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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1061 - Preparation (Seeking Subscriptions)

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It can't be helped if they don't comply.

They feel so hard, though they don't really know what the hard part is.

In all fairness.

Is it hard to rule the world or not?

It's hard.

After all, it's a big world with a hundred different kinds of people. Naturally, it's hard to control.

This has been the case since time immemorial.

So ruling the world is essentially ruling people, which is actually difficult.

The slightest carelessness may lead to accidents.

When the time comes, if you don't have extraordinary means, you absolutely can't bear it, and after all kinds of magical possession, Li Er and the others will have very little resistance.

So, it was simple again.

Although if they were not careful, they might go away in this whirlpool in ashes.

But at the same time, it was also a chance.

Li Er and the civil and military ministers in the palace all thought like this, and when those ministers withdrew, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Now, I am on a string with them, if they want to live forever, they will never disobey my orders."

Li Er secretly thought in his heart, these people used to be his most loyal subjects, all of them were his old brothers.

But ever since Jiang Jian came out, they had become different.

The way to immortality was traceable, myths were no longer legends, and everything was possible.

Their goals would be different.

If before, they were thinking about being in a position of power, then now it was to become a stream of ghosts and gods and then live forever.

The goal had changed.

So the others naturally had the potential to change, even if it was the loyalty of these people.

Li Er felt the need to test some more at a critical moment, after all, once these people were loyal to him, but now it may not be.

After seeing those ministers exit, Li Er could not help but murmur, "I hope everything goes well, otherwise..."

The five surnames and seven hopes were indeed resistance.

But now His Majesty Li had something else in mind.

If the Five Surnames and Seven Hopes went along with the reform, wouldn't he have no reason to deal with them?

That was a problem.

Perhaps a trick could be used to make the Five Surnames and Seven Wonders fall into the trap?

It might work.

But those people with the five surnames and seven looks might not enter the trap, and when the time came, Jiang Difficulty might not do anything to see it.

So it was difficult all of a sudden.

Li Er thought hard and looked depressed, but he was the emperor of this Great Tang, but in the end, he felt that he was not as good as Jiang Chi, the state teacher.

The heavens are heaving, all are favorable.

It doesn't care if it's like this in the past or present, thinking about it Li Er became more and more confident.

"If I can become the head of the Heavenly Palace and become that legendary Heavenly Emperor, wouldn't no one dare to disobey me?"

After thinking of this situation, Li Er's heart was filled with anticipation, as long as he became the Heavenly Emperor, he would definitely turn over a new leaf.

The Lord of the Heavenly Palace was the legendary Heavenly Emperor.

Once the three realms were opened up, once Jiang Chi was to restore the myth and legend, the Heavenly Emperor was the Lord of the three realms.

Truly ruling the three realms, he would become that existence under one person and above thousands of others.

As for whether Jiang Chi would be able to open up the Heavenly Palace and the Underworld, that wasn't in his Li Er's thoughts.

Anyway, Jiang Chi was a very mysterious person, and his skills were extraordinary and not something that ordinary people could compare to.

In view of this, Li Er was considered to be very trusting of Jiang Chi, "State Master, I wonder what your origin is again."

He looked forward to it.

For some reason, he always felt that he only knew a small part about Jiang Lack, there was still a large part that he didn't know.

That's why his heart grew a little more and more baffled, secretly wondering where this ghostly generation came from.

It can't be that it appeared out of nowhere.

He thought so.

But he didn't find out anything, it was as if the information about Jiang Lack was all interrupted, even if Li Er had poured out all his strength to investigate.

This result made him feel somewhat helpless, and in his heart he couldn't help but think, "Perhaps he's not of sufficient level, so it's natural that he doesn't know?"

That was quite possible.

After all, although he, Li Er, was very powerful, he was just an ordinary person, and was more than a little inferior to a truly strong person.

It was because of this that Li Er didn't pursue it too much, as he probably knew that he probably wouldn't be able to find out anything even if he wanted to.

So he simply stopped investigating.

Li Er collected his mind and planned to concentrate and carry out his work, and only after he reformed as soon as possible did he have more money in his hands to do more things.

Like building some dao palaces and so on.

If it was possible, Li Er actually wanted to stammer and aspire to that path of immortality.

But he probably didn't expect that after the passage of time, he, the Great Tang Emperor, had become just like an ordinary person.

There didn't seem to be much difference.

At this moment.

Inside the Imperial Palace.

Jiang Qian's faint appearance was incomparably cold, and he began to frown as he thought about the preaching of the world three months later, but he still didn't have much of a clue.

The previous idea had been to teach all the techniques he had obtained, or to engrave them in stone tablets.

That way each person would have their own chance and luck.

Who had good luck and who had bad luck, that wasn't something he could control anymore.


He felt that this method was somewhat flawed, if everyone in the Great Tang had generally bad talent, or if his luck suddenly turned out to be different, wouldn't he also have no luck.

The same misery.

Then there would be a situation where one generation would be worse than another, and it could be horrible then.

It was horrifying to think about, calling for a secret frown.

That's right.

Jiang Chi did want to use these people from the Great Tang to deduce and perfect all kinds of cultivation techniques, and even rely on these people from the Great Tang to complete the cultivation system in the future.

But this was just Jiang Chi's own idea, and it was hard to say whether these people of the Great Tang could complete it according to his anticipation.

Maybe all of them were a bunch of scraps, and it would be good if they could refine and understand what he had passed down.

In case they couldn't even understand it, they would still be a bunch of scraps, and a bunch of mole crickets would be afraid that it would be hard for them to meet Jiang Jian's requirements.

After thinking of this situation and possibility, Jiang Ji sighed involuntarily, "There are still some loopholes in this approach after all, and the numerous techniques he possesses, even I can hardly fill some of them."

So wanting these people of the Great Tang to fill out their merit methods is like trying to reach the heavens.

It was really not a good idea.

Maybe the plan will have to be broken midway, and then they will have nothing.

Even if they were able to promote the Heavenly Palace plan in its entirety, it might just be a very common and ordinary plan.

There weren't many Immortal Buddhas and Gods and Demons, so they would make it so that it might not really be appropriate.

According to his vision, it was intended to promote the development of this world into a great world where gods, demons, devils and Buddhas coexisted.

And with all kinds of supernatural existences, with many, many supernatural spells, with all kinds of mythological inheritance.

It was a rare good thing.

Jiang Jiang was so eager for it that he was filled with infinite expectations for a while, but he didn't know how far the final plan would reach.

It was because of this that he was worried about so many things.

It might be that the entire Great Tang would be played by him.

This was not what Jiang Kang wanted to see, and he felt that he should be prepared for it.

After thinking of all of this, Jiang Ji could not help but mumble, "It seems that I have to do both things, the stone tablet has to be implemented, but at the same time, I have to spread the word, after all, I have to preach the world, start the Heavenly Palace, and design the Underworld."

With these reasons, it made Jiang lacked to spend more thought on his next plan.

Because he had a different idea.

Once he started the Heavenly Palace, once he drummed up the Underworld as well, once he personally promoted the development of the world, the virtues would be upon him.

He would then be able to take this opportunity to obtain countless world origins, and at that time he would be able to gradually recover from his injuries.

When it came to a critical moment, he might be able to make this early Human Immortal cultivator even stronger.

Jiang Qiao thought so, he was looking forward to that day and was filled with a look of infinite anticipation.

A great plan had begun to take root in his mind and was being prepared as he began to rummage through his cupboards in search of something.

This time, he, Jiang Someone, must gain a huge benefit before he could do so, and definitely couldn't waste it for no reason at all.

Jiang was filled with anticipation, his mind couldn't help but look forward to the fact that maybe it wouldn't be long before he could leave.

It was just that it would probably be bitter for one person.

Jiang lacked the knowledge that he had once inadvertently left some traces after coming to this world.

Leaving behind a love debt in this world.

At this moment, Jiang Da Xian was half unaware of this, and he was anxiously searching for some useful ancient books.

Perhaps it had great influence on his Jiang someone's upcoming act of preaching the world.

When the time comes....

After thinking about these circumstances, he became even more delighted.

"I'm only waiting for three months from now when the time comes for this seat to preach the world."

Everything had been prepared, and all that was needed was the east wind.

He only had to wait for the three-month period to arrive so he could complete the first level of his plan first.

Evangelizing the world was important.

"Although earlier, because of my performance in the court that day, some of the famous and influential people in the world have a different view of me now, but that's only a very small portion of them.

There are still most of the people in the world who don't know, and there are many powerful existences who don't know about me.

And the Guns of that court would definitely try their best to conceal my existence, right?

After all, the stream of ghosts and gods, the way to become immortal, the less people know about it the better, they would never let it go easily, right?

If only a very small portion of the world's population becomes the Stream of Immortal Gods, if only a very small portion of people possess those unpredictable methods, wouldn't it mean that this small portion of people would be able to rise above the rest."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered, looking somewhat wise.

He knew that that full court of civil and military forces were all just some rather selfish ideas, not unlike him.

So those ordinary people must not know, must not be aware of Jiang Chi's divinity, and must not know that the Immortal God was special either, I'm afraid.

Jiang Ji's gaze flickered, and he suddenly said, "I've rummaged through everything in the Qiankun bag on my side, and even went to look for some in the Vajra Bracelet, so I think the technique should be enough."

The only thing still lacking now was something else.

Like the timing.

Three months wasn't short, and naturally it wasn't long either.

The tedious waiting made Jiang Xiao feel so distracted that he could not wait to preach the world and move the world forward immediately.

Wouldn't that be better.

But couldn't.

For one thing, he didn't have the skill to push time to proceed quickly, and for another, he also knew that in the next time, he would need to wait for Li Er's side to achieve something before the world of preaching could unfold smoothly.

Otherwise, everyone in this world would not have enough to eat or wear, who would listen to him explain the Great Dao, who would listen to him teach that so-called Dao of Eternal Life.

I'm just afraid that no one would be willing to do so.

Jiang Ji muttered to himself.

But he didn't know that while he was feeling very anxious and depressed, there was one person in the palace who was asking for information about him.


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