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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1058 - Befriending (Seeking Subscriptions)

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After the promise of good benefits.

Jiang Chi then looked at these dukes of state with a smiling heart.

"If it wasn't for the fact that I, Jiang Someone, was severely injured and hadn't recovered well, nor did I have enough origin to let me leave, why set up this tremendous scheme."

"Restart the mythology and legends, recreate the ghosts and gods of heaven and earth, and complete the world, so that I can obtain great merit, and essentially merit is also the world's original


Jiang Gui muttered to himself, "If he succeeds, it's hard to say whether the Human Immortal realm will be able to go further, but he will definitely be able to recover all of his injuries.

He would be able to return to the peak of his strength in one piece.

The extreme of a human was a Human Immortal.

If he could recover this realm, all his efforts would be enough.

In the hall.

All the dukes looked at Jiang Ji with joyful faces, very satisfied.

This Immortal God-like existence had actually promised them a place in the future, whether it was in the Heavenly Palace or the Earthly Palace, and that they could all become the esteem of ghosts and gods.

Wouldn't the path to immortality be settled.

In this way, it seemed that their statement of heart was actually useful, at least Jiang Chi had promised it.

And if an existence like this like a ghost god had personally promised, there would definitely be no falsehoods.

They would have no worries in the future.

Think of it this way.

All of these dukes present couldn't help but rejoice with smiles on their faces, and their respective joy could be seen under a few glances at each other.

And so.

In view of this.

All the Dukes of State again immediately said.

"My lord of the state, I wonder what the reform you speak of is?"

"Yeah, and how can the rest of us help?"

"Master of the country, I don't know when the preaching of the world you spoke of earlier will take place, but do you need us to do something about it?"

"Right, right, right, if you have any orders from the State Master, but there's no harm in saying so."

Since they were promised by Jiang Lack, they naturally had to do something for Jiang Lack, preferably saddle him up.

That way they would be able to sell a favor to Jiang Liao.

When the time came for him to preach the world, he might be inclined to them, and a little guidance would be a great reward.

How comfortable it would be to become immortal and gain eternal life without dying.

If they died, they would have nothing.

Not to mention befriending, even befriending Jiang Xiao was good, they thought that was very good.


Jiang lacked eyes, but he smiled mysteriously.


He continued, "This seat really does have something that I would like to trouble the Dukes, that is, I wonder if the Dukes are willing to help out a bit?"

All the dukes: "..."

We're just being a little polite, but you're really taking it seriously.

What has this become.

But Jiang Jiankou had already said so, and they were too embarrassed to refute or reject it.

It was just a polite remark, but how could they know that Jiang Jiankou took it seriously.

At this time.

But I heard Jiang Ji's pair of shining eyes landing on them as if they were smiling instead of laughing.

It was as if he was watching a play.

The crowd couldn't help but see this, and then they also realized that they were afraid that Jiang Chi, the Lord of State in front of them, wasn't worried about them yet, and didn't fully believe their words.

Maybe they were just probing, or testing.

But either way is not a good thing, at least for them lords of state, working for Jiang Liao is actually said to be risky, and really seems hesitant to do it.

And worried.

In case they couldn't do it well, or couldn't do it, wouldn't they be out of luck?

Thinking about it made them feel bitter.

But at this time, they didn't dare to say anything else in the face of Jiang Xiao's appearance.

If they really refused, something might happen.

This State Master before them was a ghostly, ridiculously strong and powerful being with divine abilities.

They were no match for him.

After thinking of this, the dukes looked at each other and then said together, "Reporting back to the State Master, I wonder what you need us to do?"

At this time they didn't dare to be rude, but were simply respectful.

Very helpless.

But secretly, they felt that this matter might not necessarily be a bad thing.

If it was done well, they might be able to gain Jiang Chi's appreciation, and then they would have even greater benefits.

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Jiang Ji's mouth as he said, "Dukes of State, I'm sure you're aware that although this seat is an Immortal cultivator and has some skills and means, I actually don't have much money in my hands and I'm not familiar with the Great Tang.

And soon this seat is going to preach the world, but there's no good place, so this seat would like to ask all the dukes to help build a dao palace for preaching.

I'm sure the matter should be a breeze for your dukes of state, right?"

Building a Taoist palace?

Just build some buildings?

The dukes of state looked at each other, and their brains were quick to turn, so they immediately came back to their senses.

This matter was easy.

And when should we say yes if not now.

They then fell to their knees and said, "Enlightenment Lord of the State, we have all agreed that this matter is easy too."

It didn't even matter the extra consideration.

They had already thought it through.

Regardless of what His Majesty Li Er gave them, they would only need to befriend this one nicely, and they would be able to live forever.

In the future, they would have countless benefits, and only if they were still alive, they would be useful, and they would be able to make Li Er value them even more.


In the time afterwards, there might not even be a need for Li Er to appreciate them, after all, they would either go to the Heavenly Palace to be gods or to the dungeon.

It was also good.

They might even be able to compete for the position of Lord of the Heavenly Palace, or Lord of the Earthly Palace, because Jiang Guiao had just said that he would be chosen on merit, and that he himself would not be the Lord of the Three Realms.

Wasn't an existence like Jiang Xiao a much more powerful one?

A mere Lord of the Three Realms was simply not enough.

After thinking that they had a chance to compete for the Lord of the Three Realms, all of these dukes suddenly had other ideas.

"Lord State Master, let's leave this matter to us, we will definitely not let you down."

"A trivial matter, let's not let the State Master worry about it, we will definitely get this done."

"Please rest assured, National Master, we will definitely do our best to build the Dao Palace and complete this matter as soon as possible."

"It's just that I don't know when the State Master will need to preach the world, so we can prepare ah."


Jiang Mo's face sank slightly, and he couldn't help but say, "It will be set for three months, which is enough time for His Majesty to reform as soon as possible and deduce the operation of the world."

"Three months is enough."

The ministers said one by one, their faces delighted.

They had the great advantage that three months was enough for the seven families to work together to build the Dao Palace and deliver the work as expected.

The Dao Palace.

As the name implies, it was a place for preaching the world, and perhaps also a place for them to practice in the future.

So the Dao Palace was very important.

In order to curry favor with Jiang lacked, the seven dukes all responded in unison and stated that the Dao Palace did not need any money from Jiang lack.

The money needed for the Dao Palace would be borne by all seven of them, and there was no need for Jiang Liao to bear it.

Perhaps they had inquired about it before coming here, but Jiang Lack, the State Master, had always been rather stingy.

A man who liked money.

Also a person who always liked to say that he had no money.

All of them were existences of the stream of ghosts and gods, but they were still saying that they had no money, and this was something that others might believe, but they, the State Masters, would never believe it.

How could there be an existence of a stream of ghosts and gods that lacked money, this was clearly unreasonable.


Although this information was clear to the seven State Dukes present, none of them said it or showed that they cared about building the Dao Palace money.

They didn't care.

Although there were seven families to divide it up, there was no telling how much it would cost to build the Dao Palace properly.

They were looking forward to it.

It was all money, and to say that they were half-hearted would be an absolute lie.

It was just that none of them dared to show it in front of Jiang Qian, but they said grudgingly, "State Master, I wonder if there is anything else you would like to command next?"

Why don't we just follow the State Counselor directly, since we've already boarded Jiang Hou's ship?

There might be great benefits.

At the thought of this, the seven Dukes of State were all excited.

After befriending this unparalleled existence, it would definitely be of great benefit to them.

In the future, they might be able to stain that legendary Heavenly Emperor's throne.

With the Heavenly Palace, there should naturally be a Heavenly Palace Lord, and that so-called Heavenly Palace Lord was the Heavenly Emperor.

Isn't that what the legendary Heavenly Emperor is like.


The hearts of these dukes of state had an idea that no matter if the sky collapsed or the world annihilated, they would have to follow this Great Tang State Master.

Even if it was just a simple errand, they might be able to see that they would be given all sorts of benefits for the sake of their lack of merit and hard work.

Thinking about these things, their hearts couldn't help but rejoice greatly.

Very good too.

Jiang Chi's gaze was burning, a spiritually shimmering brocade robe was imposing, now it was no longer the white brocade robe that was as mundane, but the robe he had refined before.

It was also an invaluable magic treasure.

It could be considered a good thing.

He immediately continued, "When you work for this throne, you should naturally have benefits, and here this throne promises that in the future, you will be famous on the Immortal Palace list, and as long as this realm does not die out, the Heavenly Palace will not die out, and you will be able to live forever."

This could be considered an alternative immortality, an alternative eternal immortality.

After hearing this, those dukes got excited when they thought about it, and they were so happy.

What if....

To be able to live forever and be pardoned from the divine throne, wouldn't that be a huge benefit to them as well.

Thinking about it made it feasible for him.


Maybe in a few days, His Majesty will summon you to the palace, and you will need to assist His Majesty.

The matter of preaching the world is still pending, let alone the opening of the Heavenly Palace and the Underworld."

All the Dukes of State: "......."


Even if they were reluctant, they could only respond and temporarily put aside their heart's pursuit of the way of immortality.

The mortal realm was the foundation, the foundation.

That was for sure, and after thinking it through, they couldn't help but say, "My lord of the country, we have your words down and will definitely follow them, and will not dare to forget them."

That would be the best.

Although it had been promised, and it was thought that these dukes of state would go about their business seriously, but Jiang Chi was afraid that they would forget, that they would abandon it because of the Way of Eternal Life.

After this time with his advice, it would surely be much better, and these people should be able to restrain themselves.

But then it would be bitter for His Majesty Li Er.

Maybe in the future he won't even have a single person by his side to do anything, everyone will be thinking about going to immortality, where will they think about those ordinary things.

Maybe His Majesty Li Er will become an orphan.

But in the end after careful thought Jiang Xiao felt that it was unlikely, after all, that Li Er should also be thinking about immortality.

How great would that be.

After the dukes left, they were sought out by their respective stewards, who all told them one thing, that His Majesty Li Er had an edict for them to hurry into the palace to face the Emperor.

The specific matter is unknown, only to go to the proceedings.


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