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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1068 - Not Negative (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Li Lili's intention to show her heart, Jiang Xiao had naturally guessed it.

It was just that he didn't expect it to be this fast, nor did he expect Li Li Li's boldness to be this big.

A princess in a deep boudoir was actually going to make her heart known to him.

For a moment he wondered what he had that was worth thinking about.

He didn't know what was good about himself, and according to his Jiang's own opinion, it should all be bad.

Where was there any good in it.

He was just a jerk.

But it was Li Lirian who took a liking to him, and although this girl was still just an ordinary teenage girl, she was already not young.

After all, women in ancient times were precocious.

It was completely different from modern times, the two were definitely not on the same level.

Jiang was afraid of what he would hear, but at the same time there was one thing he was looking forward to.

He seemed to want to hear the voice of Li Li's heart again.

Perhaps there were unexpected rewards?

Jiang Ji muttered words, his eyes burning and having their own god, but he heard Li Li said, "Mr. Jiang, ever since I rescued you that time, I feel like my heart is attached to you.

Although this somewhat makes me seem unreserved, I know that if I don't say it, I won't have much of a chance to say it again.

It's often said in plays that it's hard to love someone, and even harder to keep loving them.

But I don't think so, I think love is love, it doesn't need much words to embellish it, or extra words to explain it.

Now that I've expressed my feelings to you, I hope you can understand and accept me.

Even if it's just for a moment, I feel satisfied."

In the palace, Jiang Qian was considered her simple second man, and she developed feelings of love and admiration because of this.

It was also incredibly normal.

Being in this deep palace with red walls and green tiles, she knew very well how difficult it was to meet Jiang Liao.

It was basically unlikely.

Once she missed this opportunity, there was no telling if she would have the chance to show her heart again, or if she would have the chance to see Jiang Xiao again.

So she decided to say it first this time.

Because she was afraid that she wouldn't have the chance to say it later, that she couldn't say it afterwards.

She was complicated and heavy inside, and she knew that she didn't have many chances or time.

Once she didn't say it, there probably wouldn't be a chance to say it again.


After saying it, he was terribly afraid again.

Her heart began to worry, and she began to wonder how Jiang lacked to face her.

To accept it, or not to accept it?

This was something that Li Li had no bottom in her heart, although she was born with a natural beauty that was hard to give up on, and her looks were beautiful as well.

But with a person like Jiang lacking, she didn't know, and she didn't have any bottom strength to support it.

What if she was rejected.

Although Li Lili also knew that there was basically no possibility between her and Jiang Liao, but she always held a just in case.

Maybe it was this one just in case chance that would allow her to be valued by Jiang Lack one day.


After stating her intentions, Li Lili waited.

She was also afraid that His Majesty Second Li and Empress Changsun would suddenly come in and once she was interrupted, there would be no chance.

Jiang Xiao: "........"

He was silent and his face was heavy.

Strangely looking at Li Li, he never thought that Li Li, the girl, would be so bold, that she would actually state her heart.

At first.

He felt like Li Lili was narrating a fact, but after time passed, he realized that none of this was fake.

Rather, they were real.

Miss Li Lili Li was also serious.


Did he really have to make a choice for Jiang someone?

Isn't that a little too hard.

Jiang Xiao was not a person who liked to make choices, nor was he a person who was willing to make choices.

But on the other hand, on the other hand, he felt that Li Li was scary, quiet and skilful.

It was his type.

It was the type of person he liked in Jiang.

It was a bit awkward.

What could he do, he Jiang Xiao also felt helpless ah.

It was a bitter face.

The mood was so uncomplicated, he wanted to say yes, but he was afraid of delaying someone's girl.

It wasn't that he was afraid of Changsun Chong, but that sooner or later, he, Jiang Gou, would have to leave this world.

Once he left, what would Li Lirian do.

But if he didn't agree, he would feel that Li Lili was too pitiful, and her pitiful appearance was really pitiful.

It was endearing.

Plus, Miss Li Lili Li was originally the type of girl he wanted.

This was a million times more tangled in Jiang Jiang's heart, and he was helpless to do anything about it.

The mind was ten thousand complicated.

There was an unexplainable feeling that he wanted to say that he accepted, but he was scrupulous and worried, and he wanted to say that he didn't accept, but he was afraid that Li Li would be sad.

What's more, the other party was already the type of person he liked, which made the decision even harder to make, and he would rather not make a choice if he could.

Since ancient times, making a choice was the hardest thing to do, and Jiang Xiao was no exception, he also felt bitter in his heart.

Perhaps he shouldn't have come to this Great Tang World?

He still couldn't find any sense of belonging here, he didn't feel like he belonged.

He was exceptional.

It was also different and incomparable.

Jiang lacked a faint look, looking somewhat inexplicably strange, as he stared at Li Li Lijian without turning his eyes.

It seemed that he wanted to take a very serious look at this girl, wanted to talk to her with an effort to clarify the situation.

Only the words were lost on his lips, and he couldn't say half a word, as if he had never heard them before.

Jiang Xiao felt very bitter.

It was so hard to make choices, he himself was not a person who liked to make decisions, he was already just a different person.

Inherently extraordinary.

Li Lili: "........"

She was still waiting, waiting for Jiang lacked an answer, and perhaps the answer she finally waited for was not the one he wanted.

Or maybe the one she could wait for was not the one she wanted.

But she was still waiting.

The ones that Jiu Wen Li said were all lies, and she firmly believed that there was true love in the world, and that there was something so extraordinary about this world.

Jiang lacked eyes like lightning, looking like a divine peak.

He was thinking.

The mind was beginning to work and calculate at a frightening speed.

Is it better to accept or not to accept.

It seemed that there were advantages and disadvantages to each, as well as advantages and disadvantages to each, making it really difficult for him, Jiang Someone, to choose.

He didn't know what to do.

With a tight face, Jiang Jian suddenly asked, "Miss Li, may I ask why you've fallen for me?"

Although the words might be irrelevant, Jiang Guiao felt it was important, at least for him, he needed to know the attitude of Miss Li Li Li towards him.

Was it something that happened at the beginning, or was it something that followed gradually?

Was it because he felt that he was incomparably supernatural and had extraordinary means of existence, or was it because of something else.

He was surprised and looking forward to it.

Perhaps Li Li's answer would be different.

He murmured his words and his eyes flew up as if he was radiant, staring at Li Lili for a moment.

The latter, however, replied rather shyly, "Mr. Jiang is exceptionally handsome, and the first time I saw him, I felt that I had already fallen in love with you.

That's why after you left, I've been missing you and have been asking people to find out where you are.

Even if it was simply to meet you for a moment, it would be wonderful.

Now I have no choice, that's why I begged Mother to declare you into the palace, but Mother didn't agree to my proposal, instead it was Father who agreed."

Li Lili's words touched Jiang Qian somewhat.

He hadn't expected in any case that Li Lizhi would make so many things just to see him.

What was even more unexpected was that she was so attractive.

Even Li Er's beloved daughter, who had raised cabbages for so many years, had actually been coaxed by him.

As long as he said the word, Li Li would definitely throw herself into his arms.

How nice.

"Yeah, how nice, he treats me like this, but I have to think of something else."

Jiang Chi could not help but mutter to himself, "In any case, I'm touched by Li Lili's kindness, I'm not an ungrateful person, nor am I a wooden man who doesn't understand anything."

He actually understood it all.

"Perhaps, my previous thoughts were wrong." Jiang Xiao mused, "I've always felt that I wanted to leave, that I didn't feel like I belonged here, and that was only because of my delusion.

In fact, if two people just need to be together, they just need to quietly enjoy each other's time together.

That's what a truly divine family life is like, what a great day to be together."

Spending time with each other and saying some kind words to each other, that's what's most important.

This is what life is like.

This was what love was, and this was what should be what he wanted.

After thinking of these situations, Jiang Xiao's heart felt satisfied, and he felt a million emotions.

I almost missed it, I almost made someone girl heartbroken ah.

That would have been a great sinner himself.

Jiang Guiao muttered words, "Those I thought of before were all wrong, in fact they were all incorrect, the other girl doesn't even ask for a heavenly longevity with me, she only cares about the morning and evening with me, just being willing to accompany me is enough."

Li Lili had only this little request, what else did he care about.

There was no need to care now.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Hou suddenly raised his head and said to Li Lili, "Miss Li, I already know all about your thoughts, and I understand what you mean, I, Jiang Hou, am willing to accept your heartfelt request."

After saying these words, he suddenly felt a lot more cheerful.

At this time, he couldn't care less about Huang Rong and instead said, "Changle, between you and Changsun Chong..."

If he remembered correctly, the marriage between Li Liriu and Changsun Chong would probably be next year.

But now he had already accepted Li Lili, so naturally there was nothing for Changsun Chong to do.

Nevermind whether the other party was willing or not.

Did he need to look at his Chang Sun Chong's face to do anything?

After thinking of this, Jiang Kang actually didn't take Changsun Chong to heart.

Li Lili, on the other hand, cried tears of joy and explained, "The matter between me and Cousin Changsun was originally presided over by Father and Mother and the others, I just couldn't resist."

"No harm."

Jiang Chi waved his hand and said, "These are all trivial matters, as long as this seat is willing, there will be nothing for him to do with Chang Sun Chung.

If he's sensible then it's fine, if he's not, then don't blame this seat for being rude."

He was not a vegetarian, Jiang lacking Jiang Da Xian, and since he had already promised Li Li Li, he would not fail her.

But it wouldn't allow anyone else to still have any thoughts about his Jiang Lack's woman, even if it was Changsun Chong.

Li Er's thoughts he knew were nothing more than a way to rally the ministers of the court and also a way to put them at ease.

But it had to be said that this way was not a good way.

He didn't feel good about it.

As long as he, Jiang, opened his mouth, I guess His Majesty Li Er would only want him to be his son-in-law.

After all, that way Li Er would have a reason and a chance to turn things around.

It was impossible for Li Er to confront him for the sake of a mere Changsun Chong, and it was also impossible for him not to sell his Jiang someone's face.

After saying that, Jiang Ji was like remembering something again, "In this life, I, Jiang Ji, will definitely not fall short of you, and the three realms of the Great Tang will be honored by you."

Li Li also said with joy, "Wishing to win one's heart and never leave each other in vain, Mr. Jiang, as long as you can accompany me, that's the best."

She didn't ask for anything else.


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