His Majesty Li Er was still envious of it and said some words that hinted at Jiang Ji in a sideways manner.

But it was as if Jiang Ji didn't hear, or he didn't understand.

Of course, whether he understood or not Li Er didn't know, but he was just a bit tasty.

He was an emperor of the earth, an extremely wealthy existence, but he was actually inferior to Jiang Jiankou, the State Master.

--Although Jiang Liao's other identity was that of a god, and although Jiang Liao could also create myths, restart legends, and open up heavenly palaces and dungeons, these were enough to show how powerful he was.


Li Er was still envious, and he couldn't help but say, "O State Master, you see I am at least the Emperor of the Great Tang, and Changle is at least the Princess of the Great Tang, but the palace isn't as good as this Dao Palace."

The words have come to this point, so I guess this Jiang lacking State Master has understood it.

His Majesty Li Er thought so.

Even if you don't look at the monk's face, you still have to look at the Buddha's face isn't it.

But at this instant, as if he didn't understand, Jiang Hou said, "What Your Majesty has said is true.

Then let Princess Changle live here, it's not far from the palace anyway.

As for you, Your Majesty, you are already the Emperor of the Great Tang, you should work diligently for the good of the Great Tang.

I'll think of a solution to the matter of immortality and the divine throne, but it's still early, and with your Majesty's probably not very good qualifications, this will take even longer.

Moreover, I think that Your Majesty should set an example for the millions of people under the world and those countless courtiers, and diligently hold office more than anything else.

Perhaps by the time you retire, Your Majesty, the entire Great Tang will already be governed by you."

Li Er: "........"

Jiang Guiao's words made Li Er want to retort, but now he was biased and didn't know how to argue.

He could only say weakly, "The Great Tang is also very well organized now, and it's not chaotic."

But this was only just said when Jiang Gou glared back, "The Great Tang is not chaotic, but it also has no money, and to be frank, it's poor.

From the imperial court down to the common people are poor, and Your Majesty you as the Emperor of the Great Tang must have an unshirkable responsibility.

What, do you think you want to shirk your responsibility, Your Majesty?

Or is it because the attraction of immortality and the divine throne has made you, Your Majesty, forget the fact that you're still a human king?"


Li Er looked at Jiang lacking with a depressed face as he wondered, "Is this person my nemesis.

Why do I feel so uncomfortable every time I see him.

Moreover, this person also makes me very dissatisfied, and it's partial that everything he says is true and reasonable."

For a moment.

Li Er actually doubted himself, he felt that he wasn't inclined to be masochistic.

Could it be that because this guy Jiang Xiao was an existence of the stream of gods, he was inherently a bit scrupulous and afraid?

Most likely that was the case.

"It's just that I used to not be like this ah." Li Er's heart became even more confused, "I used to be a mighty man, who would dare to dislike me like this ah."

Where did he know that Jiang Chi was actually just very simply not wanting Li Er to interfere with his preaching the world.

Then again, what he, Jiang Someone, had just said was not wrong, it was all from the bottom of his heart.

Wouldn't it be good to make the Great Tang a little better, to make the court and the people a little richer?

Doesn't it smell good?

And so.

Jiang Jiang continued, "Your Majesty, I still need to prepare for the preaching of the world next, so I won't accompany you.

Someone will take care of you in a moment, and please, Your Majesty, don't go wandering around, or else you'll easily get into trouble."

Li Er: "........"

Do I look like the kind of person who doesn't know how to advance or retreat?


Thinking that he, Li Er, was still a three-year-old child, he got upset for a moment.

The next thing you know, you're watching your daughter follow Jiang Xiao in Li Er's wide-eyed eyes.

By the way, there were also his unworthy sons and grandsons leaving together, and those sons were already being used as free labor by Jiang Ji.

Those sons have been used as free labor, such as cleaning, serving tea and water, and so on.

Whoever is unwilling to do it, or swing, then Jiang lack's punishment will also come.


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