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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1067 - Heartfelt Signs (Seeking Subscriptions)

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For the sake of love, maybe try it out?

Jiang lacked a bit of hesitation.

In all fairness, Princess Changle was indeed good.

And Huang Rong wasn't here either.

Perhaps in this realm he could have more time to spend with Princess Changle until he finally left.

The great family business also needed to be inherited to be motivated, otherwise he wouldn't even have the motivation to create it.

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Mo's gaze flickered as if he had certain decisions to make.

She was curious for a moment.

I remembered that it wasn't like this when Jiang Giang was in her palace.

Li Lirui remembered it particularly well.

The end was a good means.

Even the unstoppable Li Er Majesty now had to look up to him to exist.

Whether it was for immortality, or for something else.

In any case, the nobles and honored dignitaries were now cutting their heads to befriend Jiang Liao, just waiting for the day when they could live forever, which would be the best.

After all, after the opening of the Heavenly Palace and Earthly Palace, there would definitely be a shortage of ghost gods and goddesses, and then they would be able to become ghost gods and goddesses along the way.

Once there was a ghost god revered position, they would be able to remain immortal as long as the Immortal Devil God System remained intact.

Such an advantage hadn't been achieved by many kings over the ages, but they had picked up an advantage.

And it was a huge bargain.

If it was possible, what Li Li was puzzled about was how Jiang Xiao had such skills in such a short period of time.

It made her feel a bit unreal.

It seemed that Jiang lacked Jiang Gongzi was really different, if that was the case, then was it that he could also live forever and not die?

She was thinking.

But she heard Jiang Jiang explain, "Actually, I was indeed seriously injured at that time, and thanks to Miss Li's rescue, I was able to survive.

I've always been grateful for this kindness.

Later, because of my outstanding talent, I was pardoned by His Majesty as the State Master, and with the help of Tang's State Master's honorary title, I was able to recover a little bit of my cultivation until now.

With the passage of time, I will gradually strengthen my cultivation, and when the time comes, it will not be a problem to open up the Heavenly Palace, recreate the Earthly Reincarnation, and relaunch the myths and legends.

Miss Li once saved my life, this kindness should naturally be repaid, so I hereby promise: to grant Miss Li an immortality quota, with me, I will definitely not let anything happen to Miss Li."

This was his Jiang Chi's promise.

An immortality slot, in the future, as long as Li Li remained alive, she could become the God of the Heavenly Palace.

A district god position should be unavoidable.

With Jiang Lack's promise, Li Lizhen would be free of worries.

Regardless of what fate she had in the future, becoming an Immortal God was possible.

Right now.

Jiang Chi thought that Li Lili would jump up and down with joy, but Li Lili didn't jump up and down with joy after hearing Jiang Chi's promise, as if nothing had happened.

Perhaps for her, immortality was just one of the benefits.

At most, it was icing on the cake, but definitely not a gift in the snow.

For someone whose life was still in dire straits, perhaps the way of immortality was something they sought.


For someone like Li Lili, subsistence was no longer an issue, and the riches of the earth were within reach because of Li Er's distant past.

As for that Way of Immortality, it might count as a little thought, but it was definitely not the main thing.

She obviously wanted something else.

For example, wouldn't it be better to live that life of only envious mandarin ducks and not envious immortals, as if they were immortal lovers.

It would be more comfortable that way.

Li Li looked calm and suddenly said, "That's not enough, how can saving one's life be said to be a mere promise."

Jiang Qian: "........"

After hearing the words, he couldn't help but come to a stunned look.

The mood was also somewhat baffled.

Truly very helpless to the extreme, he said, "Miss Li, then I wonder what else is needed according to what you see?"

I can't let him Jiang lack continue his promises.

Li Lili suddenly waned and smiled playfully, "It's very simple, I just need three more promises from you, Mr. Jiang.

And it's the kind that can be mentioned casually."


Jiang Qiao was startled to stay, and couldn't help but say, "Miss Li, aren't you forcing someone to do something?"

If he couldn't do it then how could he promise.

Moreover, as a man promises were not something that could be made lightly, let alone the kind of three promises that could be mentioned casually.

So after hearing Li Li's words, Jiang Jiang couldn't help but feel bitter in his heart, and wondered who this Miss Li was following to learn from.

But she was in the depths of this imperial palace, so who could she learn from?

Is it from a play?

For a moment, Jiang Xiao could not help but guess that Li Li would actually mention three promises to him.

This was not a good omen.

If he, Jiang Someone, remembered correctly, there was once a beautiful girl named Zhao Min who also asked for three promises like a certain man.

And the end result was that she also asked to be with him with these three promises at all.

Although they were still in love in the end, but this time when Jiang Xiao experienced it himself, he still felt strange.

He couldn't help but ask, "What if Miss Li can't do it, she can't force others to do it."

Even if he, Jiang Chi, was a Human Immortal, no matter how profound his Immortal Yuan mana was, no matter how magical he was, he couldn't be able to do everything ah.

What if he promised to do it now, in case he couldn't do it then.

So he was a bit bitter in his heart, "Miss Li, why don't you change another condition."

"No, just this one."

Li Li said indifferently, "Whether you can do it or not is your business, in any case, you owe me a favor for saving your life, so I'll take your three promises."

Jiang Qian: "........"

Got to.

Looks like there's no way to refuse.

He said with a depressed face, "Miss Li, then I don't know what all three of your promises are."

If you knew earlier, you could have thought of a solution.

Jiang Qiao's heart was also apprehensive, he didn't know what promises or demands you aspire to make.

In case the promises Li Li Zhi mentioned were too excessive, how could he do it.


It was just that he owed Li Lizhen a life, and the gift of saving his life was higher than the sky, thicker than the earth, and bigger than the sea.

He could not fail to repay it.

After all, he, Jiang Hou, considered himself to be a compassionate and righteous person.

So he would never do those ungrateful things either, he did wish that Li Lizhen's three promises would be simpler.

But would Li Lili's be as he wished?

Li Lili said, "Mr. Jiang need not worry, the three promises I mentioned are all very simple.

But I haven't thought about what they are exactly yet, and I don't plan to tell you now, I'll tell you in detail after I've thought about it."


A single word cut off Jiang lack of thoughts.

It also made him helpless.

By the time Li Lili remembered, it would definitely be some critical moment, and then he would have to say that he would have to tie his hands in doing things.

That wouldn't be good.

His Majesty Li Er didn't know what was going on inside, he only thought that his daughter and Jiang Xiao were acquainted.

And according to his guess, they should both have mutual affection for each other.

In that case, he would be able to do a favor along the way, and might be able to bring Jiang Liao to his side.

By then, his throne of Heavenly Emperor would be completely secure.

As for Changsun Chong, he had been left behind and forgotten about by Li Erji's Majesty.

He didn't know how far it had progressed inside, nor did he know what had happened to Jiang Xiao and that cabbage of his own.

But it was good to think about.

At least it was good for him, Li Er, no matter how he tried to bring Jiang lacking in.

Although the tactics were a bit nasty.

But it didn't prevent the result from being good, what Li Er valued was the result.

As for that process, that method, what did it have to do with him?

Thinking of the Second Li Majesty, he couldn't help but laugh, "Guanyin maidservant, you are unaware that I have finally accomplished a great thing, hahaha."

Empress Changsun: "........"

She stared at Li Er grudgingly and asked, "What, it's a good thing that you're pushing your daughter out of the house all the time?

Second Brother, don't you know that Changle is already engaged to Chong'er?

What do you think will go wrong once you let this mysterious and bizarre State Master Jiang Lack get involved?"

Li Er waved his hand, he said with a calm face, "Guanyin maidservant, you don't understand this matter.

Although that Jiang Jian is now only the State Teacher of the Great Tang, his one skill can be described as thorough, with the ability to change the heavens and the earth.

This is definitely not something ordinary people can have.

You should know that during the pre-Qin period, even the first emperor Ying Zheng, who unified the six kingdoms, was unable to live forever even with all his might.

And now that he, Jiang Ji, has touched the path of immortality, isn't this a good thing for me?

My Great Tang may be able to last forever.

Besides, I had checked Jiang lack's history before, and he appeared oddly.

So, I suspect that he and Changle know each other, and because of that, I will also give them space and time alone together.

Maybe some sparks could come out.

It seems that Changle also has a liking for the Jiang lack of the State Counselor, I am just being a good guy again.

I'm just being a good guy again. What I've done is to go with the flow, as for Chong'er's side, I can only think of ways to compensate him later.

After all, if Changle is happy, that's what you and I would like to see.

Guanyin maidservant, don't you want your daughter to be able to be happy?"


Empress Changsun looked helpless and asked, "So you think that the lacking Jiang Guoji is a good match for Changle?"

"Or what?"

Li Er asked rhetorically, "Although Jiang Qian is a little colder, although sometimes greedy for money, but overall still a person with great talent, otherwise Guanyin maidservant do you think I am really stupid.

Not to mention that he now touches on the path of immortality, which is what I want ah.

Eternal life and immortality.

I'm surprised that it can be realized in my dynasty, when the Jiang Guoji opened up the heavens and earth, set up heaven and earth, recreate mythology.

I can then become the supreme supreme, and then I can't help but rule over the beings of the three realms.


Thinking about Li Er made me feel excited.

This was a great thing.

It wasn't even certain that the pie would fall on him.

That's why he felt that he was very lucky and should also work harder and harder to bring Jiang lacking.

Don't look at the fact that he was now a State Master and called himself a minister, but Li Er didn't dare to really treat him as a minister.

What kind of courtier had such skills ah.

"This is clearly descending to help me, indicating that I say true dragon heavenly son."

Li Er secretly thought to herself, and it didn't matter about Empress Changsun's burst of white eyes.

She said, "Second brother, I think it's better for you not to have great hopes, since ancient times there have been countless emperors who were drunk with the way of immortality, some wise and powerful, and some incomparably dull.

And which one of them ended up with a happy ending?

You should also be aware that such things as immortality are too ethereal."

Li Er: "........"

Although he didn't know how to refute Empress Changsun, and although he had hesitated with skepticism, he chose to believe it now.

Perhaps when the good things held up between Jiang lacked and Princess Changle, everything favorable would tend to him.

And right now.

Li Li continued to speak to Jiang Chi, "Mr. Jiang, although I haven't thought of those three promises yet, there's one thing I've always wanted to say to you."

Jiang Ji's eyebrows jumped, thinking, "Is this a little too soon to start stating your intentions?"


He was a little shocked, a little expectant, and a little scared and intimidated.

Of course.

He also ghostly asked, "What words?"


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