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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1051 - Court Meeting (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The sun was shining brightly and the sun was hanging high in the sky, making it so pleasant.

Jiang Qian, the Great Tang State Teacher, was naturally the same.

He looked incomparably calm, his mind was calm, His Majesty Li Er wanted to hold a court meeting, he had no indication, but because Li Er wanted to promote the name of the State Master, he had to go.

It was just as well, because His Majesty Li Er had given him many benefits, so he naturally had to be grateful to Li Er as well.

So he was too embarrassed to disrespect him, so he agreed to go as well.

It was fine to go over to see the Great Tang's court meeting, as he had nothing else to do anyway.

He might get something out of it.


Jiang Ji finished washing up early in the morning under the wait of a few maids, and then under the arrangement of the housekeeper, he entered the sedan chair and headed out in a straightforward manner.

With a calm and unruffled face.


It was as if the sky and the earth had nothing to do with him, even if it fell.

Li Er's court meeting didn't think there would be too many problems, and Jiang Xiao secretly said, "Anyway, I've already received the benefits, even if my cultivation hasn't fully recovered and my Immortal Yuan mana isn't much, yet it's enough to deal with what might happen next."

The Great Tang was just a mere group of mortals in a mundane country, after all.

Even if the Great Tang's good generals were all out, they wouldn't be able to stop his Jiang Chi's methods.

One had to know that Jiang Chi was no ordinary person, he had Immortal Yuan Mana and was even a Human Immortal cultivator.

Therefore, he is so powerful that no one can stop him.

Whether or not to kill a few people to make a name for himself at the court meeting, Jiang Ji actually didn't think about it, "Let's see how they behave themselves, I've greeted His Majesty Li Er's side anyway."

There would be no mistakes.

Even if Li Er was blamed when the time came, he would not have to explain anything.


Li Er didn't know what Jiang Guiao was thinking yet.

And right now.

Jiang Lack was sitting on the sedan chair arranged by the old butler, so uncomfortable.

Only at this moment could he feel the strength of the immortal cultivators and have a bit of comfort.

As for the rest, he still needed to experience it in detail.

It wasn't far from Jiang Lack's national residence to Li Er's palace, but it definitely wasn't close either.

It took about ten minutes before the palace was seen, and a servant of his own reminded, "Master, the palace gate is here, the next place you need to go in by yourself."

Even if it was just the outer city, an ordinary servant wouldn't be able to enter.

Other princes and nobles are likewise to stop their sedan chairs outside that outer palace gate and then go in on their own.

And they are not allowed to take any swords with them.

Unless licensed by Li Er.

Jiang Ji is cumin, relaxed and at ease, but it does not matter.

Plus, the guards at the palace gate all know his name, after Jiang Jiang defeated the thousand elite guards by Li Er's side, and now those guards are still healing.

Paper couldn't wrap fire.

So those people naturally knew about it as well.

They still remembered Jiang Guoji's face vividly and didn't dare to forget half of it for fear of provoking this unstoppable Lord Guoji.

Because of this, the guards were all silent wherever Jiang Di passed by.

Nor did they dare to say anything else.

Jiang Mo's face was indifferent, not caring about the thoughts of the guards around him as he continued to walk on his own.

It was as if nothing had happened to him.

In the future.

He would gradually recover his cultivation and become different from Jean.

He was a fairy.

So it was different.

Those guards were all talking about each other after Jiang Lack walked by.

The other princes and ministers might not know that Jiang Lack was powerful, but they, who were palace guards, naturally knew.

State Master Jiang Lack was strong.

So incomparably strong that basically no one could resist it.

With this kind of skill, even if those guards had the intention to come up and check their identities, or check if there were any entrapment of weapons present, they wouldn't dare to come up and check in a straightforward manner.

In contrast, the other ministers had one to count on, and all of them had to check several times before letting go.

And the other ministers were also used to it.

After arriving here at Jiang Chi.

Several guards looked at each other, and it was not clear whether it was because they knew that Jiang Lack was a capable person, or because they had known that this Lord of State was different.

As Jiang Lack entered, they said respectfully, "Your Excellency, please come inside."

"Don't you need an inspection?"

Jiang Qiao was also stunned and asked, "Maybe it's better to check, even if it's just a formality, rather than making other ministers think that I'm engaging in specialization."

He frowned.

And looked naturally a bit strange.

At the same time.

Seeing that Jiang Xiao didn't need to check, some ministers naturally felt something wrong.

They were about to go forward and scold him, but they heard those guards respectfully return, "Your Excellency, you don't have to."

With your Jiang Da Xian's strength, the concept of having a weapon and not having a weapon is the same, and the concept isn't different.

It was because they knew this that the guards didn't let them say anything else.

Jiang Chi looked calm, and was not persuaded by this answer, special is special, and he was already a special existence anyway, Jiang Grand Immortal.

Therefore, it was normal to have some special status.

There were ministers who wanted to come over to complain about the discontent, but they were chided down by those guards.

"Hurry up one by one, if the morning court is delayed because of this, none of you can afford to suffer."

No one responded to the guards' loud shouting or even dared to talk back.

Although they were all ministers, they represented Li Er and were good no matter what.

Although Jiang Xiao's specialization made them a little unhappy and discontented, feeling only unfair, Jiang Xiao had already entered.

He didn't even give them a proper look.

Naturally, all those ministers remembered the matter and only secretly became angry.

Only waiting to take revenge when they had the chance in the future, but it wasn't like they had done this once or twice anyway.

Naturally, the door was clear.

Jiang Qiao didn't know that he had already offended someone quietly, but he looked calm.

And with a cold face.

And then.

Jiang Chi followed a few chamberlains to the palace where the court meeting was held, and there was a chair below Li Er's.

A chamberlain said, "Sir State Master, that is the seat that His Majesty has arranged for you, do you think you should sit on it now or later?"

Jiang Jiang nodded slightly, secretly saying that this Second Li Majesty would be a good man.


He said indifferently, "Since you're like this, I'll sit on it first, lest I can't sit down later."

But no.

He still feared that someone would take the seat with him.

There were quite a few people who didn't know any better, and there were so many people in this world who didn't care.

Thinking that they were strong.

Jiang Mo's face was so calm, Li Er would behave himself, so he wouldn't treat him badly.

As for the courtiers.

Let's talk about it at that time.

The name of this grand hall where the court meeting was held was unknown to Jiang Chi, he had heard of some Qianqing Palace before, but he didn't look like it.

Because he held himself to be noble, he didn't check it out carefully, much less think about anything else.

Just his face remained very calm.

Even though quite a few ministers were coming in one after another, there were some who were just upset with Jiang Ji.

This group of hyena generation.

Jiang Chi's face was so gloomy that he didn't look at these people, or his eyes weren't even on them.

He was incomparably calm.

It simply felt like this group of ministers were just some people with holes in their brains.

Not learning well.

Among this group of ministers, there were quite a few talented people, and even more countless people who had a mind of their own.


There were extremely few people who were capable.

In this era, many people were corpse-ridden, and many ministers were actually just muddling through.

But just muddling through.

It could be said that if there weren't those old brothers of His Majesty Li Er's, if there weren't that group of loyal and devoted existences.

These people in front of them alone wouldn't even be enough for His Majesty Li II to take control of the world.

Among this group of seditious ministers, the majority of them were those with five surnames and seven looks, and so on, the most important were those who sought their own personal gain.

That group of people were the true generation of corpse-dead people.

With his presence, nothing good would happen at the court meeting.

Jiang Ji watched indifferently, his gaze burning and divine, he didn't know anyone, so naturally he couldn't greet these people.

He was a state teacher, a division of the Great Tang.

Even more so, he was a lone minister.

So he knew even more that he should be different, he should be maverick, he should even offend more people.

In this way, it gave Li Er an illusion that although he, Jiang Ji, was the State Teacher of the Great Tang, although he was a powerful existence under one person and above thousands of people.

However, he was just that.

And a lone minister was one who did not gang up on the many ministers of the court, and did not have party feathers.

It was precisely because of this that Jiang Ji would definitely be able to gain greater tolerance from Li Er, and of the active kind.

Jiang Chi was well aware of this and also knew that Li Er was extremely scrupulous of these, plus the fact that he was an immortal himself made it even more different.

Like Wei Zheng of the Great Tang, he was also a lone subject.

Although he didn't end well, although he was eventually dragged out by His Majesty Li Er to have his corpse flogged.

But his early days were good.

Jiang Jiang didn't know any of the people in the court, but many of them were suddenly enlightened after seeing Jiang Jiang.

Although His Majesty Li Er hadn't spread the word with a clear decree, there were still people who knew about his pardon of the State Master.

His old brothers, for example, had heard about Jiang lacking before, so they also knew that Li Er had sealed a State Master.

And it was even an imperial decree.

Although they didn't know what kind of person would be able to get Li Er to seal a State Master, nor did they know what that guy named Jiang Lack had to offer.

However, they secretly guessed that there was something remarkable about that person.

Today, once they saw Jiang Chi appear in front of them, and because he was the only stranger in the entire palace, they could naturally deduce that the person in the palace in front of them was the mysterious State Master.

It was just that when those old brothers of Li Er took a closer look, they frowned.

Not for any other reason.

It was just because this person Jiang Jian was too ordinary.

If one were to insist that there was one thing that was not ordinary, it would probably be his robe, which was all white in color.

And because Jiang lacked a somewhat handsome appearance, he looked like a little white man.

If one didn't pay close attention to it, one would have thought that Jiang Lack was just a gentleman from a certain family.

It would never have occurred to them that this graceful and suave looking fellow was the legendary Great Tang State Master.

The heart was actually still a bit tasty.

One had to know that these people had followed Li Er to fight with him when they were young, and it wasn't until they reached middle age that they had the opportunity to be crowned a marquis.

Countless times of birth and death, only in exchange for their current status.

But what about him, Jiang Chi.

At a young age, without any achievements or merits, he was named the national teacher, becoming that supreme existence under one person and above ten thousand.

He was even given special care by Li Er, who directly moved a chair, which clearly meant that he was a head over them.

This kind of situation then everyone dissatisfied, but Li Er's old brothers did not directly show it.

There were still questions.

What qualifications do you have to be the Great Tang State Teacher?


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