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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1063 - Introduction (Seeking Subscriptions)

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In Little Lotus' mind, an idea came to mind that perhaps they could lure that lord of the state to the palace.

In that case, wouldn't they be able to see it.


Little Lotus continued, "Princess, in fact, there is a way here for my servant, I wonder if you are willing to use it?"


Hearing that Miss Li was stunned, she couldn't help but say, "I don't know what the solution is, but if you can, you can also try."

It would be even better if she could see Jiang Xiao.

After all, Jiang Liao was considered her heartthrob.

Thus, she came with a different idea, "Little Lotus, tell me quickly to see if this method is feasible."

Little Lotus suddenly pouted, "Princess, you just keep caring about Jiang Gongzi, but you don't care about me at all."

It just felt like her own princess had her heart set on that Jiang gongzi, completely disregarding herself.

Could it be that something like love could really change a person?

For a while, Little Lotus' mind couldn't help but start to think randomly.

But it was good that Miss Li wasn't an ungrateful person, and hurriedly said to her, "Little Lotus, you are a person by my side, and if there is a possibility between Mr. Jiang and me, you will also be my escort maid in the future ah."

And an accompanying maid can be a common maid.

Upon hearing Miss Li say this, Little Lotus' pretty face couldn't help but reveal deep joy.

And so.

Little Lotus hurriedly said, "Princess, it's like this, wasn't it just a few days ago that His Majesty pardoned Jiang Gongzi as the State Master.

Since that's the case, why don't we just declare him into the palace on the grounds that we admire Jiang Gongzi, and let His Majesty introduce him for a bit, right?"

Miss Li heard Little Lotus' words, but her eyebrows furrowed, "No, with Father's intelligence, he will definitely be able to guess what I'm thinking and will definitely not allow it.

After all, in a way, I belong to the harem, and I have a marriage contract with Cousin Chang Sun Chong.

Father shouldn't allow me to think otherwise."

"So ah."

Little Lotus turned dark, also suddenly considering the situation, "In that case, the princess might as well discuss with the Empress's side and tell them that the Lord of State is in remarkable style and would like to gaze upon it.

I'm sure that with the princess's status in the Empress's heart, he will definitely summon Mr. Jiang to the palace.

Won't the princess have seen him by then."

"Little Lotus, you're right, but this is not a good thing to do."

Miss Li laughed bitterly, "Neither Mother nor Father will allow anything to happen between me and Jiang Gongzi."

I knew this about her.

No matter whether it's Nai Er or Empress Changsun, both of them are very merciful people, and although they put their interests first after becoming emperor, he can't easily change it when he already has a marriage contract with Changsun Chong.

The difficulty was on this point.

Who knows, Xiaolian couldn't help but laugh when he heard Miss Li's words, "Princess, you are the authority, how can you not know that there is nothing you can do about it.

With Mr. Jiang's current status, even His Majesty would have to give him some face.

To put it bluntly, Mr. Jiang is now a ghost and a god, and he has touched on the knowledge of eternal life, which even His Majesty desires.

If Mr. Jiang also likes you, Princess, and proposes to His Majesty personally, how can His Majesty not let go.

Even the Changsun family would be forced to give up because of Mr. Jiang's power, and then it would be a great advantage.

They might even have to voluntarily withdraw the marriage from His Majesty in order to obtain that Path of Eternal Life."

Today's Lord of the State was not easy to provoke.

Not only was he a dragon and phoenix among men, but he was also a supreme being who held the Way of Eternal Life, and once he was offended, who would be able to live forever.

After suddenly thinking this through, Miss Li looked at Little Lotus gratefully, "Little Lotus, if I succeed in the future, I will definitely not forget you."

"Thank you, Princess."

Little Lotus smiled, she had worked so hard for half a day, wasn't it just for that to succeed one day.

Naturally, she felt that she was a grasshopper on a string with Miss Li.

It was just that it was still one thing whether Miss Li could succeed or not.

After all, Jiang Qian was now a State Master in a position of power, and with a grasp of the Way of Eternal Life and the future trends of the world, he was even more powerful than His Majesty Li Er.

Would such an existence care about a mere mortal, Princess Changle?

Xiaolian expressed some doubts.

But Miss Li was also her last straw, and she couldn't just give up on it.

That would be too reluctant.

Once she became the woman of Jiang Gongshi Jiang lack, she would be able to reach the heavens in one step.

The path to immortality was no longer something unattainable, nor would it be like the other princes who had fought so hard for it and still struggled to succeed.

It was a shortcut to eternal life.

Plus, Jiang Chi was already handsome and handsome, and was already a dragon and phoenix among men.

And because of this, that's why Little Lotus was so positive.

Miss Li didn't know what Xiaolian was thinking, but now she only had that handsome and tall and powerful Jiang Gongzi in her heart.

It would be good if she could see him one more time.

It was just that her thoughts like that might not be possible, and although it was possible according to Xiaolian, Miss Li was worried that Jiang Chi might not like her.

Those thoughts and ideas of Little Lotus were all based on the fact that Jiang Chi liked her.

But what if the province had a heart and King Xiang was ruthless.

What if that white robed Prince Jiang had no other thoughts about himself, wouldn't that be a wasted opportunity.

In response.

Miss Li's heart was a bit strange and her mind was complicated.

She didn't know what to do.

She looked at Little Lotus beside her, so she opened her mouth, but she didn't know how to confide in her.

The matter might be simple.

But caring is confusing, and she was in the middle of the situation, just like what Little Lotus said, the authorities are confused.

So right now, Miss Li's heart was still quite scared.

Afraid of failure.

On the side.

Little Lotus, who had seen her own princess remain silent for a long time, suddenly spoke up, "Princess, if you don't act earlier, I'm afraid that Mr. Jiang will be seduced by those fox spirits outside.

You must know, now that Mr. Jiang is the State Counselor, he is in a very high and honorable position, and there are countless girls out there who are crying out to marry him.

Once we move slowly, we will delay things.

Only to have all the good things snatched away by others, and then it will only be unprofitable.

Then again, with Jiang Gongzi's prowess, it's guaranteed that we'll be attracted to those people foxes outside.

Although Eunuch Jiang is strong, he is also a man.

Princess, you shouldn't hesitate any longer, if you continue to hesitate, you might not even have the chance to try."

She seemed to see it clearly.

It was also clear what Miss Li should do at this moment.

Otherwise, only wait for the endless regrets to come, and that's what's called suffering too.

Miss Li suddenly raised her head, her eyes were filled with perseverance, "Little Lotus, you're right, if I don't hurry up and act, it's possible that Jiang Gongzi will be someone else's.

Moreover, with his status getting higher and higher, he might not look at me once it comes to the end, and now is the perfect time."

She decided that she would go and meet her mother later.

Thinking that with her mother's intelligence, she should be able to guess what she was up to, and with the current status of Prince Jiang lacking Jiang's status, she should be able to help her.

After all, it would be a good thing if she was able to bring Jiang lacking together.

The way of immortality would be settled then.

She was sure that her own mother would figure out the reasoning behind it.

If one could live forever, where would one care about anything else, which was the most important thing ah.

After thinking it through, Miss Li said, "Little Lotus, come with me to meet the Mother Empress, I must meet Jiang Gongzi this time."

Even just meeting him from afar would be enough.


Little Lotus was overjoyed and said incessantly, "Princess, you will definitely succeed, after all, you are naturally beautiful and you are already beautiful."

"Little Lotus, thank you."

Miss Li said, "If it wasn't for your encouragement and support, I might not have been able to hold on to this."

"Princess, you're welcome."

Little Lotus said, "My mother once said that happiness is in her own hands, which is why she needs to fight for it.

Moreover, I am in a master-servant relationship with the princess, so one loss and one glory.

As long as the princess lives well, I will be able to live well, but I just hope that you, Your Highness, will not forget the slave servant in the future."

She did see it clearly, ever since the day she was assigned to Princess Changle's side, it was destined that she, Little Lotus, would live as Miss Li's person and die as your girl's ghost.

There was basically no chance that the master-servant relationship would be dissolved.

"Good, Little Lotus, I won't forget you in the future."

Miss Li assured, "If I can succeed, Little Lotus, you must also be the one who can gain the path of immortality."

One cannot fail to give benefits.

Especially at this time, it was all the more necessary to give her assurance.

Miss Li understood very well that Little Lotus had a simple mind, but when she encountered the Way of Eternal Life, she also came alive.

There were also other thoughts.

But these were just human nature, no need to meddle with anything.


Miss Li then took Little Lotus with her to Empress Changsun's bedroom.

After some hushing and asking, Miss Li said, "Mother, this time, my daughter has something important to say to you."

Empress Changsun was slightly stunned, so she asked curiously, "O Changle, what do you have to tell Mother?"

This daughter was very important to her.

The name was taken from the fact that she was born beautiful and hard to give up, which was enough to show how much she and Li Er loved Miss Li.

Miss Li immediately said: "Mother, I heard that Father has recently pardoned a State Master.

And I've also heard that this State Master is very capable, with the talent of ghosts and gods, and knows the flow of immortal gods.

So daughter wants to meet this State Master to see what kind of supernatural powers he has.

I wonder if Mother would be willing to help daughter with this favor?"

Empress Changsun: "..."

Miss Li's words surprised her, and she thought to herself, "When have all the matters of the court already reached this harem, but once she thought that these are all trivial matters, and that they are not deliberately closed, she was relieved."


Thinking for a moment Empress Changsun, she slowly spoke, "There is indeed such a thing, Mother I have also heard about it.

That Jiang lacking Jiang Guoji does indeed have the flow of ghosts and gods, and also has some unpredictable methods.

And he is also able to understand the way of eternal life, and even threatened to open up the Heavenly Palace and the Earthly Palace, to relaunch the mythology and recreate the Three Realms where gods and demons coexist with immortals and devils.

But I thought that this may not be without exaggeration.

Think once those propagators are fabricating it, or blackmailing it."

But is that really the case?

Miss Li looked disbelieving, "Mother, since you don't even believe that Jiang Guoji has magical abilities, why don't you call him into the palace for us to take a look?"

Maybe find something unusual as well?

Upon hearing this, Empress Changsun first took a deep look at Miss Li and whirled around to say, "No."




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