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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1066 - Emotion (Seeking Subscriptions)

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If he could, Wang De didn't really want to make this choice.

But he had no choice.

Because it was the best choice and the most beneficial choice.

After making a principle, Wang De's heart fell a bit empty.

He was so helpless.

His face was tangled, and the depression in his heart was huge.

Right now.

After hearing Jiang Di's words, he couldn't help but regretfully say, "Since Eunuch Wang De thinks that way, then let it be as you wish, it's just that this seat has decided that you're a bit of a pity."

Wang De was indeed a talent, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to follow Li Er's side or become Li Er's right-hand man for years and years.

Jiang Ji's gaze was sharp as he continued, "Eunuch Wang, I wonder at which palace His Majesty Li Er will receive me?"

He asked at once.

Wang De was stunned and whirled around, "Reporting back to the State Master, His Majesty he is receiving you at the Harem."


Jiang Chi's eyes were surprised, "Reception in the harem it, but for this seat an outsider, go to the harem?"

"This is licensed by His Majesty."

Wang De frowned and said, "The State Master just needs to go, but I don't know anything else about it."


It was equivalent to not asking.

Jiang Ji could only put away his curiosity, "And go and see what Li Er has to do."

For Li Er, Jiang Ji was actually quite grateful, and if it wasn't for the words of this Ancient One Emperor, it would have been impossible for him to recover some of his cultivation.

Now after recovering some, it was all thanks to Li Er's support, and although there was also his blundering and his contribution to this, Jiang Kou felt that he should also thank Li Er.

After all, Li Er was a good man.

If he could be helped, then help him out.

There might be unexpected gains.


Jiang Chi followed Wang De to the palace, but he didn't recognize the road, so he had to let Wang De continue to help him guide the way.

Naturally, Wang De would not refuse.

He knew the location of the harem and was aware that Li Er and Empress Changsun were in the harem.

He suddenly said, "Eunuch Wang, is this seat going in directly?"

Is this too straightforward.

Wang De said evenly, "There's no need for you to be anxious, you just follow me in, just as I'm going to return to His Majesty."


Jiang Jiang couldn't help but nod his head, "Then let's do it."

He just happened to go over and see what that Second Li Majesty had to do.


Jiang Chi saw Li Er, who was now in a state of springtime, but it could be said that he was in a good mood.

The reforms had gone smoothly and had increased the Tang's coffers all the more.

He was very happy.

At this time, Wang De stepped on small steps and came to Li Er's side, "Reporting back to Your Majesty, the slave servant has already sent a message to invite the Lord of the State."


Li Er nodded, "If that's the case, Wang De you can wait at the side."


Wang De nodded his head and complied.

He didn't dare to say anything more about His Majesty Li Er's order.


A young eunuch began to greet Jiang Liao and said, "Lord of the State, His Majesty invites you in."

"I, Jiang Ji, pay my respects to His Majesty."

Jiang Ji bowed respectfully and said, "I wonder what His Majesty has invited me to do?"

Li Er even said, "State Master, please sit down quickly."

He greeted someone and brought a chair.

At the same time, he also said, "State Master, this time I have invited you here, there is really something I want to tell you."


Jiang Jiang was stunned, "I wonder if there's anything His Majesty would like to say?"

Li Er cleared his throat and said, "Sir State Master, the thing is like this, I have a queen, named Empress Changsun, and a daughter, named Lili, who is also Princess Changle.

Because they are curious about the skills of the State Master, so they deliberately called the State Master here, so that they can also open their eyes.

I wonder what you think of this. Would you be willing to help me with this small favor?

If the State Master can help, I will definitely be grateful."

Jiang Qian: "...."

So that's what it was, so that's what it was.

He couldn't help but laugh and cry, "I thought he, Li Er, had something big to do, but now it seems it's just a small matter."

Since Princess Changle was there, he, Jiang Someone, naturally couldn't refuse and couldn't say anything.

After all, Princess Changle Li Li had once saved his life.

He, Jiang Jiang, had always been one to repay kindness and revenge, so he had agreed to Li Er's proposal.

Wasn't it just a display of skill? Now that he, Jiang Someone, had recovered some Xian Yuan mana, it wouldn't be difficult for him to perform his skills.

Thus, Jiang Ji nodded and said, "Since you have already opened your golden mouth, Your Majesty, then I will just follow the order."

In essence, he, the State Master, was actually a subject of Li Er.

Li Er couldn't help but feel a bright light and smiled, "What the State Master said is extremely true, we must be close in the future."

He seemed to have seen hope.

Perhaps he could get close to Jiang Qian, and perhaps he could also turn Jiang Qian into his son-in-law.

Wouldn't that be better.

Jiang Chi's look was startled as he continued, "Your Majesty need not be too polite, I will definitely follow it."

He felt that was quite good.

At least Li Er had some respect for him, and it wasn't necessarily good for him.

Li Er gave a look at Empress Changsun and suddenly said, "Ahem, State Master, I remembered that there is still one more thing to do, so I will leave with Empress first, you should give Princess Changle a performance."

Jiang Ji: "........"

At this time, Jiang Da Xian did not look stunned, suddenly feeling a chill down his back.

A bit cold.

This Second Li Majesty shouldn't have discovered something.

He secretly said, "When I first came to this Great Tang, without Princess Changle's help, I definitely wouldn't be as well off as I am now."

How good it is now.


Let's not care what he, Li Er, thinks, as long as he doesn't go against his conscience.

As for the rest, don't mind so much, he Li Er can't control himself.

At that point then.


Even for now, it's all good enough.

He was a supremely strong man, a supreme generation, a very revered stream of immortals and gods.

If he didn't want to, Li Er couldn't control him.

And didn't Li Er mean that he wanted him to be alone with Princess Changle, Jiang Xiao.

He could still see this meaning, but Jiang Da Xian didn't directly dismantle it.

You Li Er can leave if you want to.

He doesn't mind.

Wang De also followed Li Er and left as if he hadn't seen Jiang Chi's face.

Not far away.

In a pink dress, she was currently sitting with a curious face.

This Jiang Chi Jiang gongzi, who was still a seriously injured person in her house, was now actually the Great Tang State Master.

A supreme generation.


It's only been a short amount of time ah, but he has actually become an existence under one person and above ten thousand people.


This Lord State Master before us should be the most powerful.

It should be above countless others.

Jiang Ji muttered, "Surprisingly, Li Er and Empress Changsun have both left, then for me, I only need to deal with this Princess Changle next."

Changle he knew, this Miss Li Li had once been nice to him, had once been nice to him.

But now, Jiang Kou could clearly feel that something was not right.

Because he found that the way Princess Changle looked at him seemed a bit off.

He wasn't a fool, naturally, he also noticed that Princess Changle was different, perhaps this princess was treating herself....

Jiang Xiao mulled it over in his mind.

Immediately afterwards.

He saw the surrounding maids and eunuchs gradually leave, and he and Princess Changle were the only ones left in the entire palace.

Everyone else had left except for him.

With a flash of his gaze, Jiang Chi slowly walked to Princess Changle's side, "I, Jiang Chi, pay my respects to Your Highness."

"Level yourself."

Miss Li Lili hurriedly said, "Mr. Jiang, I don't know how you became the Great Tang State Teacher, and they say that you have the ability of ghosts and immortal gods, and even that supreme means to touch eternal life, I don't know if these are true?"

Hearing Princess Changle's question like this, Jiang Ji could not help but smile, "All of the Princess's doubts, I can tell her one by one that these are actually true.

It is true that I have the ability of ghosts and gods, and it is also true that I can penetrate the power of immortal gods, and hold the way of eternal life in my hand.

I can also open up the heavens and the earth, and even relaunch the mythology and recreate the three realms.

If the princess wants to live forever, I will definitely help her with all my might."


Princess Changle was stunned and couldn't help but say, "Mr. Jiang, are you already so distant from me?"

Claiming to be a minister, and her Li Li is a princess, wouldn't that make them rusty.

It wasn't originally like this between them.

Jiang Xiao: "........"

He didn't even know what to say after hearing the news.

A face was so helpless.

Li Li pledged, "Mr. Jiang, can you still remember what happened between us in the beginning?"

"What is it?"

Jiang lacked a blank stare, "He doesn't remember anything between him and Princess Changle."

Was there still such an agreement?

He doesn't remember. Could it be that he has a bad memory?

Jiang Ji's gaze turned and continued, "Since the princess doesn't like this title, I'll change it, Miss Li doesn't know what I'm capable of that I'd like to know."

Miss Li Liqiu was a bit bitter.

She couldn't help but say, "Mr. Jiang, what are your plans for the future?"

But any other ideas?

Upon hearing the words, Jiang Ji was startled, "Miss Li, my original promise still counts and is still valid.

As for my future plans, it is to preach the world, to preach the future, to open up the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace, and to relaunch the myth of the Three Realms.

The future Great Tang, Jiang is a world where immortals and demons, gods and Buddhas and demons coexist.

If nothing unexpected happens, the Great Tang should be able to exist forever.

As for you, Miss Li, I will definitely repay your kindness as well, and I am really grateful for saving your life that day."

Li Li Qiu: "........"

She was helpless, and the dodging gaze of Jiang lacked really made him feel a little startled.

But she was holding a slight fluke in her heart, after all, her own father, His Majesty Li Er, had already agreed to it.

The fact that he and his own mother had left together was enough to explain the current situation.

So His Majesty Li Er must be aware of it, and at the same time, he also supported her.

Just how long that support would last, it was hard to say, but now Jiang Jiankou's meaning seemed a little unclear to her.

Isn't she naturally beautiful, doesn't this Mr. Jiang lacking have any other thoughts about herself?

Or does he dare not at all?

So, even up to now, Li Lili didn't understand what Jiang Liao meant.

So she was waiting and also thinking about the purpose of Jiang Gou doing this.

Jiang Hou was bitter in his heart, honestly, Princess Changle was actually very nice, but when he thought that he would have to leave this side of the world sooner or later, he didn't feel good in his heart.

He wasn't the kind of person who was heartless and unfeeling, but he really felt a bit helpless that he would have to leave sooner or later.

And this place, after all, was not his place.

He was going to leave eventually, once there was something with Princess Changle, then what would happen later.


Princess Changle, he also had feelings for her.

The original feelings from back then were still there too.

So, should he accept it?


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