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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1065 Oral Oracle (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Coming to the National Palace once again, Wang De's feelings were actually very complicated.

The few times he had come here before had made him feel so complicated and weary.

Jiang lacking this State Master was really a bit depressing to him, making him feel helpless, and an existence that could open up the heavens and earth in general was actually a very stingy existence.

It put him in an unpleasant mood.

If he could, he would actually like to not come.

It would be better that way.

After all, he wouldn't have to face someone like Jiang Lack, and for some reason, Wang De always felt panicked now.

Some uneasiness.

He was afraid that things would be out of his expectation.

After all, Jiang Da Xian had a track record.

What if....?

"No, there can't be any just in case."

Wang De thought to himself, "I'm just here to pronounce an imperial decree, I don't think he will make things difficult for me, after all, I don't have any money."

Although as a eunuch, it was normal to be bribed, but not under Li Er's nose.

He was well aware of Li Er's peculiarities.

Adding to the fact that Jiang Lack's prestige was growing nowadays, when the way of immortality spread in Chang'an City, it was horrifying.

Especially Wang De.

He felt more and more that Jiang Lack was a very special, very different person.

It made people feel fearful and terrified.

After all, he, Wang De, also wanted to live forever and be immortal, and he felt even more frightened than when he faced Li Er.

This feeling really scared him, and he actually didn't want to come if he could.


Wang De secretly sighed, "If I can make Jiang lack and Princess Changle achieve good things, I can become an immortal too."

Or maybe one day, he could also become a god?

Wang De who thought of this was somewhat baffled, and after looking calm, he hurriedly said to the servants of the State Counselor's Mansion, "Ere, go and inform them, and tell them that the palace has come to proclaim the decree of this Eunuch."

All the servants: "........"

They were slightly stunned, but they quickly reacted, after all, Wang De came to the State Master's House often and they had seen it all the first time.

When they came back to their senses, the servants hurriedly went to report.

That powerful State Master should be there, right?

Wang De waited quietly.

He only hoped that this time would pass peacefully and that that State Master would not make things difficult for him.

In fact.

Wang De should be overthinking.

Jiang Xiao wouldn't care about him Wang De so much, he looked so calm that he was confused inside when he heard that Wang De was coming to proclaim the decree.

And so.

The servant respectfully reported, "Qiyao, the palace's Eunuch Wang De has come to proclaim the decree, would you like to meet him?"


Jiang Ji was slightly stunned, "Just call him in, maybe he's here for something else."

Declaring the decree.

That was just declaring Li Er's will.

Now he, Jiang Someone, was majestic, had the ability to live forever, had infinite skills.

He can pass through ghosts and gods, and can know eternal life.

What's more, he wants to restart the mythology, and then open the heavenly palace and the earthly house, and from then on the mythology will live on, and the three realms will be in order.

That would be much more interesting and much better.

Once he thought clearly about his position and situation nowadays, the corners of Jiang Qian's mouth lifted up slightly.

A deep smile was revealed.


The servant went down and brought Wang De slowly to the hall of the State Master's residence.

There was no incense set up as Wang De had imagined, nor was there the legendary respectful greeting.

His face was incomparably calm.

It was as if nothing had happened.

Jiang lacked a calm and composed face, as if nothing had happened.

So serene.

Wang De: "........"

He was a little embarrassed, and in his heart he couldn't help but say, "Although he's more powerful, Jiang Chi is still considered His Majesty's vassal."

No matter what, you have to take His Majesty's thoughts into account, otherwise this is nothing.

He burst out laughing bitterly.

Somewhat depressed.


After looking at Jiang Lack's face, he couldn't help but say, "Ahem, Lord of State, do you think we should receive the decree?"


Jiang Jiang nodded casually, "In that case, you can pronounce the decree."

He would like to see what moths Li Er had up his sleeve again.

He guessed up in his mind.

Immediately after.

Jiang Chi's face moved and said, "Eunuch Wang, where is the imperial decree?"

He saw that the hands of Wang De and the others were empty, and there was no so-called holy decree.

It was as if there were none at all.

He was stunned and in a strange mood all of a sudden, "Is declaring an imperial decree not even necessary?"

Times have changed and you don't know it?

Wang De coughed dryly, and couldn't help but say, "Enlightened State Master, His Majesty dictates that there is no decree."

He was looking at Wang De oddly, and then he said, "Eunuch Wang, go on then."

If there is no imperial decree, then there is no imperial decree.

He felt indifferent.

An oracle is fine as far as it goes.

He Jiang Xiao felt fine.

Wang De rather embarrassedly touched his nose, he even said, "There is no need to worry, Your Excellency, this time ah, it is a great good thing."

Jiang Ji: "........"

Some what good thing he didn't know, what good thing could Li Er have.

In his mind, he was already starting to shake his head in secret, Li Er would never have anything good to say to him.

There was by no means much possibility.

Jiang Mo's gaze was electric, seemingly smiling as he looked at Wang De.

For a moment.

But looking at Wang De's face, he looked embarrassed and said evenly, "There's no need for you to worry about anything, it's really good."

He said incessantly.

It was a good good thing to explain it in this way.


Wang De said, "Send a message from His Majesty, and the State Master will be able to enter the palace for an audience."


Jiang Jiang waited with the following.

But he saw that after Wang De finished speaking, he closed his mouth and said nothing, looking at him calmly.


Jiang Ji was stunned at this and immediately said, "Eunuch Wang, is this gone?"


Wang De immediately said, "This is what His Majesty's decree was passed down to the slave servant, but according to the slave servant's understanding, it should be a good face."

Upon hearing that, the corners of Jiang Di's mouth twitched, "In that case, after this seat cleans up a bit, this will follow Eunuch Wang into the palace to face the Emperor."

As for what benefits and such, he didn't know.

A face of tears and laughter.

Wang De couldn't say anything, he could only say, "What Your Excellency has said is true, it is said that His Majesty has come down with an oracle and there is a great reward to come down."

"What if there isn't?"

Jiang Jiang asked, "Is it you, Eunuch Wang, who is personally helping the throne replenish these bounties?"

Wang De: "......."

He looked embarrassed, and the corners of his mouth twitched, "Ahem, Your Excellency is joking, I'm just a chamberlain eunuch, and I don't have many subs."

As a chamberlain eunuch beside Li Er, he wasn't really rich, he was really poor.

That's why he was so depressed.

Wang De's mind was so complicated, some of his expressions were on the verge of tears, he had never seen Jiang lack like this before.

At any rate, he was also an Immortal God's generation, and also that monstrous stream of ghosts and gods that touched on the way of eternal life, how could he love money so much.

Shouldn't such a person be able to turn a stone into gold, shouldn't he be able to have endless means?

Wang De couldn't figure it out.

He felt baffled and a little embarrassed.

But he didn't say anything more about these words, and was afraid of angering this unstoppable State Master.

It was better to think about it.

With a flick of his outstretched hand, he put on a new set of brocade robes again, so he said to Wang De: "Eunuch Wang, let's go into the palace to pay our respects, so that His Majesty Li Er will not have to wait for a long time later."

Wang De: "........"

What the hell was Li Er.

He kind of didn't dare to answer, it was fine for Jiang Jiang to say this, but if he, Wang De, said it, it might reach His Majesty Li Er's ears.

That would be bad.

With a full smile, Jiang Jiang continued, "Eunuch Wang, what major events have happened in the world recently?"

Wang De thought carefully about what he heard, and whirled around to shake his head, "No, the reforms are all starting to take place these days, and they're going exceptionally well, and surprisingly the five surnames and seven looks haven't been stopped by anyone."


Jiang Ji was stunned, "This does go somewhat smoothly, and it really isn't a big deal, since none of the five surnames and seven gazes have come out to stop it, then it doesn't matter.

The next thing that I am going to push forward with the matter of Preaching the World, must not let anyone stop it.

I hope that Eunuch Wang will help pass on this meaning, and the world of preaching must not let anyone stop it.

Otherwise, at that time, I, Jiang Sheng, will turn ruthless."

Wang De was startled at the words, but he said, "Good, since the State Master himself has spoken, I will definitely spread the State Master's meaning to the world."

"That's good."

Jiang Jiang nodded up and continued, "Eunuch Wang, this time it's for free, but this seat doesn't have any money to give you."


Originally, Wang De hadn't even thought of this level, but suddenly being reminded by Jiang Ji, he burst into tears.


Wang De could not help but say, "Back to the words of the State Master, it is also a real honor for me to be able to work for the State Master, and I am also willing to work for the State Master."

No matter what, nice words only need to be said.

That would be enough.


Jiang Jiang was delighted at the news, "Since Eunuch Wang has such an awareness, that's great, this seat needs someone like Eunuch Wang ah."

This Wang De, what a talent.

A ten foot great talent ah.

That's great.

Compared to that incomparably black-bellied Li Er, this Eunuch Wang is really somewhat good ah.

How about taking the opportunity to dig Wang De over here?

It didn't matter if it made Li Er look helpless, even if he was abdominal.

This was very good.

At this time, Jiang Jiang's gaze was burning with awe and asked tentatively, "Eunuch Wang, how about you follow me in the future?"

He thought he should give it a try.

Maybe Wang De had the same idea, then would it be logical for him to dig with Li Er.

Wang De: "........"

He was tempted to say, "Is it really a good idea for you to dig righteously like this, Master of the State?"

He was Li Er's man, a chamberlain at Li Er's side, though he could definitely live long and stay alive by following Jiang Di.

But if he turned his back on Li Er, would his Wang De's reputation be ruined as well?

He was so helpless that his mind was suddenly complicated.

To be honest, Wang De actually wanted to follow Jiang Chi, and if he worked under this great god, he might have endless benefits ah.

Wouldn't that mean that he wouldn't have to figure out how to get immortality.

But he also knew that people who turned their backs on their former masters would not end up well, not to mention Wang De instinctively felt that Li Er should also be able to live forever.

Once he, Wang De, did turn his back on Li Er, he might turn against him in the future as well, and that wasn't something he wanted to see.

That wouldn't work.

After thinking this through, Wang De said, "Thank you for your appreciation, but I, Wang De, don't think like that, I'm an inner servant at His Majesty's side, I won't leave His Majesty."

He spoke through gritted teeth.

This choice was difficult, although it was also terrifying, but his heart could gate clear.

The mood was complicated.

What a great opportunity, what a great fairy fate.

He just turned it down, surprisingly.

Wang De's heart was bitter, he was also helpless, and this choice was also forced.


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