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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1072 - Paying a Visit (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Inside the Dao Palace, it was subtle and wonderful.

The four seasons are like spring, with all kinds of flowers and trees in full bloom.

The palaces and attics are even more numerous, and they are very, very tall, and high up in the clouds and mist, like a fairyland.

It's like a wonderland.

Li Er actually envied it, "Even if I am the ruler of a country and the emperor of the Great Tang, I don't have a country master as unrestrained as this."

Jiang Ji faintly returned, "Your Majesty is joking, I am just an outsider monk and not destined for earthly riches."

The implication was that he was saying, "You, Li Er, are an emperor on earth and enjoy the richest position on earth, which is the envy of many people."

Li Er: "........"

He opened his mouth and thought to himself, "You've never been an emperor, you probably can't imagine how hard it is to be an emperor, being an emperor is also tiring, worrying about the world all day long."

"State Master, you are a godly man, I would like to ask about the geometry of the Great Tang's throne, ah?"

Even though he knew that he could become a god, even though he was clear that as long as he was there, Li Er would be absolutely fine.

But at this moment, he still couldn't help but want to ask about it.

Jiang Qian, the State Master, might know something, and it was very likely that he would know how many years the Great Tang's throne was.

As soon as he heard this, Jiang Jiang was startled, "Your Majesty, why did you think to ask this?"

In the past, Li Er never asked, he thought that Li Er didn't care about this at all.

Upon hearing this, Li Er gently shook his head, "When people get older, they think too much, so I want to hear what the State Master has to say."

"The truth?" Jiang Qiao asked.

"Can there still be falsehoods?"

Li Er's mouth twitched, but finally said, "State Master, you'd better tell the truth, I still want to hear the true words."


Jiang Chi understood, and Li Er guessed that he suddenly remembered on a whim that there was such a thing.

He opened his mouth and said, "The true words are: if I hadn't appeared, Your Majesty's Great Tang might have been in trouble in the next term.

But now that I've appeared, it's different.

As the Great Tang State Teacher, I naturally won't let anything happen to the Great Tang, and in addition, Your Majesty can also retire as a god in the future and live forever, so you can naturally look after the Great Tang as well.

So, Your Majesty doesn't really need to worry that much."

Li Er: "........"

Li Er's entire body was shocked after hearing Jiang lack's words.

He said, "State Master, do you mean that there will be problems with my heir?"

Jiang lacked an answer.

But silence was the best answer, and Li Er knew he guessed right.

His heirs should be out of the question, but it was just those sons of his that were in the line of succession.

The eldest, Li Chengqian, the third, Li Chen, and the fourth, Li Tai.

Of course.

There would be many more sons in the future, but other than the ninth son Li Zhi, the other sons Li Er didn't take it to heart.

Because the other sons were actually not useful.

The one he liked the most was actually the eldest, Li Chengqian, who he thought was very good.

He thought that this eldest son was very good. He was also very obedient and did things by the right rules, making him a rare heir.

Because of this, Li Er made his eldest son Li Cheng Qian the crown prince a long time ago, just to tell his other sons that you all have no chance.

And ever since he made Li Chengqian the crown prince, he has been keeping him by his side and has been teaching him by heart.

It was his hope that Li Chengqian would inherit his throne, not for merit, but for no fault.

That way, he, Li Er, would be considered forgiving.


Now, Li Er glared angrily at his sons after hearing Jiang lacked words.

It must be those unworthy things, they must be the ones who made the moths.

And the eldest, Li Chengqian, must be the one who is not a talent, otherwise how could there be what Jiang lacked said.

Where did Li Er know that the person who had once lost the Li family's mountains was actually not his talented sons, but rather that ninth oldest Li Zhi who he looked very honest.

After seeing Li Er's reaction, Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Your Majesty need not be anxious, now that nothing has happened, everything is still not too late.

Moreover, your majesty can become a god in the future and live forever, so you will have the opportunity and ability to set things right, so why dwell on this."

"I'm just a little annoyed."

Li Er smiled bitterly, "You may not know, State Master, but I have to spend a lot of time teaching them every day, just to make sure they can learn and be able to unite and love each other.


Things didn't go as planned ah.

After he heard Jiang lacked words, Li Er felt as if all his previous efforts, all his teachings had been in vain.

A single day had turned into a bubble and gone up in smoke.

It was also really somewhat unpleasant to think that someone as wise as him, Li Er, would actually cultivate some unworthy sons and grandsons.

It makes me angry to think about it.

And so.

Before Jiang Chi could continue to say anything, he saw Li Er swung his slap down and then slapped his sons' heads hard.

It had the great intention of slapping them to death.

They were all some unworthy sons and grandsons anyway, and all the previous teachings were useless anyway.

When Jiang Ji saw this, he couldn't help but secretly help his forehead and thought, "You princes getting beaten up can have nothing to do with me, it's your old man who beat them up."

He was not taking the blame anyway.

Although it was true that this matter was inextricably linked to him.

But Jiang Qian felt that this was all a question asked by His Majesty Li Er's hot head, and he was just telling the truth.

Because in history, whether it was the eldest or the third or the fourth, or the sixth or the seventh or the eighth in the back, as well as that ninth, they were actually not very good.

If His Majesty was an eagle, then his sons were just chickens.

They are nothing more than that.

A bunch of useless people.

After being beaten for no reason, these princes were truly depressed and dissatisfied.

"Father, but did we do something wrong?"

"I don't know why you're beating us, Father, but did we do something wrong?"

"Pray for Father's guidance, so that we can listen to what is going on."

Even if they had been beaten, even if they had a grudge, the beating could not be in vain.

They had to know why, right.

Fang, Li Er suddenly came up and slapped them a few times, and all of a sudden, they were blinded.

You know, this time they were all very honest and thought they hadn't made any mistakes, so it was only right that Li Er shouldn't hit himself.

But it was not what they thought it would be, and it was because of the words that would go, but they were beaten.

Naturally, Li Er couldn't reveal this reason.

So, he puffed up his face and said: "I am your old man, and it is the righteousness of heaven and earth for me to beat my son, so there is no need for any reason.

What, do you still want me to give you a reason?"

All the Princes: "..."


You're the old man, you're in charge.

It's useless for them to argue no matter how much they argue, they might still continue to be beaten.

Look at the other Prince Li Cheng Qian, now all bowing his head and acting like he's honestly admitting his mistakes, you can tell that he's often beaten.

It seems that things like beating Li Er didn't do less.

This was really a stern king, watching Jiang Xiao all secretly felt mourning for Li Cheng Qian and the others.

Having such a father, I don't know if it was a blessing or a curse.

After a while, His Majesty Li Er, who had slowed down, said, "State Master, I plan to have all those unworthy sons and grandsons come with me to listen to the Dao, and let them all study beside you for a while in the future, what do you think?"

He was actually planning to let Jiang Lack help discipline him.

Figured there would be an unexpected effect, after all, Li Er thought Jiang Lack was pretty good.

It was a capable person.

It shouldn't be much of a problem to let him discipline his son for himself.

And with Jiang Lack's means, it would be expected that all of his sons with different minds would be restrained, right?

After hearing Li Er's words, Jiang Guiao couldn't help but frown, he didn't agree at first.

Instead, he first led Li Er to a living room and had tea served before slowly saying, "Your Majesty, I am an outsider, and I may be good at cultivating immortality and asking for eternal life, but to say that I will help you discipline the crown prince and all the princes..."

Without waiting for Jiang Gou to finish his sentence, Li Er interrupted, "State Master, consider it that I owe you a favor."

Even Princess Li Li of Changle said, "Mr. Jiang, if you can help a little, why don't you help?"

Jiang lacked: "........"

What else could he say.

He could only say, "Your Majesty, I probably know what you're thinking, but there are some scandalous things I have to say beforehand, so that you won't be displeased in the future, Your Majesty."

Seeing that Jiang Ji had agreed, Li Er said happily, "State Master, I know that you must be worried that my unworthy sons and grandsons will not put you in their eyes because of their status.

Here, I solemnly promise that the State Master should discipline them as he wishes, without having to take my feelings into account.

Zheng only has one request, as long as they don't die."


This time, he, Li Er, was gritting his teeth and was determined to punish the Crown Prince and those princes.

He would not rest until he taught them a good lesson and gave them an unforgettable lesson.

It was precisely because of this that he asked Jiang lack to help discipline them.

Only after hearing Li Er's promise did Jiang Ji let out a little sigh of relief, he was afraid that those sons of Li Er could not be beaten or scolded.

Now that Li Er had said so, he had no worries, if these people were really disobedient, he would have his own way to clean up.

"Fine, then I'll take them in." Jiang Chi nodded and said, "From now on, they'll just follow me around to help with things."

As for what they were to do, that would be his arrangement in the future.

Without looking at the monk's face or the Buddha's face, he originally didn't want to help His Majesty Li Er, but since Princess Li Li of Changle had already asked for mercy, he couldn't refuse any longer.

He had to agree.

Seeing Jiang Ji's promise, Li Er's heart also heaved a sigh of relief, and he knew that Jiang Ji must have agreed to it for the sake of Princess Changle's face.

If it wasn't for that, Jiang Chi would never have agreed, and he wouldn't have received such special care.

At this moment.

Those sons of Li Er's were still unaware that they had been sold by Li Er after taking a beating.


As for how Jiang Jiang would discipline them, that would be a matter for the future.

At this moment, Li Er struck the iron while it was hot: "State Master, why don't you first ask all my unworthy sons and grandsons to come up here to pay their respects, so that they can get to know you, State Master?"


Jiang nodded and thought to himself, "Now that we've promised Li Er, let's meet those sons of his."

Although none of them were useful, but that was before he, Jiang Someone, had disciplined them, and once he had disciplined them, they might be different.

After all, when he came, the Great Tang would be different.

And the future, probably will be different too.

Those sons of Li Er, one by one, came up to pay their respects, just....


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