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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1050 - Preaching (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Preach the world?

His Majesty Li Er was stunned at Jiang Di's words, and could not help but say, "State Master, I wonder if what you said about wanting to preach the world is...?"

He didn't get it.

Not in a complicated mood.

At the moment.

Li Er also said that he was very concerned about Jiang Chi, and if he could live forever, he couldn't ask for anything else.

After all, the way to eternal life was what mortals wanted.

He could disregard the heavens.

Eternal life was what was said to be fundamental.

If he couldn't live forever, then what was the point of living himself.

Thinking of this.

Li Er asked again, "State Master, since the Way of Eternal Life really exists, I wonder if you would be willing to pass it on to me?"

He was eager to see what that Dao of Eternal Life was.

Jiang Ji smiled mysteriously, "Your Majesty, I will build a Daoist temple in Chang'an City and set up a place to seek the Dao and ask about immortality, if your Majesty has the chance, you can also take a look."

Li Er: "........"

It wasn't what he wanted to see.

So his mood sank again.

Coldness beside his face.

If it wasn't for the fact that Jiang Lack was an Immortal Daoist, he, Li Er, who couldn't feel his level, would have been furious.

But at this time.

He still had a gloomy face and said, "State Master, what are you going to do?

How is this Word to be preached?"

There were countless people in the sky.

The Great Tang also had countless existences.

Did everyone have a chance to attain the Dao of Immortality and grow up?

He was not shocked.

Didn't this Lord of State want to preach the world as well?

In that case, what has become of the Great Tang?

The entire emperor wanted to cultivate immortality and live forever, so who would plant the land and who would guard the mountains for his Second Emperor Li.

He was depressed.

Jiang Ji was stunned at the news and said, "When the Dao is passed down to the world, naturally, those who are fortunate enough to get it will get it.

After becoming a Dao and gaining infinite divine powers, one can live forever, and also let this world Immortal Dao spread to the world."

It was also considered a thought of coming to this world.


Li Er said again, "State Master, isn't this a bit bad, after all, there are so many people in the world, they don't all have the chance to obtain the Immortal Fate and..."

Before Li Er finished speaking, Jiang Ji interrupted, "Your Majesty, the reason why I did what I did naturally has my reasons, so you don't need to worry.

Moreover, not everyone has the chance to become an immortal, and not everyone has the chance to touch the so-called immortal destiny.

The ways of heaven and the ways of man are each set in their own ways, and not everyone can allow the two to intersect."

"What the State Master means is..."

Li Er chanted and said, "The Dao is spread throughout the world, but in reality not everyone in the world has access to the Dao, or they don't always have access to it, is that right?"


Jiang Ji nodded and continued, "Your Majesty, don't think of the Path of Eternal Life too simply, even I had to go through a lot of hardships before I could touch the threshold of the Path of Eternal Life.

But even then, before that, I was still subjected to that endless calamity, and it was not uncommon for my cultivation to be sealed and for me to be injured."


Only then did His Majesty Li Er let out a sigh of relief.

Since not everyone could become an immortal, it was fine.

He was afraid that the seekers of the Way would be all over the place, and those who became immortal and immortal would be worse than dogs, and that would be meaningless.

Since we have to go through all kinds of calamities, those who want to become immortal, those who get immortal immortality are not many.

So that's good.

He was filled with anticipation.


Putting the matter aside for the time being, his mind was focused on the matter of whether or not he could have eternal life.

If he could live forever, perhaps he would be able to....

His Majesty Li Er was in a much more comfortable mood when he thought of this, and wanted very much for Jiang to give a pill that would give him long life.

Even a long life of a few hundred years would be possible ah.


Jiang Chi shook his head very clearly, "I don't have any pills for longevity, so your majesty, don't think about it.

As for imparting the way to longevity, that would require your majesty to try it himself to know, after all, everyone's chance creation is different.

So I can't decide anything, either."


Jiang Mo's words once again left His Majesty Li Er at a loss for words.

He suddenly felt that what he had just said was actually all in vain.

This guy had clearly missed the point ah.

Li Er was truly a bit unpleasant.

He really wanted to slap this person to death if he could, and he wanted to behead him if he could.

But he couldn't, nor did he dare.

Jiang Lack's strength made him scrupulous, and his mind became a bit complicated, and he looked so helpless.

Immediately after.

Jiang Ji added, "After the Dao is spread to the world, Your Majesty might even have some benefits, and when I make a commotion on my side, I will be able to attract most people's attention, and you, Your Majesty, will be able to use this opportunity to deal with the five surnames and seven looks.

It might even be possible to reform."

Li Er was a bit cryptic as he said, "State Master, I know you're right, but some things aren't as simple as you think..."

Without waiting for Li Er to finish, Jiang lacked the words to ask, "If it's not so simple then what is it?

But who else does Your Majesty think will dare to disobey, or even disobey the sun, when all those who resist are cut down?"

There aren't that many idiots in the world, after all.

So there's no need to worry about those.

Jiang Ji recited his gaze and looked calm, "The Great Tang is experiencing His Majesty's reign of Chastity, although His Majesty is also a virtuous and famous monarch.

However, the Great Tang is indeed very weak and does need Your Majesty's drastic reforms.

And, now His Majesty's prestige is very high, so it's best if you reform, the more difficult it will be."

If it really gets to the tough times, trying to reform and seek change is no longer possible.

As for Eternal Life.

Although he Jiang lacked the way to bring immortality, not everyone had the chance to obtain it.

At least not Li Er.

Li Er: "........"

Jiang Qiao's words made him quite helpless, and as an intelligent man, he knew that what Jiang Qiao said was true.

He also knew that what Jiang Liao had just said was normal.


He, Li Er, just felt a bit unpleasant in his heart.

The mood was unpleasant.

If he couldn't obtain eternal life, he wouldn't be able to live forever.

This was a bit too suffocating for a powerful and domineering monarch like Li Er.

Why on earth should he not be able to live forever?

By all rights, he, Li Er, deserved immortality in every way.

In fact.

From Jiang Xiao's words, he heard something amiss.

Did this Lord of the State, who had only been pardoned and sealed for a short time, have any opinions or thoughts about his Majesty Li Er.

If that was the case, wouldn't it be embarrassing for himself.

Li Er was in a heavy mood, "It's fine, what the State Master said is right, I did think out of turn quite a bit before, when the State Master's Dao spreads to the world, I will naturally take the opportunity to seize this opportunity."

Jiang Ji nodded slightly at this, indicating that he understood.

Li Er's thoughts were unknown to him, but it didn't rule out that he wanted to rely on His Majesty Li Er to obtain more of the World Origin Force.

Only if Li Er was an ordinary person would he have more chances.


In the future, he, Jiang Ji, was an Immortal Dao ancestor or maybe, "Just like in the Land of Dou Qi, I, Jiang Ji, will be able to obtain great luck."

Whether or not such things as luck really existed Jiang Chi didn't know, but in this world, there was absolutely nothing wrong with following Li Er's side.

Li Er was a little unhappy that he hadn't received the promise of Jiang Chi's Way of Eternal Life.

But it was bitter that he couldn't do anything to Jiang Lack, otherwise he probably would have had to do something about it.

Li Er felt bitter and unlucky, where was it like now in the past.

But he had no chance.

What Jiang lacked said about the one who had the fate to get it, then he really was the one who had the fate.

As for who was the fated one, that was Jiang Hou's decision, definitely not his Li Er's.

Li Er's mood was somewhat heavy as he continued, "State Master, I wonder if I and those around me can come and listen to this preaching, just in case..."

If he, Li Er, was lucky, wouldn't he be able to live forever and become a person of destiny?

It was a great possibility.

Li Er could only pin his hopes on this way.

He didn't dare to ask for too much, as long as he could live forever, although right now he himself wasn't even close to the Way of Eternal Life.

The decision to preach the Way was actually just a sudden rise of Jiang Guiao, but he suddenly felt that he was capable of it and wanted to give it a try.

Perhaps he could use this method to brush some World Origin Power out.

That would be fine.

Jiang Jiang continued to contemplate in his heart, "However, since ancient times, no matter which world it is, emperors have never been able to cultivate or become immortal, not to mention the talk of immortality.

Therefore, even in this Great Tang, in this ordinary, extremely common world, I don't dare to offend.

God knows what kind of existence this world has.

It's better to be cautious, and never let Li Er live forever, that guy can be abdominal."

Even because of this, he couldn't let Li Er have a chance to live forever.

Teaching or anything else was even more impossible.

As for what he had said before about the preaching and the Fated One, it was actually him, Jiang Hou, who had fooled Li Er.

Whether or not it was the Fated One, it wasn't up to him to decide.

Whether or not there was a chance of eternal life, it wasn't up to him, Jiang Lack Jiang Da Xian.

And so.

Jiang Chi then continued, "Your Majesty, there should be many people in Chang'an City who will pay attention to this matter next, and I think you should be able to implement the reform and innovation."


Li Er froze: "State Master, why don't we wait until I hold a court meeting tomorrow to discuss this with the courtiers?"

He actually wasn't sure in his heart.

He was also not very reassured about Jiang Lack as a person.


Jiang Chi shrugged his shoulders, but he said indifferently, "It doesn't matter, His Majesty can do whatever he feels should be done."

He didn't bother to continue to persuade, anyway, Li Er had his own judgment, and his idea of Jiang Liao was to keep on killing.

But kill anyone who resists, that way you can kill others to fear.

"Although this method isn't the best method, it must be the simplest and most direct method."

Very crude.

But it must be very effective.

He thus looked forward to the day when, if he, Jiang lacked power, he would definitely make those people fearful.

Whether or not Li Er would act according to his set plan, Jiang Xiao didn't really know, nor did he have the bottom of his heart.

A court meeting must be held, Li Er said, "A court meeting, firstly, to announce your identity as a State Master, secondly, to help you with the spread of your Dao to the world, and thirdly, to give the courtiers a precautionary shot first, their good days will probably come to an end in the future."

Li Er was very thoughtful, and listened as Jiang lacked a stunned look.

But he didn't say much else.

Just simply nodded, "Your Majesty is extremely right, it is not impossible to hold a court meeting, but I have to give you a greeting first, so that your Majesty can be prepared.

I'm not going to let anyone offend me, no matter if it's a king or a minister, or any other powerful person, or the Five Surnames and Seven Wishes, I won't let them off.

Please be prepared for this, or else you will blame me then, Your Majesty.

Fundamentally, I'm Your Majesty's minister, but I'm also a Xian, a true Xian."

Li Er: "........"

He understood Jiang Qiao's words, but he could only nod with a helpless face.

Expressing his approval of Jiang Guiao's words.


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