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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1049 - Eternal Life? (subscription sought)

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Shrinking the ground into an inch was just a simple tactic, and Jiang Chi performed this method only to scare Li Er.

He would like to see if that Li Er's Majesty was afraid or not, after all, he was an immortal cultivator.

He was different.

Naturally different.

There was Immortal Yuan mana operating within his body, and powerful forces rolled and swept up, like a gale.

Jiang Ji's gaze burned, and with his shrinking groundwork, he looked exceptionally different.

The power within one's body was majestic like clouds, and the imposing pressure was even more domineering.

The wind and clouds changed, and in a split second, he was at Li Er's heels.

The guards beside Li Er were astonished, as none of them noticed that the methods Jiang Jiang Di was displaying were also really calling for old faces to start twitching.

Their hearts were depressed.

It was a bit too much to laugh or cry.

Li Er also only felt his heart pounding with fear, "Is this... is this the legendary immortal technique?"

He looked a little surprised.

What had happened between the flickers of Jiang missing had opened his eyes and he only felt magical.

So there were still such powerful existences in this world, he really had seen a lot.

So this was an immortal cultivator?

It really is different, it really is a little different.


He had to say a word of horror, and this sudden eye-opening made him feel an old blush.

Haven't seen the world.

It was really a bit helpless, and it was really painful.

I didn't think that this Jiang lacking State Master was so powerful, he actually had some equal skills, so what should he do.

Would his Li Er's position as emperor be shaken?

Will the heavens be different again?

He didn't know any of this.

Naturally, he also had a black face and said in a bad manner, "Jiang Guoshu, you... what kind of existence are you?"

As for the aforementioned extra-fang cultivator, to death he didn't believe that this person could never be just an extra-fang cultivator.

Or not an ordinary extra-fang cultivator, he must be different to be like this.


He must get some secrets out himself, so that perhaps he could put his heart at ease, Li Er.

After the shock in his heart, Li Er then said, "State Master, I wonder what you're..."

It was so far away that he was terrified.

It was really a bit hard to calm down.

In his opinion, this person Jiang Jian should have been just a thousand enemies, or even a ten thousand enemies.

At most, he was just a strong martial artist.


He had never thought that Jiang Jian was so strong.

Such strange and unpredictable methods were truly outrageous, and such skills were definitely not something that could be compared to ordinary people.

Li Er felt bitter when he thought about it, he was an emperor of a country, the supreme emperor, but he was not as good as Jiang Ji.

He was helpless.

He could only say, "State Master, is this the legendary Immortal Art?"

If it really was a fairy art, then could he, Li Er, learn it as well?

If that was the case, quite beneficial, he was filled with excitement, this time perhaps he could really live forever.

Emperors live forever.

Who wouldn't want that.

Even His Majesty Li Er wanted it.

He naturally looked forward to what the first emperor Ying Zheng had failed to achieve back then.


While thinking.

Jiang Ji suddenly said, "Your Majesty, don't think too much, this is just some small tactics, there is no need to be concerned about it."

Just a few spells, these were not important.


If he hadn't recovered his Immortal Yuan mana, if he didn't have the spell divine means, how would he have used the most difficult method to convince Li Er.

Some small means would be enough to shock Li Er, right?


A small shrinkage of his ground was enough to shock Li Er and make him feel that Jiang Qian was an Immortal God.

The maneuvers were monstrous.

Astonishing ah.

Li Er: "........"


A small measure?

Is such a miraculous means only a small one?

Then what would be a great means.

Li Er was a bit dumbfounded and envious.

If he also had this kind of means, would he also be able to live eternally.

Eternal life!

What a stinging two-letter word.

To say that half of them were not envious, that was definitely a lie.

To be honest, Li Er was actually a bit jealous, why should he, an emperor, not even have this kind of skill?

Li Er found it difficult.

He was the emperor, the Lord of the Great Tang River and Mountain.

But in front of Jiang Liao, he was less important, ordinary and simple.

It was as if everything was ordinary.

So what if an emperor.

So what if a thousand ancient emperors were still ultimately attracted to it.

In this side of the world, he, Jiang Chi, was no ordinary person, he was a supreme immortal cultivator.

With him, there was the Dao of Immortality, and the possibility of becoming an immortal.

It was even possible to live forever in the future.

Li Er was quite excited.

He hadn't heard of it before.

The talk of immortality was only a legend.

He, Li Er, had heard quite a few, but had never been very clear that legends were just legends after all.

It wasn't the same as reality.

If there was a legend of immortality in this world, was that the same as saying that his majesty Li Er also had the chance to live forever.

After all, he, Li Er, also wanted to live forever.

How great it would be if he could stay alive.

Thus he looked at Jiang Xiao expectantly, hoping that he would live forever.

--After all, this was what every emperor wanted to do.

To live forever and never die was to be an eternal emperor.


Li Er was looking forward to it.

And these thoughts of his were already in Jiang's eyes.

He looked calm.

Jiang Ji had already guessed Li Er's thoughts.

So he smiled and said, "Your Majesty, there are no immortals in this realm, nor are there any techniques of immortality, but because I came here, there are immortals in this realm and there are techniques of immortality."


This world was just an ordinary world, just a world where ordinary people existed, with perfect world laws.

That was all.

Jiang Ji smiled and continued, "Your Majesty, this world was originally ordinary, but it is said that it is extraordinary because of my existence."

Li Er: "........"

He was slightly stunned.

You are a bit extraordinary, but you are not that powerful.

As if you were so powerful, is the world hopeless without you?

It doesn't matter.

So powerful.

The corner of Li Er's mouth twitched, he originally wanted to say something, but said that he couldn't say a single word now.

He could only believe Jiang Lack.

After all, this was a person with divine powers, said the legendary immortal cultivator.

An existence that could gain immortality.

And so.

Li Erton didn't dare to say anything else, now for him, it would be good if he could obtain immortality.

As for everything else, it could be endured.

Even if he endured all that kind of behavior towards Jiang Xiao, it wasn't like he couldn't let go.

Li Er looked at Jiang Chi with a glance.

Very much looking forward to Jiang Lack saying that longevity could be taught to him, and that there could even be a way to longevity.


Li Er didn't even understand what Jiang lacked said.

He frowned and asked, "State Master, I wonder what you mean by those you said?"

What do you mean, you're here to be a fairy?

If you come to the future, there will be no immortals, no gods, and no way of eternal life.

Could it be that he, Li Er, was blind?

Whether he was blind or not, Jiang Chi didn't know.

He didn't know if Li Er's natural qualifications were good or not, he only knew that Li Er could never live forever.

Even if he said he was doing it for himself, he could never make His Majesty Li Er live forever.

Jiang Chi: "........"

There were no immortal gods or immortality in this world.

Even if there were, it was only a legend, and what Li Er heard was just a legend.


Legends were just legends after all.

Ever since he recovered his cultivation, he had used his divine sense to see that there really were no immortal gods in this world, nor were there those kinds of divine beings.

So he came to have immortal gods.

Seeing that Li Er didn't understand.

Jiang Ji continued, "Your Majesty, I will pass on the path of immortality, but it's hard to say if you will be able to obtain it, after all, it depends on each person's aptitude and talent, and there is no such thing as an immortality pill."


It was difficult for His Majesty Li Er to achieve immortality.

At least with Jiang Di's deliberate intent, Li Er absolutely could not become immortal and would never be able to live forever.

Throughout the ages, how could there be immortality.

Jiang Ji continued, "Your Majesty, people have their own destiny and their own fate, and eternal life does exist, but whether or not it is possible to live forever is definitely not something that anyone can decide."

Eternal life?

What a simple thought Li Er had.

You want to be immortal, but so does everyone else.

But who would want it.

With a cold gaze, Jiang Ji continued, "Your Majesty, the way of immortality used to be just a legend, but now it's definitely not a legend anymore, and because of my arrival, the world is extraordinary.

In the future, I, Jiang Someone, will preach to the world so that the world can cultivate immortality and find a door to the Way."



Li Er's mouth twitched.

The mind was complicated.

Secretly, he said, "I am the Emperor of the Great Tang, and am the respect of the world and the emperor of the human race, so why can't I live forever?"


He, Li Er, boasted that he had merited the world and the society, and was the emperor of the entire Tang Dynasty.

He felt that he deserved to live forever.

As for the words of natural aptitude, they were all false in His Majesty Li Er's opinion, and were just excuses from Jiang Jiang.

But he didn't complain about anything.

Because Li Er was very clear that in this world, Jiang Chi was probably the only person who knew the way of immortal cultivation.

He also didn't dare to completely offend to death.

If he were to offend Jiang Di to death, there would be no one to teach the Dao of Immortality, wouldn't he, Li Er, be unable to live forever.

He was helpless.

He was also extremely scrupulous in his heart.

Since the talk of immortality existed, and when he learned from Jiang Gou that it really existed and the legend was no longer just a legend, he had other ideas.

If it was possible....

Jiang Ji sank his gaze and continued, "Your Majesty, I don't know what you've come here to minister for."

He was looking forward to it.

What exactly did Li Er want to do?

Definitely don't say anything good about coming to yourself.

As expected.

The next moment, His Majesty Li Er said, "State Master, I have come to firstly see what you need, and secondly, I want to discuss some matters with you, State Master."

But said that now his plans had changed.

Since there was the way to immortality, since it was possible to live forever, and since Jiang Jian, the State Master, had some divine means.

Then wouldn't he be able to have some benefits.

After all, Li Er had always felt that he was good.


Jiang Ji whirled around and said, "Your Majesty, I have no need for anything, but as for the matter, haven't we discussed it all before?


Now that I have recovered some of my cultivation and already have some skills, so there is no shortage of money, Your Majesty need not worry.

I, I am not stingy with money."

Li Er: "........"

He was slightly stunned and thought to himself, "When did I ever say that you were stingy, at most you were just penniless."

But Li Er also said to ask, "Wait, State Master, why didn't you have this before?"

He was surprised.

So helpless and gloomy.

On the side.

Jiang Chi, on the other hand, said incomparably calmly, "Previously, I just didn't recover my cultivation, so I couldn't display all my skills, but now I'm displaying them because I've recovered some of my cultivation."


Li Er understood.

He also understood it now.

The means that this Jiang Chi had displayed was truly extraordinary, and he looked at Li Er's gloomy face.

It seemed that he was a bit overwhelmed now.

He could say Emperor.

So Eternal Life did he have a chance?

Immediately after.

Jiang Jiang continued, "Your Majesty, I've already told you about the Eternal Life, and I'll be preaching next, so..."


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