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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1071 - Special (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Li Er was happy because he was being treated special.

He was originally the Emperor of the Great Tang and had always considered himself the True Dragon Heavenly Son, even if he came to listen to the Dao and seek the gods, he had to be a bit special to feel satisfied.

It was just as well that because of Li Liria, it made Jiang Xiao pay quite a bit of attention to him as the Emperor of the Great Tang.

After all, there would be a need to surround the Great Tang in the future, so that this side of the world could offset the obstacles to him, and after all, he, Jiang Hou, was only a foreign guest.

Not indigenous in nature.

And would not be able to get the full approval of the world.

It was also safer to pull Li Er along, but of course, the most important thing was to see Li Li Li's face.

This way, no matter what happened in the end, Li Er would be impressed and even give preferential treatment to Li Li Rishu.

It was also a signal that Li Lili's face would be given by him, Jiang lacking Jiang someone.

As for the others, that was not necessarily the case.

With Jiang Chi's thoughts like this, Li Er could not help but look pleased, "This is also the result I wanted to see, if Changle has a good home, I will be satisfied, not to mention that she can also help me along the way."

At this moment.

Rather, there were quite a few people who had also discovered His Majesty Li Er.

They had come up to pay their respects, and they couldn't enter the Dao Palace now that the gates weren't open anyway.

"I pay my respects to His Majesty, but I don't know when His Majesty came, is there a way to enter first?"

"It would be great if Your Majesty could take us in with him, and I would be grateful."

"Also seeking immortality, and also wanting to obtain the throne in order to live forever, it would be great if Your Majesty could give us a ride."

"I see that His Majesty is also waiting as we are, so I guess His Majesty can't get in."

"That's fine, His Majesty is waiting anyway, so those of us who are courtiers will just wait with him."


What about the emperor.

In the end, they can only be like them, staying outside this Dao Palace.

How else could he be capable of anything else? In front of the matter of seeking immortality, everyone was equal.

This seemed like a really good feeling.

At least those ministers and princes and nobles were feeling pretty good.

It was nice.

The things that had just been rejected, suddenly they all felt much better, feeling much more smooth and calm.

Li Er: "........"

I am the Son of Heaven, the emperor's honor, how could I be the same as you.

In short, Li Er felt that he should be very special, if not for being pulled by Empress Changsun, he would have wanted to go down and have a theory with these people.

"They obviously just want to see me laugh, thinking that I am the dignity of the emperor and the lord of the world, but they are also asking for God to ask for an equal footing with them!"

What audacity.

The words of those who seemed to be joking were all clear to him, just that he felt that Li Er was just like any other person in front of the immortals, demons and gods.

It was only because he thought that if they could be favored by Jiang Xiao in the next sermon, they could get rid of their mortal destiny.

Tunnel, daring to taunt Li Er like this.

"These bastards!"

Li Er was so angry that he gritted his teeth and his face grew ugly for a while, "If it were normal, how would they dare to bully me like this?"

"Second brother, among those ministers, there are the five surnames and seven hopes behind the scenes, before you implemented commercial reform, it would have touched their interests, perhaps because of consideration for the prestige of Jiang Guoshu and did not stop you, but they must have fire in their hearts, you must not take it to heart."

Empress Changsun even advised, "Now that the State Master is about to preach the world, you can't add to the chaos at this time, or else the State Master will think that you and I don't respect him, that could have a great impact ah."


After hearing these words from the Queen of Applause, Li Er sighed with extreme reluctance, "It's just as well, let's go by what you, Guanyin Servant, said."

Hopefully, everything would go well.

The five surnames and seven looks had never given him a second thought before, and they still did.

It really annoyed him.

Fortunately, his old brothers didn't beat up the downed dog.


Where is something wrong.

Li Er suddenly thought of one thing, and that was that he could actually go in first, he was already special.

Hadn't Changle just said that that Jiang lacking State Master would come out to greet him, it was only logical that it should be soon.

"So I am different from them." Li Er muttered to himself, "When I become an immortal and become a god, let's see how arrogant they are still, even if it's the deep-rooted five surnames and seven looks, I will have to uproot them."

While His Majesty Li Er was pondering, he happened to hear a sound.


It was the sound of the palace door opening that rang in the ears of the crowd, and an invisible force toppled them to the ground.

There was not a single person at the door anymore.

Those who heard the sound of the door opening and wanted to run and rush in to take a look were suddenly rushed open by an invisible force.


These people fell to the ground and could only painfully get up.

But at this time, as long as they weren't idiots, they all understood that this was Jiang lacking's move, otherwise there would definitely not be an invisible force preventing them from going in.

In other words, right now this Jiang Grand State Master hadn't wanted them to go in.

An instant.

People who thought about it were laughing and crying, not complaining a bit: wasn't it agreed that they would preach the world in three months, but now three months had already arrived, yet there was no intention of preaching the world, how many meanings was this.

They didn't get it.

But these people weren't stupid, they knew that Jiang Chi was the only god in the world.

It couldn't be messed with.

---at least for now.

So when confronted with Jiang Lack, there were all sorts of people outside the gates of this palace, but there was just no one willing to say anything.

The truth was that they couldn't afford to mess with an existence like Jiang Lack, who was a thigh that could touch the future path of immortality, or even the divine throne.

Their gazes were clear on what Jiang Lack was thinking.

This was plainly saying that they were not allowed to enter.

But couldn't it be said directly.

But they didn't know that in the beginning, probably before even Jiang Xiao had a chance to speak or remind them, these crazy guys who wanted to become gods went crazy and wanted to rush inside.

Only expecting to be the first to rush in and perhaps have a chance to become a god-like existence.

Wouldn't that be better.

These people were all thinking silently in their hearts, and now they were also extremely happy to see Jiang Xiao.


Jiang Chi suddenly appeared, and with a flash of his figure, he surged with Immortal Yuan Mana around his body, displaying that shrinking kung fu, and soon appeared at the entrance.

He said indifferently, "Gentlemen, this seat preaching the world has not yet begun, so please wait patiently."

Jiang Ji then cast his gaze towards Li Er at the side, "Your Majesty, please follow me as well."

It wasn't because Li Er was special, but because Jiang Kang was looking at the face of Princess Li Li Li of Changle.

After he and Li Lili looked at each other, they both became happy.

Li Er nodded his head and secretly said, "This Jiang Guoshu really does understand."

Although they all understood the dao of this, Li Er was still involuntarily happy after hearing Jiang Ji's words.

It was because Jiang Guoxiang had given him enough face.

To outsiders, his majesty Li Er was special, he was a different being.

After all, he, Li Er, was the Emperor of the Great Tang, so it was normal to be special, right?

Nothing wrong with it.

He had status and position, and was the Emperor of the earth.

Having this kind of special treatment seemed to be appropriate and even more normal.

It seems like that's the case.


There seemed to be something wrong with it.

They suddenly remembered something, many people had just questioned His Majesty Li Er just now, and this human emperor was seeking immortality just like them.

He should have been on the same level as them, but now why did he suddenly change.

What about the promise of everyone being the same, of everyone being equal.

The people who had said those words previously now kept their mouths shut, not daring to say anything else.

They were really a bit afraid.

It was only at this moment that the realization dawned on them.

"So, His Majesty has been silent only because he already had a doorway."

"Yeah, looks like we've all been tricked by him, alas."

"Right now, what would happen if we went to His Majesty and asked him to help us plead for mercy?"

"But will His Majesty help us? After all, we've just said that, so he shouldn't be holding a grudge, right?"

"This, I don't think so, after all, His Majesty he's such a proud man..."

These people were saying that they regretted it at the end, but if they had admitted their mistakes or hadn't even said those things in the first place, would the outcome have been different.

At the moment.

They hadn't thought it through, and they looked a little too helpless.

The matter had already passed and was irreversible, so there was no more chance to regret.

Wouldn't His Majesty Li Er hold a grudge?

That was just their conjecture, the fact was that Li Er was also human, and if he was human, he would definitely hold a grudge.

Once they waited for Li Er to become a god, or for him to react, they might all of them would be finished.

At the thought of all these situations, they couldn't help but have their mouths agape.

"I guess there's probably... probably no chance, after all, seeing the way His Majesty looks, he should be angry."

"Ugh, in that case, is it possible that we'll have to wait outside, we might have to wait for several more days."

"Let's wait for now."


A time.

There were those who envied, those who regretted just as much, and even those who booed just as much.

If they could, they actually hated to slap themselves a few times, it was so stupid.

With the relationship between that lacking Jiang Da, and His Majesty Li Er, would he not give him special treatment?

It would be strange not to give it.

After all, Li Er was a supreme being, as well as the Lord of the Great Tang, the human emperor of the human world.

Even if Jiang Hou restarted his mythology and recreated the Three Realms, there would definitely be a place for his Li Er Majesty.

After thinking of this.

Many people were extremely envious, after all, the special treatment meant that Li Er had the chance to become a god.


It must have all been an internal decision.

While they were interested in themselves, they also felt that Li Er had a good chance.

Gods ah.

That was an existence that could live forever.

It was really something to look forward to.

It was just that they were worried at the thought that they and others didn't have the chance to become gods, or that this chance was still pending.

Although they also knew that after the opening of the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace, there would definitely be many empty divine seats, and all of them would definitely be filled by someone.

However, there might not be a chance for them ah.

The mood was so helpless.

After watching Li Er go in, they could only envy him.

There was nothing they could do.

Jiang Jiang was standing there, and they didn't dare to take a step over the thunder pool for fear of angering that State Master.

He was, after all, the only kind of god in this world.

It was only after entering the Dao Palace that Li Er felt that he was narrow-minded.


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