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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1069 - March (Seeking Subscriptions)

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If the husband is not negative, the secretary will not leave.

Such words are better than the mountains and sea vows, better than those sweet words, and better than countless flowery words.

She was delighted to have Jiang Jiang accept it.

As for the marriage contract between her and Changsun Chong, it had already been thrown away to the country of Java.

Even whether or not Changsun Chong would cry was unknown.

It was none of their business anyway, and neither Jiang Lack nor Li Lizhi was concerned about this matter.

Was Chang Sunchong a threat?

Is that a hindrance?

In the eyes of the powerful, Chang Sunchong was just an ordinary man, and in the eyes of the powerful, Chang Sunchong was merely some status.

Even the Great Tang's Second Emperor Li had solicited Jiang Liao and had intentions of having him with Li Lizhi, so what did Chang Sun Chung dare to jump out and say.

Not even Changsun Wuji would dare.

Chang Sun Chung probably didn't expect that a person sitting at home misfortune would come from heaven, such a thing happened to him.

And without warning.

It was almost as if misfortune had fallen from the sky.

The wife that belonged to him was now going to be someone else's.

Because of Jiang lack's appearance, it could be said that Li Li quality snatched her without any hindrance.

This was something Li Er even raised his hands in approval.

Not to mention the other princes and nobles, who definitely also said they were in favor of it, once Jiang Liao got involved with the royal family, the meaning would be different.

Especially say the Li family lineage.

For them, the advantages outweighed the disadvantages, so there shouldn't be anyone to stop them.

Even say Empress Changsun.

After Li Er's rhetoric, she was very skeptical and confused about the way of immortality though.

But still, she agreed with Li Er's statement.

After all, she had heard of Jiang Liao's divinity.

Not to mention that Jiang Liao and Princess Li Li of Changle were saying some lovey-dovey words at this time, living a comfortable life, and no one dared to disturb them.

Not even Li Er and Empress Changsun.

Nowadays, they couldn't care less, and in their eyes, Jiang Xiao was a god, someone who could cover the sky with just one hand.

Although Li Er's heart had that slight displeasure.

--after all, the cabbage that had been raised for more than a dozen years by his own family had been arched away, his heart was full of unpleasant feelings.

After all, the good cabbage had been arched.

Although Li Er was also quite optimistic about Jiang Lack, believing that this was an existence that could completely transform the Great Tang.

But in reality, Li Er's heart was twitching nonstop.

After all, Li Lili was his daughter.

But Li Er was thinking in a different way, following Jiang Xiao was better than following Changsun Chong.

Although Changsun Chong was destined to inherit Changsun Wuji's title and be a wealthy family in the future, as long as the Tang didn't collapse, the Changsun family would be safe and sound.

Although this would be a way to gain human riches and a hundred years of peace, it was not the best choice for Li Li.

In His Majesty's opinion, Li Lizhi and Jiang Gong are a true match made in heaven.

In general he was satisfied, after all, Jiang Jiankou was an existence of ghosts and gods.

Who else is capable of such a thing?

From now on, it would not be difficult for the royal family to achieve eternal life.

After thinking of these circumstances, Li Er laughed out loud, "Guanyin maid, you might not know that our Li family is going to be rich."

As long as it worked out between Jiang Chi and Li Li this time, he would be able to comfortably enjoy immortality.

By no means, the throne of Heavenly Emperor was also his.

After all, fat water doesn't flow outside.

He believed that Jiang Chi understood this truth and would certainly do so.

"Second brother, what are you laughing at?"

Empress Changsun asked indifferently, "Why is our Li family getting rich, is it because of that State Counselor surnamed Jiang?"

Although she couldn't deny that Jiang Jiang was supernatural and powerful, and his methods were indeed bizarre and unpredictable.

But if one wanted to talk about immortality, then how many princes and kings had pursued it painstakingly throughout the ages.

Didn't they also fail to succeed?

Could it be that in the Tang Dynasty, one could suddenly live forever?

Just because of Jiang Chi?

If the way of immortality originally existed in this world, and if the world was originally a place where gods and demons coexisted, then why didn't those people in the past find the way to immortality.

For example, the great Qin Emperor Ying Zheng, who unified the six kingdoms with his supreme hegemony, was a man of great wisdom.

The wisdom of the ancients must have been not bad, and they couldn't find it, but now they can?

She felt that it was a bit of a cliffhanger.

Especially when she saw how Li Er was laughing and smiling, for a moment, Empress Changsun was actually a little worried.

She was afraid that Li Er would be fooled by Jiang Chi, or to put it bluntly, she was afraid that Li Er would be tricked by Jiang Chi.

After all, immortality was the most attractive to kings.

That way there would be an eternal dynasty.

At this time, however, Li Er did not see Empress Changsun's eyes, he said happily, "That's right, I originally thought that Jiang Chi was just a person with a bit of talent, but now I think, where is he a bit of talent, he is clearly the only remaining god awakening."

Whether or not there were any gods in the past, Li Er didn't know, but he definitely hadn't seen anyone else who also had such divine and unpredictable methods as Jiang Chi.

Even less had he seen Jiang Chi's divine ability to punish people with the flick of a light.

One had to know that everything that happened in the courtroom that day, Li Er had witnessed with his own eyes.

Afterwards, he even sent someone to investigate those who were disciplined by Jiang Lack, and the result was exactly as Jiang Lack had said it would be.

It looked a bit special.

It was creepy as hell.

If he hadn't known that Jiang Lack had nerve-like divine powers, he would have been scared that day as well.

He was terrified.

Thinking back now, it was still exciting ah.

That's why Li Er felt that Jiang Lack was that awakened spirit, and the only one left, otherwise opening up the heavenly palace and the earth's capital, Jiang Lack would never be able to do such things.

Although Li Er didn't know what had happened in the past or why there was only one remaining deity in the world, it would be good if there was.

In the future, they would live forever together and be gods together.

"Second brother, you may have become a little crazy."

Empress Changsun advised, "If the gods are so easy to become, if the way of immortality is this good, then why did you used to..."

This time, before Empress Changsun finished speaking, Li Er waved his hand and interrupted her, "Guanyin maidservant, you may not know this, in the past, I don't know what happened that may have caused the majority of the gods to fall, leaving only him Jiang lacking.

It was only some time ago that he woke up, so he sought out me, the human emperor, to restore a bit of his divine power with the help of the Great Tang's luck.

That should be it!"

Empress Changsun: "..."

She was a little unsure of how to refute Li Er's words, and how to persuade him.

There was even a moment when Empress Changsun felt that His Majesty Li Er had gone off the deep end.

He had nothing but immortality in his eyes, which was a terrible thing.

Then was it possible that Li Er would become even more insane in the future as well?

She simply didn't dare to imagine it.

After a while, Empress Changsun said weakly, "Second brother, this is all just your own imagination, we haven't seen it with our own eyes if we can live forever or not.

What if this is a fake?"

What then?

Li Er still shook his head and said, "Guanyin maidservant, you've never seen Jiang Di's supernatural methods, so it's normal that you don't know.

I didn't believe it before either, but with the investigation behind me, guess what?

That Jiang Chi doesn't even have this number in the Great Tang, meaning that he actually appeared out of thin air."

With such a person, combined with his divine supernatural powers, and Jiang Chi's own promises, it was not difficult to deduce that the Way of Eternal Life actually existed.

As for why no one had lived forever in the past dynasties and why no gods had appeared, in Li Er's opinion, it must have been an accident.

Otherwise it wouldn't be the current outcome.

Eternal life, sometimes it was really good.

As for why he chose to believe, it was because he, Li Er, had witnessed Jiang Xiao performing bizarre and unpredictable tricks with his own eyes.

It was because of this that he was convinced that the way of eternal life must exist in this world.

It was just that those people in the past did not have this fortune.

Now that he, Li Er, happened to meet him, it showed that he was deeply fortunate and was the true son of the Dragon.

And he no longer felt guilty for killing his brother and taking the throne.

Empress Changsun felt that she might not be able to understand Li Er anymore, and instead of continuing to persuade him, she sighed and said, "Since you are insistent on this, second brother, I can't say anything more, I'll go back to the palace first."

She didn't want to dwell on these issues.

Eternal life or not, after that long period of time, everything would be self-evident and the truth would be revealed.

She would like to see if what Li Er said was true or not, it might not count at all.

When Li Er saw this, he didn't think it was strange, even if Empress Changsun didn't believe it now, she would definitely believe it later.

After coming out of the palace, Jiang Chi left a jade talisman by Li Lizhi's side to facilitate the summoning.

After he accepted Li Lirui that day, he had another thought, "Perhaps I can use the matter of Li Lirui's union to gain some world origin power by using the Tang's national luck once again.

Plus, the world itself is constantly upgrading and evolving, so I'm not afraid of sucking this world's origin power dry.

This way, I'll be able to recover from this injury a bit faster, and it might have a huge benefit."

In this way, he felt that the decision wasn't wrong this time.

After all, the Great Tang World was just an ordinary, ordinary world, it was different from other worlds.

In other worlds Jiang Chi could refuse, but in this world, if he suddenly thought so, he felt that he could no longer refuse Li Lili.

It was good for public and private, for himself and for him.

After thinking clearly about these issues, Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "Looks like I'll have to step up my efforts to push the world forward from now on, that's the big one.

Luckily, it's very close to that March period in the blink of an eye, so I'll be able to harvest some origin power by using this time to preach the world.

After all, there are virtues to be gained from preaching."

This side of the world shouldn't be so stingy, even without the Heavenly Dao, the operation of instincts would be rewarded and punished clearly.

Although he, Jiang Xiao, was only an outsider.

But at this time now, he couldn't care less, so he had to do things first and then see.

Li Er didn't know how he would feel if he knew what Jiang Lack was thinking about this.

The years passed in a hurry, time was like an arrow, and if you flew forward there was no possibility of going backwards, nor was there any reason to turn around.

Three months passed very quickly.

During these three months, His Majesty Li Er's reforms had made great progress.

This was because there were no merchants to hinder it, nor were there any five surnames or seven looks behind it, nor were there any other princes or ministers to stop it for the sake of immediate benefits.

This resulted in the pilot reform that was now implemented in Chang'an City going particularly well.

It was as if everyone knew that it was proposed by Jiang Lack and that the commercial tax was immediately collected.

There was no hindrance problem.

This surprisingly smooth, then made Li Er feel a little bottomless, is everyone in the world so disciplined?


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