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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1056 - Thoughts (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"There's no need to be polite, Lord Wei, you're not like them."

Jiang Ji said indifferently, "Although this seat has gained some inheritance and has some means, I still have great respect for someone as outspoken as you, Lord Wei Zheng, who has the courage to speak frankly and for the country and its people.

Others are straw-bale rice buckets, but you are not.

In the future, I hope you'll be good for the future, and the monarch also needs a mirror of people like you."

With a few casual words, Wei Zheng felt brightened up.

What he had been trying to keep doing for so many years, someone had finally recognized him.

It seemed that everything was worth it.

He felt very blessed, and could very well feel the sincerity and weight of Jiang Xiao's words.

How many years had passed.

He, Wei Zheng, finally had the chance to feel someone else's approval.

He felt very comfortable at once.

Even Li Er hadn't recognized him, though he had been a lone minister and had been being a straightforward minister for the benefit of the nation.

And because of that, he had only been able to live until now.

However, in the past, neither Li Er nor anyone else had ever really been approved of him.

So much so that Wei Zheng had felt on the verge of not being able to hold on several times, the kind of person who would suffer the cold eyes and ostracism of the emperor and the imperial court gun officials every time, leaving him exhausted.

It was really a sad day.

The mood was also incredibly complicated, and this time getting Jiang Chi's approval was crucial for Wei Zheng.

It was also very important that he felt the need to get on good terms with Jiang Lack, who had become different since he knew that Jiang Lack had all sorts of supernatural means.

Thinking to himself, "If I can also get him to teach me the methods of the Immortal Dao, that would be great."

It might be possible to become an even more terrifying existence as well.

After thinking of this.

Wei Zheng immediately said, "State Master, previously, my servant really didn't know that you were divine, and that's why I persuaded His Majesty to abolish it.

This time only after seeing the divine miracle of the State Master, I felt that I was blind to the fact that there is such an existence as the State Master in the world.

In the future, I hope that the State Master will take care of me more."

Even Wei Zheng was forced to hug Jiang Qian's thigh at the moment.

This powerful existence with divine powers definitely had the art of immortality.

At the thought of this, Wei Zheng felt his face flush, and this was the first time he was looking at it like this.

It was a bit inexplicable in his heart, it was true that he, Wei Zheng, was only a commoner on the road to immortality.

Li Er's mouth twitched and thought, "I never thought you, Wei Zheng, would be like this, but it's rare, instead."

If he didn't feel that Jiang Chi was quite happy with Wei Zheng, he would have been about to stop Wei Zheng.

After all, Jiang Chi was an unusual person.

It was an existence with supernatural powers, an existence with supreme means, powerful as it was.

At the moment.

Jiang Qian listened to Wei Zheng's words, but he was inexplicably surprised, and after some dark thoughts, he suddenly had a thought in his heart.

This world was originally just an ordinary world.

There was the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, but the people of this world didn't make good use of it, so they didn't research powerful cultivation methods to do so.

Even those martial generals were only able to exercise by relying on some crude methods.

But this method was really a bit too crude, too general.

Like those slash and burn methods of the past, it wasn't quite enough to look at.

Jiang Jiang thought that since he had already come to this side of the world, he might as well transform it and create all those divine wonders.

At the same time, creating all those stories from the mythical world one by one might also prompt the development of this world.

When the time comes, we will naturally be able to obtain the World Origin Force.

After thinking of this.

When Jiang Jiang saw Wei Zheng for the first time, he thought of one thing as well, and that was to make the first myth come true on Wei Zheng.

Wei Zheng dreamed of slaying the King of the Jing River Dragon.

This myth had always haunted Jiang Xiao's mind, especially when he saw Wei Zheng, this thought was even more terrifying.

It was hidden.

Jiang Xiao already had another thought in his mind, perhaps restarting the myth and making it reappear.

Maybe it would be enough to restore all of his cultivation and make this world no longer reject him.

It seemed to work.

Jiang Gou couldn't help but mumble to himself, "It's possible that this idea could actually come true, I just don't know how long those so-called myths will take."

Restoring the divine supernatural and restarting the myth might have unexpected results.


He looked at Li Er again and said, "Your Majesty, in the future, when the Dao of Immortality reappears in the world, all of us will also benefit, all of us will benefit, and when this seat looks forward to the future, we will open the Dao widely, and all of us can come to see it."

After the words were made clear, both Li Er and Wei Zheng were overjoyed.

After this, they all knew that Jiang Jiang was going to preach the world.

The future path of immortality was expected.

He was suddenly looking forward to it, filled with joy, the Way of Eternal Life that was a big deal, in the future they would be able to live forever and be immortal.

Maybe even become immortal.

At the thought of this, even Wei Zheng, who was always iron-faced and selfless, could not help but get excited at the moment, his face flushed red.

He said joyfully, "Sir State Master, are you going to preach the world, then wouldn't ordinary people be able to cultivate to become immortal?"

Wouldn't all the people in the world then become immortals and become Taoists, and would not immortals be worse than dogs?

In that case, I'm just afraid that the country will not be a country.

It's terrifying to think about, the whole world is like a Royal Sword Immortal, everyone knows all sorts of supernatural means, what's the point of that.

Wei Zheng's meaning was naturally understood by Jiang Xiao, who smiled and explained, "No harm in it, even if this seat were to preach the world, there are only one or two out of ten people who have become Taoists in the world.

Moreover, this throne relaunched the mythology so that all the fortunate people in the world can become immortal and open up the Heavenly Palace in the future.

Those who become immortal, those with deep roots and good fortune can enter the heavenly palace as immortal officials.

In the future, the throne will also open up the underworld, where all living beings will re-enter the underworld after death and be reincarnated after judgment.

In this way, the three realms of heaven and earth will be complete, and then everything will naturally be complete."

Everyone: "........"

Jiang Qian's words stunned Wei Zheng, Li Er and the others, who had thought that Jiang Qian just wanted to preach the world.

In that case, there would be at most a few more highly capable immortal cultivators in the world.

But now, listening to what the will go meant, he was to open up the Heavenly Palace and the Underworld.

To come to a completion of the three realms of Heaven and Earth and Man.

Once it was really performed according to his idea, the immortals and gods in the world would return to their positions, and the gods and spirits would each have their own duties.

This would have been quite good.

But for Li Er and Wei Zheng and the others, this sudden change took them by surprise.

One had to know that this side of the world used to be just an ordinary world, but if it was transformed according to Jiang Jiang's method and the three worlds of heaven and earth and humans returned to their positions, it would become a world where immortals and demons, gods and ghosts existed.

Whether the world would be upgraded then they didn't know.

But the world would definitely be more terrifying, and the mind must not go against the Heavenly Dao in the slightest, or else misfortune would befall them in a moment.

And, according to what Jiang Xiao said, the divine wonders of this heaven and earth still continued, and who would be in charge of the heavenly palace and who would have charge of the earth at that time?

He, Li Er, was only the emperor of an earthly dynasty.

What about the future?

But Jiang Jiang had just opened his mouth, and neither Li Er nor Wei Zheng nor the stunned ministers beside him dared to speak up to stop them at this moment.

Firstly, because Jiang Jiang was powerful enough to deter them, and secondly, because Jiang Jiang's words were too shocking.

An originally ordinary and normal world was about to be transformed into a world of gods and demons by Jiang Chi.

Li Er felt that he would definitely lose some of his authority by then.

He was tempted to stop it, but he didn't know where to start.

What should he, Li Er, do once the three worlds of heaven and earth really separated and restarted their mythology?

And what kind of position is it in?

It is not embarrassing.

For a while.

Li Er also had to hold his nose and admit it.

Jiang Chi's idea was terrifying, or at least the dukes of gun in the court felt amazed.

But then they thought, if they would go to really reboot the mythology and open up the three realms of heaven and earth, how many immortal gods and ghosts would be needed.

They were already near the water, wouldn't they also have the opportunity to be the immortal gods of that heavenly palace and the underworld generals of that earthly house.

Becoming an immortal god was only a thought away from each other.

Wouldn't it be a true quest to embark on the path of immortality from now on.

And so.

The ministers of this court had a different idea than Li Er.

And at this time.

The people who had originally admonished the unlucky ones, that is, the unlucky ones, were now regretting it.

If they hadn't had the brains to admonish the ministers in the first place, they might have been able to befriend Jiang Lack and also have a chance to live forever.

In this world that was about to turn into a world where immortals, demons, gods and Buddhas coexisted, only if they possessed some divine means, only if they rebooted the myth, would they have the power to resist.

But now it seemed that this supreme immortal destiny was being pushed away by their own hands.

And it was thorough.

The group of unfortunate people probably didn't expect that the person they were about to admonish was actually an existence with divine means.

Immortal Dao spells.

It really was mysterious and unpredictable, and if they were to be blamed, they could only be blamed for not having eyesight, otherwise none of this would have happened.

Even though they were the Five Surnames and Seven Views, held the world's readings, and were able to override Li Er to a certain extent.

But they were nothing in the eyes of this divine and unpredictable Jiang Ji.

Or just a bunch of insects.

Once the Diligent Folk Realm was opened up, people like them were going to go to the eighteenth level of hell.

And one could also imagine that if Jiang Chi went to open up the Underworld, where would they people still have a way to live.

But this time, they had no power to resist, and with the restrictions that Jiang Xiao had placed on them, it would be enough to torture them to death.

They would lose everything if they weren't careful.

If they weren't careful, they would have nothing left, and even the Five Surnames and Seven Wishes behind them might not stand up for them.

The ones who were most proud were those old brothers of His Majesty Li Er, and with this opportunity, they could befriend Jiang Chi.

Even if they weren't qualified to become immortals and gods in the future when Jiang Chi was going to preach the world, they could still get an underworld general to be a god after their death, or go to the Heavenly Palace to enter the immortal book and become a god.

In short, it was an alternative form of immortality.

And now, with the idea of the three worlds of heaven and earth, Jiang Ji felt that he should push the world forward sooner.

After he gave a slight arch towards Li Er, he said to him, "Your Majesty, since all matters have been dealt with, this seat is leaving."

After speaking, Jiang Ji's figure flickered, and the light around his body shifted slightly, but it turned into a wisp of fresh wind on the wind and disappeared into this courtroom.

This sudden tactic of his caused everyone present to look dumbfounded.

It was truly unheard of.

"Lord State Master is truly an immortal, this kind of skill is what makes him truly free."

"If only I had one ten-thousandth of the skills of the State Master, alas."

"When the State Master preaches the world, I must try it, maybe I'll be the one who is fortunate enough to do so."


This day.

In the State Master's house, the old butler reported towards Jiang Qian, "Enlightened Master, there are all the State Masters visiting outside the gate..."


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