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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1053 - Admonishing (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The court meeting began, the people are located on the left and right side of Li Er and stand.

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the book.

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the book.

It was Jiang Jiang, who had only recently been named State Counselor, who had a master's chair placed here.

It was also generously loved by Li Er.

Although Jiang lack made him a little unpleasant, but Li Er could still distinguish between right and wrong.

And so there was this chair.

He also took this opportunity to show that the position of State Master was a noble one and could never be compared to an ordinary person.

Jiang Jian didn't berate anything.

After Li Er announced that he was going to start the court meeting, he just sat on the Imperial Master's chair and didn't say anything more.

The ministers of the court, on the other hand, stood apart on either side.

The civil and military generals were clearly distinguished, and since ancient times, civil officials were the key to pacifying the world, even in this court.

Although His Majesty Li Er was the emperor who immediately gained the world, and although he had gained his fame and position through his military achievements, he also had a group of military generals who followed him.


This ancient emperor of a thousand years was also very clear that the world relied on military generals to win the world, but he must rely on civilians to rule the world.

Otherwise, with Li Er's intelligence and wisdom, he must know the power of a military general.

Otherwise, he would never let the literati gain the upper hand.

It was just that this His Majesty Li Er knew very well that only a scholar could rule the world, and many of the military generals in this era were illiterate, so where would they be able to rule the world.

So it was different again.

When you look at the civil and military generals standing apart below, Your Majesty Li Er feels a lot better.

Fortunately, the world was still under his Li Er's control.

It wasn't off course.

Especially after seeing the seated Jiang Ji on the Imperial Master's chair below, Li Er's heart booed.

Even someone with a divine existence like Jiang Chi, who was like an immortal god, wouldn't he end up becoming his Li Er's Highness's subject.

In front of his Li Er Li Shi Min, he would have to be called a minister as well.

Therefore, his face was undiminished with joy as he immediately said, "Let's begin."

Wang De nodded his head and also took the lead in shouting, "The morning court begins, all of you have something to enunciate and nothing to retire."

This sentence was shouted by him on behalf of Li Er, and also indicated that the court meeting had begun.

As soon as Wang De's words fell, the ministers below could be heard discussing a few words and even glancing at each other a few times.

Their purpose was also self-evident.


In the following time, some of the ministers began to list out their playbooks.

Among them was the generation of five surnames and seven looks.

You know.

The five surnamed Seven Hopes were dissatisfied with Li Er's arrangement to Jiang Ji, after all, a State Master's position of honor was an existence below one person and above ten thousand.

It was normal for them to be dissatisfied.

On the other hand, those Five Surnames and Seven Hopes may not necessarily have no intention of testing His Majesty Li Er's bottom line.

As for those old brothers of Li Er's, they were considered to be Li Er's close retainers, so they didn't say anything.

Even though they had some dissatisfaction in their hearts, they didn't say anything right away, probably because they wanted to see those Five Surnames and Seven Hopes people list their books first.

So as to have a sit on the wall and watch.

Or to watch a big show.

A big drama between the courtiers whose eyes were much sicker than the others, and the new state division.

Those old brothers of Li Er knew very well that there must be something remarkable about the reason why Jiang Xiao had been pardoned as State Master.

Otherwise, with Li Er's ability, it would never have been possible to pardon a person of unknown origin and whom they had not previously heard of as a State Master.

Either he would compel people's hearts, or he was really capable.

The people of the five surnames and seven looks began to admonish.

"Your Majesty, I have a present to present."

"When I heard that Your Majesty came some time ago to pardon a man who was Jiang lacking to be the State Teacher, I felt that this matter was inappropriate, and I hoped that Your Majesty would be able to take back the order."

"Qisheng Your Majesty, that Jiang lacking I have not heard of or seen, he is not a scholar who has studied hard for ten years, nor is he a highly decorated war general on the horse, so what qualifications and skills does he have to become the state teacher of the Great Tang."

"Tunnels, I hereby hope that Your Majesty will be discerning and discriminating, take this man's honorary position of State Teacher, and according to the laws of the Great Tang, treat this man for a crime of great disrespect, treat him for the crime of deceiving the ruler, and treat him for the crime of bewitching the people!"

Li Er indifferently watched the ministers of the palace come out to play the book one by one, as if they were going to rip all of that Imperial Master's chair seated Jiang Ji alive.

In fact, his heart was quite happy, at least you, Jiang Ji, an Immortal God's generation of existence, was also admonished to play a book, Li Er felt comfortable in his heart.

Very pleasant.

It seemed that all the anger he had previously suffered at Jiang Xiao's place was being vented at this moment.

So good to get excited and excited.

Of course.

Li Er didn't directly show it, he indifferently looked at these courtiers in front of him and also knew that these people were just the spokesmen of the five surnames and seven hopes in the court.

For a moment, Jiang Ji felt that these people were right, as if Jiang Ji really hadn't made any achievements in terms of political or military achievements.

Even before, never heard of this person before.

It was as if Jiang Lack was just someone who had recently popped up out of nowhere.

For this reason, His Majesty Li Er was absolutely strange as well.

However, he was aware of Jiang Lack's divine abilities, and he had seen those various immortal arts and magical powers.


"I second the motion."

A single word stated their attitude.

So he held himself high and proud.

It's only in his mind to punish these people, and most of them are just grasshoppers after the autumn, which can't last for a few days.

Those ministers probably didn't expect that Jiang Lack's power was definitely not something they could imagine.

It was an existence that they could not offend.

But at this time, where did the ministers know this, and where did they know that the Jiang lack sitting on the Imperial Master's chair was an extraordinary person.

They only thought that Jiang Jiankou was a guy who could compel people's hearts.

In fact, Jiang Jiankou was not panicked at all.

After all, the sky was still falling and he wouldn't help Li Er stand up for it.

On the side.

Those old brothers of Li Er didn't follow the group of people with five surnames and seven looks, which made His Majesty Li Er feel a lot better.

He chanted with a burning gaze and said, "There is no need for you to say more, I have already planned for this matter, Wang De pronounce the decree."

Those who admonished did not get a response and all of them knelt down, they knew what was going on as soon as they heard Jiang Di say that he was going to pronounce the decree.

Li Er was merely taking the previous decree that pardoned Jiang Ji and made him the State Master and reading it again.

But what's done is done, and even if they had any idea, it would be useless.

"What, are the ministers planning to force me to compromise?"

Li Er was unhappy.

Whether you guys are the emperor or he, Li Er, is the emperor.

Although he didn't like the idea of dictating the program, that wasn't to say that the emperor didn't have the right to dictate the former program.

On the contrary, the emperor has always had that right, it's just that Li Er has never liked to use it, feeling that it wasn't the work of a wise ruler.

But this time it's different.

You have to know how much Jiang Chi is capable of doing, and he must never let Jiang Chi be dissatisfied with the Tang.

Once he makes Jiang Chi feel that he doesn't care about him, maybe this person will use even more powerful magical means to deal with the Great Tang.

If that happened, it would be a supreme sin for the Great Tang.

So it absolutely must not be disgusting.

The more so, the more he would have to side with Jiang Chi, thus showing that he was a monarch who cared for his subjects.

That way, Jiang Chi would think that he, Li Er, would behave himself and that the Tang was still quite good.

When he was happy, he might be grateful and then impart a hand or two of the art of longevity.

Otherwise, why should people teach the way of immortality.

Now that I think about it, it was indeed myself Meng Lang before.

And so.

At this time to begin with, Li Er had a plan.

And in the great hall below.

The courtiers were indifferent, their hearts twitching, and without waiting for Li Er to speak, they hurriedly kowtowed.

And shouted under their breath.

"Your Majesty, please take the middle of the rivers and mountains as well as the greater good."

"I, your majesty, request your majesty to abolish the state division and show the world of your own crimes, as well as show the world the great crimes of this man."

"Please don't proclaim the decree, my ministers are concerned about the world, and everything is about the people."

"Please, Your Majesty, do not let this person compel your hearts, and expect you all to put the world first."


Looking at these people, Li Er's heart was somewhat unpleasant.

The heart was cold.

He wasn't sure what these ministers thought, Jiang lacked was important, so important that Li Er had to protect him.

So he opened his mouth.

Li Er was then about to speak again, but he heard Wei Zheng, who was on the side, also line up.

He respectfully played the book, saying: "Your Majesty, since ancient times, the imperial court has a state teacher respect the position of the dynasty, the state dynasty will not be long, I do not care what this person has the ability to do, I also hope that this person must not be angry.

I don't care what kind of skills this person has, I also hope that this person will not be angry. But please, Your Majesty, you must abolish this person's position of State Teacher.

There was no need for it in the past, and there is no need for it now."

Li Er: "........"

He was helpless for a while, and his mind became incredibly complicated.


If at first it was just those people with five surnames and seven looks who had fallen to their knees to speak, then that was just fine.

But now that Wei Zheng was different, he actually came out to speak as well, which really made him angry.

You, Wei Zheng, are a lone minister, a loyal and patriotic minister, you are the mirror of my Li Er, how can you say such things.

He was furious.

Just at this time in the court meeting, Li Er didn't get angry, he just said indifferently, "You don't need to say much else, I have my own decision on this matter, I'm not crazy or stupid yet."

He, Li Er, was also a smart person and an existence that could make decisions on his own.


This Great Tang was still under his Li Er's control, and it wasn't old yet either.

Li Er's heart was helpless, but after thinking of Jiang Qian's divine strength, he was cold in his heart.

Continuing, he said, "I, by order of the heavens, am the sovereign of the world, a supreme being, and I am pardoning him as a state teacher, naturally there is some reason.

Wang De, now go on with your decree, anyone who dares to interrupt will be dealt with in contempt of the monarch."


Wang De nodded his head up and whirled around to begin proclaiming the decree.

The imperial decree was written long ago, it was a decree to pardon Jiang Xiao as the State Master, this time it was just to take it out and announce it.

And so.

The courtroom was surprisingly quiet.


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