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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1054 Disposition (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"By the edict of the Emperor..."

Wilde began to announce himself with a calm face.

The ministers below shouted loudly and tried to stop the idea, but he didn't stop there.

Li Er's face, on the other hand, was already gloomy.

He had just opened his mouth and said that anyone who dared to stop the announcement of the decree was committing a crime, but unexpectedly, someone was now committing it as well.

Originally, he wanted to dispose of it right away, but considering Jiang Di's attitude, after Wang De finished declaring the decree.

Li Er then said, "State Master, how do you think these people should be dealt with?"

He was trying to take this group of people directly inside the big prison, so as to serve as a warning to others and to highlight his Li Er's majesty.

Definitely not anyone could be offended.

Jiang Jiang dared to disobey, it was because he was already different, a divine generation in itself, originally an immortal magical being.

That was why he was different.

It was because of this that Li Er, although sometimes unpleasant to Jiang Qian, was able to tolerate his presence.

But those ministers in the palace were different.

These ministers were not of the same mind as him, Li Er, nor were they grasshoppers on the same string.

They were inherently different.

The court.

Jiang Ji slowly opened his eyes and said calmly, "Your Majesty, I am also a minister of Your Majesty, so let you decide how these people should decide.


Although this throne doesn't want to dispose of them, but these people have ultimately provoked this throne.

And this throne is not a generous-minded person, so they must be taught a lesson."

As Jiang Jiankou's words fell, the Guns of this courtroom became different.

They started shouting.

"Surnamed Jiang, just use what you have, if we were afraid of you and frowned, we would never join the court as officials."

"That's right, we're all clanking iron bones, definitely not something you, a district child, can babble."

"Hate to kill you, you're just someone who can compel people's minds, His Majesty can be blinded by you, but we won't."


For a while.

All of these people spoke loudly.

With cold faces.

They didn't even care about Jiang Liao, who in their opinion was just an ordinary person.

Not enough to worry about at all.

Their Five Surnames and Seven Hopes were still very powerful.

No matter how good you are at fooling and compelling people, are you as powerful as them?

By no means could it compel them.

So they felt indifferent, and looked up with disdain, only to feel that this fellow surnamed Jiang in front of them was nothing more than that.

They, the civil servants, controlled the court and the world, so how could they be compared to ordinary people.


They considered themselves to be no match for Jiang Lack, and didn't dare to do anything about them.

How could they deal with the fact that they wanted no one and had no power or authority, so how could they be a rival.

As for His Majesty Li Er's previous words, they didn't take them seriously at all.

You have to know that they are one of the representatives of the civil officials in the world, and no matter how dry and dictatorial your daughter's majesty is, it's impossible to offend all the civil officials in the world.

Because of this, they all one by one felt that Jiang Qian, the State Master, was unimportant and indifferent.

Perhaps it was because they felt that everything was within their grasp, so they weren't afraid at all.

The fact that Li Er didn't dare to touch them and didn't speak even at this point was enough to explain everything, and the reason why he was asking about Jiang Xiao was just because the other party was still the State Master and couldn't lose face.

That was why he was asking.

The fact that Li Er didn't punish them immediately was enough to show that they were scrupulous and afraid in their hearts.

Otherwise, there wouldn't have been such a situation.

Therefore, the faces of those in the courtroom were even more jubilant and joyful.

They even felt that His Majesty Li Er shouldn't, and wouldn't dare to touch them.

As for Jiang Chi, a person who had no foundation in the court, a person who didn't have any achievements or merits, what could he be capable of.

Could he still kill them?


How could that be, what to kill with it?

They are right above the court, so how can you, Jiang Xiao, take action against him.

It's simply impossible.

To this the people in the imperial court who dare to admonish and speak into the court, have a certain amount of heart strength.

They feel very precious, but isn't that the way it's been with civil servants since ancient times.

The emperor needed them civil servants to rule the world, so they could naturally wave a bit.

Plus, it was still the existence of the five surnames and seven looks, so they felt it was fine, fine, they could just wave.

Even if they completely wave over, I don't think His Majesty Li Er would, much less dare to do anything out of the ordinary to them.

That was indeed the case.

Wasn't this the situation now.

They saw it clearly, and were delighted, pleasantly so.

And they didn't even care about what Jiang lacked, nor did they feel anything.


It was not surprising that the moment Jiang Xiao's words fell, he slowly stood up from the taiji chair.

And calmly walked towards those people, "You guys are quite bold, not putting His Majesty in your eyes so much, making up such a disregard for others, and still feeling like this that this throne is going to die?

However, it doesn't seem to be enough with your strength, after all, this throne is not capable of anything you can imagine.

His Majesty is kind and benevolent, and he does not wish to lash out at you, but that does not mean that this throne will not deal with you, nor does it mean that this throne has the heart of His Majesty.

This throne cannot tolerate sand in its eyes, nor can it tolerate jumpers like you..."


Before Jiang Xiao opened his mouth to speak, he heard those people looking cold and indifferent.

And said, "You people, what are you talking more about?"

They felt that all Jiang lacked was the ability to speak and also speak, that was all.

Other than that, it was nothing more than a mere mortal.


Not much enough to look at either.

Thus, those civil servants felt that they could rest easy.

So they also became arrogant.

"That's right, you will only compel people's hearts, after we break your lies, we'll ask His Majesty to see your true face, and then we'll definitely make you look good!"

"Little yellow-mouthed child, you must not be rampant, His Majesty has been compelled by you and blinded by your mind, but we, the people will not, the fist to serve the country can be seen by the heavens and the sun and the moon, and will never let your plotting and scheming succeed."


They thought very clearly, once they broke Jiang Lack's lie, once everyone in the world knew of their wise deeds, what was a district Jiang Lack.

That was all.

They would then be the ones who wanted to make a name for themselves, and thinking of spreading the word and making a name for themselves, they looked forward to it.


They all have endless opportunities ah.

What Jiang Guiao didn't expect was that these people were so gutsy that they wanted to take action against them, what a bunch of uninformed guys.

But did he, Jiang Gu, care?

He never felt afraid, or even anything to be afraid of.

Just a bunch of hyenas and dogs.

Not enough to be afraid of.

Jiang Chi looked at these people with a smile and said, "You people think you're powerful, but you don't know that this throne is definitely not an existence that you can offend, so..."

"So you're going to compel the rest of us too?"

"Hahahaha, a bunch of turkeys and dogs are just a bunch of turkeys and dogs, what else can you do with us, it's just a mole-like existence."

"Kid, you'll never get the benefit of the doubt, but don't treat us as if we don't exist."


It seems that in them is the king's way, is justice and fairness, watching Jiang lack a stunned.

In his heart, he couldn't help but think that these people were not fools, but were even thinking of making a name for themselves.


Is the world's fame so capable of being promoted?

They weren't mere mortals, nor were they a bunch of simple-minded people, so naturally they couldn't put it in their eyes.

Jiang Jiang said, "Interesting, you people are powerful enough to not put this seat in your eyes, so let's not blame this seat for being unfeeling."

And so.

Under the burning gaze of this group of people, Jiang Chi slowly stretched out his fingers, his two index fingers extended, and in a moment, light appeared.

As he gently nudged at the group, he clicked on these people, and the light flickered away and didn't enter their bodies.

They probably didn't expect this.


When that endless flicker of light appeared, but these people saw it, and for a moment everyone was dumbfounded.

They were dumbfounded.

They could never have imagined that things would turn out like this no matter what, and it was a bit shocking.

Right at this moment.

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "This seat has placed a restriction on you, a restriction that can repeatedly change in your bodies countless times, a cycle every seven days that needs to last for a full hundred days before it ends, and each time it will be like ants burrowing into your hearts, until you die after a hundred days.

This should be enough for you to experience what it means to live rather than die."

Jiang Xiao said indifferently, extremely pleased, "I suppose you guys are interested in this, right?"


The gazes of the crowd were strange, and they somewhat didn't believe Jiang Xiao's words, as they didn't feel any discomfort or fear at this moment.

It was as if everything was normal.


In the next moment, they felt that their bodies were like a hot pot of ants tearing at them, and ten thousand ants were devouring their hearts.

It was truly unbearable, and an old face was screaming in horror as they screamed out miserably in this court hall, looking so ugly.

They probably didn't expect such a day to come, and they probably didn't think that Jiang Chi was so strong and had such a skill as placing a ban.


Those rays of light just now were simply not something that could be cast by a person.

It was clearly something that only the super strong had the chance to display, right?

It was truly horrifying.

This scene was not only seen by those unlucky people, but also by those old brothers of His Majesty Li Er.

If they had dared to be a bit dissatisfied just now, or had dared to join the others in admonishing them, they might have been among the unlucky ones now.

It was terrifying to think about.

One by one, they were all inexplicably up and secretly relieved, especially the group that followed Li Er.

They had almost followed the bad luck.

Now feeling embarrassed and slightly relieved, perhaps they weren't the unluckiest.

The ones who were tossing and turning in pain on the ground at the moment were the unluckiest ones.

They were the ones who were really unlucky.

Every seven days, it was going to last a hundred days.

What a terrifying existence this must be.

Just thinking about it was so terrifying that I felt my body tremble and even my heart tremble.

They simply weren't enough to see.

Li Er was the one who had seen what Jiang could do, so he was just surprised.

However, those people in the court were different, they had never seen the so-called divine wonders, nor had they ever seen such horrifying methods.


For a moment, they were frightened by Jiang Di's means.

This kind of means was the real means ah.


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