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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1062 - Thoughts (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Great Tang, the imperial palace.

In a certain palace that was quite glorious and peach blossoms were in full bloom.

A stunningly beautiful and green girl was pulling a palace maid and asked, "Little Lotus, how is the situation I asked you to find out about?"

That palace maid called Little Lotus stepped in small steps, but she hurriedly ran over, "Oh my, my princess ah, why are you in such a hurry."

With a deliberate quip, she drew a shyness from that princess.

That's right.

This princess was precisely Li Er's eldest daughter, Princess Changle, Miss Li was naturally beautiful, and although she was betrothed to that Changsun Wuji, she was not too happy with that Changsun cousin.

She has never met him before, so it is instinctive to refuse an arranged marriage.

For a while, she frowned.

When she saw that Xiaolian looked like she was holding back, she couldn't help but coax, "Alright Xiaolian, don't hide it anymore, hurry up and tell me, has the news I asked you to find out settled?"

She was looking forward to it.

Would things be as they were expected to be?

Or is it over.

Was it just an ordinary encounter?

When Little Lotus saw Princess Changle looking forward to this, she smiled sweetly and said, "Alright, I won't hide anything from you, Princess, but I've heard all the news you asked me to find out."

"Then quickly tell me carefully with me." Princess Changle was beaming, "You quickly tell me what it's all about."

She would like to see if that person really left and forgot about her.

Miss Li thought indignantly in her heart and was actually a bit angry.

Just at this time, Little Lotus continued, "Princess, this is to tell you the news I have heard.

It is said that some time ago, after that Jiang Gongzi went out from you, Princess, I don't know what kind of trick he used, but he actually made himself fly in mid-air, and His Majesty thought that a foreigner had appeared, so he asked Wang De to call Jiang Gongzi down and wanted to have a long talk with him all night."


Princess Changle was so shocked that she couldn't help but say, "In that case, wouldn't he be guilty of deceiving the king, Mr. Jiang?"

What kind of a stranger is he?

Anyway, he didn't see it anyway, and couldn't help but look strange, his mind extremely complicated for a time.

But Miss Li was well aware that Jiang Jian was just a little bit handsome, that is.

In addition to this, where else can he have other strange features.

Anyway, Miss Li was not aware of it.

For a moment, she couldn't help but say, "Once Father sees through his tricks, won't it be bad?"

One had to know that His Majesty Li Er was actually an extremely wise and powerful person.

Wouldn't it be even more troublesome if such an existence suddenly reacted when they felt that they should do something about Jiang Liao.

Then what became of it.


Without waiting for Miss Li to think about anything else, I heard that little lotus continue: "Oh my, my princess ah, you don't interrupt me okay, and let little lotus one by one to tell you okay?"

She said phantomly, and there was also a hint of ridicule in her tone, as if she thought it was only interesting.

Miss Li blushed at her words, so she hurriedly said, "Little Lotus, then tell me quickly, what happened afterwards, but Father Emperor saw Jiang Gongzi's trick?"

At the news, however, Little Lotus shook her head, "No. After His Majesty invited Mr. Jiang to have a long talk with him, I don't know what kind of dao that Mr. Jiang used to convince His Majesty.

For that reason, he even pardoned him as the Great Tang State Teacher."

Princess Changle: "........"

Not only did he not commit the crime of deceiving the king, but he was also given an honorary title of state master?

Is this a mistake on the part of His Majesty Li Er.

Even Miss Li herself felt that it must be a mistake on her father's part, good absolutely no such thing would exist.

So His Majesty then worshipped Jiang Gongzi as his national teacher."

Now Miss Li understood.

She was curious again and asked, "What happened after that?"


Little Lotus' eyes suddenly showed a look of yearning as well, he was looking forward to this.

At Miss Li's urging, Little Lotus then continued, "Princess, later on, Jiang Gongzi was our Great Tang's State Master, and His Majesty even bestowed him with a nice big mansion."

"Jiang Gongzi is a pillar of the state, it's normal to have this kind of treatment, Father likes to give preferential treatment to talented people, and it's not just once or twice."

Miss Li felt that this matter was quite normal and found it interesting.

As for the lack of reward, that would probably have to be abnormal.

After all, Li Er was a virtuous king, at least that's what Miss Li thought.

She then continued to ask, "Little Lotus, there should be more than this amount of information that you have heard, why don't you tell me about it carefully with me?"

She didn't frown.

There was something inexplicable in her heart, she always felt that this was not the end, nor the point, there should be a follow-up.

Little Lotus hurriedly nodded her head, but said, "Princess you guessed correctly, things are indeed not over yet, that Jiang Gongzi is not a simple person.

Later on, he began to close up, supposedly in cultivation.

One time, when His Majesty personally visited him, he discovered a vision in the sky, a vision that shook the entire Chang'an City.

This time many people were said to have been alarmed, but the vision lasted for a very short time."

"Father, he happened to have discovered it, did he say anything?"

Miss Li asked curiously, "With Father's character, he would have carefully asked Mr. Jiang to show something, right?"

Little Lotus, on the other hand, shook her head and said, "I don't know about that, but since then, His Majesty has been talking to Jiang Gongshi for a long time anyway.

Soon after that His Majesty convened a court meeting and rightfully declared Jiang Gongzi as the State Master."

"This time, Eunuch Jiang can be considered to have survived, congratulations."

Miss Li nodded her head up, she seemed to be very satisfied with Jiang Lack's current situation.

Being able to be valued by Second Majesty Li showed that he was still very bold and strong, and this level of existence really made her happy.


Miss Li began to ask again, "Little Lotus, tell me quickly, and then what happened later?"

Since he, Jiang Chi, had become a state teacher of the Great Tang, should he not also be looking for her.

But as it turned out, Jiang Hou didn't come to him at all, as if that wasn't the case at all, listening to Miss Li's growing frown.

"Later, because the many ministers in the court were dissatisfied, all of them thought that His Majesty should not design the State Master's honor, so one by one they all began to talk nonsense.

Fortunately, when the time came, Jiang Gongzi he made a mighty strike and made all those who opposed him live and die.

It was because of this time that Jiang Gongzi's great name became more and more famous and respected."

Little Lotus couldn't help but feel envious as she spoke, thinking that it would be great if she had the chance to worship in the house of Duke Jiang.


Miss Li was stunned and asked, "What happened this time, did Jiang Gongzi also punish those who opposed him? with Father's benevolence and virtue, he shouldn't be allowed to do that, right?"

"Princess, you guessed wrong this time, His Majesty really did allow it."

Little Lotus continued, "Not only did he allow it, but he also allowed Jiang Gongzi to show off his prowess in the court, so to speak.

After this time, all the ministers in the court understood that Jiang Chi was not a mortal.

He was an immortal who was said to be a powerful being of the Ghost and God stream.

Moreover, Prince Jiang also said directly that day that he would also open up the Heavenly Palace and the Underworld, relaunching the mythology and bringing the three realms of heaven, earth, and man to completion.

Although I don't understand the dao of it, although I don't understand what's going on, I think that if Jiang Gongzi dares to do this, he must have his intentions."


Miss Li was horrified at the news, "Jiang Gongzi he... he actually has this kind of skill?"

But isn't that a little too amazing, isn't that a little too scary.

It sounded a bit sensational inside, really called her a little surprised and unable to stop.

Could it be that the Jiang gongzi who rescued that day, does he really have all these terrifying abilities?

The flow of ghosts and gods, rebooting the myth.

This one thing just doesn't sound like something a normal person could do.


It was horrifying to think about.

At least at the moment, Miss Li was shocked that Jiang Jian had such skills, no wonder her own father wanted to pardon him as the national teacher.

I'm afraid that there was a cause of ghosts and gods in this, otherwise how else would an ordinary person have the chance to be the Great Tang's national teacher.

"Right, Your Highness, there's something else I'm going to tell you."

Little Lotus suddenly continued, "I think you're happy to hear it, that Jiang Gongzi has already penetrated into your heart, Your Highness after all."

"Little Lotus, what are you babbling nonsense about." Miss Li continued, "I... I'm merely concerned."

"Then how come Your Highness doesn't necessarily care about me a little?"

Little Lotus was speaking wistfully, sort of ridiculing her own princess.

It was also really a bit rare.

"Alright Little Lotus, hurry up and say something." Miss Li commanded.

She had lived in the palace for a long time and naturally didn't know as much as Little Lotus, which was why she needed the palace maid's help to find out information.

Once Little Lotus heard her own princess' words, she continued, "The thing is, Jiang Gongzi had announced that day after the court that he would preach the world in three months' time, and also choose the fortunate ones in heaven and earth to become the stream of immortal gods."

It could be said that it was a great chance and great creation.

Counting it as a great benefit to all people, it was exciting to think about.

That was why Little Lotus looked envious and she was looking forward to it.

If one day she could become a member of the State Master's House, wouldn't it be like a chicken and dog rising to heaven.

In that case, she would be able to become an immortal with ease, right?

It would be better than being a palace maid.


Little Lotus then said, "Your Highness Princess, why don't you go and get in touch with Jiang Gongzi, he will definitely help you become an Immortal God as he sees that you once saved his life, wouldn't it be better for you to pull a slave servant's horse then?"

Miss Li: "........"

She never expected that Jiang Jian would already be this strong.

And he had even become an immortal and a god at every turn, making her Li Lizhi yearn for it.

After all, this was a rare good thing.

If it was possible, could she take the opportunity to ask Jiang Liao to become an immortal and a god?

Just like what that little lotus had said.

Although the words were a bit rough, the reasoning was not.

The reasoning was just like that.

Just at this moment, Miss Li was worried, "I'm just afraid it won't work, although I saved him, but now he's no longer a thing in the pond, he's already flying into the sky and is no longer unusual.

Then, he shouldn't remember me anymore, after all, I'm just an ordinary princess."

Little Lotus: "........"

Suddenly she didn't know what to say, this princess was thinking too much.

If you miss it, just miss it.

What's the big deal, anyway, she Xiaolian won't laugh.

And so.

With a twinkle in her eyes, Little Lotus had an idea in her heart, "Princess, I have an idea, but I don't know whether I should say it or not?"


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