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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1060 - Reform (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The reform must be carried out.

Because this said the words of Jiang Lack, Li Er saw it as a way to suck up to Shang Jiang Lack, so he must not miss a beat.

The ministers in the palace, on the other hand, were complimentary.

"Your Majesty, now that the State Master has spoken, the reform is imperative and there must be no slip-ups."

"That's right, this time it must be done to the satisfaction of the State Master, or else none of us will be able to please."

"Now that His Majesty has set the tone, we should also promise that in the future, if anyone dares to come together, then the Great Tang will never allow them to exist."

"The reform of the merchant tax and salt tax is beneficial to the Great Tang, and I still agree with this matter, but as Your Majesty has said, once the five surnames and seven looks don't come out to make trouble, then what should we do?"

"Potential dangers will always be lurking, too, and it's not a good idea to dike them all the time."


This was indeed a difficult problem to solve, after all, Jiang lacked the ability to have ghosts and gods had long been spread, and those people of the Five Surnames and Seven Looks weren't all fools.

Even fools couldn't inherit for hundreds of years.

The major families had been linked to each other by marriage for countless years, each colluding for countless years, and the various relationships were so intertwined that it was difficult to deal with.

That was the hardest part.

Once these people sucked up to Jiang Lack, once they didn't come out against Li Er, even His Majesty Li Er wouldn't have any reason to use a knife against them.

After all, even though people were powerful, they had settled down.

--Although once they hadn't been at peace.

But once they really got peaceful, it was definitely not a good thing, at least not for Li Er and the others.

If they couldn't solve the Five Surnames and Seven Wishes, they would always feel a thorn in their heart that would remain unresolved.

What to do about this.

They were all a bit helpless, not only were they smart in this world, others were actually not stupid either.

"I can't control this matter, and let him go first, let's bring up the merchant tax and salt tax."

Li Er thought about it and said, "No matter how the reform has to go on, the Tang is really too poor, no extra money to do things, the way of eternal life will be very far away."

So also absolutely cannot be blind.

Without money, everything is difficult.

If you have money, you can do anything.

This was the reality, and His Majesty Li Er was well aware of this, and also felt that what Jiang Chi was saying was reasonable.

He didn't say much else.

Suddenly, for a moment, he understood Jiang Xiao better, even for ghosts and gods, even for immortals and gods, money was also lacking.

It was fine to be stingy and stingy.

That was probably right.

Suddenly, Li Er had that little bit of clarity.

He suddenly had some other thoughts in his heart, so he continued, "Gentlemen, since everyone has agreed to the reform, let the next imperial decree be accompanied by your names.

The matter of reforming the commercial tax and salt tax, let the ministers act together, and I will leave this matter to you."

All ministers: "......."

They were overwhelmed and embarrassed by His Majesty Li Er's words, and to be honest they didn't really want to take over such a mess.

After all, whether it was the commercial tax or the salt tax, reforming it would offend people and re-divide the cake.

In other words, those interest groups who used to have some interests would have to come up with some benefits to divide it up again.

And who is going to implement it specifically.

Li Er's words made all of the officials in this palace turn pale, and no matter if they exchanged glances with each other, they still chose to nod their heads.

After all, immortality was at stake.

As long as one could become a ghost god and remain immortal, it didn't matter even if one offended more people.

What about the five surnames and seven looks.

It still wasn't enough for Jiang Chi and the others.

Management is management.

Rather, it was a feasible thing to do, perhaps they would have to work even harder in the future.

Otherwise, how would Jiang lack side explain.

In the future, Chang Sheng is going to rely on others, so they can't offend him now.

Li Er was also thinking the same way.

It was because of this that he gave orders to these ministers in a commanding manner.


The ministers could only nod their heads, not daring to disobey anything.

Although Jiang Chi had promised all sorts of benefits to them, that was the future, and it was still too early in the present.

Once they didn't live to see the time that Jiang lacked said, once His Majesty Li Er now laid a black hand on them, once the Five Surnames and Seven Hopes assassinated them now.

Then the end result might be different.

If they couldn't live to eternal life, it would be the same as not having the destiny of eternal life, and they would eventually be reduced to an extremely helpless existence.

At the thought of these various situations, they inexplicably felt a slight strange rise in their hearts and hurriedly said, "What Your Majesty has said is true, let's leave this reform to us, we must make the Great Tang rich."

This kind of words said with a pat on the conscience seemed to be very reasonable.

Hearing Li Er was so unhappy.

So he hurriedly said, "Since this is the case, it will be necessary to trouble all the ministerial workers, this time no matter what, we must establish the commercial tax system, take the salt into the state for sale, and order the counties by the sea to start drying sea salt to transport it.

I will wait for good news from you all in Chang'an City, these affairs must have a result within three months, so that I can cooperate with the Lord of State for the next plan then."

Three months later.

It was about the day that the State Master Jiang would preach the world, and he must not make any mistakes.

This way there would be a plan.


The crowd could only nod up helplessly, not daring to say much else.

It was probably because they felt that it was useless to say anything.

Eternal Life's was too attractive and had enormous possibilities, making them once feel appalled.

There were also a few fears.

Just reform it.

What's the big deal, since his Second Li Emperor doesn't care about the chaos of the world, and has the boldness to overthrow and start over, they naturally aren't afraid.

We can just go against the Five Surnames and Seven Hopes.

The only thing to be afraid of is that they don't show up.

As what Li Er had just said, it might seem a bit awkward.

But now couldn't care less.

Li Er was thinking about the reforms, but Jiang Xiao from the Palace Foreign Teacher's Palace was not thinking about that, "In three months, that Dao Palace should be finished building, how should I make the move to preach the world."

It was a little awkward.

It couldn't be found to be taught, although there was a ninth-grade Dao skill, it was easily taught.

"Looks like I'll have to think of a way to do it."

Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "There are quite a few other Immortal Dao techniques, perhaps I can incorporate them all into a comprehension tablet, so that all the fortunate people in the world can comprehend the Dao.

Whoever is lucky will be able to sense the good merit methods, and whoever is unlucky, the merit methods they sense will naturally be the worst, there's no doubt about that either."

This would also reflect the great kindness of his Jiang Chi.

After thinking of this.

Jiang Chi smiled, "Now that I have recovered some of my cultivation, and I have quite a bit of this Immortal Origin Mana, wouldn't it be better if preaching the world would also allow me to gain some merit, that is, that World Origin."

He was ten thousand times happier.

The heart was rejoicing.

In the palace, after seeing the ministers begin to vote their hearts, His Majesty Li Er said to them again, "All ministers, ever since I succeeded to the throne, I have received the mandate of Heaven from above and the support of the people from below.

Now, with the help of such a terrifying being as the State Counselor, who is even more terrifying than the ghosts and gods, and who considers himself to be a man of extraordinary destiny, I hope that you will handle the matter of reform well.

If one day I am still able to complete my merits, I may be able to meet with you all in the Heavenly Palace."

How good this is.

The Lord of the Heavenly Palace, the so-called Heavenly Emperor's esteemed position, he, His Majesty Li Er, also had to fight for it.

If it was possible, he, the one who was near the water, would definitely have a chance.

"After all, I can still be blatant and righteous in soliciting the State Master, maybe he'll agree to it for the sake of me pardoning him in the first place."

At this moment.

His Majesty Li Er had already figured out that a character like Jiang Qian being the Great Tang State Teacher was only a reputation, in fact, this kind of existence like the stream of ghosts and gods, with a powerful generation of gods and goddesses, was clearly on the level of the Great Ancestor.

This kind of level of existence will not care who the day emperor.

As long as it was pleasing to the eye, as long as it was done in obedience to his wishes, as long as it wasn't an existence that would cause misfortune to the heavens.

In this way, he, Li Er, would be particularly suitable.

"By the way, a few days ago, Wang De said that before appearing on the palace, the State Master had once come over from Li Er's palace, did the State Master and Li Er know each other as well?"

Li Er couldn't help but ponder in secret, "If they really know each other, it wouldn't be a good thing for me, ah."

It was definitely a great joy.

He knew very well that once Princess Li Li and Jiang Liao knew each other, then it would be much better for him, Li Er.

"Perhaps I can still..."

At this moment, His Majesty Li Er thought of many things, perhaps he could take this opportunity to establish a more intimate relationship with Jiang Xiao.

Or perhaps he could get along better with the State Master.

Take the relationship even further.

It was also possible, but he just wasn't completely sure yet.

Right now.

The ministers saw that His Majesty Li Er suddenly stopped talking and remained silent, making them embarrassed.

In their minds, they were thinking, "I don't know what His Majesty is thinking about all of a sudden, but he's laughing and drooling, is he thinking of something delicious?"

They thought of it so.

This Li Er was really different, worthy of being able to be an emperor, this skill was somewhat special, it was rare in the world.

But at this time, there was no one who dared to say more than a few words of discontent, after all, His Majesty Li Er was the emperor.

Now it was still the nominal lord of the world, the emperor who could dominate the life and death of the people of the world, and he absolutely could not let his subjects find out that the king had made a fool of himself.

Otherwise, if he is remembered by Li Second Majesty, he will be put into small shoes at some critical moment in the future.

That would be disastrous.

It's embarrassing to think about.

It's better not to look at it, lest Li Er find out about this embarrassment and make it difficult for them to get along between the ruler and his ministers.

It would be impossible to tell even if they jumped into the Yellow River.

Fortunately, the ministers all knew in their hearts that this Li Er Majesty of theirs should be thinking of certain good things.

I just didn't know if such a good thing had any part in them.

For a while.

The rulers and ministers were thinking of other things on each other's minds.

It was as if they all had their own agendas, instinctively thinking of things that would benefit them.

For a while they were thinking about something else.

His Majesty Li Er came back to his senses, but suddenly saw that everyone in the palace was thinking stupidly, and was stunned, "Eh? What are these people doing?"

His brows furrowed at once, his face somewhat unhappy.

These people, one by one, were thinking too far ahead, and couldn't help but make him pale, "What are you doing, ministers?"

Are they still waiting for Li Er to come to his senses?

Only after hearing Li Er's words did the crowd come back to their senses, "It's just a matter of time, you all should go back and prepare, the decree will arrive in a few days, so you can start preparing for the reform."


The ministers were not bitter, so they could only say, "Yes, I respect your majesty's words."


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