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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1064 - Pulling Together (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"Mother, for what ah?"

Miss Li asked curiously, her heart was a little strange, "Could it be that the Queen Mother doesn't want to live forever?

Doesn't it smell good if you live forever?"

She just didn't understand.

The way to eternal life, everyone wants ah, I'm sure that father of hers, that powerful generation that existed high above the world and ruled over all the people of the world, must also be incomparably yearning for it.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be possible to pardon Jiang Gongzi as a state teacher.

Miss Li could even imagine that nowadays, this most powerful group of people in the world might be thinking about how to befriend Jiang Gongzi, the State Master.

It was because only by befriending him would they be able to gain immortality.

Otherwise, with so many people in the world, why should you be able to achieve immortality?

Now, her own mother didn't even think of trying to bring in this Jiang lacking Jiang gongzi who had just become the Great Tang State Master.

It was really somewhat surprising to Miss Li.

Could it be that the rumors about Jiang Gongshi were all false?

But it shouldn't be fake, after all, this was the harem, if it was fake, His Majesty Li Er would definitely not let it circulate.

Miss Li knew very well that that father of hers was a man of great talent and strategy.

So this couldn't and shouldn't be fake.

"But it's partial that the Mother Mother rejected my proposal, what was her purpose in doing so?"

Miss Li couldn't help but ponder, "Could it be that, Mother, he has already seen what I'm up to?

Is this an attempt to make me retreat knowingly?"

After thinking about it this way, Miss Li suddenly felt that this possibility was very high.

So, she explained to Empress Changsun, "Mother, I was just curious, does that Jiang lacking Jiang Guoji really have the ability of ghosts and gods?

And can he really touch the way of eternal life?

So I wanted to see it for myself."


Just because of curiosity, definitely not because of anything else.

However, Miss Li's words weren't even believed by herself, let alone that incomparably clever Empress Changsun.

She was even more disbelieving.

Her own daughter was clear to herself, and at this time, Empress Changsun was a little surprised, but she still had no idea in her heart.

She did not know when Miss Li began to have this curiosity.

The first thing you need to know is that you can't be a part of the family, but you can be a part of the family.

So Empress Changsun spoke up, "O Changle, if you are in the royal family, you are a member of the royal family, and while you are enjoying the glory and wealth of the royal family, you should also bear some of the obligations of the royal family."

The marriage contract between Miss Li and Changsun Chong was a political marriage, but Empress Changsun was aware of the reason why Li Er had to do this.

Some things could not be tolerated capriciously.

It would have been understandable for Miss Li to be curious about Jiang lacking the magical Lord of State.

But Empress Changsun had heard that the magical State Master was not only handsome, but also had ghost-like methods.

There was no telling what would happen once her own daughter was allowed to meet with him.

It would not be easy for her to explain on Changsun Wuji's side then.

After all, Princess Changle was the one who had a marriage contract, and after all, this matter was preceded by the pardon of Jiang Kang as a state teacher.

And she had indeed heard of Jiang Hou's supernatural powers.

The flow of ghosts and gods, the art of immortal gods, and the way of eternal life.

Now, even more so, it was going to relaunch the mythology, perfect the three realms, and pardon the gods and goddesses.

By all means, such a powerful existence, even as the Empress of a country after a country, she would have to go to pull it together.

But this time, she was partial to refusing.

Perhaps there were concerns in her heart?

"Once Changle really has some kind of connection and entanglement with that State Master, then it's doom and gloom for the Changsun family ah."

It turned out that Empress Changsun was only doing this to preserve the Changsun family.

Of course, these circumstances were not clear to Miss Li, and she was now incomparably blaming Empress Changsun.

She who originally had full certainty, but now she was not even half sure.

Was it not fragrant to rely on the last super powerhouse?

She couldn't understand her own mother.

Even Little Lotus at the side was secretly anxious for Miss Li, they would end up losing the battle.

This was not what she wanted to see.

Little Lotus was also about to say something to help when she suddenly saw a person walk in from outside.


She even shouted, "Greetings, Your Majesty!"

The rest of us: "..."

By the time they came back to their senses, His Majesty the Second Li had already walked in.

And said curiously, "Guanyin maidservant, what are you saying to Changle?"

He was curious.

On the rare occasion that he saw the woman he loved arguing with the daughter he loved, he was amazed.

It was also quite surprising.

"Second brother, you're here." Empress Changsun hurriedly said.

And at the side, Miss Li paid her respects, "Daughter pays her respects to Father."

"Well, you all don't need to be polite, what were you all arguing about just now?"

Empress Changsun heard the sound and said that she did not argue anything, but Miss Li was the first to say, "Reporting back to Father, my daughter and my mother were discussing whether or not to let that mysterious and unpredictable State Master into the palace for a meeting, but who knows that my mother refused.

Father Emperor also knows that this palace is really boring, and whether or not daughter has anything to have fun with, I heard that the newly pardoned State Master recently appointed by Father Emperor is very capable, so I thought of meeting such a strange person."

Empress Changsun: "........"

She was about to argue a point or two, but she saw Li Er waving his hand slightly.

At this moment.

His Majesty Li Er's heart was appalled, and his eyes flashed with a brilliant mane, as if he was even more certain of the thought in his mind.

The Changsun family he didn't have to take care of anything, at least not now.

After pondering for a moment, Li Er asked, "Changle ah, but you are eager to meet with that State Master?"

"Father, is there really immortality in the world?"

Miss Li didn't answer Li Er's question directly, but instead asked it instead.

After hearing this, Li Er was all stunned, "Whether or not there really is immortality, father doesn't know, but he can have the State Master answer it for you."

Li Li Qiu: "........"

Li Er's words were tantamount to telling her that she was allowed to want to see Jiang Xiao.

"Father, did you... did you really promise me?"

Miss Li Lili still can't believe her own ears, her own mother didn't even agree to anything, father actually agreed to it.

This was rare.

Empress Changsun was equally puzzled.

She wasn't clear about Li Er's purpose for doing this, so she cast a questioning look.

When Li Er saw this, he could only smile and say, "Since Changle she wants to meet the State Master, let her meet her over there.

The future path of immortality should also have Changle's share.

She is the daughter of me and Guanyin maidservant you, I don't want her to complain, nor do I want her to be regretful and unwilling.

And let her try."

These last few words were clearly addressed to Empress Changsun.

It was also stating that he had seen what Li Li and Empress Changsun were thinking.

This arrangement was also the result of a long period of pondering, as well as Li Er's belief that this was the best outcome for Princess Changle.

There might be riches in following Changsun Chong, but there was absolutely no longevity and no divine miracle.

But if Changlu followed Jiang lacked, it would be different again.

"Maybe I can also sit on the throne of Heavenly Emperor because of this."

Li Er secretly thought, "Even if you don't look at the monk's face, you still have to look at the Buddha's face, and I am Chang Luo's father.

If a good thing can come to pass between Changle and the State Master, I will be his father-in-law, and he can't treat me badly."

After thinking of this situation, His Majesty Li Er's heart came alive, "Whether it's for that future Heavenly Emperor's throne, for the ethereal path of immortality, or for Changle's lifelong happiness, I should support it as a father ah."

Never before had I ever felt the Way of Eternal Life so close to me, and never before had I felt the Heavenly Emperor Throne beckoning to me.

If it were possible, perhaps....

He then had other thoughts in his mind, so he had some unusual thoughts in it.

As for the Changsun family's side, as long as Li Er unleashed the matter between Princess Changle and the State Master, I'm sure that with that Changsun Wuji's wisdom, he should be able to guess something.

At that time, by virtue of Changsun Wuji's prudence, he would definitely cry out for a retraction.

"Although this is a bit sorry for Chang Sun Chong, but at this time I can't care about that much anymore."

Li Er knew in his heart that once good things could come to pass between Li Li and Jiang Di, his Heavenly Emperor throne was secure.

But once it doesn't work out well, the Heavenly Emperor's throne may not be his turn, and that's what's hanging in the balance.

"Chang Sun Chong's side, let's find a way to make up for it later."

Li Er secretly said, "It just so happens that that Jiang lacking State Master Changle is also satisfied, I, as a father, can't whisk my daughter's interest and spoil her mood."

That would be unkind.

To Empress Changsun, Jiang Chi's prestige hadn't yet penetrated deep into his heart, but to Li Er, Jiang Chi's various mysterious and unpredictable methods had already penetrated deep into his heart.

Those various divine abilities were also really shocking.

It was extraordinary.

That's why he believed in Jiang Ji's reboot myth, his claim of opening up the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace to recreate the Three Realms.

Even for that legendary Heavenly Emperor's throne, his Second Majesty Li also had some ideas.

It just so happened that the appearance of Miss Li Li, along with his previous investigations and conjectures, together gave him the current idea.

Perhaps he could very well be very powerful.

At that time then, he could easily obtain the Heavenly Emperor's throne.

While alive he was someone's nine-five, and when he became an Immortal God, he would definitely be a nine-five as well.

Otherwise, for him, Li Er, to go and grovel to other people now, he couldn't do it.

Although this had the suspicion of soliciting Jiang Chi, but that full court of civil and military generals, meritorious nobles, who wouldn't want to solicit Jiang Chi.

Everyone was doing it.

He, Li Er, was just one of them.

After thinking of this, Li Er continued, "Changle ah, you are father's daughter, father originally thought that Chang Sun Chong is very good, but now it seems that Chang Sun Chong may not be the best place for you to belong.

You and feel free to find true love, Father Emperor supports you and believes that your vision and choices are correct."

Miss Li Lili hadn't even been hopeful, but after Li Er poked her nose in so directly and clearly, it made her feel brighter.

But at the same time, her pretty face flushed and she became slightly shy.

She knew that her thoughts were known to her father after all.

Although it was a bit of a pity, but she did not regret it.

What was wrong with her, Princess Li Li Changle, that she liked Jiang Lacking Jiang Gongzi, that she wanted to marry him.

She felt that she was not wrong.

She even hid some pride, after all, she had an irreplaceable advantage over others.

Although she wasn't very old, she was Li Er's daughter, a natural beauty not to mention the fact that she was also Jiang Di's savior.

At least she was the one who saved Jiang Jiankou when he first appeared.

Once Jiang lacked a little bit of compassion, no one would forget her, Princess Li Li of Changle.

Although she also knew that the reason why her own father, His Majesty Li Er, had agreed to it was that he actually had the intention of asking her to get Jiang Jian to join him.

It was just that such words were not said explicitly.

But Li Er's mind was definitely like this.

Li Li didn't think there was anything wrong with it, she felt that it was good so that she could meet Jiang lacking righteously.

The kind that didn't have to worry that Empress Changsun would stop it.

If Empress Changsun knew about this kind of thinking of Li Lili, she didn't know how she would feel.

It would probably be very annoyed, raising cabbages for so many years, yet they were ultimately raised for someone else.

The daughter is also someone else's after all.

Empress Changsun's heart was probably unhappy.

This day.

Wang De came to the State Master's house again.


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