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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1055 - Legend (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The gun dukes present, who had ever seen such tactics as Jiang Chi.

They were all scared silly.

Perhaps what they have seen today has surpassed all the amazing things they have seen in this lifetime.

After all, they had never seen an existence as miraculous as Jiang Liao's before, and this time with their own eyes.

For most of their lives, many people had never seen such a miraculous thing, right?

The light emanating from Jiang Ji's fingertips was no lie, they had seen it with their own eyes.

Naturally, they had witnessed the shocking scene.

For a moment.

The people in the palace suddenly understood why Li Er had pardoned Jiang Ji as the State Master.

How could he not become the Great Tang's national teacher when he had such divine and unpredictable skills.

Perhaps His Majesty Li Er had already seen Jiang Qian's great strength, and he had long known that this person was different, which was why he was more calm than others.

Otherwise, he would only be as terrified to the extreme as everyone else, right?


Right now those people were just terrified to the extreme, afraid that Jiang Xiao would suddenly give them all a piece of his mind as well.

If that happened, they wouldn't have a good time.

Li Er's crew all looked at Jiang Liao with complete scruples and thought to themselves, "If it wasn't for the fact that we didn't even open our mouths just now, I'm afraid it would be over right now."

It would also be like those unlucky people.

And in the eyes of others, Jiang Lack's strength was truly somewhat terrifying, and that flick of the finger with light waving out was also truly shocking.

Some of them had lived for countless years, but were never clear that there were gods and spirits in this world.

All those gods and spirits were actually real, and the talk of immortal gods and goddesses was no longer a legend.

Rather, it was something that had the potential to become reality.


It was something that had already become reality.

Jiang Qiao was just a divine being who might still be able to perform certain immortal arts and daoist methods.

That would be terrifying.

Thinking about it made one's scalp go numb, made one feel one's head and heart start to sweat.

And it was cold sweat.

They never expected that Jiang Xiao, the unnamed State Master, would be so powerful, simply beyond their imagination.

How could they cope with such an existence.

The mood was inevitably a bit weepy, the already unlucky ones regretted a lot, how they had just been blinded by lard and how they had hit on that person's idea.

If he can become a State Master and can be made by the wise and divine robber Li Second Majesty, he is definitely not a simple person ah.

These people of my own still don't have enough vision, if I had just regretted a little, maybe the outcome would have been different.

Of course.

It's useless to say anything about regrets at this moment.

Those who had managed to escape were satisfied, and although they hadn't expected such an outcome, and although they were a little surprised, they were actually secretly relieved.

As the saying goes: a dead friend of the Tao does not die poor.

As long as they themselves are fine, who cares if others live or die, who cares if you're in a torrential river.

They can't drown themselves anyway.

What's more, most of those unfortunate people were from the Five Surnames and Seven Wonders, and even if they weren't, they were inseparable from the Five Surnames and Seven Wonders.

There was an inseparable collusion, and there might be something cut and dried.

After this time.

Jiang Ji continued: "This pain like ten thousand ants devouring the heart, the first time only lasts for one incense stick of things, every time thereafter will add an extra hour, so until the expiration of one hundred days to stop, but at that time people are afraid that they are all dead."

Everyone: "........"

It was now that no one dared to ruffle Jiang Lack's feathers, and no one dared to bully him.

The truth was that Jiang Liao's miraculous methods were definitely not something that mortals could withstand.

If they weren't careful, they would be nothing more than ants in someone's eyes, and they could be destroyed with a snap of their fingers.

It's quite sad to think about.

In the past, when there were no supernatural beings in the world, the stories of immortals and ghosts and gods were just legends.

But now, the talk of ghosts and gods has become reality.

Even they, the high ranking and powerful figures, had now become like ants in front of a divine willed existence like Jiang Qian.

It simply didn't matter.

They were just like an ordinary person, trembling in front of Jiang Qian's terrifying methods.

They were also afraid.

It was probably because they felt that Jiang Liao was too terrifying and they were simply not enough to contend against it.

For a while.

All the civil and military officials in the full court were helpless in the face of Jiang Chi's sharp eyes.

In the future, these people of theirs would no longer be high and mighty figures, no longer having their status as, esteemed, and incredible existences.

Now well.

They were just ordinary people.

They would be nothing in front of someone as supernatural and capable of Immortal Dao spells as Jiang Chi.

Under such circumstances, it was certain that the prestige of these people would plummet, after all, they hadn't even known how powerful Jiang Lack was before.

Now it also dawned on them that no wonder Li Er would pardon Jiang Xiao as the State Master, there was this relationship in it.

Almost they were confused.


There were immortal gods, supernatural existences, and even more supernatural spells, so in the future, would the likes of myself and others be able to use this opportunity to live forever?

After thinking about it this way, they felt that the matter was promising, and if they could stay alive, it was better than anything else.

Living was hope, and living would be a miracle.

Although it was unlikely that there would be one, this was what they thought in their hearts.

At this time.

Li Er's mind was also alive, Jiang Chi was a living legend, the only one who knew the way to eternal life.

So he must not be offended.

Once offended to death, the Way of Eternal Life would be hopeless and the future would be hopeless.

So they mustn't let Jiang Xiao feel the slightest bit of disgust, or else the future must be a blow.

And the Way of Eternal Life was gone.

Eternal life without death.

Who wouldn't want it, Li Er wanted it, and those courtiers naturally wanted it as well.

In the past, since the world had been pacified, they had no goal to strive for.

Especially those meritorious military generals, in the peaceful years without war, they were the target of suppression by civil officials.

If they were not careful, they would sink deeper into this huge whirlpool in the court and thus be unable to extricate themselves.

By then they would all be miserable, and they were already not good at fighting, but now they were even more helpless.

But Jiang Jian's appearance was different.

Because they had seen hope and a goal to fight for.


Now they could set a small goal, like becoming an immortal or something.

To live forever and never die.

This might become the goal they would pursue in the future.

Including Li Er as well.

If it weren't for the fact that Jiang Chi hadn't made it clear that he wanted to teach him the way of immortality, he, Li Er, would want to just become an emperor right now.

Wouldn't it be better to cultivate the Tao and ask for eternal life, and never die of old age and immortality?

Why bother running around for the world.

Moreover, even if he left the throne behind, as long as he could live forever and never die, he would be one of the most honored people.

No worse than when he was an emperor.

Since there were these foundations, Li Er and the ministers had other thoughts in their minds.

It would already be different.

And so it was.

In this court, Jiang Liao had suddenly become a steamed bread, an existence that everyone wanted to suck up to.

If they could obtain some of the way of immortality from Jiang Lack, if they could all cultivate to become immortals in the future.

Wouldn't that be better.

After thinking about this, many of the ministers of the court became eager for Jiang Liao, as if they saw light in the darkness.

They were truly curious.

Maybe there was a great advantage for them too, and only by following Jiang lacked a future.

Before there was no goal to strive for, but now they suddenly felt that there was.

Wasn't immortality.

Wasn't that endless cultivation in the future, becoming a supreme being like a supreme being, wouldn't it.

Doesn't that smell good.

Quietly, Jiang Di became a fragrant steamed bread, and it even became different.

Li Er was proudly proud of himself, not murmuring, "See, it's still me who is discerning and powerful."

Others naturally didn't see it.

Even if they did see it they probably wouldn't say much.

After an incense burned, Jiang Jian looked at the people in front of him with a faintly cold gaze.

He said, "Now whether or not this seat is qualified to become the Great Tang State Master, all of you should say something."

Can't say nothing at all.


The courtroom.

Those people looked at each other, they were all a bit guilty, in fact they were all a bit scared.

They had seen Jiang Liao's terrifying strength before, and it definitely wouldn't do if they were hard pressed.

As for sucking up.

People might not want it either ah.

Brains hurt.

For a while, the civil and military ministers in the court who wanted to live forever were secretly thinking about how to get Jiang to accept them.

And so.

Someone began to speak in.

"The State Master has been ordered by the heavens from above and by the ruler from below, and has a hundred powerful means, so naturally, he is worthy of being our Great Tang State Master."

"That's right, the State Master is the first person in a thousand ages, it's all those guys who are ungrateful, we request Your Majesty to severely punish them!"

"The State Master has made supreme contributions to the country, it is a great honor for our Great Tang to sit in our Great Tang, those people who have eyes but can't see Mt. Tai are just people who have no respect for others."

"I request Your Majesty to issue a decree for the erection of an execution of those people who were disrespectful to Lord State Master, although Lord State Master has already punished them, but Your Majesty, as our Great Tang Monarch, must not fail to show it."

The courtroom.

Those who had returned to their senses quickly spoke one word at a time.

It was as if they were ridding the court of those who had offended Jiang Chi.

Li Er: "........"

He suddenly felt that he was a useless emperor, it seemed that he was nothing compared to the way of immortality.

But Li Er wasn't angry, this was normal.

If it was all different from normal, then it would be out of his Li Er's control.

How would that work.

Jiang Jiang looked incomparably calm as he continued, "In that case, let's leave this matter to His Majesty."

Li Er was a little anxious, he had originally kicked the ball to Jiang Ji to handle it, but anyway, he intended to let Jiang Ji do this kind of thing that offended the five surnames and the seven wishes himself.

With the ability of Jiang Grand Master, he might be able to wipe out all of the Five Surnames Seven Wonders with the flick of a finger.

This was the benefit of being an immortal cultivator, all kinds of immortal dao means were endless, it was like being an ant.

The count was endless.

There were truly endless benefits, and I felt excited just thinking about it.

Li Er felt unpleasant, but he didn't say much else after hearing Jiang Xiao's words.

Jiang Lack was a divine existence, this kind of person should be drawn close to him, should be sided with him.

It should even be befriended.

Even if he was the emperor himself, he should do so.

Otherwise, you, the emperor, should not think of living forever.

After thinking about it, Li Second Majesty opened his mouth and said, "With the Ministry of Punishment to take down one by one the people who spoke out of turn and deceived the ruler, there is no need to interrogate them, so as to facilitate the autumn interrogation."

Although these people involved a great deal of power, Li Er was forced to choose between them and Jiang Ji.

Jiang Jiang was quite satisfied with this treatment, but seeing that Wei Zheng was among them, he spoke up, "Your Majesty, this Wei Zheng is also a talent, so pardon him for his sins."

He didn't target Wei Zheng just now, but he just felt that this Wei Zheng was a rare talent.

It would be too wasteful to drive him to extinction.

Moreover, that Wei Zheng's loyalty was to the Great Tang, not Li Er.

This kind of person was respected and served the country and the people, no matter what the reason was, Jiang Jiang felt that Wei Zheng should be given a way out.

Wei Zheng's old face reddened, and he even said gratefully, "My servant thanks to the State Master, it was me, Meng Long, who was at fault for advising without investigation earlier."

He didn't hesitate to acknowledge his fault and didn't drag his feet in the slightest.

Jiang Qian's strength surprised him, unexpectedly this world was not an ordinary world, there were actually legends like immortal Buddhas and ghosts and gods.

So were they some ancient myths and not just stories?


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