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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1070 - Sermon (Seeking Subscriptions)

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March had arrived, and the world of preaching was about to begin.

After all, this time was set by Jiang Xiao himself, and there was no need for him to change anything.

Those who were powerful and influential in the heavens had all been able to come, and recently, many events had occurred in Chang'an City as a result.

As for those who couldn't come, they couldn't come any longer.

Those who did not believe in the Way of Eternal Life, and even those who were far away and had no money, naturally did not have the opportunity to inquire about the matter.

This time Jiang Chi's preaching the world was also not related to them, although becoming an immortal was a matter of chance, a matter of creation.

But in the end, it was also a matter of one's own choice.

To come or not to come, it was one's own right, and Jiang Xiao did not force anyone to come or not to come.

The one who came would have the opportunity to become a god.

After all, when the time came for him to open up the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace, there would definitely be many vacant positions for gods, and these gods would all be selected from the Great Tang World.

Those who didn't come, naturally, didn't even have the threshold to step in.

Those who came, however, were those who had already stepped into the threshold, and if they could then enter the eyes of the Jiang Di.

They would have the opportunity to become a god and inherit those positions.

There were hundreds and thousands of proper gods in the Heavenly Palace alone, not to mention those uninitiated positions, not to mention the Earthly Palace side as well.

So the opportunities are many.

As long as they could come, it was basically possible to become a god on the throne in the future, there was no doubt about that.

However, in Jiang Chi's opinion, there were still not enough people in Chang'an City nowadays, and there were still the vast majority of people who didn't know about his existence or that he was about to preach the world.

If he could preach a bit, he would be able to raise the grade of the Great Tang World.

Now, his main task was to prepare to preach.

For this matter, he was very attentive.

Maybe in the future, his own world origin power would probably fall on these people.

Imperial Palace.

Li Er likewise knew that Jiang Chi was going to preach the world, and even more so understood that the countless people in Chang'an City nowadays gathered for the sake of eternal life.

Or rather, those who knew would understand that it was still for the legendary God's throne.

Under the heavens.

It was only Jiang Ji, the only god, who knew the method of how to become a god, and now in the entire Tang, almost those in the know were looking forward to it.

That included Li Er.

If they could learn some of the ways to become a god or the cultivation methods from Jiang Chi, perhaps they themselves could live forever.

There was no doubt that this time, when Jiang Jian opened the Dao Palace and preached the world, it was to spread the Dharma.

This was a great fate of immortality and a chance to become a god.

At least for most ordinary people like Li Er, this opportunity was an endless immortal destiny.

In ordinary times, even if they went to the door to pray to Jiang Di, it would be impossible for them to ask for the method to become a god, to obtain the path of immortality.

Thus, one could imagine how rare this chance was.

And so.

Just when Jiang Chi was about to preach the world, His Majesty Li Er didn't even open the court meeting.

He directly announced that he was going to strike the court for a period of time, but surprisingly in this courtroom, the NAGON ministers did not stop it, and even more so, had no other opinions.

It was as if they all approved of Li Er's command.

This makes Li Er's heart can't help but eat up, these ministers, afraid that the idea is similar to him.

They all wanted to listen to it.

Perhaps if he was well qualified, he could become a god in one step.

It was also very possible, after all, everyone felt good about themselves, even Li Er felt that he could definitely become a Heavenly Emperor.

To be on the safe side, he also brought Li Li with him.

"Father, it didn't start so soon." Li Lili said helplessly, "Jiang Gongzi has already said that once the three months are up, it's just a matter of preparing as much as possible, and we still need to wait for most of the people to arrive."


Li Er's mouth smacked as he said with a straight face, "Changle, you don't understand this, if you go early you can get a good seat early, and if you're closer, you'll be able to listen to his sermon then."

He didn't want to squeeze in the back with the other people.

At any rate, he, Li Er, was also the Emperor of the Great Tang, and still had the potential to become Jiang Xiao's father-in-law, so how could he squeeze in a seat with the others.

Absolutely not like this.

Once that happened, it wouldn't reflect his Li Er's identity and status.

He was also a very arrogant existence.

--at least, according to their previous logic.

If they went too late, there was no telling what kind of people they would meet at the back.



Li Er: "........"

Li Er who had heard the words but was embarrassed, he frowned inexplicably and looked very strange.

In his heart, he couldn't help but think: "If that's the case, then why didn't you say so before, causing him to be so embarrassed that he almost didn't even have a face."

But seeing that it was his own daughter, it was even harder for Li Er to say anything reproachful.

Especially now.

For one thing, he was afraid of being overheard by Jiang Chi, and for another, in case Li Lili inadvertently mentioned this to Jiang Chi, wouldn't he Li Er have to give up all his previous achievements.

It would be more than worth the loss.

After being slightly depressed, Li Er said indifferently, "Since the State Master has already arranged a place for me and the others, let's just go over there, and there's no need to rush."

It was assumed that with Jiang Qian's prestige and skill, absolutely no one would dare to disobey him.

It was nice that they wouldn't have to fight for their seats.


There were quite a few people who had similar thoughts as Li Er, and the Nagon dukes of the court were now all quickly bringing their families with them.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get the most out of the game.

Since the Dao Palace is not big, there must be a set number of seats.

That is to say, there would definitely be some people who would have to sit in the front, and there would definitely be some people who would sit in the back.

Anyone who wants to sit in the front doesn't want to sit in the back, it's the same reason as going to court.

"Come on, hurry up again, you must get to the front."

"All of you get out of the way, don't stop me, I am a minister that is valued by His Majesty."

"Hmph, you are a minister valued by His Majesty, we are still people valued by the Lord of State."

"You all, if you don't get out of the way quickly, be careful that this seat makes you suffer."

A time.

There were all kinds of people on the streets of the Great Tang Chang'an City, and they were shuttling about as if they were running like crazy.

Or they were riding horses.

Li Er: "........"

At this moment.

Li Er, who was sitting on the carriage, only felt that the carriage was askew, as if it was about to tip over at any moment.

And there were quite a few people actually crashing towards his carriage, because this time, he didn't take many people with him when he left the palace.

Now he was regretting it a bit.

If he had brought enough people with him, he would not have allowed them to be arrogant.

Unfortunately, there was no if.

Those ministers didn't care whose carriage it was, right now there was nothing more important than eternal life.

To hear the word is to become a god.

That's how they can have the chance to reverse the situation.

Of course.

Jiang Chi knew all of these circumstances, and he gazed towards the direction of Chang'an City.

Whirling around, he muttered to himself, "There are still too few people, ah, even if I pour out all the people of Chang'an City, it's still not enough for me to preach the world.

Should I wait another day or two?"

Maybe there are still some people on their way here, maybe there are some good seedlings among them.

After thinking of this, Jiang Xiao said lightly, "Good, that's how it should be decided, I'm the only god in this world anyway, isn't it still up to me to decide when I should preach."

That was nice.

The corner of his mouth hung with a hint of a strange color, "The people haven't arrived yet anyway, and the dao palace those dukes built for me isn't fully built yet.

It doesn't matter if I wait for some more time, it's just as well that I, Jiang Someone, can plan the way to preach the sermon.

Perhaps I can refer to the practice of a certain great figure, set up a few pouf seats, and preach three more times."

That was standard.

"That's it."

Jiang mumbled words, "If it goes well, I'll be able to achieve the Supreme Dao Ancestor.

When the time comes to spread the method of cultivation, the world will advance and the virtues will fall.

How good it would be."

What's more, once he became as powerful as a Dao Ancestor, he was the one who actually ruled the three worlds.

After that, it would be much easier for him to cultivate.

Perhaps when the three realms were re-established, it would be possible for all of his Jiang Someone's cultivation to break through once more.

The middle stage of the Human Immortal Realm, Jiang Jian was actually quite looking forward to it.

Perhaps he could succeed in this mortal dynasty world.

At the entrance of the Dao Palace.

The first ones to arrive were not Li Er and the others, but some unknown young men who were blocking the still unopened Dao Palace gates.

By the time Li Er as well as the other courtiers arrived, there was already a sea of people in front of the entrance to the Dao Palace.

Seeing Li Er and the other ministers' faces twitched hard, but they had already come a day earlier and never expected to still be at the back.

There were actually still people in front of them and had managed to block the way.

This made them so depressed.

That mood was even worse, but they didn't expect to still be at the back.

What could they do, they were also so helpless.

"Lili, what did that Jiang lack say?"

Li Er asked in a deep voice, "I don't want to go and squeeze, I'm the emperor."

"Jiang Gongzi said he will come out to greet Father, as for the others, they may not be able to go in for now."

Through the jade talisman that Jiang Liao had once left behind, Li Li was able to communicate with Jiang Liao and was able to speak some words with him.

After hearing the words.

Only then did His Majesty Second Li's face look a little better, and he thought to himself, "My previous efforts were finally not in vain, my thoughts were correct."

Without Li Lili, it was hard to say if he, Li Er, would have been able to go in today, and if he hadn't let his strain of cabbage become good with it, he probably wouldn't have received this special treatment.

But that would do.

As long as his Li Er's family could get in, he couldn't care less about the others.

Although there were many divine thrones, there was only one heavenly emperor's throne.

For this reason, Li Er also had to say urgently, "Changle ah, then hurry up and let him come out to greet us, it's better than staring dryly here."

Li Liji: "........"

She only nodded and said, "Don't worry, Father, I've already made it clear to Jiang Gongzi."

"That's good." Li Er murmured, "It's still good to raise a daughter, unlike raising a son who is as worried."


Li Er's words, however, offended many people and depressed many of the princes.

All the princes: "......."

They all twitched their lips and said under their breath, "We'd like to show it, but our strength won't allow it."

There was also nothing they could do.


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