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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1059 - Proceedings (Seeking Subscriptions)

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This day.

Li II summoned.

All the dukes, all the ministers, all came, like a small court meeting.

The court meeting had not begun.

Li Er would have to call these people into the palace to discuss some matters, such as how to bring down the five surnames and seven looks, and how to gather the wealth of the world.

Otherwise the talk of immortality was hopeless.

This was implicitly passed down to him by Jiang Chi.

Li Er wasn't stupid, and immediately understood the way this was done.

Now, he already understood that if he wanted to live forever, he had to follow the rules set by Jiang Xiao.

Although he was a little depressed and felt that his rights as an emperor had been greatly diminished, he felt quite happy at the thought of being able to live forever.

Maybe there would still be a chance to become a Heavenly Palace ruler in the future.

He was an emperor on earth, wouldn't he be able to become the Lord of the Heavenly Palace after he retired.

It was right to think this way.

Compared to Eternal Life and the future Lord of the Heavenly Palace, the Heavenly Emperor reign, what was earthly riches and emperors compared to the future Lord of the Heavenly Palace.

The Heavenly Emperor's exalted position, according to Jiang Kang, was the Lord of the Three Realms, a generation of supreme existence.

To say that he, Li Er, was not even half interested would be absolutely false.

And Li Er who had other thoughts now had to collect his thoughts and said to Wang De beside him, "Have all the people I asked you to invite arrived?"

Wang De immediately nodded and said, "Back to His Majesty, all the Dukes of State and the rest of the lords are already waiting outside the palace, do you want your slave to bring them in?"

Without Li Er's orders, he actually didn't dare to bring anyone in.

This was the rule.

Li Er's gaze was slightly somber as he said, "Since they're all here already, let's bring everyone in."

Perhaps it was time for him to do something else as well.

Reforms are imperative and must be carried out, "Otherwise, we won't know how long it will take until the Great Tang's power is at its peak.

As the Emperor of the Great Tang, I should also contribute the most to this country, and I should also set the benchmark for the country."

What is actually fundamental is the lack of money.

Now that he had no money to do anything, he didn't have the money to do more things, such as building a dao palace or something.

He should have been the one to do such things.

But in the end, he had to let a few of his henchmen do it, and he, Li Er, felt helpless every time he thought about it.

There was also nothing he could do.

What could he do.


Li Er ghostly sighed, "Now, I'd better try to push for reform first, those people with five surnames and seven looks must not tell them all to feel better, the Great Tang is ultimately my Great Tang."

He also wanted the Great Tang to be good.


Wang De immediately responded and left and said respectfully, "Slave will go and invite the ministers outside to come in."

Li Er nodded his head if he had anything to say about it.

A short while later.

The ministers of state arrived.

"Servants pay their respects to His Majesty."

The literary ministers led by Changsun Wuji and the military generals led by Cheng Bite Jin and Yuchi Jingde, Li Jing and the others appeared at once.

They saluted Li Er respectfully.

After the incident with Jiang Ji, they had little interest in these matters in the courtroom.

If they could become the esteem of ghosts and gods, who would care about this mere earthly riches.

After all, it was to be able to live forever.

Human riches were nothing more than a mirror, nothing more than a rootless floating duckweed, and once an accident occurred, nothing would be left.

Even though they all knew that the Five Surnames and Seven Views were powerful, they were not actually as powerful as Jiang Lack.

As long as they held onto this thigh tightly, that was all that mattered, they could only exist eternally.

Otherwise, life and death were only a matter of time.

But after thinking of Jiang Chi's previous command, these State Ministers all said, "I wonder what is the so-called matter that His Majesty has asked me to come over?"

Whenever they have an idea, they will not refuse.

Li Er said, "There is only one thing I'm not sure about this time I called you over, so I hope you can help me discuss it in detail.

The first time I saw you, I thought you might be able to tell me what you were thinking.

So, this ten thousand miles of the Great Tang Mountains cannot be lost, and I hope that all of you will prepare with me, so that this world can be peaceful and calm."

Everyone: "........"

Once they were all befuddled after hearing the words of His Majesty Li Er, Changsun Wuji asked on behalf of the crowd, "Your Majesty, I don't know what is needed from me, but if there is a need, I will definitely do my best to do so, and I will definitely not let down His Majesty's kindness of knowing back then."

Just about pat assurance.

The Great Tang still needed to rely on them to govern, and they still needed to work together to assist Li Er.

Otherwise, with those people with five surnames and seven hopes, they would surely cause chaos in the world.

Because of the existence of Jiang Chi, the supernatural being of the stream of ghosts and gods, and because of the existence of the Way of Eternal Life, Li Er wasn't afraid of the resistance of the people with the five surnames and seven hopes, he could ignore everything with Jiang Chi here.

The worst thing to do was to overthrow and start over.

As long as he could live forever, he, Li Er, would have enough time and power to suppress the others.

The five surnames and seven looks wouldn't be enough at that time.

Thinking of it this way, he was much more relaxed.

So, His Majesty Li Er spoke up, "Gentlemen, I intend to collect a wide range of commercial taxes and refine sea salt for sale, this industry belongs to the state, and you all discuss some re-establishment of the Salt Tax Department and establish a commercial tax department yamen to oversee this matter."

For his part, Fang Xuanling said, "Your Majesty, this reform law is good, and the merchant tax strategy is also considered a good strategy for ruling the country, but there is one thing that is different, and needs to be experienced in detail by Your Majesty."

"What?" Li Er asked curiously.

On hearing this, Fang Xuanling continued: "Qidao Your Majesty, no one has dared to collect the commercial tax since ancient times, the merchant's interests are sufficient, Your Majesty thought that no one really thought of collecting the commercial tax in the previous dynasties.

In fact, it's not that they haven't thought of it, but they don't dare to collect it.

The merchants have earned great profits every time, of which few can compare to the fullness of profits."

"You're trying to say that collecting the merchant tax would be a major hindrance,"

Li Er Dao: "This point you are thinking of has naturally occurred to me a long time ago, behind every Chamber of Commerce there are officials at all levels, as well as the big families behind them, the power is huge and also very intertwined.

I'm not supposed to collect commercial tax at this time, after all, it will touch everyone's interests, but the State Counselor has already suggested to me that I should try it out in Chang'an City for three months first.

And all the major shops in Chang'an City are not allowed to raise their prices, or else they will be directly taken down for questioning.

In addition, the shops in your hands do not play carelessly with me, otherwise I can spare him here, the State Council will not forgive there.

The merchant tax must be collected.

The salt thing I intend to let you several commanders, common management of the, but anyone who dares to disrupt or stop, will be killed without pardon.

The five surnames and seven looks will definitely come out to cause trouble, the martial general's side must be ready to suppress it at any time, and in addition, the national division's place will also support you all."

Everyone: "........"

Li Er's words made the faces of these dukes present sink, Du Ru Mei said: "Your Majesty, there is one thing I want to make clear, although the matter of the commercial tax will touch the shops of our ministers present here, but this is a matter that benefits the country and the people, we will definitely support it.

However, Your Majesty should also know that the ministers are loyal to Your Majesty and to the country, while others may not think so.

The five surnames and seven looks control the world's educated people, and the families and powers behind them have shops spread all over the world, so if Your Majesty wants to collect the merchant tax, I'm afraid that it will only invite misfortune ah."

At this time.

Even Changsun Wuji also spoke up, "Qidao Your Majesty, once the merchant tax is collected, it will definitely cause the five surnames and seven looks to shake, and they will then be in control behind the scenes, they might be able to paralyze the world."

"Your Majesty, once the market is struck..."

Li Jing also frowned and said, "Things might be troublesome, when the world will be in chaos, with those people under the control of the five surnames and seven looks, things will only be a bit..."

They were worried.

In case this scheme drew a series of reactions, it might not be a good thing for the current Great Tang.

They couldn't help but worry.

Naturally, Li Er had thought of these things long ago, and in the past, he had exactly this kind of scruples.

But now there were no such scruples.

Li Er said, "These things that your beloved ministers have thought of, I have naturally thought of them as well, not afraid of chaos in the world, but afraid of those people of the five surnames and seven looks compromising.

With the help of the State Counselor, I'm not afraid of them.

So what if there is chaos?

Once the State Master makes his move, another hundred or ten of the five surnames and seven looks won't be enough.

The worst thing to do is to start all over again in one pot."

The ministers: "......."

They all suddenly forgot one thing, and that was the existence of Jiang Di.

Once the State Master made his move, all those people in the world would just be shovels of earth.

Would the Five Surnames and Seven Hopes dare to mess up?

Do you dare to strike?

There might be a few brains that were not open-minded enough to really dare, but since Jiang Qian, the State Master, had given so many ideas to His Majesty Li Er, he would naturally not abandon them.

With this relationship in it, the reform will naturally continue to advance.

It was assumed that there wouldn't be much resistance.

This way, things would become much simpler, and Li Er could not help but murmur, "If anyone confronts me at this critical moment, then don't blame me for turning my face over and being ruthless."

"I dare not."

The crowd responded in succession, where they dared to take Li Er's words.

They were already frightened in their hearts, already horrified, and just now His Majesty Li Er's words were already considered to have opened the windows of heaven with them.

Explaining everything to them.

Now that it had all been explained, whether it was these dignitaries of state, or those ordinary civil and military ministers, they were not saying much else now.

"With the help of the State Master, those people of the Five Surnames and Seven Hopes I am not afraid of, even if they strike the city, the only thing I am afraid of is their obedience, that way even I won't be able to find a reason to deal with them."

Once those people with the five surnames and seven looks went into hiding, once they moved closer to Jiang Chi's side, they might be able to replace him, Li Er, and exist.

And for Jiang Hou, he, Li Er, was dispensable, while maybe he would be replaced at a critical moment.

He wouldn't even be able to find a place to cry then, so he wasn't afraid that the Five Surnames and Seven Hopes would resist, just that they wouldn't.

What did he become that way.

Everyone: "........"

Now they finally understood that this was where His Majesty Li Er's bottom line came from, and his idea was indeed good.

Relying on Jiang lacking, the State Master, they would definitely be able to solve the problem at the critical moment, and at that time, they wouldn't even know how they would die.

Laughing bitterly at the thought of this, in vain they thought that His Majesty Li Er really wanted to discuss things with them, now it seems Li Er had already thought about it, that was his plan just now, but it was also what he said to them.


Thinking of this, the ministers present could not help but be secretly frightened, no wonder His Majesty Li Er dared to speak out so righteously.

After a final reckoning, one could only believe Li Er's words, after all, Jiang Xia had also delivered them.

It wasn't difficult to make the Tang rich, the five surnames and seven looks used to say the biggest resistance, but not necessarily anymore.

Since that was the case, they could only follow Li Er's words.

And so.

They all began to say.

"Your Majesty, if the State Master will also make a move, then both the collection of the merchant tax and the matter regarding the salt tax are actually guaranteed, just like what Your Majesty said, if those people really dare to pop up and stop it at this critical moment, then it's no wonder they should be gone."

"In that case, the collection of this merchant tax should go much smoother, Your Majesty can just try it out for three months in Chang'an City before implementing it to other places."

"That's right, this will only be of great benefit to our Great Tang, after all, money is the only way to do more things ah."


For a time, the ministers in this side hall all spoke one word to another, with the intention of flattering each other.

But Li Er didn't care, because....


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